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Rihanna Gets Ruffled Up In Pink Bikini

Rihanna Gets Ruffled Up In Pink Bikini

Rihanna keeps it cute in a pink ruffled bikini as she soaks in the sun on the sunny beaches of Barbados over the Christmas holiday on Saturday (December 26).

The 21-year-old Bajan bikini babe was seen going on a boat ride with friends.

Rihanna is prepping to perform at a New Years bash in Abu Dhabi and tickets for the concert in Emirates Palace are selling out quickly.

“The response from the public has been fantastic since we announced Rihanna would be performing in Abu Dhabi and there is no doubt it’s going to be an unforgettable way to see in 2010 and the beginning of a new decade,” said John Lickrish, managing director of concert organizers Flash Entertainment. “There are still tickets available but they are selling fast and we are expecting even greater demand this week heading into the event.”

25+ pictures inside of ruffled up Rihanna

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rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 01
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 02
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 03
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 04
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 05
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 06
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 07
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 08
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 09
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 10
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 11
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 12
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 13
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 14
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 15
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 16
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 17
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 18
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 19
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 20
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 21
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 22
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 23
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 24
rihanna ruffled pink bikini barbados 25

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# 1

She’s not fat but she’s gained some weight.

# 2

At first i thought it was Beyonce.

# 3

She is ugly! And pink is not her color!

# 4

she looks so heavy .. not the same rihanna i liked

# 5

fat? you call that fat? what in the heavens so then fat people what are they and obese people

# 6

Her bottom is heavier than her top, and that’s why she looks chunky. She shouldn’t have worn that ruffle thing. Come on, she’s not fat.

# 8
Sweet Pea @ 12/27/2009 at 5:53 pm

Rihanna has very bad taste in clothing.
Even her bathing suits don’t flatter her.

# 9

Cute girl, not the best bikini.

She’s not fat, she just has a big butt.

Like Jude and Sienna… Barbado’s beach.. oh great…

Rihanna has a good body but a lot of cellulite. It’s a myth that young women don’t get this — see Mischa Barton.


How do the paps know where to find her?

@bajan: She’s not curvy except for the ass. She does have a big, juicy booty!

Ugh, she is so disgusting and ugly. I wish she would stay in the islands forever.

Are those Rihanna’s brothers?

CanadaGirl @ 12/27/2009 at 6:10 pm

She sure is…. thick.

I thought Jared had nicer people on it then TMZ.

My bad.

@ bajan: she’s not curvy, she has no boobs. she’s just not proportionate… slim upper body and big lower body. that’s all.

They seem rather young. Didn’t she give an interview where she said she broke a bottle other one’s head one time?


Not so hot from the back.

It’s time for RiRi to give up the blonde wig.

my anaconda don’t want none

hear me roar! @ 12/27/2009 at 6:21 pm

Matt Damon loves the boyz!

wow… people are harsh
she looks cute….

Kanye must be there. The paparazzi always seem to find her when he’s around.


yea she have nice natural looking ass :) she dont look fat to me

She’s got Serena Williams’ big ol butt.

she has a beautiful body, but she works out too much making her look more masculine. The bikini is not a good choice on her, would be better on a petite short girl.

Nasty and yuck

the_boyfriend @ 12/27/2009 at 6:37 pm

she must be eating her feelings.

first she performed on a cruise ship now a concert in some arab country.
she must be hard up for cash, the cd is tanking and she has yet to crack the top 20 with a single from it.

She’s not fat, her lower half is curvy.

Strangest body ever.

Flat and wide.

bajan @ 12/27/2009 at 6:05 pm

I wouldn’t call that a “black body.” Flat and wide? Who does that remind you of?

That bathing suit does nothing for her whatsoever

Ugly bikini but Rihanna’s great **** more than makes up for it IMO Lol.

damn she has a big ass
not really a bad thing, i kinda like hers
im not really an ass guys, i prefer legs but ill let it slide that she has big thighs

Intellexs @ 12/27/2009 at 7:24 pm

@bajan..well put..some people just dont know how to handle a little thickness…ri ri body looks fine to me…im usually grossed out by the skinny minnies…yuck

longchamp @ 12/27/2009 at 7:24 pm

thick like buttermilk

black beauty @ 12/27/2009 at 7:29 pm

rihanna is far from fat. not every one wants to look like an olsen twin.

@ gross
u always have something stupid to say so please post a pic of yourself

Yuk. Not flattering. May have gained a few pounds over the holiday. Who has’nt.

I wold say, “THANKS SO MUCH FOR PUTTING A BIG SHOT OF MY ASS UP FOR EVERYONE TO SEE”. I don’t think she looks bad at all by the way. To my fellow posers-pay no mind to the ignorant racist piece of **** that posted that nasty ass comment. YOU MY FRIEND CAN GO SUCK IT. Happy Holidays.

black is beautiful @ 12/27/2009 at 8:19 pm

@black beauty: He’s right. She does sometimes look like a tranny. Why don’t you post a pic of yourself instead? I’m more interested in the ones who think she looks good in all those garish getups. I’d like to see what they wear on a regular basis.

A really nice natural body !! .. Me likes that .. Rihanna’s curves !! ..

yall juss some ***** idiots kk yal juss hatin cuz yall aint rhianna yall juss need 2 stop this siht. shes already been throu enough(chrisbrown)

IMO, she’s absolutely beautiful, and her weight is just right.



this bikini does NOT favor her body! well, neither does the butt ugly face and gross “hair”!

@Jose: since when is being curvy having boobs? it can also mean booty..not that I am defendinf riri..I find her very gross..her bandana is nauseating me, and that bikini is NOT for her!

You know what..despite all the crazy people out there who obviously have eyes that don’t work right and think Rihanna is fat, and despite the fact that I dislike her haircut, and despite the lack of good clothing, I personally think Rihanna is beautiful. She has a nice voice and a wonderful body and face. C’mon, you guys would go out NAKED if you were her. I think people out there are just becoming very ignorant and judgmental because of the way the other celebrities like Ashley Tisdale or Miranda Kerr are looking. Well, it’s called having curves. I love Rihanna, and still would if she gained 9209029 pounds (which she didn’t!)! :)

She isn’t fat, it’s just the wrong suit for her body shape.

She is the typical West Indian with an Ugly face, gigantic forehead, horrendous speech, no talent, and an Ugly body! She is flabby and thick and fat and no figure what so ever. I am glad that Chris Brown kicked her ass because someone needed to do it!


she looks hot hot hot!!!

she used to have something about her, something that made her special. now, right here especially, she just looks like your average, typical black girl. compared to what she looked like even just a year ago, she looks really BAD. sorry to say, but it’s true.

This girl in Playboy magazine hurry plzz

she looks skinny normal, seems like she has eaten not like gain weight.
some of you people are so very stupid.

she loos skinny normal, she has eaten something not gained weight. some of you people are so very stupid.

She certainly is “ruff” looking!

That suit looks silly on her

She’s atractive, but this look is awful, the bikini, the hair, everything

Someone hand that “girl” a towel!!!

not great @ 12/28/2009 at 3:52 pm

The booty isn’t really that fat, but it’s not that nicely shaped. She’s too thick in the upper thighs. The butt and thighs all run together. Some black women have bigger butts than hers, but the shape is better.

Ugh i can’t stand this freemason b*tch ¬_¬

Skirted bikini at World Swimwear, much better than the one Riri is wearing in this pic. This style flatters some body types, usually slimmer legs. Riri should have worn a higher cut on the leg to offset her thick thighs. The bright color is hot for 2010.

bajan fran @ 12/28/2009 at 8:00 pm

ahhhhhh people you gotta understand shes not sixteen anymore she growing up and fulling out hips butt i like her suit its cute im sure she was glad to get some of the hottt sun we been getting thus past week to pump up her pale colour from the cold she must have had a great christmas partying and all love herrrrrrrrrrr

wow. seriously does anyone need to see her ass hanging out all over the place? i wasn’t even on the beach and it’s grossing me out. she’s not FAT but by all means she’s not in the best of shape. i’m not saying she should lose weight or anything because she shouldn’t all i’m saying is cover that stuff up. have class.

How the hell are some of you people calling her FAT?! Ignorance with women and CURVES is one thing, but those of you calling her “fat” and “chunky” are just flat out idiots. She has a gorgeous body and she is TINY. I cannot believe some of the bullshit I am reading.


I think she looks great and sexy. As someone who is thin from health issues I would take these curves if they came with being HEALTHY above all else any day. Take it frome someone who got what she wanted but not the way she hoped…be careful what you wish for and what you consider beautiful.

BTW while you are judging the size of her breasts, or lack of, keep in mind over 200,000 women every year are diagnosed with breast cancer and some are forced to undergo masectomies to save thier LIFE. Hmmm…breast size might not seem as important then huh?

RiRi has a great body. All proportioned and toned. She is a beauty.

#25…that is not a wig, RiRi’s hair is just bleached blond.

bernadette @ 12/28/2009 at 11:56 pm

She looks nice.

bernadette @ 12/28/2009 at 11:58 pm

She seems to have adjusted.

bernadette @ 12/29/2009 at 12:01 am

She looks good and healthy.

She’s not fat or ugly. Her swimsuit IS ugly.

she is so pretty with a good curve

Ba-donk a donk ass!

Very healthy looking girl. She better watch out, she could get cellulite if she gets any bigger. Ugly swim suit, she has so many options why that? She also has so many options with here hair, why wear that blonde ragged mess on top of her head? She used to look so cute when she first came onto the scene. To bad her music as never been good and she has to keep her look up to stay relevant.

Rihannafan1 @ 12/29/2009 at 10:22 am

Oh come on people, FAT IS OBESE!! Really heavey overweight people.. Rihanna has a great body but i agree she has gained some weight around her thighs and hips, but she hasnt been on tour for a long time, On stage is what keeps her in shape because she said she doesnt diet!

Better looking like that than really too skinny like some celebs..

Rihannafan1 @ 12/29/2009 at 10:24 am

And by the way she is not ugly,

She doesnt have make up on, You cant expect some1 to look stunning if there at the beach in water!!

sassy mama @ 12/29/2009 at 12:10 pm

sorry but she doesn’t look good at all, and she does look fat

@Carlita: She already has a lot of cellulite on the back of her thighs. There’s pics of her getting into a car and you can clearly see it there.

I don’t think she’s fat, but she is heavier on the bottom and the bikini is too small for her.

@a realist: That’s either a weave or a wig. Just look at earlier photos of her coming to and from the airport where she’s not made up. She’s missing a substantial amount of hair. No one’s hair grows that fast in a few weeks.

slowly falling @ 12/29/2009 at 3:39 pm

most of the people hating on riri up in here are jealous WOMEN anyways! y’all go get your eyes checked right now, cause she does look good and healthy. why can’t you just accept it?DAMN!

What a sexy tight bikini ass ***** like a stone

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