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NYTimes: Ke$ha is Changing the Face (and Sound) of Rap

NYTimes: Ke$ha is Changing the Face (and Sound) of Rap

Ke$ha was just written up in a huge feature for the New York Times. Here’s what the newspaper had to say about the 22-year-old:

– [Ke$ha] is rangy, with a model’s figure and a Sunset Strip attitude.

– “TiK ToK” is something of a milestone in contemporary pop: the complete and painless assimilation of the white female rapper into pop music… A burgeoning pop star who is primarily a singer, Ke$ha is nevertheless a pioneer.

– It’s all part of the continuing deracination of the act of rapping, which used to be inscribed as a specifically black act, but which has been appropriated so frequently and with such ease that it’s been, in some cases, re-racinated. The very existence of the casually rapping white girl reflects decreasingly stringent ideas about race and gender.

Check out Ke$ha‘s full feature at!

Earlier this week, “TiK ToK” just hit #1 on the Billboard 100.

Ke$ha: Happy Holidays!
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  • Laura

    Ke$ha’s not a rapper. She’s just a regular pop singer and wannabe Lady Gaga.

  • fdv

    sure jj after one song, big change wtf has this world came to

  • aeg

    Trashy singer. (I’m not a hater)

  • Sammy

    I LOVE KE$HA!!!!!!
    Met her & saw her live in London.
    DO NOT bash her people that are commenting!!!
    she has pure talent!

  • dundies

    no. want to try again?

  • sara

    She’s a rapper? IMO, she’s simply a pop singer who can’t sing.

  • Jen

    rap singer? LMAO

  • meh

    haha this article is hilarious. fergie did the whole “rap” thing way before her.

  • ka-blamo

    Girlfriend is high as a kite in that video. That aside, I still don’t know who she is, or why I should care.

  • elle

    ugghh this girl is so unbelievably obnoxious

  • Paulie

    I agree with others, she is NOT a rapper.

  • All Women Stalker

    Who is this Ke$ha and why is she here every day? Time to do some googling then.


  • Tyler

    What kind of pretentious person puts a dollar sign in their name? Furthermore, her single has no distinctive sound. She should just change her name to Generic Female Singer #4,376. Please someone give me good reason to support this girl.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lmao, when has she been a rapper?
    the only part that’s close 2 rap is i think she did a song with flo-rida i think
    jared, ur obsessed with this chick….
    remember the last check u were obsessed with, that chick from transformers….isabel or something…
    so far ive only liked 1 song, all the others 1 r pretty much junk

  • jamie

    i have to agree with the majority of the comments here. she is not aa rapper but just a mediocre pop star. im not a hater but she is a gaga, fergie and Xtina wannabe.

  • xxx


    Has anyone bothered to read the lyrics to Tik Tok?
    Freaking TERRIBLE. She is so bad….. seriously……….. eugh.

  • Joesph

    The article states that she is rangy, with a model’s figure and a Sunset Strip attitude. I tell you the media loves that crap, she has a models figure, so she is cute to look at and bubbly. Gotta love America, they will try all they can to push these blond zombies with no talent in any music genre. At least let this chick get her feet wet before proclaiming her the female Elvis of rap music.

    Its not like i listen rap anymore anyway, the music died with Tupac.

  • t_b

    okay jared, you are not perez hilton and ke$ha (how dumb is the dollar sign by the way? you’re not clever.) is not lady gaga. stop trying to be them and get over it.

  • RodneyClint

    Ha, you idiots are, well you’re idiots :P It’s almost as if you haven’t even heard ‘Tik Tok’ and a few you seem to have met this girl and can judge her off that. The song isn’t like anything Lady Gaga has out or any of the other acts you people posted, she’s speaking fast and not really trying to sing, it all rhymes and it’s a song made to jump and down to at a house party or in your car on your way to school or work. Rapping is speaking fast or chanting lyrics and that’s how all her songs are, she never tries to sing. Ashlee Simpson is someone who can’t sing and tried to be a real singer. You guys need to get a clue and stop berating her because she’s blonde, thin, and has pop music. I can’t believe you even compared her music to Gaga, she wouldn’t be caught dead near ‘Tik Tok’.

  • tara

    I wonder how much money they paid the New York Times to write that article. Her record company must be paying lots of money to promote this wanna-be artist on all these sites. Why waste all this money, go donate it to the poor or something.

  • Toni

    I wonder why is jared reminding me of Perez with his live for Lady GaGa.

  • Toni

    Love I mean

  • yipee!

    she’s either extremely annoying…..or she’s stoned.

  • Mario

    Stupid and ugly girl!

  • sessi

    U all are just haters!! this girl gets it poppin!!!

  • Peter

    Justice feat. Uffie – The Party. Educate yourself with the real deal. Kesha ripped that song off and everybody knows it.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..ahahahahahahahaha… a rapper? `ahahahahahahahahaha..
    @Toni: this is the only girl jared gets a hard`on for. ahahahahaha..

  • In The Know

    The article is not about her its about the movement of a genre.

    The Billboard Hot 100 is all but irrelevant in December 2009 and every executive in music knows this.

    She is far far away from profit and this know this as well….as they continue to feed the horse to pull their buggy, when we’ve already been to the moon.

  • emily

    i don’t understand. her musics annoying, she’s dirty, and practically every time i see a video of her she high or drunk….so yeah, um NO

  • Lucy Lover

    She is sucha gangsta wannabee

  • Sam


    Without any talent that all you can hope to do.
    First they try to cause a stir/publicity with her drunken stoner image…but that’s not shocking enough with the likes of Lady GaGa around (who is VERY talented and actually has good music)

    She won’t last long because she has no talent what so ever. That’s why they’re paying sites like JJ and Perez to keep posting these stupid articles about her…

  • Beckala

    She is obviously very much under the influence of something. Look for Kesha in rehab in 2010!

  • donna

    a wannabe lady gaga!!!ugggghhh

  • Duval

    Rock, jazz, blues, R&B, reggae and now rap. Still stealing black music huh?

  • nikki

    @Peter: THANK YOU. i’ve been saying that all along. loooove justice

  • Stone

    Fantastic music!

  • Chef Jacke

    I wouldn’t let her (w)rap my dog’s Christmas presents!

  • Meadow

    um, wow. i like ke$ha (yep, even with the dollar sign) but i think the new york times was a bit off with this article. she is talking on the record, perhaps rhyming…ok, fine, RAPPING. but that does NOT make her a Rapper or an MC. not by a long shot…

  • MMA

    I wish she’d deposit the money in my account.

  • Lilly

    I don’t think she’s a good singer and her lyrics are really trashy. She looks stoned in that video.

  • AngryBlackGuy

    This no talent clown sings like shes holding in painful diarrhea.

  • Sara

    Bizarre how everybody is bashing her here until she got to #1.

    Kesha is no mozart and at first I felt ashamed for liking her stuff, then I read a couple of interviews and she had some very smart things to say about gender relations, how men talk to women (I notice how you guys probably accept Snoop Dogg as legitimate despite the way he talks, yet don’t accept a young white female doing the same) and also about money (despite the $ sign she doesn’t overspend because she knows how it feels to be poor).

    You guys should try to see the points behind the music before you review.

    Also, one thing she is against is pretentiousness. I’m going to be too and champion Ke$ha against all you music snobs because she is actually a smart girl and lyricist and her music is fun to dance to!

    Some of you out there must like her because she’s a massive #1! So admit it and get over your prejudices…. HATERZ!