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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Snowboarding Sweethearts!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Snowboarding Sweethearts!

LeAnn Rimes and boyfriend Eddie Cibrian enjoy a romantic getaway in Aspen, Colorado as they snowboard together on Monday (December 28).

Eddie, 36, and LeAnn, 27, are spending more time together out in public after a divorce settlement was reached with LeAnn‘s ex-husband, Dean Sheremet. The divorce will officially occur as of June 19, 2010.

Yesterday, the How Do I Live country singer was seen out buying some tequila!

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, Aspen snowboarding sweethearts…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding sweethearts 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding sweethearts 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding sweethearts 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding sweethearts 05
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Photos: GSI Media
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  • cbme

    Michaela, I’m sorry, but it doesn’t make sense. If you wanted to hurt somebody, you would hurt the person involved – not some person giving their opinion. What gain would that be? Does it scare you to post? Would it make you feel better to stop? Don’t see the benefit.

  • michaela

    No I’ll not stop but it would be the hope of one like that. To silence the balance.

    When I show you that other piece I spoke of, the content of your second sentence is all there. I had never seen this before posting so I thought it best to keep track…though I believe they are empty it was still something to sit up and take notice of. And I wanted someone else to be aware of it too.

    Have you seen the full moon tonight? It’s a “blue moon” which happens once every 19 years on New Years Eve. It is a spectacular sight!

  • cbme

    Michaela, You have lost me. Give me a whole rundown. I really want to know.
    Never heard that about the blue moon every 19 years, but I would like to see it. I went outside and all I saw was clouds and fog. I have a skylight in my bathroom. I looked up the other night and there was a big round moon looking right down at me. We have huge really really tall trees above the skylight and it was so pretty with those bare limbs and the moon. Kinda spooky too.
    Fill me in on this thing you told me about.

  • michaela

    You know a blue moon is a second full moon in a month. Normally only one full moon per month(29.5 days) but about every 2.5 years we have a month with two. And they only fall on a New years eve every nineteen years. It has to do with the Metonic Cycle and extra solar calendar days -astronomy and too cerebral for most people to care.

    I liked your description of the “big round moon staring down…” better : ). Our moonrise tonight was super-sized while the opposing sky (where the sun had set) was flushed. We just happened to go out at just the right moment to be awed.

    I’ll give you the time and place to read those things sooner than later. K?

  • betty

    micaela I care less what you think and he was sober when they had their lwedding and honeymoon.. The only people watching that show are the ones with nothing else going on. as far as the lawsuit goes if I were Eddie I would not hold my breath waiting for any settlement.especially when he cheated on his wife with both these women ,girlfriends do not have precedence over a wife especially when the person he claimed was hurt was not his family and the mag told a half truth because he has had an affair with the woman .So that will be interesting to watch.

  • michaela

    he does look sober at the wedding

  • cbme

    Aren’t you given a time limit of some sort to come to a settlement, especially if you don’t give any visitation rights to the other party? I really don’t get the idea that there is a lot of interest in marriage between the two. LeAnn is probably going to be watching what she has to lose and thinking about it. I just don’t get the big deal over the divorce. If these people hung around all those years when the ex had no say-so over the finances, etc., why such a big deal now?

  • cbme

    I do not believe that writing a story about somebody and telling a half truth protects the mag. The ex cannot claim half of anything he has until there is a settlement, right? So who is coming out on the big end of the stick here? Sounds like cutting your nose off to spite your face to me. LeAnn can be protected from hurt the same as a wife; she has rights also. I would bet that Eddie comes out of this suit with something or that will be showing prejudice towards his rights. He appeared to have told his ex about LeAnn; that looks to me like he has told the truth about this lawsuit unless it can be proven that he did see the other girl on 21 Oct. Don’t believe Eddie is stupid enough to have filed suit if he had told a lie.

  • betty

    cbme-Gosh,I thought you understood community property laws.there are no time limits it can drag on if there is no agreement and who said a wife has no say so over finances and who said Eddie had no visitation rights
    \, Brandi cannot deny that Once a divorce is filed a wife is entitled to half of all community property. . If they already had a court date the judge usually grants temporary spousal support and visitation rights /A divorce is a lot more complicated when children are involved Eddies lawsuit is about defamation and libel and the burden of proof is on Eddie not the magazine. The problem with his case is him being married and having an affair with both these women if he was unmarried it might be different story and he also told to many lies. These tab mags know how to print articles for shock value by printing half truths and half lies.and thats how they get away with it.

  • cbme

    What happened to innocent until proven guilty? You cannot publish lies about someone, or truths, unless you can prove it. That is why the suit was filed, get it? Many of the tabs have been sued and paid up for their stories being untrue. Otherwise, anybody could print anything about you and call it the truth. Also, you cannot find a guy guilty because he has lied in the past; where have you been? No, the tabs don’t always get away with it. This is the USA; not some dictatorship.
    THE EX SAID she had no control over the finances and didn’t even know what assets they had. You don’t know much about this, do you? I guess that his visitations rights weren’t good since he filed to get joint custody. I guess I don’t know about spousal support since I never depended on a man for support!!!! I have always been able to take care of myself!!!! Yes, I know about community property, but even in spousal spt I don’t think you can completely suck a person dry.
    I guess you can continue to make a person’s life miserable even tho that person has supported you well for all those years and put a hold on their entire life because they got sick of it and left.

  • cbme

    Michaela, I have always been interested in astronomy, but I never had time to work it in with all the other things I wanted to do. I am impressed with your knowledge of it. Wish I could have seen that blue moon last night.

  • betty

    cbme–You still don’t get it. This is a civil case it has nothing to do with guilt or innocence that’s in criminal cases. This case is about liability.and Eddie’s credibility is the most important factor in this suit and we know that is in the toilet.. ; If he was suing about his cheating on his wife and the stories were hurtful to his wife and family that’s a different story . Eddie has documented proof of his cheating in his wife deposition . The gitlfriend opened herself to scrutiny when she start cheating with him. he made no vows or signed any papers of commitment. with the girlfriend. so if she gets hurt that on her. Didn’t we establish spousal support criteria on another thread .As far as child custody goes Brandi is the primary caregiver and if there is no agreement the court is going to rule what is in the best interest of the children . I guess Eddie’s sees now he has to pay for his playing and he probably does not like it.. And yes some women do suck men dry its called getting even.

  • betty

    And why is Eddie’s life on hold isn’t he out doing everything he wants to do.

  • cbme

    NO, you still don’t get it: This country is ruled by law and guilt and innocence still applies in any case. What type of country would you have if your case didn’t depend on guilt or innocence. Where have you been, I ask again! What do you think liability is based on, guesswork? How could he win or lose if he wasn’t either guilty or innocence. Your education is sadly lacking. The ex documenting it doesn’t make him guilty of anything. He admitted the guilt with LeAnn but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have been damaged by the latest story of him being with the other person. Get a grip. How could anyone live in a country and know so little about it? You can’t just make up a story and say its true! Do you think LeAnn is devoid of rights just because she had an affair? Guess again. Who pays for the kids support? That also indicates primary care giver. Yes, Eddie will get visitation priveleges with his children for the kids sake! Sucking dry indicates parasite action, not getting even, to me. It indicates, to me, that the person lives off another person.

  • Martha

    Mr. Cibrian’s guilt or innocense has nothing to do with it. If L&S asked for his comment before printing the story and he did not give one they are protected. L&S did not claim Mr. Cibrian was having sex. L&S used the phrase “hooking up”. The insiders information was specific and in quotes which means L&S was reporting what they were told. They said “We stand behind our reporting”. They did not say “We stand behind the story”. Mr. Cibrian has an up hill battle just to get a retraction, much less damages.

  • cbme

    If Eddie did not give a comment, that means he did not say that he gave permission nor that it was the truth. Nobody has said anything about having sex; they accused him of being in a place that he said he wasn’t in. The female that was supposed to be involved also said that the story wasn’t true. This story does not indicate that anybody told this tab anything. Let them stand behind their reporting – what else could they say. The Enquirer, the big boy of tabs, lost a suit to a celeb not long ago. Mr. Cibrian obviously thought his chances were good when he filed suit against them. I can’t say, nor can you, whether or not he will collcet, but he was exercising his rights to what he says is an untruth. Just because some people think he has a bad reputation doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the same rights as everyone else. Good luck, Eddie. What would you do if someone made up an untrue story about you? Would you think you didn’t have the right to sue for damages?

  • cbme

    Martha, What do you think “hooking up” means? I cannot believe you said that the tab “printed what they were told” as if that made everything ok!

  • Martha

    Miss cbme, I am merely trying to clarify the situation. It does not matter if the implications in the story are untrue or not, as unfair as that seems. If L&S did reasonable “due diligence” in accordance with standard practices the law requires, then they are not liable. Tabloids push the boundaries of “freedom of the press” and have for many years. I am familiar with tabloid reporting and every story printed is reviewed by an attorney. They parse each word but sometimes even the attorney gets it wrong and a better attorney wins damages. If the story was knowingly fallacious, then L&S has a problem and may be liable for damages.

  • cbme

    What kind of damages is Eddie liable for when he apparently knows it is an untrue story? How do you think the other tabs lose when they all make the same statement? And they do lose. He might not get all the wants but you cannot penalize a person for telling the truth. If you can, then that is a poor showing for the law. I am not questioning the preparedness or unpreparedness of an attorney. He gets nothing else, he will probably get the amount of court cost. That doesn’t mean that the tabs will win. I guess we can wait and see. I am not a miss but a Mrs. or Ms. Right now, we don’t know who, or if anybody, gave the tab the story. Unless the tab can prove the story, by witness, that it is true, who do you think would win? I would like to think that there is more to the laws of my country than some of you are insinuating.

  • Martha

    Ms. or Mrs. cbme, please read my post carefully. The last sentence indicates L&S may be liable, not Mr. Cibrian. I am not here to argue either side. Perhaps your perspective could be broadened if you were a bit more circumspect in your reading. This will end my participation in this dialog.

  • cbme

    Perhaps if your perspective were a bit more broadened, we wouldn’t have had this conversation in the first place!!!!

  • michaela

    Was that betty ? Now also known as “Martha”.

  • michaela

    Or Swami Smarty Pants who can’t spell. Dialog? Dialog as in the computer world?

    Whew! Picking myself off the floor now.

    Are they transparent or what!!!???

  • michaela

    My wager is on HRH/Swami based on the curt send-off which is one of his signatures.

  • cbme

    Whoever she/he/it was, they don’t know much about rights of others, do they? What do these people do? Did they never have any classes in the rights, etc., under the laws of the USA? Pitiful!

  • michaela

    “This will end my participation in this dialog.” Where have I heard this before? LMAO

    Remember when he told you if you would be a certain way he might deign speak with you? I could find it on x17 if I had too.

    Condescending, dismissive…how is it this band of connected ones share these same traits? I know it isn’t only one interchanging but I KNOW it isn’t more than three (counting the gas bag.)

  • Mer

    Happy New Year!

    cbme, I was able to the see the pics – nice, thanks Michaela. The ones with them holding each other is so sweet! I always enjoy seeing them together.

  • michaela

    Happy New Year to you Mer and cbme!

  • cbme

    Happy New Year to you Michaela and Mer. Hope everyone finds peace and prosperity in a good, honest way.

  • betty

    cbme–micaela I try not to repeat myself but It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and leave no doubt. Haven’t you heard of freedom of speech and freedom of the press. I am not Martha but I sure like her style, her vocabulary is broader than mine and much too broad for nitwits like you to understand . I tried to make its simple but you still don’t get it. It is better you stick to your.fairytale posting about these clowns instead of trying to debate something you have no knowledge of. One thing we know for fact is Eddie is a serial cheater and compulsive liar and no lawsuit will change that.

  • cbme

    What did Martha say that we nitwits didn’t understand. You are a fine specimen of a nitwit so I know you understand what they are. Martha, like you, also speaks of things she knows nothing about. I don’t know if Eddie is a compulsive liar; I think both he and LeAnn were trying not to hurt anyone when they lied about this affair. What do you think made him a serial cheater. If he had loved the ex, do you think he would have cheated on her? It takes more than one person to make a good marriage. Yes, I was divorced, and, yes, I think some of it was my fault. Like I said, nothing is ever that one-sided. We all lie, even you, but that doesn’t make us compulsive liars, does it? What do you think makes one a compulsive liar?

  • All of You


    When was Brandi running around screaming with a knife in her hand at home?? Did I miss something? Did she and Eddie have a real huge blow-out before he walked out or something?
    Public humiliation can cause people to do things sometimes is all…. I can’t judge or condemn her.

  • cbme

    Go back and read the previous posts. Where did you get the info that you posted? Nobody has mentioned it lately. Who suggested that you condemn anyone. I think you already know what you are asking. I am not good at game playing. Good night.

  • HUH??

    Am I missing something??
    Eddie and his new girl are having some fun and getting some PR while on vacation having fun. WHERE is the crime???
    You guys all need to get lives. Seriously.

  • betty

    cbme Why are you always bringing up the ex?.She has moved on. Eddie is not her problem any more he is Leanns. She thinks he is in love with her so let her deal with .him and all her insecurities.about him. Why are you always posting about your experience from what you have posted you seem to have little experience because you don’t seem to know sh*t from shinola; so stop pretending. When someone tries to inform you,you become defensive. I wouldn’t know what makes a compulsive liar ask Eddie he has lied a lot and still lying..

  • cbme

    Betty, You don’t know what a compulsive liar is, but you called Eddie one? What in this world do you think you know enough about to inform anyone. You bring up the subject and then say “Huh” when somebody gives their opinion. Please, direct your posting to someone else!!

  • liz

    @betty: Exactly. The ex has moved on…Eddie has moved on… Leann has moved on…so what is YOUR problem?? Why can’t YOU (and Gwen) move on? Why do you even care if Eddie and Leann love each other or not? If you are such a big Brandi fan…you should be happy that she is no longer with the guy you call a “compulsive liar, cheater, etc…” Take your statement…”She thinks he is in love with her so let her deal with him and all her insecurities about him…” Yes. Let LEANN deal with him and you can stop worrying about their relationship…and then you can stop “informing” people with the bullsh*t comments you think are important.

  • cbme

    LeAnn is hosting and performing at the 28th natiional finals of the Colgate Country Showdown on 14 Jan. Suppose it will be televised. Anybody know?

  • michaela

    @cbme…you have an avalanche of recent comments addressed to you on x17…the”frisky in the snow” article.

    Thanks for the above.

  • michaela

    The show will be taped as a one-hour special and will be nationally syndicated for airing during the spring of 2010. It generally runs on local broadcast stations, so check local listings.

  • betty

    cbm liz You asked me what makes not what is. l will move on when you move on. My bullsh*t comments are based on fact and your comments are just bullsh*t. I could careless about their relationship and you can;t tell me what to post on this thread . Since Brandi is no longer with Eddie why keep bringing her name up.what is the signifance?

  • cbme

    Michaela, Thanks for the info about the upcoming show where LeAnn is hosting.
    Whew! I did have a load of posting on X17. I told Gwen that my life wasn’t nearly as exciting as she thought and that I have not had any extral maritial (msp?) stuff –yet. I was beginning to think that she had gone on to bigger and better things but I guess not.

  • michaela

    Hours of worthless regurgitations. : )

  • cbme

    Michaela, Hello! Heard any new news?

  • michaela

    Nope…quiet as the freshly fallen snow.

  • new orleans babe

    They are so D–m goodlooking together, you can tell they have good sex and like personalities. I love them together

  • gwen

    liz (aka michela, cbme, chelsea)

    Really, why do you insist on posting under all of these different names. It is not going to save LR and now you just make it even more obvious that LR does not have a fanbase. Do you really think that no one knows that it’s you?

    1)” When you say “we know” all the time who are you referring to?”

    Thanks for outting yourself michaela/cbme. Isn’t that what I ask you everytime you write “we” or “us”. So in an attempt to teach me a lesson, you just build a case against yourself.

    2)”You and your 50 cats? ”

    We know that you have 50 cats. So is that what you meant when you said that you have a “family”?

    3)”No one is trying to prove that Eddie and Leann are in love.”

    Thanks for outting yourself yet again. True to form, you pull the “my post doesn’t say what it says” card.

    3)”In my opinion, they’re probably just in lust because it’s still a new relationship.”

    EC and LR are not in LUST because according to you it’s a “new relationship”. Why are you always making excuses?

    4)” But only THEY know how they really feel about each other.”

    WRONG. How EC and LR feel about each other is reflected in their actions. EC won’t even keep a promise he made to his own kids, so you know that he is not capable of loving LR. LR has major insecurity issues, which is why she keeps going after BG and her kids.

    5)”And Gwen… I never said Brandy shouldn’t get sympathy.”

    There you go again, arguing that your post doesn’t say what it really says. You can not even deny it because your post is there for all to see. Why do you keep insisting that your posts never say what they say? They say exactly what they say. Thanks for outting yourself. The best thing you did for yourself was to start posting as “liz” and “chelsea” , now you can not even deny that you are posting under all of these different names. The sad thing is that it is more than obvious that michela/cbme is liz, chelsea.

    6)” I feel badly for anyone that goes through a hard divorce. ”

    Sure you do, that is why you get offended when people have more sympathy for real victims(DS, BG), right? That’s why all of these “different” posters show up when you think that the thread is unbalanced ?

    7)”However…she can pick herself up and find a new/ better boyfriend or husband…but the kids can’t replace the relationship with their father.”

    How can BG pick herself up when EC and LR are always trying to pull her down? What relationship does EC have with his kids? Based on the fact that he doesn’t even feel obligated to keep a promise he made to his own kids in front of many viewers, it is safe to say that those kids are not EC first priority. Stop acting like EC is the victim. If EC cared anything about his kids, these photo-ops wouldn’t exist.

    8)”anything…Eddie did Brandy a favor by getting the f*** out of her life because why would she want to stay with someone that doesn’t love her?”

    Oh so now it’s BG fault because she should be grateful that EC cheated, lied, and humialiated her? Why do you drag BG into this? Because the only way to validate EC and LR affair is to drag down BG? Or is this just another attempt to deflect from EC and LR bad behavior? BTW, since EC doesn’t love LR, then by your very own logic that means that EC did LR a favor when he cheated on LR with SMJ.

    9)”Now she can find someone that will treat her how she should be treated.”

    Correction: EC did LR a favor when he cheated on LRwith SMJ and LR should use this opportunity to find someone who will treat her how she should be treated. There much better. You displace your insecurities about LR onto BG, so I fixed your statement for you.

    10)” Right now I’m sure she feels like her whole world is ruined but I’m sure she will be happier in the end when it’s all said and done.”

    So that is why LR taunts BG because LR feels that her whole world is ruined because EC affair with SMJ was exposed. LR won’t be happy when it’s all said and done because LR doesn’t want the world to know that BG was right.

  • gwen

    liz( aka CBME, michela, mer, chelsea)

    1)” Exactly. ”

    I have seen this before. Is this yet another idea you picked up from my posts? So thanks once again for outting yourself and letting everyone know that you are indeed michela/cbme.

    2)”The ex has moved on…”

    The ex? Thanks once again for outting yourself michela/cbme. Seriously, why do you even insists on posting under all of these different names? Everyone knows that it’s you. Surely you can not be so dense as to think that no one has picked up on the connections between these “different” posters. Did “liz” and “chelsea” also have husbands who cheated on them and are now remarried to a “wonderful” man?

    3)”Eddie has moved on… Leann has moved on…so what is YOUR problem?? ”

    Eddie and Leann have not moved on. If EC had moved on, well these WATCH MY SHOW photo-ops would not exist. EC is still a cheater and a liar. In fact, it looks like he is using these photo-ops with LR to get back at BG for rejecting him. If LR had moved on, she would not still be taunting BG. There was no reason to pay Lifetime to make her movie number 1 so that it would air around the same time that EC proposed to BG. LR has not moved and the fact that she paid off SMJ to change her story, hangs out in Calabasas, and keeps leaking info to People magazine says that LR will never be over this. Why hasn’t LR moved on? Because LR hasn’t “won” EC, she just “won” the right to appear in public with him. Did you know that LR “friend” (probably one of EC mistresses) went on the trip to Aspen with them. That’s strange. If this was a romantic getaway, why did LR take her friend. So not only does LR supply EC with money and free publicity, she also gives him women, too.

    Now, now. Where do you get off criticizing anyone when you are posting Sunday through Saturday from 8 am to 2 am the next day? So perhaps we should ask what is your problem? Why is it okay for you to sit on this site everyday and all day long, staging conversations with yourself, but you want to whine and moan when other posters respond to ALL of your posts?

    4)”Why can’t YOU (and Gwen) move on?”

    So tell us Cbme/michela, why can’t YOU move on? Afterall, you are the one posting under not one, two or even three names per thread, but over TEN different names. Why can’t you move on? So what you really mean is that you are upset because other posters challenge you. Or are you upset because this pr stunt once again slapped you into reality, which is that the public still does not like LR and EC?

    5)”Why do you even care if Eddie and Leann love each other or not?”

    Because EC and LR keep trying to convince everyone that their farce is love. Because you keep trying to convince people that this farce is love and is going so far as to blame BG because you can not sway the public in EC and LR favor.

    6)” If you are such a big Brandi fan…you should be happy that she is no longer with the guy you call a “compulsive liar, cheater, etc…”

    Thanks for outting yourself cbme/michela. You are upset because people have more sympathy for BG. So then by your logic, since you are a big LR fan, you should be happy that EC cheated on LR with SMJ because it demonstrates that he is a compulsive liar and cheater.

    7)”Yes. Let LEANN deal with him and you can stop worrying about their relationship…”

    What is going to make YOU stop worrying about LR and EC farce, to the point where you stop posting under TEN different names in one thread, trashing BG, and stalking/harassing other posters? Where do you get off criticizing anyone when you are here all day. Why don’t you just say what is really bothering you? You are mad because other posters make you think and as we can see thinking is not a strong point for you. You didn’t stop to think how this “different” poster act was going to blow up in your face and now you are grasping at straws. More “hi cbme” and ” hi michela” posts because you have been backed into a corner.

    8)”and then you can stop “informing” people with the bullsh*t comments you think are important.”

    How sweet, you are projecting your insecurities about yourself onto other posters. So you think that your comments are *******? We already knew that.

  • gwen


    michela (aka cbme, liz)

    Do you know why? Because EC proposed to Brandi on New Years Eve. Yeap, this was just another attempt to one up BG and Lifetime assisted in the public humialiation of an innocent woman. Here I thought Lifetime stood for something.

    Everyone wants to know how Leann’s movie beat out all the others because of all the Nora Roberts movies, hers was the worst? Did Leann pay Lifetime or did she just have her pr person vote over and over and over? There is no way that Lifetime viewers would have voted that movie number 1, especially since Brittiany Murphy also had a Nora Roberts movie and viewers would have voted for her over LR considering the circumstances. Not to mention Jason L is much more hotter than the hype that the media has created for EC and JL doesn’t have the repuation as a cheater or liar who hides behind kids.Even Heather L movie should have been ranked higher than LR movie. So if LR got that honor, then it was through dishonest measures.

    How sad for Leann, she has to take advantage of internet polls because she still can not get the public to like her and EC farce. A Lifetime poll is not going to validate her farce with EC or make anyone believe that EC loves LR or is faithful to her. It is interesting that LR had to use a internet poll to get what she couldn’t get from the public.

  • gwen


    michela (aka cbme, liz, chelsea)

    We know that you are a gas bag. How many different names have you created in this thread alone?

    CSI Miami is not doing very well and considering all the WATCH MY SHOW photo-ops that EC and LR have been doing for the show, it should be in the top 5. No one wants to watch this show anymore because EC is scum and is too wooden. Some people wanted that other guy to come back and even wrote that EC should be let go because he is just too wooden.

    Now where did you hear that sponsers and the network are happy with CSI Miami rankings? In a blurb under a picture of EC?