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Jude Law: Women Like Bad Boys

Jude Law: Women Like Bad Boys

Jude Law takes his kids to another Caribbean island as they continue their holiday vacation on Monday (December 28).

The Sherlock Holmes actor, who turned 37 today, was recently spotted enjoying the beach in Barbados with his ex-flame Sienna Miller.

Jude recently shared how being a good boy never worked for him.

“I think women like bad boys,” Jude shared with Parade. “That’s been my experience. I just think it’s kind of a given. You know, at a certain age you figure out what works for you and being a good boy never worked for me. And if you’re a bad boy, they like it. But, eventually, you have to grow up and realize relationships are hard work. It’s like cultivating anything. They need attention.”

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172 Responses to “Jude Law: Women Like Bad Boys”

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  1. 126
    qwerty Says:

    He’s not a bad boy.He’s a manho

  2. 127
    dolorescraegt Says:

    there is no way an intelligent person can post on this site…it use to be a it’s become imbecillic. jared what happened…..
    i do agree with your post…and oh yes….jude happy birthday…like you care what some of these people say…..saw you in sherlock and hamlet….bravo…

  3. 128
    mariel Says:

    No my husband is not/was not military.

    Half the men in the world are divorced??? Where did you get that statistic? You might be referring to the U.S., but that is not accurate even here.

    The subject here is Jude Law and HIS behavior.

    Which sucks.

  4. 129
    to mariel Says:

    to mariel
    how do you feel about world domination by bad boys

  5. 130
    to 130 Says:

    to 130
    domination is slavery and i am against it.

  6. 131
    someone Says:

  7. 132
    ignorance is bless Says:

    Wow, Jared. Please, why can’t you just remove the nasty comments from your page? Leaving “troll” comments here just brings down this site, and gives a bad impression of the site. And why are people always making sick comments about celebrites? I guess it’s the super-easy, super-fast, super-smart & efficient way to take out aggressions and frustrations on them. Incredibly disgusting.

  8. 133
    jckfmsincty Says:

    Jude is too good looking and sexy not to be bi. He has that vibe.

  9. 134
    to mariel Says:

    to mariel

    are you a nurse?

  10. 135
    macbeth Says:

    i think its the miltary
    they are trollish troublemakers and pigs
    im gonna kick their **** and the nurses known as angel of death

  11. 136
    manwhore. Says:

    “A manwh0re is someone who repeatedly sleeps with random women indiscriminately without regard to any consequences. Manwh0res are mainly found at local pubs, bars, parties, although they can be found anywhere through out the world.”

    “…But you learn to deal with it. It’s like a fly buzzing around your head. You just have to learn to ignore the fly.”

  12. 137
    ignore 137 Says:


  13. 138
    mariel Says:

    No, I am not a nurse. World domination by bad boys? That’s the reality we live in. The only way to stop it is for women to put their collective foot down.

    Sienna Miller could tell Jude Law to take a hike, for example. He’d love the Appalachian Trail.

  14. 139
    Ryan Says:

    I don’t understand why he is hanging out with a ***** like Sienna Miller.

    She is even worse than he is. She had sex with Balthazar Getty while he was married.

  15. 140
    ET Says:

    You should titled it as “Stupid women loves bad boys!”


    he’s not even that good looking and furthermore, he is soon balding …

  16. 141
    manwhore. Says:

    1.) A guy who goes from girl to girl, just for the sex. He sleeps with several different women and is not looking for any form of commitment.
    (Anti-homophob Note: Gays can be manwh0res too.. they just sleep with men instead =3)

    2.) A guy who has a history of cheating.

    3.) A guy who’s just in it for the sex: no being tied down, will ditch as soon as the chick starts to get attached. Basically, they only want casual sex and no serious relationships of any sort.

  17. 142
    Fiona Says:

    I think Jude’s got it all wrong…it’s him that goes with women who like bad boys! He goes for the wrong type!

  18. 143
    manwhore. Says:

    The hatred and violence still exists in many forms and the situation effectively keeps most gay males in two “closet” categories. The most familiar closet involves people who know they have homo-sex desires, don’t reveal this fact to most people they know, and generally pretend to be heterosexual. The other closet occurs in degrees within the mind as “repressed homosexuality,” and it is the result of socially learned homo-negativity producing self-hatred for the ones who cannot completely repress their homosexual desires. These males may know or suspect they are homosexual but deny it, or they may be consciously unaware of their homo-desires as the result of total repression.

  19. 144
    manwhore. Says:

    “…But you learn to deal with it. It’s like a fly buzzing around your head. You just have to learn to ignore the fly.”

  20. 145
    im right Says:

    rdj, a criminal, and his boss, is putting words in his mouth for this interview
    oh the other fellow stupid criminal rdj works with is mickey rourke
    dogbarf the both of them
    mickey rourke can’t get a woman. not only is he ugly he is disgusting and mean…he is puke.
    rhys ifans is a dogbarf ugly loser.puke

    jude you are better than these losers don’t fall for that bad boy bullshit

    pull yourself up and out of there

  21. 146
    a conversation Says:

    ist person:
    isn’t a ‘pole’ a ‘snake’ that is stick straight?

    2nd person:
    no no its a telephone pole
    a pole to eavesdrop on what other people are saying

    3rd person: hmmmmm

    isn’t that illegal?

    all three: yes. yes it is

    child: hmmm…. so a pole is really a slithering snake

    all three persons: yes. yes she is

  22. 147
    child Says:

    that ****

  23. 148
    conversation Says:

    no no she is a dangerous electrical telephone wire that is off its rocker and must be cutoff at the other end as well
    then thrown in the trash heap
    no no she is a shapeshifter so you have to set the phone pole on fire as well

  24. 149
    remember da truth Says:

    Suze #1, you rush to a thread about someone you don’t like to make a comment you don’t even know for sure is true, based on your belief that if you don’t read it in a tabloid or see a photo, it hasn’t happened??

    And you call Jude Law a loser????

    Yeah, okay……..

  25. 150
    a thought Says:

    i think sheryl is the most reasonable well reasoned poster on imdb i think it bugs the hens that she stands up to them very well.

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