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Chris Pine: Crotch Grab!

Chris Pine: Crotch Grab!

Chris Pine grabs his crotch to measure the inseam while trying on jeans at the Ralph Lauren RRL store in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve (Thursday, December 24).

Pictures were first posted yesterday but these new pics popped up, so enjoy! (Chris shopped at the same store back in August as well.)

While trying on jeans at the converted auto repair shop, the 29-year-old Star Trek actor was also seen lifting up his shirt and showing off a bit of his tummy.

Chris also flipped through the “Porsche Icons” book.

30+ pictures inside of Chris Pine‘s crotch grab…

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chris pine crotch grab 01
chris pine crotch grab 02
chris pine crotch grab 03
chris pine crotch grab 04
chris pine crotch grab 05
chris pine crotch grab 06
chris pine crotch grab 07
chris pine crotch grab 08
chris pine crotch grab 09
chris pine crotch grab 10
chris pine crotch grab 11
chris pine crotch grab 12
chris pine crotch grab 13
chris pine crotch grab 14
chris pine crotch grab 15
chris pine crotch grab 16
chris pine crotch grab 17
chris pine crotch grab 18
chris pine crotch grab 19
chris pine crotch grab 20
chris pine crotch grab 21
chris pine crotch grab 22
chris pine crotch grab 23
chris pine crotch grab 24
chris pine crotch grab 25
chris pine crotch grab 26
chris pine crotch grab 27
chris pine crotch grab 28
chris pine crotch grab 29
chris pine crotch grab 30

Photos: GSI Media
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  • cilly


    well there have been days where she have been days where she hasn’t tweeted at all but they have been few and far between. she even tweeted when she was in west virginia with him.

    she’s either trying to give the impression something is wrong or something is wrong. do u know when they marked her name off? wasn’t it there yesterday?

  • @cilly

    i think so…it is interesting though that she never said anything about hosting the party which seems odd since she always tells her fans about stuff like that…weird!!!
    all speculation of course and although i am not particularly fond of her, i do hope that everything is ok if in fact something is wrong…lying about a family emergency is a no no (bad to put stuff like that out in the universe if untrue imo) but then again celebs play by a different set of rules…

  • cilly

    who knows maybe she thought there was no way she could do it after all the pics of them together and him obviously hating the paps.

  • pap agency

    People should realize that 99% of pap pics are PR approved and PR arranged. It’s the way they keep their clients relevant to the public and the means by which they feed a particular image to the public. If you think JJ is being intrusive you are being terribly naive. If CP’s PR found the pics offensive they would have been pulled off by now.
    As for Munn’s absence, time will tell……

  • hmm

    @papagency – good point – i know his pr has asked other people to remove things before.
    would suck if she screwed JJ over though, given how much shine he has been giving her lately.
    we’ll see what happens next…

  • Don’t buy the PR thing

    Perhaps there actually is a family emergency? If she was, as so many of you feel, just after Chris Pine for shine, two things…why would she screw over an entity (such as the paps or JJ or websites like it) that keeps her image out there and why would she do anything to mess up anything with Chris Pine for a few pictures on a website that the majority of the public doesn’t even know about? If she was that diabolical then I don’t think she would mess up anything with CP for a couple of mentions here and there. I just don’t see how this equates to publicity on either of their parts.
    Now I will admit the first time I heard about it, I do think someone leaked that back in Nov because no one would have had a clue who she was or cared for that matter. The fact that they described her as “actrss” was another thing I found telling, but beyond that, I don’t think any of this has actually been a planned thing. That’s just my opinion.

  • Don’t buy the PR thing

    actrss = actress
    *Haven’t had the full cup of coffee yet*

  • Sam~E

    Olivia has the IQ of a raisin….it would make sense to her to try to get the best of both worlds from Chris; fame and a boyfriend.

  • Don’t buy the PR thing


    She has always come off as intelligent to me. Oh well. I admittedly don’t know much about her and have only seen her a few times on TV and such.

  • games we play!

    Don’t buy the PR thing aka Kerry aka Oliviafan LOL

  • cilly

    she tweeted this

    “been stowed away in an apartment for two days it was quite and peaceful. a great way to round out 2009.”

    there goes the family emergency excuse. i think we all know who’s apartment she was at for 2 days now dont we?

  • games we play!

    No we don’t. She gave up an opportunity for publicity to stow away in someone’s apartment?! oh please!
    BTW did she go out for condoms? hahaha

  • cilly

    u dont think she was at chris pine’s apartment for 2 days? give me a break.

  • games we play!

    cilly, please don’t be silly!
    bye, bye….

  • Sam~E

    Cilly, I think you are right. Even if she wasn’t there she writes things on her twitter for people to assume things.

  • Sil

    @games we play!:

    That was my first thought!
    Oh Chris. That can’t end up good. Dump her, please.
    It’s getting more worse every day.
    It’s just entertaining and not the way it should be.

  • Ann

    “it was quite and peaceful.”

    quite? quite?? LOL Munn doesn’t know to spell “quiet”?! Ah well, I guess that’s why she eats sausages and jumps in chocolate pies for a living….!

  • amtj2008

    I don’t know how ,it was in reference that I did not judge him by the criteria that other people seem to deem as gay. All these people list clothes, walking, and talking as reason why chris and zach are gay. If I used that same stereotyping niether would be gay. I think people who have a set “media” stencil for gay would be in for a rude awakening after meeting some “famous” people.
    As far as Olivia,I have seen the show and as an an intelligent woman, this girl appears as bright as a 20 watt bulb. Women llike her and megan fox think their “feminist” but there just whores who have read an article or two. No geek or nerd would degrade themselves by eating fondled hot dogs and jump into pies in a bathing suits. Also there is truth that most”photographed” events are set by the PR but for a small site like this it is doubtful. Half the time its too late and if its not embarasssing then the person does not fight for it to be removed.

  • Cindy Lu

    it’s wrong but we all looked!! holy hottness