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Jude Law: Women Like Bad Boys

Jude Law: Women Like Bad Boys

Jude Law takes his kids to another Caribbean island as they continue their holiday vacation on Monday (December 28).

The Sherlock Holmes actor, who turned 37 today, was recently spotted enjoying the beach in Barbados with his ex-flame Sienna Miller.

Jude recently shared how being a good boy never worked for him.

“I think women like bad boys,” Jude shared with Parade. “That’s been my experience. I just think it’s kind of a given. You know, at a certain age you figure out what works for you and being a good boy never worked for me. And if you’re a bad boy, they like it. But, eventually, you have to grow up and realize relationships are hard work. It’s like cultivating anything. They need attention.”

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  • Cookie

    They might like to f*** bad boys but good women will go for a good man over a bad boy every time. Jude you are doomed.

  • http://VERYSEXY sharyllee

    I like bad boys.. Bad boys are fun!! blow kisses to you jude.

  • Call_from_hell

    Hey, bis. What the hell are you doing here? We’ve been looking for you all the time. When did you leave? I’ve told you that your treatment’s still not over.
    Come on, let’s go back to the hospital and I’ll try another therapy on you this time.
    Please don’t be upset. I’m sure you’ll recover soon, but now stop scaring people here.

    Sorry, everybody here, he’s just one of my patients who’ suffering with schizophrenia. This guy has a huge crush on our most charmingly and talented Mr. Jude Law and thought he’s betrayed him with all those women. So, you’ve already seen what had happened. Just ignore him. Continue discussing. I’ll try to get him back to the hospital.
    Damn, maybe I need a cage. He’s so crazy now and I’m afraid he’ll bite me.

  • Carmela

    oh dear, unfortunately you like anything that this guy says. If he says he enjoys being an idiot and stealing, you probably would approve it …. can not be so blind in life …

  • bis

    to mariel: you’re such a tyrant, aren’t you? How can you be so cruel? I still haven’t been knocked up by him.

  • Call_from_hell

    Wake up bis, wake up. The drama is over. Come into the cage and let’s go back to the hospital.

    bis: no~no~no~I’ll never Jude alone.

    Shut up, you idiot!!! Here, take your Chlorpromazine. Go go.

  • sheryl

    Well, the multi-personality poster strikes again with her usual shitload of exaggerated nonsense that she’s works herself up into a frenzy over. The same old overbearing, know-it-all (but not quite), unhappy bit!ch as ever. Go service your husband, hon, before he gets busy with his own dalliance (although I sense you’re living with some such unhappiness already, given your irrational emotional investment in the subject of this thread).

  • to 57


    are you a boy or a girl?

  • bis

    to 57
    I’m a mixture.

  • to 59

    to sheryl

    is ‘mariel’ and ‘women like nice men’ the same person?

  • to 61

    to bis

    are you a transexual?

  • Lalique

    @Women like NICE men!: Well said! Bravo for your honesty and clarity of mind! Thank you :-).

  • bis

    Don’t worry. I’ll go. I’ve just taken my medicine and I feel much better now. I don’t know what I’ll say later, because you know, the schizophrenia, it’s hard. But I say it now, very sincerely:

    Happy Birthday, Jude Law! Enjoy the holiday with your kids. I think you are a very talented actor.

    All right all right, I go.

  • mariel

    No, I am not ‘women like nice men’, but I agree with her opinion: Law is a man-ho.

    So over him.

  • azlyn

    oh jude love u..happy birthday..hotson rocked but on a more serious note…women do like bad boys bcos they think they can change them.but time n history has proven that some people just cant change,cos old habits die hard…a strong confident woman will always think that she can change a man if she loves n care for him enough…sort of achallenge to them.maybe sienna thinks that.relationships takes time sacrifice n is hard work.maybe jude hasnt met that woman yet.give urself another 5 years or one day ull end up an old n lonely man whose kids dont really care about.i love u cos u r agreat actor n hot but do change for the careful of gold diggers…..anyways..happy birthday…ull come around n visit sophia one day i know..happy birthday hotson…!!!!

  • Blopp

    what an idiot

  • me me me

    being a bad boy is one thing, being insecure and lost (and approaching forty) is another. it looks like jude is confusing the two. i never saw his appeal, he always seemed like a pu$$y boy, like the character he played in closer.

  • Emily

    what a stupid comment!
    I know he’s dumb. He looks old.
    Even Sienna sounds more smart than him.

  • So Judgemental

    Wow.. some of you act as if Jude knocked you up during a one week relationship.

    Listen.. Samantha seems to be taking all of this for what it was. She claimed it was a very short lived, living in the moment affair. That she has no regrets. And that any relationship Jude wants to have with the baby is fine. All she wanted was to prove paternity once the claim was challenged.

    Would it really have been appropriate to cancel his extended family vacation for Christmas in sunny fun Barbados to punish his family further with the embarrassment of making them sit awkwardly around the UK family home to meet their new half sister? Or even better to pay for and take with him Samantha and the baby girl to Barbados with Sienna? His children have been subjected to enough.. they deserve some fun. They have plenty of time to meet a sibling and unremembered baby mama.

  • Brenda

    Happy Birthday to Jude!

  • Holy moly!

    lol, jl on holiday wiv sm whilst sadie “can’t act meself out o’ a papuh bag” frost breaks up with her “does it turn u on that i cud be yer mum, luv?” boyfriend. ru thinkin life’s a sod bitch, sadie, you luvvy twat?

  • elizabeth

    oh i loveeee him, he is so hot
    and deffinitly a bad boy .
    im glad him and sienna are back !

  • Simon Cowell’s Love Child

    @Holy moly!: Haha, how many young men has that horny serial slapper Sadie violated in her spiderweb?

  • Call_from_hell

    Ooops, I forgot to take my Midol!! Sorry guys!

  • Call_from_hell

    Relationships? WTF is that? LOLLL
    In this manwh0re’s dictionary it means only one thing – Fukcing!
    God please drop a rock on this imbecilic POS already!!

  • Call_from_hell

    “Yeah. Happy. Birthday. “Daddy”.
    ~But you learn to deal with it. It’s like a fly buzzing around your head. You just have to learn to ignore the fly.” ~
    Thank you “daddy”, for calling me a fly!
    I will never forget you. Sophie.

  • OMG

    a bad boy like Jude? yummy… love it!

  • http://VERYSEXY sharyllee

    Haappy Birthday to you, Jude! still young..

  • Mylanta

    This is nothing. Tiger Woods screwed 12 ho’s while he was married. He gives good bad boys a bad name.

  • Daphne

    Happy birthday to a great actor and a lovely man. This year has been great: Hamlet and now Sherlock Holmes! Thank you for the fantastic performances.

    All the haters here make me laugh, especially the pathetic Pole who used to call herself a fan but now calls him douche-this douche-that because he’s dating a woman she doesn’t approve of. Get a friggin life. You are the douche.

  • Retard

    Poor Bred DOG……

  • girlgonebadger

    Personally, I think the disappointed ex-fans are that way because he’s slowly revealing himself to be very different than the person he presents in interview. The whole embarrassing and tacky baby mama thing from this summer & aftermath which isn’t the best advertisement for a man purported to be “a great dad”. And the whole sad re-run reunion with Slutienna. And now this stupid “women like bad boys” quote. This guy is 37 for pete’s sake! In the past his quotes and interviews have usually reflected a thoughtful, insightful, very articulate man but this is something else.

    Yes, he’s a great actor and most likely a lovely man, I agree. But he’s also an obviously lonely man and a confused man, who is a mess with women, and it’s going to generate even more bad press for him which I know he hates. Yes, he could ignore it and probably is and yes, it’s none of our business – but that’s modern celebrity and he is one whether he acknowledges it or not. I don’t have a problem with ex-fans venting a little bit here. If you want to blow sunshine and unicorns up JL’s ass, do it at the IMDb fan page.

  • dulcie

    This moron is human sh!t. Yeah, women like a$$holes who treat them like crap. You definitely qualify. What a complete tool. Go somewhere and whack off, you turd. Guys like this make me vomit. He and his braindead floozy homewrecker GF make my eyeballs bleed.

  • sheryl

    ….and Ms. Multipersonality Disorder keeps talking. The obsession is mindboggling! Aren’t you a married woman? Is hubby ignoring you? Making you feel fat? Lonely? Bi!chy? Unappreciated? You have a lot of anger to vent and spend a lot of time directing it at Jude. Where’s your self-righteous passion for Tiger Wood’s family? For David Letterman? For Chris Brown? Sean Penn? Or better yet, why don’t you go back to farting unicorns out your ass for Matt Damon on IMDb? He might appreciate your delightful company.

  • Daphne

    @girlgonebadger: Go ahead and vent. Your obsession with a celebrity’s private life tells me beyond doubt what a pathetic douche YOU turn out to be.

  • Daphne

    And you, Badger, don’t even have the guts to post under your original name. You’re not just a douche, but a cowardly douche.

  • girlgonebadger

    I know you of old, Daphne and you never used to be the sort of JL fan that resorted to name calling. You used to have thoughtful, funny and producitve things to say about JL news. What’s up with you that you now just spew vitriolic words at total strangers on the internet? That’s kinda sad, Daphne. Then again, that too is the sort of stuff that goes on at the IMDb fan page so once more, take yourself there and do your thing.

  • Sophie

    And I will never forgive, you, “daddy”.

  • Let’s make love

    Why is there so much hate here? I just do not recognize this site anymore. A place where we used to have a mature & intelligent conversation, now it’s a place people show up on the simple pleasure of hating. Now healthy debate is fine but here its mostly blind judgemental users who have so much anger towards each other. No wonder there is so much hate and evil in this world.
    Peace begins at home!

  • Bella

    @girlgonebadger: I kinda agree with your words.

  • Zoe

    Women do not like men because they are bad. What it is about edgy men that appeals to women is their assertiveness and confidence, and if anything prefer nice guys to ones with a poor temperament. Jude Law gets superficial women because he’s attractive. Obviously there’s nothing about his character that is appealing, being a poor excuse for a dad and having zero standards is pretty unsexy. I pity the woman who falls for a man just because he’s pretty or because he has money or fame, if he isn’t a good person he isn’t going to be able to please her for long.

  • mery

    Why is there so much hate here? I just do not recognize this site anymore. A place where we used to have a mature & intelligent conversation, now it’s a place people show up on the simple pleasure of hating. Now healthy debate is fine but here its mostly blind judgemental users who have so much anger towards each other. No wonder there is so much hate and evil in this world.
    Peace begins at home!

    I agree.
    I´m sorry, JustJared, but this site go very bad.
    This is full the haters a ones or others. The post are insultants or obscenes.
    Since a few months ago it´s clear that the level the site is down.
    Bye, bye.

  • sheryl

    @Let’s make love: Really now, and exactly who are you? “Let’s make love”…never seen that name before.

  • Let’s make love

    @sheryl: Check your pm, you will be surprised!

  • to 64 mariel

    are you married?

  • Pole


    Thanks a lot Daphne! Comming from you I think I’ll take that as a compliment!

  • sheryl

    @Let’s make love: Gotcha! : )

  • to bis

    to bis
    i was wondering…

    are you harassing jude
    or are you harassing women

  • Marty MacFlies

    Bad Boys have nice hair too!

  • Sophie

    I hope you have had lots of fun in this wonderful day, “daddy”.
    Your parents must be so proud of you, “daddy”.