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Chris Pine: Crotch Grab!

Chris Pine: Crotch Grab!

Chris Pine grabs his crotch to measure the inseam while trying on jeans at the Ralph Lauren RRL store in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve (Thursday, December 24).

Pictures were first posted yesterday but these new pics popped up, so enjoy! (Chris shopped at the same store back in August as well.)

While trying on jeans at the converted auto repair shop, the 29-year-old Star Trek actor was also seen lifting up his shirt and showing off a bit of his tummy.

Chris also flipped through the “Porsche Icons” book.

30+ pictures inside of Chris Pine‘s crotch grab…

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chris pine crotch grab 01
chris pine crotch grab 02
chris pine crotch grab 03
chris pine crotch grab 04
chris pine crotch grab 05
chris pine crotch grab 06
chris pine crotch grab 07
chris pine crotch grab 08
chris pine crotch grab 09
chris pine crotch grab 10
chris pine crotch grab 11
chris pine crotch grab 12
chris pine crotch grab 13
chris pine crotch grab 14
chris pine crotch grab 15
chris pine crotch grab 16
chris pine crotch grab 17
chris pine crotch grab 18
chris pine crotch grab 19
chris pine crotch grab 20
chris pine crotch grab 21
chris pine crotch grab 22
chris pine crotch grab 23
chris pine crotch grab 24
chris pine crotch grab 25
chris pine crotch grab 26
chris pine crotch grab 27
chris pine crotch grab 28
chris pine crotch grab 29
chris pine crotch grab 30

Photos: GSI Media
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119 Responses to “Chris Pine: Crotch Grab!”

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  1. 76
    Chef Jacke Says:

    More like a peni$ search!

  2. 77
    @ angeles Says:

    Oh come now, does someone who really believes Quinto is straight really deserve to be mocking other fans?

  3. 78
    Kerry Says:

    @ Tiny Piney and Cilly.

    Nope, not PR at all. Just a person who speaks common sense. Obviously, some people can’t handle it. The two of you can all it what you will (even though you are most likely the same person who posts multiple times under different names) it is what it is.
    If dude is with her, there is nothing wrong with that. If convincing yourself that he’s never going to be with anyone makes your fantasy of being with him more realistic to you, go for it. Again, if he is gay, that wouldn’t matter either. Who is anyone to judge him either way? Takes a big person to sit behind a computer screen and talk about everyone else doesn’t it? I would love to see the kennel club behind some of these monitors. As for the size of his personal, well, that’s not anyone’s concern either. It is especially stupid when you couldn’t even see the size on the box of condoms at all. Someone just made that up simply cause they were pissed that she was snapped with condoms which may have been for use with him or not and that bothered some simply cause they are forced to face reality once again.
    Some things aren’t PR and I don’t think this was at all, but hey, again, whatever makes you feel better. Shouldn’t matter to you in the slightest should it?

  4. 79
    Ditto Says:

    What’s with the comment moderation Jared?

  5. 80
    gay hankie code Says:

    Someone must be getting too close to the truth.

  6. 81
    MMA Says:

    A man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do.

  7. 82
    angeles Says:

    >Oh come now, does someone who really believes Quinto is straight really deserve to be mocking other fans?

    Okay, person too scared to use their regular tag…

    I said on one of the Quinto posts that I believed IMO that he wasn’t gay after I MET HIM, (which funny enough is an opinion shared by a lot of people who have actually met him, not just me. Funny huh, it must be some kind of conspiracy by us homophobic fangirls huh?).

    So let me get this straight while I am choking with laugher from your post. I’m not allowed to think that he might be het or even bi, is that how it is? And because I think he might be het or bi I can’t comment on the Tiny Piney thing? Who died and made you a mod? I mean you aren’t even brave enough to use your real tag hahahahahahhaha.

    Your reasoning is cracked.

    One thing though, who ever the hell you are, you haven’t met Zach yet, that’s ****** obvious.

  8. 83
    @ angeles (Ditto) Says:

    The way you rush to defend yourself is hilarious. I just don’t think you have much room to mock other fans. OMG you MET him! You shared air with him for what? An hour? 2? Did you even SPEAK to him? Well, then I bow down to your superior intellect.

    I haven’t met Zach? How the hell do you know that, dear? No, you’re right, I never met him, because if I did I’d be privileged and awesome like you and all the other little fangirlies convinced he’d fcku them after having their religious moment with Saint Quinto.

    And there, I used my tag for you, happy now? What’s so brave about using a fake nick on a gossip blog? Doesn’t win you points dearheart, any more than meeting Saint Zach does. I bet you’re one of the fans that believe he took his super sekrit girlfriend to the red carpet of the MTV awards, amirite?

  9. 84
    Ditto Says:


    P.S. newslflash angie baby- you and Summer are cut from the same cloth. Also, can you explain this OMG YOU HAVEN’T MET ZACH thing? No, really. What happens when you meet Zach? Do the angels sing? Does he inititate you into his cirlcle of seret heterosexuality? FYI, I have met him but I didn’t get into the club, I guess. :-(

  10. 85
    amtj2008 Says:

    Have to agree with angeles, I have met ZQ, do not think he is gay. I am an avid supporter of gay rights, not a homophobic fangirl. I do however know that being gay in most careers is a career killer. Sadly there are ignorant people who will believe everything they read on the internet and rag on those who choose to forge their own opinions. I KNOW that every actor has a gay rumor out. Am I suppose to believe that everyone of them is gay too? Am I not allowed to post my opinion about others idiot logic? A person on this site started saying tiny piney because the condoms she brought are made for average guys. People say that if he is gay(chris), why should it matter, but all people do is post reasons why he is gay. There are no leading male gay actors. Hollywood is about fantasy, if some people see gay, that all they will see. Hollywood is all about looks and what sells now and days, not talent. As far as the bff crap, his PR might not have had time to squash it before the pics came out. Her PR might have leaked the condoms pic and the dinner pics for exposure without his knowledge.

  11. 86
    amtj2008 Says:

    Also if you talk to most gay men you would know that the stereotypical criteria that is used to confirm gayness is a fallacy. Most gay men don’t act like the flamboyant perez, or christian seriano. You can not tell if a man is gay by walking, talking, or clothes.

  12. 87
    Penny Says:

    I think Zach and Chris are heterosexuals with….uh, complications!!!

    your first sentence in #85 and your last sentence in #86 contradict each other.
    Why do you dislike Chris so? In a previous post you said he was shallow or something right? Much love for Zach not so much for Chris. Interesting!

  13. 88
    cilly Says:


    again how are you mister pr person. you’re ignorant with saying you can see the size on the box. its common knowledge crown condoms are for average size guys. crown condoms have two sizes the average size (the one that were photographed and beyond seven, which is crowns version of magnums) continue showing your stupidity if you’re not a pr person or actually olivia or chris pesonally posting here. u either that are a fanboy of either chris or olivia.

    i have said many times i dont believe he’s gay. let me ask you a few questions if u are as private of a person as chris says he is then why would let your gf tweet to kingdom come, go to a sex shop to buy condoms and why not get pissed for the very same reason that has been said he dumped audrina patridge for.

  14. 89
    cilly Says:


    shallow can many different things to different people. it has been said chris is an inteligent guy, which mean he has book sense. i just dont think he has that much common sense.

  15. 90
    Happy Says:

    All I have to say is Zach Quinto>Chris Pine
    Gay or straight. That is all.

  16. 91
    villedeville Says:

    Crotch Grab! ??????

    If this is really surprising, then try going to Europe or Latin America where huge number of the male population(they can’t all be gay, or maybe they all are, who knows?) not only grab their crotches, but also scratch their crotch and/or ‘adjust’ whatever is inside (maybe it is pointing north, instead of south or west instead of east, or maybe just a case of claps) , right in the middle of the streets or sidewalks. Not to mention they also scratch and poke their anu$es.

  17. 92
    Kerry Says:


    Now I know for sure that you post under multiple names psycho. Change the C of the first letter in your name and replace it with an S please. My last posting was a complete fly by for you and I have now realized that you are incapable of intelligent thought or reasoning AND you’re extremely lame to boot. You have put way too much effort into someone that you will NEVER know or meet. I am amazed at your rampant stupidity as it flows freely on this MB and how you seem to be able to freely judge people you don’t know.
    The fact is, it’s none of your business about any of that and once again, you are one of those people that are just mad cause he or she is with someone. It is something you will have to deal with and you need to get an actual life and stay out of theirs. You are beyond creepy worrying about things that have nothing to do with you. You are the type of person that these celebrities need to be protected from.
    Moving on.

  18. 93
    Penny Says:


    Just because Chris Pine got embroiled in a dumb PR stunt doesn’t mean he’s shallow. And being intelligent doesn’t necessarily mean book sense only. I have listened to some of his interviews and he comes across as a very grounded person.

  19. 94
    cilly Says:


    all the interviews ive seen him to he comes of to me as insecure. if he’s being embroiled in this pr stunt then he either has no control of his life or he’s an idiot and a liar when he says he values his privacy.

  20. 95
    Dee Says:

    I don’t believe Chris needs “Stage Thing” and she isn’t “famous”, she isn’t “gourgeous”, she isn’t good or great publicity, she is just a G’4′s silly girl( sorry but it’s the message she sends with this job). And after the embarracing condom size affair(yeh silly girl), if he stays with her yet it’s because he likes her, and he has a big “sense of humour”( the weird side of CP) and yes people are talking about this in anothers forums. This thing about to be gay is sh*****! Chris is a amazing actor and I am a big fan, too. And OM is his “problem”…Lucky for him!

  21. 96
    cilly Says:

    i dont disagree with you dee. apparently he likes her and is having fun for now.

  22. 97
    cilly Says:

    how long has it been since jared scratched olivia’s name from hosting his NYE party in miami?

  23. 98
    hmmm Says:

    call me cynical (and i hope that i am right and not an awful person for thinking the “family emergency” is bogus) but i KNEW this was going to happen as soon as jared posted these pics of chris. there is NO WAY she could justify hosting the party of a site who posted invasive pics of chris…just no way. as soon as i saw the post, i knew she would have to find a way to back out. i could be wrong and if so, i hope that her family is ok but even jared as family emergency in quotes….something smells funny here. guess we will see in time if these two are still together…

  24. 99
    cilly Says:

    u think jared would go for payback? if they are still going out they will get caught no doubt about it.

  25. 100
    @cilly Says:

    not sure what will happen next, but you are 100% correct, for better or worse it will come out sooner rather than later
    she has been off of twitter for more than 24 hours now so i could totally be wrong considering she seemingly is only off twitter when she is 1. asleep lol or 2. has been with cp (well at least when they are in la anyway)

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