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Chris Pine: Crotch Grab!

Chris Pine: Crotch Grab!

Chris Pine grabs his crotch to measure the inseam while trying on jeans at the Ralph Lauren RRL store in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve (Thursday, December 24).

Pictures were first posted yesterday but these new pics popped up, so enjoy! (Chris shopped at the same store back in August as well.)

While trying on jeans at the converted auto repair shop, the 29-year-old Star Trek actor was also seen lifting up his shirt and showing off a bit of his tummy.

Chris also flipped through the “Porsche Icons” book.

30+ pictures inside of Chris Pine‘s crotch grab…

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chris pine crotch grab 01
chris pine crotch grab 02
chris pine crotch grab 03
chris pine crotch grab 04
chris pine crotch grab 05
chris pine crotch grab 06
chris pine crotch grab 07
chris pine crotch grab 08
chris pine crotch grab 09
chris pine crotch grab 10
chris pine crotch grab 11
chris pine crotch grab 12
chris pine crotch grab 13
chris pine crotch grab 14
chris pine crotch grab 15
chris pine crotch grab 16
chris pine crotch grab 17
chris pine crotch grab 18
chris pine crotch grab 19
chris pine crotch grab 20
chris pine crotch grab 21
chris pine crotch grab 22
chris pine crotch grab 23
chris pine crotch grab 24
chris pine crotch grab 25
chris pine crotch grab 26
chris pine crotch grab 27
chris pine crotch grab 28
chris pine crotch grab 29
chris pine crotch grab 30

Photos: GSI Media
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119 Responses to “Chris Pine: Crotch Grab!”

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  1. 51
    gay hankie code Says:

    Actually, if you wear pants that are loose in the waist and pull it tight with a belt you end up with that crotch bulge.

  2. 52
    Amused Says:

    It’s so amusing to read these comments, most people on here are so f*cked up LOL. Not all rich people have assistants esp. for something like shopping. Heck Tiger Woods mother was seen buying food from El Pollo Loco by herself and his wife filling up gas for her car and Tiger is worth $2 billion. And some stores do ask customers that option if they want a bag or not because of the whole “green” thing. He’s maybe being environmentally conscious. Best Buy, Whole Foods ask if you want bag esp. if you only purchased one or 2 items.
    BTW, these jeans are called skinny jeans not tight jeans LMFAO.

  3. 53
    get over it Says:

    What is up with you people with tight jeans? Who cares if he likes tight jeans. It’s just his style. If you people haven’t noticed tight jeans are “in” now. That’s the fashion. And his jeans aren’t even ridiculously tight. If you guys want to look at someone that wears really tight jeans then trot on over to Zach Quinto’s pics…now he wears tight jeans. Not that I’m complaining because both men are HOT!

  4. 54
    Khristi Says:

    He had better quit that. LOL!!!!! Anywho, Mr. Pine is damn fine I must admit.

  5. 55
    Khristi Says:

    He had better quit that. LOL!!!! Anywho, Mr. Pine is damn fine I must admit.

  6. 56
    Too funny Says:

    You can tell the fan girls are out in force tonight.
    Tight jeans on women are “in”, not on straight men in any shape, form, or fashion.

  7. 57
    abba Says:

    i’m kind of confused here. i don’t think chris pine is gay. i wonder where people research to find that he’s gay.

  8. 58
    Penny Says:

    I think Chris Pine is gay. I think Munngate went horribly wrong when people started calling him tiny piney. If he can’t take the heat, then he should stop playing stupid PR games.

    Yeah, the fangirls/Chris’s PR is out in force tonight alright!

  9. 59
    Ditto Says:


    Agreed. Also when his fans who had all this good will toward him start thinking he’s doing PR stunts (see above pictures). Chris’s PR miscalculated big time. More people believed he was straight before Munn. Advice: ditch the b!tch, wait a bit, get Pine a respectable beard who appears private.

    Also would like to know who Munn is fckuing to get in People. Why would anyone who reads that magazine care about her special for G4? It’s not her audience so why is People suddenly covering her? And still not using the Pine link. Inquiring minds want to know.

  10. 60
    Mercedes Says:

    hmm..chris :)

  11. 61
    cilly Says:


    the not using the pine link in people is basically her people and his telling them to keep their mouths shut. people doesnt use anything that celebrity pr people dont want them to use.

    but, she obviously is trying to outreach the nerd demo. she knows its time to let go of that and move forward. honestly i think her days on g4 are numbered.

  12. 62
    Penny Says:


    “Advice: ditch the b!tch, wait a bit, get Pine a respectable beard who appears private.”

    LMAO. I like the way you think! ITA

  13. 63
    jolentini Says:

  14. 64
    Ditto Says:


    More likely it’s his people trying to mitigate further damage. Or her people realizing he’s about to bolt from their little arrangement. It still doesn’t explain why People would want to run these pieces in the first place. But yes, clearly she is trying to make some kind of media breakthrough from her own demographic and isn’t she the luckiest gal to have landed an almost A-list actor boyfriend just as she’s doing this? No one’s that lucky.

  15. 65
    cilly Says:


    if we dont see pics of them soon after new years i will be confident in saying its over. she wont dump the nerd demo until her book comes out though.

  16. 66
    Ditto Says:


    I’d give it at least a month between pictures or sightings before saying it’s over. I doubt she’ll ever completely dump her nerd demo, that’s how she makes her money. Unless she makes some sort of actual splash with a new demographic but frankly I don’t see it happening.

  17. 67
    Stone Says:

    The next Michael!

  18. 68
    cilly Says:


    i think what makes some of the nerds made is how she always is saying she’s a geek but she dates all this hot guys, who aren’t nerds or geeks.

  19. 69
    Kerry Says:

    How had being linked with Olivia Munn created the (small amount) of gay rumors? And how has that dimmed his star in the slightest or embarrassed him or created the “Tiney Piney” thing? No one outside of JJ feels the way some of you silly people do nor does it carry out into the majority. I think some of you just can’t handle the fact that the guy is with anyone or you don’t approve of Olivia Munn. If they are happy, then so be it. That isn’t going to disturb his career if he was serious with her (quite the contrary) nor would it matter if he were gay. His talent is good enough that that is what will matter at the end of the day.

  20. 70
    cavill fan Says:

    no, not attractive. His head is too big for his body.

  21. 71
    tiny Piney Says:


    Are you being deliberately obtuse or are you from Pine’s PR?

  22. 72
    cilly Says:


    hello chris’ or olivia’s pr person.

  23. 73
    meggie Says:

    Tiny Piney. haha I don’t think so myself, but that’s just me. Gay, straight, whatever, i’ll still love pine and want to ride him for all it’s worth!! :P

  24. 74
    Ditto Says:

    Wow, Kerry. Do you really believe being gay (and out) wouldn’t affect Pine’s career? No, seriously? Because either you are dumb or PR as Tiney Piney said. IF being gay doesn’t affect your career tell me where all the out leading men in Hollywood are. I’m talking movie stars now, not sitcom stars. Name me one leading man in Hollywood. I’ll wait for your answer.

    Now, back to the issue. Is Munn damaging his rep? I wouldn’t say that its a huge issue yet but it could be. I’ve seen fans turn on him recently and that’s pretty shocking since I’d noticed nothing but positives for him. Talent is important, that’s true, but so is your image. Just ask Tom Cruise how fcking up his PR image helped his career. If you don’t think that these stars bank on their public perception then you’re out of your mind. Talent didn’t get Chris the Jack Ryan franchise. His rising star did. Yes, I think he’s very talented as an actor but talent is only one element and a major part of whether studios will back you is your image. At the moment his own fans are wondering why someone as bright and seemingly private as Pine is hooked up with a woman who is the antithesis of that persona.

    I’m curious though, what did you mean by “That isn’t going to disturb his career if he was serious with her (quite the contrary)” are you saying that being with a woman will help his career? If so then you, my friend, have answered your own question by admitting to the fact that a girlfriend is a career booster. Unforunately in this case she will ulitimately do more damage than good because he’s in a precarious place where his image is still largely undefined and this “relationship” will define it if Pine’s people allow it to. I suspect they won’t however. At least not if they’re smart.

  25. 75
    angeles Says:


    Hey Summer: TINY PINEY!!!!

    Everyone has been calling him that lately because of his averaged sized wang, sorry if it offends you so.

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