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Ellen Pompeo Celebrates Christmas... with the Lakers!

Ellen Pompeo Celebrates Christmas... with the Lakers!

Ellen Pompeo and music producer husband Chris Ivery celebrate Christmas together by watching a basketball game at Staples Center on Friday (December 25) in Los Angeles.

The couple watched LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers beat out Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers, 102-87. Ellen and Chris were also spotted saying hello to rapper Snoop Dogg and producer Polow Da Don (pictured below).

Also spotted in the crowd (and pictured below): Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere and her dad Alan.

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ellen pompeo christmas lakers 01
ellen pompeo christmas lakers 02
ellen pompeo christmas lakers 03
ellen pompeo christmas lakers 04
ellen pompeo christmas lakers 05

Photos: Noel Vasquez/Getty
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  • Dani

    SOOO gorgeous together

    I heard someone on tv said that her dad brother and friends were sitting on the other side, is that true?

  • minogue

    They look so happy!!! maybe the lakers won!! yummm

  • nativenyker
  • Adam

    They’re a wonderful couple.
    thanks for the pics

  • Ellen Pompeo fan

    Ahh Sweet pics :D And Ellen looks Great :D

    hope they had a Great Christmas :)

    Tnx for the pics jj :)

  • xxx

    I like her hair! Much better shorter.

  • Mial

    What a FAMEWHORE

    I guess an opportunity to be papped at a sports game is better than spending your first Christmas with your first baby.

    She must be desperate

  • ashley

    its christmas….shouldn’t they be with their newborn child?

  • ashley

    its christmas…shouldn’t they be with their newborn child?

  • sara

    My same old post: Does she ever spend time with her baby?

  • Arty

    This game was an invite game for the celebs.
    all got gifts and special invitations to the Christmas NBA special

  • Dan

    Love all the people spreading hate in here, the only people who are affected are you people.. so give it up… and give it a rest.. go back into your dark corners and hide away…

  • Hannah

    cute! love her blonder hair. and LOL at their looks on the 4th pic. it’s totally obvious what’s happening in the game haha

  • Naima

    Wow he actually brought his wife to a game this time. This is no hate, its the truth, we have run into this woman’s dirty husband on many occasions. Lets just say he has more than a wandering eye, he’s using her celebrity to get him into places like courtside and to the VIP lounge at Staples so that he can flirt with other women. He’s such a pig and a liar, he tried to convince us once that he is a music producer, and when we asked him who he produced last, his answer was “up and coming artists.” He’s a pig and a liar and she is dumb as hell for marrying someone who is pretty much a leach. You should have seen him trying to talk to Denzel once, Denzel completely dismissed him and moved away.

  • Ana

    She looks so happy. I LOVE how she has her hair.

  • Sara M

    Seriously loving this lady She is sooo gorgeous with her husband and her laugh. thanks JJ keep those Ellen pictures coming and Merry Christmas :)

  • Sara M

    @Naima: yeah right… nice try.
    stop spreading lies. Karma is a bitch keep that in mind. and seriously do you think Ellen would ever remain with such a guy.. you obviously do not know him at all or her for that matter. plus they were together a long long time before she became famous. Common.. do your research at least before you lie… put some effort into it.. jeez.
    Such a wonderful Christmas spirit… guess you always landed on the naughty list didn’t you.. tisk tisk tisk..

  • yves

    lucky we can only see her pics, her laugh is annoying as hell..

  • ellenprocks

    Thanks Jared. great pictures
    Merry Christmas

  • ellenprocks

    her laugh is one of the best thing ever… lol :D
    even EW and ET has a segment just about her giggle…
    love it

  • Tia

    Shes gorgeous. give us more and more of Ellen jj. i miss greys anatomy a lot. can’t wait for its return. i love her smile.

  • ellen please tweet

    ellen looks so BEAUTIFUL she is amazing she looks so happy
    thanks JJ for sharing with us xxxxxxxxxx

  • Maya

    @Sara M:

    Well I can tell you that she is NOT lying.
    I met him too, he’s such a shame as a man.

  • maggiemae

    I thought she just had a baby. She is never seen with it. I don’t know if it is a boy or girl.

  • fm

    great to see happy people together

  • life

    I like Ellen, really, but Christmas is for the family, especially, the first Christmas with a daughter. Lakers aren’t your family.

  • Tia


    its a girl her name is stella luna and Ellen has yet to show her, she protecting her, some say she goes with her to special places no one can take pictures. they say shes over the moon and her phone is packed with her pictures, she spends a lot of time with her now cause she has 4 weeks off almost goes out at night or during her naps.. her husband and now her father are always with her too.
    Her boss said the baby did not sign on to be famous when fans asked her if Ellen will ever show a picture of her baby. so no one knows. but shes obviously glowing and so happy with her. so is Chris. I am happy they spend quality time together now that Ellns family spends some time with the baby.

  • Peter James

    Pretty couple.
    pictures like these are worth posting.

    why do people care so much what this person does or doesn’t do in her private life with her family? no one knows what the other person is going through or their circumstances. not fair to judge anyone based on pictures, is it?!..

  • EP fan

    Shes gorgeous seriously — that smile :D

  • kamy

    Gosh, why being so hateful , plus I’ve the feeling it’s one and same person changing her name and being mean! What did they do to you? Kill your puppy? Santa Claus forget to bring your gifts so you decided to be hateful toward famous people who don’t give **** to you?

    Please, I prefer to spread love and peace: Ellen & her husband seem happy and it’s nice to see them spreading their love it’s refreshing.
    Ellen spent her Christmas Eve with her family, she spent the rest of Christmas Day with her family and then she went to enjoy a few hours with her husband, does it make her a bad mother? No! She spent the rest of Christmas Day with her family.
    Plus Shonda Rhimes explained on twitter that Ellen is protecting her daughter from medias, she’s not using her baby to increase her celebrity! I think it’s a good sign to prove how she cares about her baby!

    Merry Christmas Everybody :)

    And thank you Jared, I’m never tired to see Ellen’s pics :)

  • Karen Millen


    actually kamy those who are wirting those hateful messages are on twitter and don’t know how to hide themselves well… and are even calling her worst names on their twitter pages for God knows what reason.. they simply need to hate on others to make themselves feel better.. how sad is that. they are 2 or three silly small minded children fans of someone else. giving that someone a bad bad name. don’t bother with them… they’re not worth it. the one they love will block them the minute she reads what they wrote about her friend in real life… they have a lot of growing up to do. just ignore.

    I agree with what you wrote Kamy, Ellen is wonderful in protecting her baby, but maybe she was waiting for her whole family to see Stella first before publishing a cover story? maybe who knows. but I for one respect how she managed to live her life privately while being in the public eye. I met both Ellen and Kate Walsh, I was surprised at their close friendship, but how wonderful they are. Ellen is a charming warm person, you just love her right away. and Kate so funny. they were hilarious together. I might see them soon next year as well.

  • Clara

    Yeah, Ellen and KW are so close that Ellen was NOT invited to KW’s marriage.

  • EP fan

    @Karen Millen:
    Hi Karen I sent you an email earlier.. need answers.. lol :)
    you didn’t tell those future plans..

  • Volt

    Ellen is gorgeous

  • Andrew


  • roger

    EP&KW close friends? ABC PR team is working overtime today.

  • dj soul

    With Internet it’s really easy to write anything!
    I worked on a project with Chris and Randy Jackson, I can tell you that Chris Ivery is a good man and very professional i what he does!
    He might not be producing big name but in the Hip Hop R’n B business singers/producers/managers/staffs know him and respect him.

    I don’t know his wife personally but I’m sure she’s a nice lady, Chris always talks about her with love & respect so please let them be!

  • Ana


    Because he didn’t met the expectations that you had? Just because he isn’t your taste doesn’t mean that others don’t find him a great person.

  • Andrew

    @roger: oooh would love that job.. lol :D

  • Ana


    If you read more gossip blogs you would know it’s not PR but true. Is it so hard to believe?

  • BBon

    more jj always more Ellen
    love those pictures of her and Chris she is still glowing
    love her to bits

  • kamy

    Naima, sara, clara, roger or whatever name you give yourself, KW was at Ellen’s baby shower, so unless she invited herself_which would be pathetic to go to something private and important for a pregnant woman_ I’m sure Kate had her reason to not invited her at that time, plus Sandra Oh, Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane…weren’t invited too! It’s a pity to bring a wedding whose pics were sell to media and now is ending in a bad divorce! I’m sure ABC PR don’t really care about actors friendship, look at DH or Lost!
    Actors & actresses hate each other and nobody from ABC really care! I’m not going to pretend that they’re BFF as Ellen is with Katie H. or Sandra O. but I’m sure there is friendship and respect between them.

    The pseudo animosity between EP and KW is just something made up by hateful and notlife fans of each actress!

    PS: I’ve a lot of respect for KW’s fans who are mature and know how to avoid the conflict with EP’s fan!

  • BBon

    @dj soul:
    With Internet it’s really easy to write anything!
    I worked on a project with Chris and Randy Jackson, I can tell you that Chris Ivery is a good man and very professional i what he does!
    He might not be producing big name but in the Hip Hop R’n B business singers/producers/managers/staffs know him and respect him.

    I don’t know his wife personally but I’m sure she’s a nice lady, Chris always talks about her with love & respect so please let them be!

    Thank you for sharing, I’m sure they’re wonderful people.
    people have hate filled hearts even for those they don’t know. I don’t know why.

  • Raichill

    She seems to be without her baby a lot of the time. I don’t find her husband attractive at all. I think their baby will be quite interesting looking.

  • BBon

    When is Greys coming back?

  • marc

    Wonder what she was talking with SnoopDog.

    Cute pics, love her smile and she’s a real basketball fan, you can see that she’s really on the game.

  • =Logan=

    she seems more attractive to me after she had a baby. She just seems so maternal now and i love it. :)

  • Natalie

    #45, I’m sure her baby is a million times cuter than Jlo’s twins, who by the way are nearly three years old and never seen by anyone. JLO will do anything not to stay at home with them.

  • Santa

    @Peter James: ITA. So we see pics of them enjoying a game. So? A game is what, like 2 hours? How the hell do people know what they’re doing the rest of the day? I never judge someone for something bad before I know the facts, cause that’s not fair to anyone involved. Therefore I’m sure Ellen and Chris are just the nicest of people. I have not found any fact saying otherwise. Some people just always assume the worst. I don’t get it, like the worst is always true, right… and the earth is flat.