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Ivana Trump Gets Kicked Off A Plane

Ivana Trump Gets Kicked Off A Plane
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  • Stone

    She’s looking rough, eh?

  • Rhonda

    Charlie Sheen is a POS!

  • guest

    Ivana Trump should know better. Having 3 kids and 2 grandchildren, she should be able to stand kids.

    Charlie Sheen’s current wife should ask his ex-wife. I think that Sheen will be divorced soon. He will not change.

  • denise

    If she had cussed at my children, there would have been hell to pay.

  • denise

    # 3….Charlie is not the problem. Brooke was the drunk one, and the aggressor. have you ever seen a drunk act up? That was Brooke.

  • Lynn

    The trouble with Charlies is, he never married someone who loves him. He really needs to be very careful before he marries again.

    He needs to find someone who loves him, first of all, and he needs to find a woman who is not in it for the publicity.

  • Ms Anonymous

    Anyone with half a brain can see Hailey is behind it 100 per cent. And, Hailey is on the TLC payroll as well.

  • parents, get a grip!

    If your kids are running and roughousing on a plane, other passengers have a right to be angry. It is unsafe, they are in the way of the flight attendants, and they are annoying everyone else on the plane. Ivana was 100% in the right to be angry, and If she cussed , that’s the parent’s problem for not controlling their children.

  • to guest & denise

    I woiuldn’t want to share space with your little monsters or you for that matter if that is your attitude.

  • RealityCheck

    I wonder why the airline told off Ivana rather than the kids and their parents. They must be total morons for not seeing who was in the wrong. Unless those were some VIP kids, I don’t see any explanation for choosing them over her. If you paid for an airline ticket, you have every right to request peace and quiet – you’ve paid for it!

  • zzzz

    Yeah, whatever airline that is, I won’t be flying it again!

  • Jon Ballser

    Glee is an awesome show

  • Chef Jacke

    God! Did they throw her on her face???

  • $34,000

    Ivanna shouldhave cursedinCzech.Whowouldunderstoddnehr?

    She should have told the FlightAtendants about the kids.

    If the kids were not passengers of FirstClass, then they should not have been in that section anyway.

    An airplane aisle is not a playground and the kids should have been seatbelted in.

    If the kids had fallen down and busted their little heads open , mouth, the crazy parents who do not parent , wouldhave file a lawsuit agaisnt the airline, F.Crew, Ivanna Trump and I don’t know who else.
    To who saidt hat would have been the last time she cursed at kids if they were your kids, tells what kind of a parent you are-no kind of parent. She cursed but not at the kids ,but about the kids.

    MANY parents have no control over their kids and they don’t wont’ too. Rich, poor whatever. Look at Suri Cruise who has no discipline.

    TheFlight Attn. did not do their jobs because they should have had the parents setbeltthekids downlike all passengers have to be seatbelted in. As soon as you sit down, you get ready.

    Ivanna should fly private jet. SincedivorcingDonals, her lifestyle has gone down.
    Melainai Trump NEVER goes Commericial airlines.

    Ivanna rasied 3 kids, in spite of their wealth, they turned out to be decent human beings.

  • lakers fan in boston

    jizzdale is still in hollywood, i thought she would be gone by now
    that brittany poster is pretty spooky…once again jared, that’s like a week old

  • laurie

    Someone should have knocked that B**CH down a few pegs!!! Ivana time for another face lift…your not looking to good.

  • MMA

    I certainly wouldn’t want to sit next to her!

  • truth

    I’m so sick of bad parents that can’t control their kids. Ivana was wrong to swear at those kids because it’s not their fault. The parents are almost wholly to blame. The public should not have to put up with unruly children, and this is what happens when parents turn a blind eye to their children’s bad behaviour – people SNAP!

    Some bad parents take an attitute where they think “oh little Johnny is a good boy really. He’s just adventurous and full of energy.” No. That is unacceptable. And if you allow your child to behave in an inappropriate manner, then people will stare and silently (or something not so silently) hate you for it. Good on Ivanna for taking a stand (even though she went too far). I hope more people do the same.

  • Annabelle

    Even thou I can’t stand Ivana and her freeking english, I must agree w/her. Screaming kids running around would piss me off too!
    Most parents these days don’t know how to keep their kids in check
    I had kids too !!!!!!!!!!

  • Marty MacFlies

    this is terible news

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  • janet

    Her face is hideous. Someone get a paper bag.