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Jude Law: Women Like Bad Boys

Jude Law: Women Like Bad Boys

Jude Law takes his kids to another Caribbean island as they continue their holiday vacation on Monday (December 28).

The Sherlock Holmes actor, who turned 37 today, was recently spotted enjoying the beach in Barbados with his ex-flame Sienna Miller.

Jude recently shared how being a good boy never worked for him.

“I think women like bad boys,” Jude shared with Parade. “That’s been my experience. I just think it’s kind of a given. You know, at a certain age you figure out what works for you and being a good boy never worked for me. And if you’re a bad boy, they like it. But, eventually, you have to grow up and realize relationships are hard work. It’s like cultivating anything. They need attention.”

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172 Responses to “Jude Law: Women Like Bad Boys”

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  1. 26
    ericap Says:

    Hope you have a Happy Birthday, Jude! : )

  2. 27
    dundies Says:

    cold vomit


  3. 28
    Sara ☼ Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jude Heeeaart ♥
    Looking forward to January!
    So I’ll be ready to enjoy SH! *sigh*

  4. 29
    Kel Says:

    @suze: How disgusting is that? Never mind, you’re not even worth it.

  5. 30
    * baby Says:

    Jude, be a good boy and I’ll give you cookies =)

  6. 31
    clay Says:

    @suze: No offense Suze, but it was the mother that wanted to go through with the pregnany and have the baby, not Jude. From what I have read he’s making financial payments.

    You can’t force someone to be in another’s life if they don’t want to.

  7. 32
    Women like NICE men! Says:


    “I don’t think he’s obligated to invite Ms. Burke with him on holiday with the rest of his children – or even to cultivate any sort of deep relationship with her ”

    Of course he’s obligated, “the rest of his children”?, as if his new daughter is not worthy to be apart of her OWN family simply because her mom is not a starlet or because her parents are not involved romantically? That is absolutely absurd and selfish.

    He is obligated to cultivate a friendly, even if platonic, relationship with the mother of his new daughter. He IS obligated to introduce her new daughter to her siblings and make her feel welcome and a part of the family and that includes family time and vacations.

    That is what it means to have consequences for ones behavior. Jude can’t sit back and act ‘as if’ his children from one woman are of any less consequence than his children from another woman. That is not right.

    Jude has CREATED a blended family (he could have worn a condom or had a vasectomy) and now he must adjust HIS LIFE to fit his ALL of his children’s lives. That is the consequence of HIS actions.

    He can’t just trollip off with SOME of his kids for vacation with ******. I’m surprised his ex would even allow it under the circumstances.

    Ms. Burke seems nice. He knocked her up then changed his number when she tried to discuss the pregnancy with him. He needs to fix that now-platonic relationship and get his ex on board to support it and include her for the sake of their children’s happiness.

    The three of them need to spend some time introducing the kids to the new baby and forging civil relationships between one another.

    And remember, Sadie choose a man like Jude so she’s not exempt to the consequences of his romantic dalliances. He may not seem worth it to her now, but her kids deserve a relationship with how ever many siblings thier ‘bad boy’ father creates.

    Jude is responsible for his actions and he’s made a new sibling for his children, and he’s responsible for nurturing that connection. Same goes for Ms. Burke.

    Even Ms. Burke may come to regret having a fling with him, because when he creates more kids it will mean more emotional inconvenience for her as well.

    But, that as they say, is how the cookie crumbles! All three parties need to step up for thier kids and be held accountable for thier own shortcomings and actions and then they will know what it means to be an adult.

    His new baby will want to know her siblings and vice versa and that is ALL that matters here. Not what Jude wants or what Sienna thinks would be a ‘really good idea’ and not what is emotionally convenient.i.e. out of sight, out of mind.
    He has to grow up and be a man and get over his “bad boy” self…seriously! What a fool!

  8. 33
    Women like NICE men! Says:


    Jude decided to have a baby when he decided to have sex when not using birth control or have a vasectomy. Yes, the baby could have been aborted, but a man can’t ever count on that since it’s not his choice.

    How he can turn his back on his own baby girl just sickens me…as a woman I find that totally disgusting and I don’t see how any self respecting woman could ever want anything to do with a man who did that to his own flesh and blood.

    He’s got money, he’s got time, it’s not like he’s in college and can’t afford to take care of a baby or be there for it. He’s just despicable!

  9. 34
    A Says:

    poor Iris. her ‘father’ must be so tired of playing a ‘father’ 24 hours a day, so all he could focus on was his “sl*tty girlfriend”
    what a fukcing misery having a manwh*re as your father. we’ll see where his two beautiful daughters will be in 15 years from now.

  10. 35
    clay Says:

    @Women like NICE men!: “and he’s got that silly rag on the beach with him?” LMAO!!

    Read more:

  11. 36
    tina Says:

    They are both trash. Both fd half the world, now they are an item. These poor kids need to know all this dirt?


  12. 37
    clay Says:

    @clay: “but it was the mother that wanted to go through with the pregnancy and have the baby, not Jude”.

  13. 38
    A Says:

    f***in’ animals are incapable of thinking about other people besides themselves

  14. 39
    MADONNA Says:


  15. 40
    girlgonebadger Says:

    #34 & #36: you gotta wonder what the kids are thinking ’round about now. First the baby-mama thing from this summer, which had to hurt & now the on/off/on/off/on/off/on-again Slutienna is back on the scene. Daddy gets around and still doesn’t know what he wants. Just how does Daddy treat women? Is this one going to hang around and for how long? What if they have a baby? And they say he’s a good dad….. but you gotta wonder. JackAss.

  16. 41
    to 32 Says:

    your arguments don’t wash

    since you are basing them on a lie

  17. 42
    lol Says:

    He doesn’t give a living **** about you folks, in fact he laughs in your face.

  18. 43
    to 32 Says:

    its obvious why jude wouldn’t want anything to do with her

  19. 44
    kristin Says:

    28/12 isnt Jude’s birthday, Its sienna Miller’s birthday… she turned 28!

  20. 45
    mery Says:

    Happy birthday, Jude!

  21. 46
    JENNA Says:

    He and Sienna deserve eachother

  22. 47
    bis Says:

    Relationships? WTF is that? LOL
    In this manwh0re’s dictionary it means only one thing – Fukcing!
    God please drop a rock on this imbecilic POS already.

  23. 48
    bis Says:

    Little Sophia: “Yeah. Happy. Birthday. “Daddy”.

  24. 49
    Juicy Says:

    To #32 “Women Like NICE men!”:
    I believe I know what you are going through, because I’ve seen this before, and I really feel for you. The good thing is, hope is not completely lost. If your antipsychotic isn’t working for you and cognitve behavior therapy has proven ineffective, the next step is electroconvulsive therapy. It might sound bad, but it’s probably your very best hope. I’m pulling for you. Stay strong.

  25. 50
    mariel Says:

    “…eventually, you have to grow up and realize relationships are hard work. It’s like cultivating anything. They need attention.”

    Kind of like “Marge Maintenance,” hey Jude???

    Please do the world a favor and get a vasectomy. Don’t drag any more innocent children into your chaos.

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