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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Street Cart Shopping

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Street Cart Shopping

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie take their kids to do a little bargain shopping at a street cart in New York City earlier this week.

You can’t really see faces but it looks like the hot Hollywood couple was accompanied by Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh. Check out all the pics at!

Around the same time last week, the six of them were spotted eating together like one big happy family at Cafe Metro.

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Clini –I posted both posts at M4A (clapping)) BRAVO Clini!!!

Here is Preggy’s new video..It is great!

Funny, I went to check out maniston’s thread and the last 3/4 pages were Bet, Ellie and Jade talking to each other. Ellie whining she is tired of the fighting and will be posting less Deadend is losing all her fans, they’re all coming here coz her thread is boring, just Bet, Ellie and Jade spamming the thread..

what the fu.. @ 12/28/2009 at 2:42 pm

we all know why the “interview” by a freaking german Tabloid has been making the rounds. Everything bad that happens to other celebs the tabloids wish it was happening to Angelina because she would sell better. They have to make stuff up because she’s BORING by tabloids standards. She doesn’t party , she doesn’t do much of anything. We don’t even see her very often but she’s still one of the most talked about and trashed because she sells. people can’t get enough of her. If they did she wouldn’t be on the tabloids covers weekly. They can’t get enough of her.

guli, thank you for the beautiful video and pictures.

what the fu.. @ 12/28/2009 at 2:48 pm

CLINIQUA @ 12/28/2009 at 1:38 pm

Well, ladies THAT WAS FAST — Guess what?? I emailed Mark Pasetsky (coverawards) the same blurb I posted here – and he’s taken the Angie blurb down. Funny how when the fans stand up, the lying cowards retreat. He apparently NOW doesn’t want to be associated with the Das Neue story, and his highly disingenuous blurb about the craploid’s lie re Angelina. I guess it just occurred to him that people who his bio on his webpage, can readily ascertain that he was an employee of Bauer Publications for YEARS, and so most assuredly know what bottomfeeder Das Neue, once a sister rag of his, is up to with their smears.
But anyway, yeah – it’s GONE. Still stick with Jezebel

Did he respond to your email? . I went there and didn’t see what you were talking about. Good to know he took it down. lolol

I just hope they stay together forever, for the sake of the children


To What fu: Seriously story is still posted for all people to veiw ..all over the internet… every Tabloid magazine is running this story……ROTFLMAO You actually expect people to believe that Angelina lawyer had the post taken down …..What MEds are you taking…LMAO

————————— NEW THREAD PEOPLE! —————————-

what is it with Skelton caps and skulls on little children? Saw Shi in other thread, there it is a Skelton on her hat. WHat happened to sweet little girls clothing/gear? I forgot, this is Angie, and I recall her past . Poor kids will be the same way, tattoos, and skeltons and black. UGH!!!!!!! Bet grandma has some time getting gifts LOL.

I agree with Dawne #46.. very well put..
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt should be admired as actors, parents, and humanitarians. They balance it wall very well and seem to not care about the what the media thinks or says…love them!

I wish they would show Zahara more! I agree with Jamie Lee Curtis when she said that the greatest gift celebrities can give is to bring awareness to desperate situations and people in need throughout the world. Brad and especially Angie continue to do this when it’s so easy to just hang back and hide in their mansions. They are going to be seen because they are famous and that is the point for them: they use their celebrity and the money it brings to help people.

They could search the planet, but they’ll both die before finding their souls!

Why can they not live in peace from the paperazzi?

@MMA: And so are you,you are going to die before finding your lost soul.Sad thing is,no one will ever remember you,nor talk dearly about you ‘coz you are such a hateful person.In Brad and Angie’s case,they will both die but their memory lives on.Their kindness to people will forever be remembered,mentioned,etched in Hollywood and all over the world.In your death,you’ll still be the LOSER,my friend!!!

Love the Jolie Pitt’s. Can’t wait to see Angie’s movie “Salt.

As all the fan, I love them too.

Just curious, what happens if they breakup?

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