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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Street Cart Shopping

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Street Cart Shopping

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie take their kids to do a little bargain shopping at a street cart in New York City earlier this week.

You can’t really see faces but it looks like the hot Hollywood couple was accompanied by Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh. Check out all the pics at!

Around the same time last week, the six of them were spotted eating together like one big happy family at Cafe Metro.

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  • CanadaGirl

    Media mongers. Her kids wear street fare, but she has to have her Louboutins.

  • lurker

    love them cute normal family

  • http://justjared dina#1

    # 193 Jill @ 12/26/2009 at 4:48 pm oops… above post should have read “don’t blow money on designer outfits”

    Jill one year while in NY I purchased a faux Coach tote bag for a gift for a friend. The real cost $345.00. They looked just the same only instead of the Coach “C” on the bag it had Gs.

    My daughter laughed at me saying are you going to give her a fake bag. I told her I would tell her it was fake and if she didn’t want it I would keep it and get her something else.

    The craftsmanship was pretty good, considering. Well she wanted it. She even took to the Coach store to compare it with the real one. When walking out the store one of the sales lady stopped her and asked if she had forgotten to pay for her bag.

    Of course on closer inspection she saw the Gs instead of the Cs. She liked it even more after that. lol, lol, lol. Peace

  • lurker

    jared maybe you are the one who commented first is weird that every jp thread has to start with a troll comment

  • lurker

    @ canadagirl
    get help your brain seems abnormal

  • lurker,,20333244,00.html
    their humanitarian work is so inspiring

  • 6 Growing Kids

    Will make you be clothes from a street vender. Most A-list celebs get thier clothes free from designers (fvia thier stylist) for advertisement.

  • elizabeth

    Tks for the pics. Wonderful family.

  • groundcontrol

    Sweet pic. If you know anything about the Jolie Pitts you know they are raising these kids as normally as possible.
    Glad to see the Jolie Pitt family supporting local vendors. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

  • groundcontrol

    Please don’t buy counterfeit designer bags and merchandise. They are manufactured by workers overseas under terrible conditions. Many of these rip-off manufacturers use child labor. Just buy less expensive brands which will be better made than any knock off.

  • besane

    We will be charitable to you, miserable CanadaGirl.

    After all you will never touch a Louboutins except a fake one. Angie works hard for what she gets. You don’t. so sorry. Now go back to stuffing envelops. It helps, I’m sure.

  • All Women Stalker

    I’m always down with celebs who love to buy cheap stuff, too. Haha


  • katie k

    Candagirl have you ever seen Angie wear Louboutins in her everyday life? No because she never does, those expesive outfits are for premires. She dresses so normal and so does Brad. Their kids do have some expensive clothes just like Angie and Brad but its not like they have to wear designer stuff. Like groundcontrol said they raise their kids as normal as they can. I think they are doing a really amazing job, i have feeling that these kids will be like their parents.

  • dd

    CanadaGirl—leave them alone.

  • t.m.delafonda

    Why isn’t my comment being posted?

  • Jean

    I’m so happy she and Brad help others. They do so much good for the world.

  • teri

    Quit knocking this lovely family. You simply always have something nasty and stupid to say over and over for all five years now. We get the fact you adore man and that’s okay too but the difference is I don’t run to her sites and knock her nor do I post on her threads. For someone building schools, hospitalsand homes for others you sure have alot of nerve to be so hate filled. It all has to do with man doesn’t it? Get over the damn divorce and quit pitying this douchebag already.

  • cee

    I love this family. I wish them nothing but the best. PEOPLE WHO HATE THEM ARE STUCK IN THEIR PAST FEELINGS. If they let themselves they would see the lovely family that we see. It is hard to keep a family together in this world. God Bless the Jolie Pitts

  • teri

    I’m almost finished reading Notes from My Travels by Angelina Jolie, its been a great read. I’m poking through the last twenty pages because I don’t want it to end. I’m also very happy 100 percent of the cost goes to charity, another huge plus. And to read some of these trolls comments on how they think she’s greedy and not compassionate is so not true. Everything about this woman is so heart filled even back in 2001, very touching and I do recommend it.

  • Casey

    Truly a sweet family.

  • Practical

    Wish they had those in my town, my children are always losing mittens and caps, how convenient.

    For the Pits is a bonus because the children can learn about prices and real life, instead of being of cossetted and having assistants deliver everything.

  • Practical & Smart

    Wish they had those in my town, my children are always losing mittens and caps, how convenient.

    For the Pitts is a bonus because the children can learn about prices and real life, instead of being of cossetted and having assistants deliver everything.

  • Casey

    Angelina is an awesome humanitarian.

  • sweetie

    beautiful family :-)

  • teri

    There’s so many other women out there who truly hurt and distroyed families by messing with these married men. They hurt innocent children by doing so which is disgusting and right down wrong. Not even Sienna Miller, Abby Cornish and LeAnn R. get’s this kind of flacking, and here there were no children and all parties said no cheating took place. Why do you trolls hate on Angelina so damn much then? Is it because Jen hasn’t found a man yet, her movies are failing, exactly what is it! You must have make believe children of Brad and Jen someplace in your little head that makes you so hateful.

  • remember da truth

    #19 Teri
    I believe you’re right. She was a troubled teen because she FELT so much. She is a great actress because she FEELS so much.

    Can you order that book on Amazon? I’ve never seen it in stores.

  • mariuppie

    People!! God bless JoliePitts????? wtf! normality has sometimes nthing to do with wearing the cheapest. I mean, they do charities great! but dont try to make your children look like crap when you can still dress them like kids that can wear good clothes, not necesarily the most expensive. Never mind, they can do whatever they want, shilloh will have some type of trauma when seeing past pics and realizing she looked like a boy.

  • gg

    They are cute family. They teach their kids some normacy something the rest of us do .
    I too find it annoying when a JP thread starts with the trolls comments . How come they get to be faster that the fans?

  • remember da truth

    Teri #25
    Those women were not ruining a happy marriage, either. Men don’t go off with another woman for an extended affair if they are happy at home. MEN DON’T LEAVE.
    Even Brad is not the one who filed for divorce. Men hate that confrontation, and when the marriage is over will just start over somewhere else, whether they went through the legal means of undoing it or not.

    The women left behind and bitter and shrewish and if public about it, make themselves into victims. The fact is, they lost the man long before another woman came along, And if they were honest with themselves, they would admit the relationship was over and they weren’t happy either. The ones who complain the loudest are those who have so little self-esteem, and so little going on in life, that they would rather hold onto a bad relationship and blame the man for their life’s woes than get out there and have a life of their own.

    You notice Reese has never said anything about Ryan Phillipe. Uma Thurman never said anything about Ethan Hawke. Nicole Kidman never said anything about Penelope Cruz hooking up with Tom immediately. These women knew in their hearts what the real story is. Only no-name losers (and famous losers like Aniston) make a big stink out of a relationship ending.

  • mj

    @teri: I think some people just dislike Angelina Jolie on her own merits and it has nothing to do with Jennifer Aniston.

  • to 14

    you’re asking canadagirl to leave them alone! really well, maybe just maybe, angelina should have left jenn and brad alone. oh, i forgot, saint angie is above that particular commandment; you know the one that says thou shalt not committ adultery. it’s too bad jenn and brad didn’t live in north carolina so that angie could have been sued by jenn for “alienanation of her husband’s affections”. don’t laugh; it has happened here in this state more times that people would know. and almost always, the other woman is the one who has ended up paying. people in this state take a dim view of women like angie.

  • Luker
  • diggler

    this fake family disgusts me

  • Donkey Kong

    You mean these kids will one day have affairs with married people and then brag about it in the media, #13.

    They’re just people, #18. They’re not to be worshipped.

    Cornish never cheated and Pitt and Jolie did cheat, #25.

    And what exactly is your argument? You’re right that these people have no place to judge Jolie, whom they don’t know, but saying she should only get a proportioned amount of flack is absurd. Who says that Aniston is looking for a man?

    I doubt she’ll be traumatized, #27.

    Quit defending cheating, #29! If Pitt was unhappy and wanted out, that’s fine. But SEPARATE first and then find someone else.

    Don’t call Aniston a loser.

    That’s hilarious, #31.

  • dawne


    To my knowledge you are the first Canadian troll and I, also a Canuck, am repulsed by you. If you wish to broadcast your blatent ignorance of the JP’s, please choose another site like Female First or some such hater blog. It appears you will fit right in.

    ANYONE, even the trolls, know the JP’s are incredibly generous with their children and their zillion charities, if you knew your azz from page four you would KNOW that Angie doesn’t give two sh*its about ‘shoes’ …….leave that to SJP and other fashion icons of which Angie is not one.

    So do your bloody homework before you start shooting off your mouth trying to sound clever. This is a FAN site for the most part save for the peppering of haters who are owned by the JP’s. The fans are an articulate and intelligent bunch and you are a glaring misfit here.

    So shut up and stop embarrassing your country… least change your screen name. Canadians love Angie and Brad. So go crawl back under your rock and do some reading before you subject us to your uninformed opinion again.

  • hag

    i see the heifers are here mooing again for their loser Jenheifer.

  • Luker

    I just heard about your mum, my sincere condolences. May she rest in peace.

    Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. ~From unknown

  • gg

    @to 14: Brad didn’t want to be with maniston and the life he had with her. why don’t you accept that and get lost. I mean how many times he must say it for you to get it? omg

  • lol

    What is the donkey sciento freak doing here? Is it a day of from wiretapying today. hahahahahaha

  • teri

    @remember da truth:

    I’m not sure but I do know my husand had to order it at the bookstore. And it arrived just in time for my stocking. lol

  • dawne

    @to 14:

    And here we take a dim view of women like you who ‘assume’ a marriage that was in trouble for a few years’ breaks up because of a third party.

    Brad was not happy……….get it, girl.

    Brad is not a cheater.

    The marriage did not work.

    The two people in it are responsible for its failure and no one else.

    JA even admitted there was no cheating. She did not meet her mate’s needs.

    How do you feel about that in your state; undoubtedly below the Mason D line.

  • teri

    donkey where is the proof that they cheated? I want solid proof if indeed there was, not just an assumption.

  • people,,20333244,00.html

    Brad and Angelina Donate $100,000 to Foster Care Organization

    Saturday December 26, 2009 01:45 PM EST

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie felt the spirit of giving this holiday season.

    The famously generous couple donated $100,000 to the American SOS Children’s Villages, an alternative foster care organization with locations in the U.S. in Illinois and Florida.

    “We have seen firsthand the remarkable job SOS does to raised orphaned and abandoned children and keep families together,” Jolie, 34, said in a statement. “No one “ages out” of an SOS Village. Vocational training, advanced education, living assistance and more support are there forever.”

    Heather Paul, CEO of SOS Children’s Villages USA, thanked the Jolie-Pitts for their generosity and said they were longtime supporters of the organization. “We are deeply grateful that this year they have included in their generosity our villages in Illinois and Florida and our 300 children who call SOS ‘home,’ ” she said in a statement. “In this holiday season, many of us take for granted that we are surrounded by loving family members. The poor outcomes for foster children indicate that we must do a much better job of supporting them.”

    SOS Children’s Villages is the largest nonprofit organization in the world solely dedicated to orphaned and abandoned children. There are 500 villages in 132 countries. – Mary Green

  • lakers fan in boston

    i no they’re just kids and all
    but it’s not like angie and brad r poor
    so why bargain shop, i never see the kids with some nice clothes on
    sure kids eff up clothes pretty quick, but but em a nice jacket or something
    not like she really shops bargain, really
    @CanadaGirl: lmao!!

  • sharon

    They are so cute.

  • dawne


    Please list for us the ‘things’ a person may not ‘like’ about Angie that has nothing to do with JA? Let’s see, what’s to disike……….ummmm

    1. Her beauty, inside and out?

    2. Her incredible bravery?

    3. Her iconic status as an empowered woman?

    4. Her gorgeous rainbow family?

    5. Her mature and supportive role to her man?

    6. Her family values?

    7. The adoration from her man who deeply respect her?

    8. Her sizable talent and #1 female star status in the biz?

    9. Her financial and emotional devotion to the disenfranchised?

    10. Her incredible lack of focus on her ‘looks’

    There sure isn’t much here to ‘dislike’ if your heart is in the right place and you don’t feel threatened by her mulitude of attributes. You don’t have to be a fan, but to ‘dislike’ is a whole other matter. Stop emoting based on your insecurities and look at her objectively and you will come up empty handed in terms of ‘unlikable’ qualities.’

    Angie is admired by strong, intelligent women who are secure in their own identity. The ‘haters’ are bitter, little souls who flail in the face of beauty and goodness. Lots about you types I ‘dislike.’

  • well

    I love this family. They are just like a normal regular family.

  • dawne


    From reading a post on this thread it seems you lost your Mom. I am so sorry. It is a passage in life we all fear. Sincere condolences to you and your family.

  • lisa


    Then maybe you should stop seeking out threads and news on them and about them..

    This simple step may save you a great deal of pain..

  • jim

    groundcontrol @ 12/26/2009 at 5:58 pm #10

    Please don’t buy counterfeit designer bags and merchandise. They are manufactured by workers overseas under terrible conditions. Many of these rip-off manufacturers use child labor. Just buy less expensive brands which will be better made than any knock off.
    That also applies to any manufacturer.