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Jude Law: Barbados Lovefest with Sienna Miller!

Jude Law: Barbados Lovefest with Sienna Miller!

Jude Law and his on-and-off-again girlfriend Sienna Miller reunited on a beach in Barbados on Sunday (March 27).

Apparently Jude accepted Sienna‘s proposal!

The British couple was seen playing with all of Jude‘s kids from his previous relationship with Sadie Frost — son Rafferty, 13, daughter Iris, 9, and son Rudy, 7. They look like one big, happy family agian!

10+ pictures inside of shirtless Jude Law and bikini-clad Sienna Miller‘s Barbados reunion…

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jude law sienna miller barbados 01
jude law sienna miller barbados 02
jude law sienna miller barbados 03
jude law sienna miller barbados 04
jude law sienna miller barbados 05
jude law sienna miller barbados 06
jude law sienna miller barbados 07
jude law sienna miller barbados 08
jude law sienna miller barbados 09
jude law sienna miller barbados 10
jude law sienna miller barbados 11
jude law sienna miller barbados 12
jude law sienna miller barbados 13

Credit: Islandpaps; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • charlotte

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IN THE AIR !!!! :o)))

  • Spock’s ears

    I just saw Sherlock Holmes today. Downey and Law were KICKIN! It’s definitely set up for a sequal, which is very cool.

  • Homewrecker Sienna

    Oh, please, Judes having a new baby with a new woman got Sienna’s ire up. She only wants a man when she can destroy a family.

    I know the new mother said she did not want anything from Jude, but, that does not mean Jude would not want to be a part of her and the baby’s life once he had a chance to spend some time with them…so in swoops Seinna. She a hag!

    I’m sure she felt ‘challanged’ and is filling his head with all sorts of reasons why he should not get involved with HIS OWN newborn child. And since he wants to run from responsibility he’s swallowing her bs hook, line and sinker.

  • Rany

    @Homewrecker Sienna:
    Lame synopsis, Betsy the cow. Go eat yourself another pie.

  • Shannon

    I like them together.

  • geez

    this is so phatetic.

  • Liz86000

    A homewrecker/slut and a cheater/who abandons his own child are together. Fitting.

  • james

    jude is so sexy!! look at that bod!! and that grin! sienna is lucky to have him twice. i would settle for once ;)

  • Nattie

    I used to think that he deserves better woman, but I was wrong, he always stuck on sluttiena.
    these two are too much alike, it’s a boring relationship to me.

  • Mirna

    Jude is soo cute with his kids!

  • Leah

    They deserve each other-cheaters the both of them.

    Where is Sophia?

  • love

    Okay, of all the comments here if there is at least one positive I think it’s too much…

  • Myrtle the turtle

    Sweet. I hope it works out for them if that’s what they want. Bitter haters notwithstanding.

  • leslie

    Love them together.

  • Calvin

    @Nattie: Then move on, nut case. If you’re so bored, you’re the stupid one for hanging around and bothering to tell us how bored you are. People like you give stupid a bad name.

  • CanadaGirl

    Hoorah! I like them together. Always love Sienna and Jude, but I hope that this isn’t just for publicity.

  • CanadaGirl

    Oh, Lordy, Jude has a fit body. His lats in the last picture are superb.

  • maxx


  • cherrie

    Aww… handsome young daddy carrying his little one in his arms… Isn’t this lovely? Oh, Jude, those strong arms would pick me up and carry me the rest of the way home. sigh..

  • lakers fan in boston

    without makeup, she just kinda looks like a trashy chick
    im glad they’re back and i hope that this time it works out =]
    ive always liked them together
    sigh, seems like sienna wont be a dirty sl*t anymore =[

  • longchamp

    he should stick w/this one; it’s obviously not looks she’s after! he is so much less hot than he was in round 1…

  • Penny

    I’m just stunned Jared had the guts to post pics of Jude’s kids without fuzzing their faces out – no-one ever gets away with that!

  • Angie

    He always seems to enjoy being with his kids. They spent a month with him while he was in New York doing Hamlet. I think he’s happiest when he’s with them.

  • sweetness

    she’s absolutely the epitome of trash. Revolting woman.

    there must be something mentally challenging with this man…he choses the lowliest type of women.

  • Kara

    @sweetness: Not quite. George Clooney holds that distinction.

  • bis

    This manwh0re can only count up to 3. What a stupid f***face.

  • ex-Primrose Hill

    All we need is Daniel Craig and Satsuki Bitchell to turn up and there is your ultimate NY Eve orgy.

    They’re all sluts. They’ve all slept with each other.
    Maybe Kate Moss might roll in.

  • Keeping it real

    No way, have you seen what that pu$$y Matt Damon married? He scraped the barnacles off the boat, man, but she’s well paid for sure. Beards have it made.

  • kk
  • ericap

    Have fun, Jude and Sienna!

  • to 81

    @Keeping it real:

    Like Satsuki Bitchell.

    Heike (ex Daniel g/f) was the one who wouldn’t put up with Promiscuous Hill Gang, they are/were a bunch of tossers. Daniel included.


    @bis: What a stupid and ugly person you are!

  • lol

    @ruth: Haha. Me too!

  • bis

    Yes, you too!!


    @bis: No way.

  • Team Edward

    Whether they last or not, it’s good to see they are friends. They show much more maturity than the freaks shouting out here.

  • Sofia

    Good. Jude seems to be happy. That’s most important. I’m glad after a whole year’s hardworking finally he can take a holiday and relax himself with his kids.
    I don’t like Sienna, but if Jude likes her then I’ll learn to like her too.
    Happy Birthday and Happy New Year! I’ll watch SHERLOCK HOLMES next month. Hope it will be a great success.

  • sheryl

    I am not a fan of Sienna’s at all, her whining “poor me” schtick has been way overexposed. I will say, however, that I hope for the best, whichever way that happens to be. Only time will tell. They may only be friends (they certainly don’t appear to be “all over each other,” as was reported in one rag). I think Sienna needs to disappear for a while. I really hope she’s not using this as a shot in the arm to her career, because it’s absolutely NOT the way to go. Fame without substantial talent to back it up is worthless.

  • sheryl

    *sends hugs and kisses to Jude*

  • Mitchie

    What really disappointed me (and this is just based on how I directly experience my feeling, of course) was that I really thought Jude had overcomed this moron. But I think I was wrong about that and he has happily proven that. I am really disappointed with him, and as I said before, it’s just a personal opinion. I really, really used to like him the most. Now, I feel like an idiot for believing in him. I still like him as an actor though.

  • sheryl

    And when I said “friends” above, I meant it could be that that’s how it ends up, not how it is now. They’re not on vacation together for nothing, after all.

  • Iron Man 2

    @Keeping it real:
    Think of who else he dated (Minnie Driver, for God’s sake). For sure, Matt’s shown pretty poor taste. At least Sienna Miller is hot and not a “waitress” (cough – “stripper”) from Miami.


    Talking about FRIENDS, isn’t Barbado the island where Rachel and Monica went to hear Ross’s lecture in FRIENDS? No matter I feel it’s so familiar.

  • y

    this is my first time to feel she like. when she have affair with balth which involved four children, and homewrecked their family i hated her. i wish she don’t fight to get jude’s love with his children. i also wish she loves his children too. then she can get all of love from jude. they looks so happy these pics. i wish their happy couple life from now on. and also hope they don’t hurt other people anymore and will not wreck any family.

  • chris


    haha I know I just thought the same thing when i saw the pictures.

  • xxx

    Woohoo, they belong together. I bet they have a very open relationship since they both enjoy cheating so much.

  • Rums of Puerto Rico

    Good-luck to them, they deserve it as much as anyone else.

  • groundcontrol

    I thought Getty and his wife were separated when he and Miller were seeing each other.
    In any event, it’s not my business to judge. I try not to be one of those harpy, judgemental crones who thinks she knows what’s going on in a stranger’s life. I hope these condemners here are not women but I fear they mostly are. There is nothing like a woman to hate on another woman.
    And for the Mother Superior upthread, there is nothing tacky about a female being topless on a beach where that is acceptable. The U.S. has terrible hangups when it comes to the body. It’s one of the reasons why people approach sex in such a juvenile manner here.
    If Jude and Sienna are happy then good for them.

  • sheryl

    @FRIENDS: Yes, it was Barbados. Hahaha, that’s the episode where Monica’s hair frizzed up all crazy.

  • Eloisa

    @sheryl: I I am afraid she is with him for fame. she could not change so quickly…. but if the kids are with them, and not with mom its has to be serious.
    I wonder how someone so talented and beautiful can have such low self esteem. He has to be happy, this has been a great year for his carreer, even his retractors had to accept his talent.