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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Street Cart Shopping

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Street Cart Shopping

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie take their kids to do a little bargain shopping at a street cart in New York City earlier this week.

You can’t really see faces but it looks like the hot Hollywood couple was accompanied by Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh. Check out all the pics at!

Around the same time last week, the six of them were spotted eating together like one big happy family at Cafe Metro.

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570 Responses to “Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Street Cart Shopping”

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  1. 126
    100mph Says:

    Street faires and street carts are a NYC tradition, visitors from out of town look forward to shopping at them, there are many thrift and consignment shops that are popular with all types of people, rich
    and the needy, in this town it’s about bagging a bargain, bragging
    and the fun of the hunt.. good for the JP’s for showing the children
    a fun activity that will always remind them of the Big ‘A’ and a down
    to earth experance.
    Jill ……. the celebrating of a love one’s life is healing.. there are always
    more good and happy times to remember than sad.. blessings to
    you, and your family.

  2. 127
    dianad1968 Says:

    @katie k:


    LOL, Oh Please, you are no more a fan of Angie, than I am of Brad’s ex wife. Try another tactic.

  3. 128
    voe Says:

    Practical & Smart,
    You are hilarious. A Jolie’s fan? And you think she enticed Pitt to walk away from his marriage?
    Well, dear, if you are smart you’d know when your husband got tired of you and wanted out, you’d know that you can’t expect to keep him with you if you continued to want him to act like Norman the dog wagging his tail upon the sight of you as it is your definition of unconditional love which you yourself, by harboring such expectation, obviously were not capable to give him. If you are practical you would know that once he impregnated the other woman thrice, he really, really love and wants to be with her.
    And lastly if you are so moral, you would not talk about other people’s business and making judgments.

  4. 129
    voe Says:

    LOL! So true!

  5. 130
    queen bee Says:

    @115 Katie

    …Angie didnt do anything with Brad until he was SEPARATED and had already FILED DIVORCE from jen. And by the way, no one knows whether their marriage was already over LONG before that cause there is NO DATE OF WHEN MARRIAGE WAS TERMINATED on the Divorce papers…..also, MANY couples start their relationship before the actual divorce papers have been finalized. If you have a problem with that, I guess you have a problem with Laura Dern, Barbara Walters, Paul Newman, Farah Faucet, Julia Roberts, etc. I am glad you think Angelina’s good side is not overshadowed by the whole jen thing…(it shows you’re a reasonable person), but I actually happen to think that angelina did ABSOLUTELY nothin wrong.

  6. 131
    voe Says:

    Practical & Smart,
    Please spare us the preaching. Many of us here can give birth to you twice over.

  7. 132
    maury Says:

    100 percent the honest truth.

  8. 133
    dianad1968 Says:

    @Practical & Smart:

    There you go lying again. YOU ARE NOT A FAN OF ANGIE. You could not be a fan, read and watched Angie’s interviews, and still believe she “saw him, wanted him and reeled him in”. You are just a sanctimonious b*tch who has decided to denigrate a woman who has done NOTHING to warrant these attacks against her character.

    I am beginning to believe a lot of your ilk are the ones who are having illicit affairs, and so to deflect from what you are doing wrong, you cast your stones at Angie. You are the worst kind of hypocrite.

  9. 134
    gracie Says:

    Jill, I’m so sorry you lost your mom, my sincere condolences to you and your family.

  10. 135
    dianad1968 Says:

    @queen bee:


    She’s not reasonable. She’s a d*mn hypocrite.

  11. 136
    LL Says:

    Cool but they look all covered by those clothes

  12. 137
    New Yorka Says:

    Just like any New Yorker and the throngs of tourists This time of the year the city has more interesting shops set up than usual. A couple of things may have caught the kids attention. We don’t even know if they actually bought anything.

    (shrugs) there really isn’t a story here…..

  13. 138
    craig Says:

    I want to hear about how they only gave 8 million of the 14 million they received from selling their kids pictures.

  14. 139
    hag Says:

    don’t give credence to hypocrites who are paid to continue the tired old song. tell ms. aniston’s BFF Courtney Cox she is a *****, **** for getting involved with Michael Keaton before he was divorced. if angelina is a ***** in your mind, Courtney Cox is just as much a *****.

  15. 140
    kayla Says:

    Toddlers are easy to please. I remember pictures way back of Brad buying Maddox something from a street vendor in India.

  16. 141
    hag Says:

    ms. aniston is BFF’s with Courtney Cox and Laura Dern.. two well known women who got involved with men before they were divorced. your idol ms. aniston is ok with her BFFs “sin”. so what is the problem with her followers?? ohhhh yeah, ms. LONELY is STILL ALONE!!!!

  17. 142
    REPOST Says:

    Beautiful post that needs reposting

    CLINIQUA @ 12/26/2009 at 11:58 am

    Thanks Lisa -
    I always have to laugh at people who claim Angelina manipulates the media. I think what they really are saying, is that they resent the mainstream media not swallowing heinous tabloid media lies, and still (surprisingly) in most cases, sticking to the few tenants of journalism they have left: so instead of stories on Angelina’s rage and manipulations, Newsweek will publish her op-ed’s to end genocide. So those tabloids/gossips/bloggers/haters that call her ‘media manipulative,’ (see Ted C.) are really just expressing resentment that mainstream reputable media doesn’t slur her like they do. Angelina, of course doesn’t ‘manipulate,’ the tabloids – my guess is, if she did, she most certainly would put an end to the horrid lies about her and her family…so this myth that she manipulates media as far as I’m concerned, is just one more lie by those who are attacking her.
    Matter of fact…here you go—
    Angie’s Manipulation Strategy that in reality isn’t Manipulation, just Smarts and Common Sense: 1) She does NOT addresss slurs and lies be it tabloid/gossip/or whatever sleaze is dropping her name and fabricating to make a buck 2) She gives interviews when she has projects to promote (see her movies, her humanitarian causes, and sometimes, occasionally on red carpets with Brad, she’ll say something supportive of his movie and him) – that’s IT. 3)She (and Brad) control the very first pictures of their babies that are released to the frenzied media and public, rather than having tabloids and paparazzi not only recklessly endanger their family trying to make millions off of them that would go directly into the pocket of some slimey fat cat tabloid media giant. This way, not only does no one profit, no one is endangered and millions go to the less fortunate worldwide. and 4) re number 3, Angelina and Brad won’t give publishing rights of said pics to tabloids that smear them week in and week out.
    If most people think that’s manipulative, that explains why we suffered Bush/Cheny for 8 years. That’s called being smart, HAVING A GREAT LIFE and not giving a fck what you think about her. Believe me, if it was that complex, Angelina couldn’t do 1/4 of the stuff she’s able to do – it’s not manipulative, it’s just smart. What it really says if you want to know the truth, is that MOST people in showbiz are as DUMB as FCK, to pay some PR flack 15% of their fortune to talk to STAR magazine on a weekly basis and tell them, ‘No, for the 1,473rd time, Jen had a deviated septum she was correcting!!’
    Do you know who it serves to have the Angelina, Master Media Manipulator Myth out there: Number 1) Angelina, that’s who! LOL, who they love to say has an IQ that’s off the charts to do the complex job that the PR agencies do. Of course that’s strategic, the PR hacks need the Hollywood community and the public at large thinking that Angie is this superhuman, that way, other starlets and star dudes won’t decide to nix their services or for the veterans to be dropping them like a hot potato (I’ve already read where Robert Pattinson, only has a manager, and has no ‘PR Rep,’ ditto Kristen Stewart.) We all know Brad dumped his PR flack Carla Gugienti or whatever the f* her name was – as he didn’t feel he needed to be paying her asss to weigh in on the state of Angie’s womb every week. Angie’s influence is unparalleled. 2) The other beneficiary for the myth is the PR agencies themselves (see above). They’d all go out of business if everyone instead of wanting to ‘be like Mike,’ wanted to ‘be like Angie,’ and went it alone.
    Look what they did to poor Tom Cruise when he dumped Pat Kingsley. They blamed his weirdness and fall from the heights of movie stardom, on his sister who he hired to do Pat’s job basically, which was containing his weirdness. Now, I’m not saying that wasn’t a full time job, but if Tom hadn’t been the weirdo he was, he could have managed just fine with his sister, the fact that he had fired Kingsley, made his Oprah couch jumping viral, and the PR flacks helped it go viral because he was going it alone. It’s kind of similar to what they’re doing to Angelina. Only Angelina is authentic, she’s not a product of her ‘image,’ she isn’t false – she’s grown up and evolved, therefore, unlike Cruise, she doesn’t get brought down, by something she might ‘do.’
    That’s kind of why these rags and tabloid biog books like the ones from Icky are always taking stabs and trying to re-paint her into something she’s not, and bringing up her ‘past,’ like she has one that’s so diff from most HW kids? If anything hers is tamer. It’s their plot to ‘Cruise,’ Angie. You see what happened to Tom, he fired his sis, and went back into the PR fold like a good little stepford actor. They’d love to come up with something to get Angie to do same. It won’t happen. In some ways, it really is poetic that Angie is replacing one of what was thought to be most powerful act

  18. 143
    100mph Says:

    craig @ 12/26/2009 at 11:52 pm
    I want to hear about how they only gave 8 million of the 14 million they received from selling their kids pictures.
    Why don’t you want for something that’s your business? like
    a bowl movement…. QQ

  19. 144
    craig Says:

    How can you say these are normal people? What normal family has 5 nannies for 6 kids? What normal family travels in a private jet? What normal family has their meals made and house cleaned?

    These two are the biggest media whores. Do they ever donate anonymously? Do they always have to announce how much they give.

    Give it a couple of weeks and they’ll make sure their year end charitable finances are made public. It’s all a PR stunt with these two.

    Brad and Angelina, please give from the heart and not for the fame.

  20. 145
    please Says:


    Please go back to sleep. IT’S NOT THAT SERIOUS. TAKE A LAXATIVE!

  21. 146
    hag Says:

    sad freaks. criticizing brad and angie on how they raise their kids, as if it is even their business.
    let the freaks keep wondering in their fantasy-filled heads about what brad and jen’s kids would look like?? SO glad to know that tragedy NEVER CAME TO BE!!

  22. 147
    gracie Says:

    Plea to the fans, please ignore these losers, they know the truth why Brad left his DEADEND marriage. These losers just want a reason to hate, that is why they keep going back to the deadend marriage. They have tried everything else and failed. They pick on Angie coz they have nothing good going on in their lives. Angie has it all, a solid family, a man who adores her, 6 gorgeous kids, a thriving career and recognition for her humanitarian work and their idol has nothing, Her love life is a sham, her career is one flop after another, she is almost 41 and has no husband, no lover, no children, no family and the Oscars she sacrificed her marriage for has eluded her. Her demise is of course Angie’s fault according to jenretards. That’s the idiots logic. How can anyone reason with people who thinks this way. It is almost 5yrs and 2010 is just round the corner, these imbeciles will not change, their bible is tabloid and Ian Halperin book, Angie is everything they wish they could be but can never achieve in their life time and that applies to their idol too. It is fruitless trying to reason or explain things to people who cannot differentiate facts from fictions. There is justice in all of this at the end and maniston is getting it in abundance (karma) and Brad and Angie are rewarded with good karma, for that I am happy.

  23. 148
    100mph Says:

    craig @ 12/27/2009 at 12:07 am
    Child calm down, take a aspirin, and see you Dr. in the morning
    just let them know you’re not the first to go Nuts hating on the JP’s
    bye now!!! ( don’t forget to flush)

  24. 149
    REPOST Says:

    Another beautiful posts that needs reposting, this Jen’s fans are so tiring.

    josephina @ 12/26/2009 at 9:12 pm

    @to 14:

    Wow – another immature woman wanting to punish Angelina for Brad leaving Jennifer. Every relationship that you start does not necessarily stay in place until the day you die. YOU CANNOT KEEP A MAN IF HE DOES NOT WANT TO STAY. This situation ran much deeper than some random affair. Brad and Jen were a mismatch from the very start. Jen’s jealousy and purposeful intent to use her fans to attack Angie will continue to backfire and cost her respect as a A-List actress.

    How many times do you have to be reminded that Aniston has repeatedly said that there were no villians, that nobody cheated? Yes, she was embarassed that Brad quickly took up with Angie once the separation was announced in January 2005. However, a few months later in the spring of 2005, Jennifer was involved with Vince Vaughn. By that summer she was talking openly about it to the press. She was not that distraught over Brad Pitt as she claims. By the way, during the legal separation phase, IT IS LEGAL FOR BOTH PARTIES TO DATE.

    Why would you want to be with a man that does not want you? As a married woman, I can tell you that if an “announceent” is made to divorce, the decision has been dancing around in one or both (Brad and Jen) of their heads for longer than a day. She said herself that she knew her marriage had ended in the summer of 2004. Stop thinking like a low- to-no self-esteemed woman, unless you know no other way.

    Marriage can be a beautiful. long-lasting relationship for those who have a spiritual bond where each is tentative to the other’s needs and places their spouse’s needs above all else. This partnership must take the highest priority above all else. An “outsider” cannot break a marriage unless one of the spouses does not value the marriage enough to protect it, i.e., see Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen. Brad wanted out of his deadend marriage. He said so and exited, stage left. He did not leave any room for misinterpretation; however, here you are with your repurposed version of the “truth.”

    When you see a breakup early in a marriage, I promise you someone had misrepresented or hid the truth of their true beliefs or morals, in order to keep the relationship going. Even when you pretend to be someone that you are not, it always comes out later anyway. Brad and Jen were only married 4.5 years. Go back and google– you will see that they ran into marital problems well before Brad met Angie.

    Brad is now enjoying life with his love and their six children. In North Carolina, I am sure there exist sensible women that can see how dramatically Brad’s life has changed since he left Aniston, and intuitively see that the love between Brad and Angie is real. Six children do not happen by accident.

    Read more:

  25. 150
    kas Says:

    craig how did you know they hv 5 nannies?……is your neighbor one of them?

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