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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Snowboarding Sweethearts!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Snowboarding Sweethearts!

LeAnn Rimes and boyfriend Eddie Cibrian enjoy a romantic getaway in Aspen, Colorado as they snowboard together on Monday (December 28).

Eddie, 36, and LeAnn, 27, are spending more time together out in public after a divorce settlement was reached with LeAnn‘s ex-husband, Dean Sheremet. The divorce will officially occur as of June 19, 2010.

Yesterday, the How Do I Live country singer was seen out buying some tequila!

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, Aspen snowboarding sweethearts…

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • gwen

    @new orleans babe:

    (aka CBME, liz, michela, chelsea)

    How exactly can you tell that EC and LR have good sex? You can’t. You are just making up anything to save EC and LR.

    If EC and LR were in love, then it would be reflected in how they treat their families. EC has not kept one promise to his kids, so right off the bat you know that he is not capable of loving LR. If he can not invest time in keeping any of the promises that he made to his own flesh and blood, then you know that he is not going to invest time in loving or respecting LR. It doesn’t matter how many “different” names you post under to say that they look good together, all the public sees is that EC still has not kept one promise to his kids.

    We know that EC isn’t spending much time with LR in the bedroom because if he was, LR would not be so invested in BG and her kids to the point where she stages photo-ops in Calabasas and has her movie aired on New Years Eve to upstage EC proposal to BG. Did you know that LR friend went to Aspen with EC and LR? So that person (aka YOU) who said that she saw EC and LR at the airport or starbucks may not be telling the truth. Notice that she didn’t mention LR friend? How did LR friend get to Aspen?

  • gwen


    michela (aka cbme. liz, chelsea, mer, kathy)

    Excuses, Excuses, excuses. Where did it say that producers are pleased with CSI Miami’s ratings? Many of the viewers don’t even like EC because he is so wooden. They want the other guy to come back to show.

    NCIS (both the regular and new spin off) ratings change/week too, but NCIS always manages to stay in the top 5. So with all the hype that LR and EC are doing for this show, why hasn’t CSI Miami even made it into the top 5?

  • gwen


    cbme (aka michela, liz, chelsea)

    1)”LeAnn is hosting and performing at the 28th natiional finals of the Colgate Country Showdown on 14 Jan. ”

    TRANSLATION: To counteract the backlash that LR is receiving from her latest pr stunts, LR will prove to the public that she is a “good person” by doing a charity event.

    2)”Suppose it will be televised. Anybody know?”

    Leann is an attention seeker, so of course she is going to make sure that this is televised. So I was right, for EC and LR, 2010 is the year of the tabloid, media, and press. They are going to bombard the public with their faces until the public accepts their farce as true love. LR and EC are responsible for their own demise. All they had to do was LAY LOW, but if they did that EC couldn’t use LR for her free publicity and LR wouldn’t be able to taunt BG.

  • cbme

    How would the person at Starbucks know who in the line was their friend, also maybe the friends aren’t coffee drinkers. LeAnn doesn’t decide when a network will air their movies. Good grief!! Why would she stage anything having to do with the proposal to the ex? The majority of the world doesn’t know when he proposed to the former spouse; that is a show that is already over with. Why would LeAnn want him to remember anything associated with the ex? Gwen, women don’t start trying to set up the propsal of a former spouse as a memorial day!!

  • gwen


    michela (aka cbme, liz, chelsea, mer, kathy)

    1) Since you judge and condemn innocent people (BG and DS), then by your own logic that makes you a bad person, right?

    2) “@cbme…you have an avalanche of recent comments addressed to you on x17…the”frisky in the snow” article.”

    How sad. Are you still pulling these ” hi cbme and hi michela” posts? What’s the matter, are you upset because you still can not get other posters to agree with you?

    What do you call it when you hijack a thread by staging conversations with yourself? So what you meant to say is that you have been backed into a corner and you created an “avalanche” of comments to yourself.

    3) Michaela, Thanks for the info about the upcoming show where LeAnn is hosting.”

    Why are you thanking yourself? Because you still can not get other posters to agree with.

    Whew is right. You have been a very busy person. Other posters give you a smack down and you respond by staging conversations with yourself? Yeap, that is really going to convince everyone that LR has “fans”. No one is buying that you and cbme are different posters, especially since you have hijacked by name. If you can easily hijack my name, then we know just how easy it is for you to change your name each time you post. So thanks for proving that you can cbme are one in the same.

    5)” I did have a load of posting on X17. ”

    Well that is because you do a load of posting on x17, this site, and on another sites. If you don’t want other posters to respond to all of your posts, then perhaps you should slow down.

    6)”I told Gwen that my life wasn’t nearly as exciting as she thought and that I have not had any extral maritial (msp?) stuff –yet. ”

    You don’t consider all of the different names you use, exciting? I can always tell the state of EC and LR reputation by the number of “different” posters who show up and by how many ” hi cbme and hi michela” posts you make per day. You can cut the charade, you gave yourself away when you decided to post as liz and chelsea.

    7)”I was beginning to think that she had gone on to bigger and better things but I guess not.”

    As we can see, you have not and will never go on to bigger and better things. You post here 24/7 and you want to whine because others respond to you?

    8)”Thanks for the above.”

    Why do you keep thanking yourself? Because no one else will do it. Do what happens, you go to a thread and see that the normal posters are not supporting you, so you either drag out a “different” poster or start the ” hi cbme” and ” hi michela” posts. And you wonder why no one believes that LR does not have any fans.

    9) “That is what you call family hovering all over your business! Whew! People are always protective of their brood, but this is to the point of the ridiculous.”

    We know that you are protective over your brood or cash cow. That’s why you keep blaming BG because you just can not deal with the fact that no one likes EC and LR. Since you post EVERDAY and ALL DAY long, then by your own logic that means that you are hovering, right?Why are you so quick to judge others for posting, when you are here EVERYDAY? Because you can not face the truth about yourself?

    10″And I thought my ex’s mother was bad.”

    Wait, on another board, you were claiming that being married or sleeping with a man meant that the man’s family had to like the woman. So then why didn’t your in laws like you? Because you don’t have any in laws?

    11)”Must feel like he has escaped from a war camp!!”

    So that’s why EC cheated on LR with SMJ because he was trying to escape from LR war camp? Thanks for clearing that up. We all know that you can not face the truth about LR, so you project it onto BG.

  • gwen

    HUH? (aka cbme, michela, liz, chelsea, mer, kathy)

    Thanks for outting yourself. You can change the name, but you can not change the habits. You are always using huh in your posts, so once again, thanks for telling everyone that you are posting under different names.

    1)”Am I missing something??”

    Since you are still posting under all of these different names, it looks like you are missing a lot.

    2)”Eddie and his new girl are having some fun and getting some PR while on vacation having fun. WHERE is the crime???”

    Where is the crime? When EC said that Life and Style was being irresponsible for exposing his affair, and within a couple of days after issuing this statement he allows People magazine to write a piece about how his mistress pole danced for him in Vegas. When EC told the public that he has been respectful, sensitive, and keeping things private for his son’s sake coming after he showed up at the KOL and a golf course with his mistress without even bothering to file for a divorce first and coming right before he showed up rubbing sun tan lotion on his mistress. When EC said that his sons were his top priority and that he was a devoted father, only to allow LR to taunt his wife and kids and miss his sons’ firstday of school. When EC went on Rachel Ray and said that it was his philosophy to keep his business out of the tabloids and insulate his sons from tabloids. Now if EC and his mistress are appearing in the tabloids EVERY WEEK and EC allows People magazine to write a piece about how LR gave EC a pole dance or spent the rest of Christmas Day with LR, is EC shielding his sons? When EC criticized BG for talking about his affair, only to turn around and engage in pda with his mistress just days after making this statement. When EC put in his petition that BG was told his sons about his mistress, only to disregard the fact that his sons could have found out about his affair from any kid they come in contact with because EC and LR have been so public with this affair frim day 1. That’s the crime, that EC doesn’t walk the talk and then LR expects people to believe that he loves her just because he does things with her that he did with his wife and other mistress.

    3)You guys all need to get lives. Seriously.”

    When a “different” poster takes the time and energy to write “GET a life” posts, chances are, it’s just micheala/cbme posting under a different name.

    Since when do you use seriiously? Yeap, another word that you picked up from my posts. Thanks for outting yourself.

  • gwen


    cbme (aka michela, liz)

    1)How would the person at Starbucks know who in the line was their friend, also maybe the friends aren’t coffee drinkers. ”

    The person looked at EC and LR long enough to make the judgement that they were “happy”. So then she would have noticed EC and LR talking to another woman. You got caught in another lie, don’t get mad at me because I called your bluff.

    2)”LeAnn doesn’t decide when a network will air their movies. ”

    WRONG. Leann paid Lifetime to give her that honor and air her movie on that Day. Notice that there are other collections of Lifetime movies, but the poll was only held for Nora Roberts. So did Lifetime create a special honor for LR?

    3)”Good grief!! ”

    Why? Because once again, you are put in a position where you have to THINK.

    4)”Why would she stage anything having to do with the proposal to the ex?”

    Because LR is jealous of BG. You can not deny it, EC proposed to BG on New Years Eve and LR movie was by far the worst Nora Roberts movie and yet someone wants us to believe that it beat out two other Nora Roberts movies that were much much better than LR and EC movie?

    5)” majority of the world doesn’t know when he proposed to the former spouse; ”

    But Leann does. Leann kows exactly when EC proposed to BG. just like she knew exactly when EC birthday was and set up her divorce to coincide with his birthyday. All Leann has to do is make a request. BG is not EC former spouse, since EC divorce is not even final. Thanks for letting me know that you and liz are one in the same.

    6)”that is a show that is already over with. ”

    Well Leann did not get that memo because all of her attempts to one up BG show that she is afraid that EC may still have some feelings for BG. When LR stops taunting BG, then the public will know that show is already over. Wait, maybe the show for EC and LR is already over. That is why Leann’s “friend” is with them in Aspen? x17 said that it was LR friend, but now I’m starting to wonder if this woman was EC “friend”.

    7)”Why would LeAnn want him to remember anything associated with the ex?”

    The issue isn’t about remembering anything associated with the his WIFE. The issue is that Leann is trying to REPLACE his WIFE, hence their movie being played on New Years Eve. LR is trying to rewrite history, so that every New Year’s Eve, EC remembers their movie instead of his proposal to BG. If LR had that spot in EC heart, then she wouldn’t have to keep pulling stunts like this.

    8)”Gwen, women don’t start trying to set up the propsal of a former spouse as a memorial day!!”

    And as always you miss the point. That’s because LR is not trying to make EC proposal to BG into a memorial day, she is trying to replace it.

    Women who don’t sleep with other women husbands don’t try to replace the married man’s WIFE , but women like Leann(who have no qualms about sleeping with a married man) do. Leann did what she did and now it can not be erased. Stop making excuses and deal with the fact that Leann is unstable.

    Since you keep making excuses for Leann, then by your own logic that makes you Leann’s family, right?

  • gwen


    michela (aka cbme, liz, chelsea, kathy, mer)

    As evidenced by your posts(including the ones that you made under ashleed, liz, chelsea, mer, kathy, huh) where you use my words, ideas, and thoughts, you really don’t believe that my posts are Hours of worthless regurgitations. “. You are just trying to save face because once again the best that you can do are name calling, insults, cursing, stalking and harassing other posters, posting under 10-30 different names in one thread alone, and then trashing the victims. It must be hard for you, knowing that the only way to make anyone agree with you is to post under a different name. It is 2010 and you still can not come up with something that doesn’t sound like the tantrum of a child.

    For once in your life, stop hiding behind all of these different names. You really think that you are fooling people, that’s the sad part. Or are you just forgetting that you typed under all of these different names because you have a “memory” problem?

  • gwen


    anon (aka cbme, mer, michela)

    But this is the Leann and Eddie thread, so what is your point? That you are trying to deflect from EC and LR bad behavior? You can stop trying to deflect from EC and LR bad behavior by dragging AJ and BP, Tiger, etc… into it. EC and LR are responsible for their own actions and it is not AJ and BP or Tiger fault because no one is buying the lemonade that EC and LR are trying to sell.

  • gwen


    Well EC looks “happy” because LR brought along a playmate for him.

  • gwen


    Why are you wishing yourself a Happy New Year? Everyone knows that “cbme, mer, michela, liz, chelsea, and now kathy” are all posts written by YOU, Leann’s pr person.

  • gwen


    What happened to innocent until proven guilty? That went out the door when EC was caught in lie after lie after lie after lie. Even now he is being caught in a lie.

    1) You know the one about insulating his sons from the tabloids. Since this is the umpteenth time that EC has been spotted with his mistress, when exactly is he going to insulate his sons from his personal business and thus the tabloids. Because as it stands right now, it looks like EC is insulating his pockets with LR money.

    2) He said that BG tipped off the paps about his vacation to Mexico. But since we are seeing them in Aspen now, we know that the only one who could have tipped off the paps for both vacations is LR.

    3) He said that BG told the kids about his “new girlfriend”, but since he is being so out and open with his mistress it is more than likely that his kids found out about his affair from their peers who might have heard their parents discussing what EC was doing with his mistress in Mexico, Vegas, and now Aspen.

    4) EC said that his kids were his top priority. If that was true, why does EC insist on staging these photo-ops with his mistress? How are his kids his top priority when he is allowing his mistress to taunt them?

    5) EC whined about having joint custody of his kids, but as we can see he is not willing to do what it takes to be a father or even make the sacrifices (ie kids vs money/fame) to protect his kids. No child should ever compete with money/fame for their father’s love or attention.

  • Anonymous

    They went to Aspen with another couple, aka LeAnn’s friend and her boyfriend/husband.You can also see them hugging in the photos where LeAnn and Eddie are hugging each other.

  • gwen


    Transparent? It does my heart good to see you using my words and ideas. So when you downplay my posts, that means that you are trying to save face.

  • gwen


    It’s not the woman that EC wants to be with. It’s the woman’s MONEY.
    If Leann did not have the MONEY, EC would still be sneaking around with Leann.

    SMJ is the woman EC was cheating on LR with. The one that EC and LR paid off to change her story.

  • gwen

    cbme (aka liz, michela, chelsea, kathy)


    Now let’s think about this. If EC intended on being with LR, why didn’t he file for the divorce BEFORE going public? Notice that he only filed the divorce AFTER BG told him that she didn’t want him, he was feeling the public’s backlash after those photos of him and LR at teh KOL concert and golf course showed up all over the place, and LR bribed him with a trip to Mexico. Let’s remeber that EC flat out denied that he even liked LR. He just didn’t deny it, he made it sound like the media made it all up even though he knew full well that no one was buying his lies. He had no reason to lie because he was caught red handed. And yet that was what he did. So stop arguing that EC wanted out, he had his chance to get out and he did not take it. Now what woman self esteem is so low that she would continue to associate with a man who was so repulsed by her that he wouldn’t even tell the truth even when he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar? EC is making due with the situation.

    2)”Guess those that don’t make a complete fool out of their wives and everybody who knows it is laughing at the wife. ”

    WRONG. That is what bothers you. The fact that people are not laughing at BG or DS, but are offering them support. You can not stand the fact BG and DS have more sympathy than EC and LR will ever have. In case you failed to notice, the public is laughing at LR and EC. I know that this is not what People magazine or other tabloids are reporting, but believe me, EC and LR are jokes. Especailly after she tried to pass this off as a “romantic” trip to Aspen only to have her “friend” hiding in the backgrounds for EC.

    3)”You think that is better for the wife, OMI”

    Don’t act like you care about BG, for you spend the majority of your time trashing this woman because the public has more sympathy for her than they do for LR and EC.

    4)” What about yours? Has he cheated on you and you don’t know it?”

    Just because your “husband” cheated on you or the married man you are sleeping with won’t leave his wife and kids for you, it doesn’t mean that everyone else’s husbands are doing the same.

    5)”I have a husband and I am not cheating on him”

    According to you WIFE=ex wife, so when you say husband what you really mean is that you are sleeping with another woman’s husband.

    There is no way that you have a husband or a family because you spend ALL DAY and EVERYDAY on this internet. Or do you want us to believe that you are so obsessed with this that you neglect and abandon your family?

    6)” – what stupid remarks you make. ”

    We know that you make stupid remarks, that is why you have to borrow the words of other posters, right?

    7)”Guess you had rather be made fun of to your back than have him move out?”

    So you would rather Leann be made fun of to her back, then to have EC move out and live with his one true love, SMJ?

    Now when people say that EC is using LR for money, what was thing you said. You said that is was okay and now when it comes to BG you are singing a different tune?

  • gwen


    anon (aka cbme, michela, liz, chelsea)

    1)”They went to Aspen with another couple, aka LeAnn’s friend and her boyfriend/husband.”

    Just because the woman’s husband/boyfriend is there in Aspen with them it doesn’t mean that EC didn’t sleep with her. Remember EC doesn’t have any qualms about sleeping with another man’s wife; afterall, he was and still is sleeping with LR who is still married to Dean. Thatt’s right, Leann is Dean’s Wife until June 19.

    2)”You can also see them hugging in the photos where LeAnn and Eddie are hugging each other.”

    Eddie is hugging LR? Wow, I bet he has never ever done that with any woman before. What? There are photos of EC hugging his wife and SMJ. So there is nothing special about EC hugging LR. Didn’t EC put on a united front with his wife when he was cheating on her too? Well that’s what we have here. EC is cheating on LR with her “friend” and now he is putting on a united front and trying to get hype for his show.

    3) How do you know that EC and LR went to Aspen with a different couple? Did you read it somewhere or are you doing DAMAGE CONTROL because I pointed out that LR dragged her friend along to keep EC company?

    PS-Why do you insist on posting under all of this different names. Everyone knows that it’s you. What is that makes you think that you are fooling people with this “different” poster act?

  • gwen


    But EC never ever really looks sober when he is with Leann. He must be drunk off of her money.

  • gwen


    1) “I don’t know if Eddie is a compulsive liar; ”

    Yes you do. You are only singing a different tune because it is BG.

    2)”I think both he and LeAnn were trying not to hurt anyone when they lied about this affair.”

    Oh please, if EC and LR were trying to spare the feelings of BG, DS, and the kids they would have came clean and they would have waited until both divorces were final to stage photo-ops on the beach, in Aspen. If EC and LR cared about the feelings of BG and DS and the kids, then those groping stories a would not exist and EC would sue People magazine for writing that pole dancing story because it is irresponsible journalism. EC and LR were caught red handed, and lying about it was not going to protect his wife and kids. EC lied because he wanted a wife and a mistress. There is only one reason why a man would lie about sleeping with another a woman and it is because he had no intentions of leaving his wife. He wanted the hype from the affair, but wasn’t ready to commit to LR.

    3)” What do you think made him a serial cheater. ”

    Women like LR who do not tell him “no” or “go home to your wife”. Women like LR who are so insecure that they taunt the wife and kids.

    4)”If he had loved the ex, do you think he would have cheated on her?”

    EC cheated on LR with SMJ, so then by your own logic EC does not love LR, right? I think that deep down inside you know that EC loved BG; afterall, he was with for 8 years and married her. You do not want to acknowledge EC love for BG because you think that it invalidates EC and LR farce.

    5)” It takes more than one person to make a good marriage.’

    It is not BG fault that EC didn’t say no and that LR didn’t have the decency to tell EC no. EC and LR are at fault and the marriage brokedown because LR encouraged EC to sneak off to hotels. There are pictures of LR and EC at hotels, so stop blaming BG.

    6)” Yes, I was divorced,”

    Stop lying. What gives you away is that you can not understand the basic concepts of divorce and you lack empathy for the victims. If you call BG EC’s ex wife, when she is still married to EC because the divorce is not final, then we know that would say that you have a husband when you do not really have one.

    7)”, yes, I think some of it was my fault.”

    Well, if you sleep with another woman’s husband, you are right it is your fault.

    8)”Like I said, nothing is ever that one-sided.”

    Why do you keep pulling the “two-sides” to every story nonsense? EC and LR were and still are married and not once have they made any attempts to fix the problems that they caused for BG, DS, and the kids. Instead of showing remorse, they stage photos where they smirk and gloat. It reminds me of a scene right out of Gremlins.

    9)”We all lie, even you, but that doesn’t make us compulsive liars, does it? ”

    Eddie is a compulsive liar as evidenced by the fact that he has told nothing but lies. Stop trying to deflect from EC bad behavior. Most of us do not make statements to the media about being “devoted” parents only to break that promise because it doesn’t fit into the plans.

    10)”What do you think makes one a compulsive liar?”

    LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY . EC lies because the media/press do not hold him accountable for his actions. That is why Life and Style is being sued. EC is being held accoutable for being a cheater, liar, and bad father and he didn’t like that. Instead of writing a fluff piece, perhaps People magazine should ask EC why he does not feel obligated to follow any of the promises he made to his kids. The public wants to know why EC criticized his wife for talking to the media when he is doing just as much and if not more damage with these WATCH MY SHOW photo-ops? Does he not understand that this will get back to his sons? Keep in mind he was the one whining about how his kids found out about his girlfriend. If he is so worried about BG telling his sons, why isn’t he at all concerned about the peers of his sons telling his kids?

    EC lies because he thinks that he is exempt from the consequences of his actions because of Money or becuase he can point the finger at BG or hide behind his kids when things get rough.

  • junior


    I doubt LR and EC are actually calling the paps to inform of their holidays, as this isn’t very good publicity, and it doesn’t give him a good image for the custody case. The place was filled with paps, Kate Hudson was picturd with his son. I guess the paps are ther at this time of the year, because the celebrities go there. IMO LR and EC are kind of laying low, if they wanted publicity, they would give joint interviews etc.

    Yes, they had an affair, a huge mistake, but it doesn’t make them the scum of the earth, it doesn’t make him a bad father, and they shouldn’t be crusified for it.

  • liz

    No, Gwen…I’m not married and I have never been in a situation where infidelity was the cause of a break-up. So what? Why is it that your only defense is to accuse someone of posting under a different name? You will NEVER answer a question with a valid response…all you can do is throw around accusations and assumptions that I am someone else because you have no valid arguments. You say you care about this so much because, “EC and LR keep trying to convince everyone that their farce is love.” Even if this was the case…why does this matter to you? Does their relationship affect YOUR life?? And don’t turn it around and ask me the question again…because I’ve already said that whatever their situation is…if they are in love or not…or if have some arrangement…etc…it doesn’t affect me either way. Let them live their lives without people like you picking apart their every move. All you do is make up a stories in your mind and assume that you know what’s going on…when in reality, no one knows what Leann and Eddie’s relationship is like. And why do you always talk about what “the public” thinks of them? How is it that you think you know what “the public” thinks? Did you take a poll? Where is your proof of what the public opinion is? And don’t give me a response with assumptions…give FACTS for once since you are so adamant about your stories. It’s also crazy how you are always talking about the “promises” Eddie made to his kids…how would you know all the promises he has made to his kids? And of course you must work for People Magazine to know that Leann is paying them right?? Give proof! If you really read comments from cbme, micheala…(who ever else you accuse), you would see that none of us even have the same writing style and we don’t write the same comments. All of our opinions differ in some way. Gwen, I challenge you to respond to this without making any assumptions about Leann, Brandi and Eddie. And if you just respond with the typical… “thanks for outting yourself,” or “you are posting under 10 different names…” it will just show how you have no REAL valid arguments and that is your ONLY way of defending yourself….and all the posters here will know you’re a fraud.

  • michaela

    So now she’s accusing Le Ann of paying off the judges who chose “Northern Lights” as the # 1 Nora Roberts movie. That or she had her people vote multiple times.

    Another avalanche of BS!

  • michaela

    I read that Le Ann has been hosting the upcoming Colgate Country Music show for three or four years now in a row. So we must assume Le Ann had a premonition she and Eddie would meet, fall in love and divorce their spouses. So she had to practice taunting and one-upping Brandi those years.

  • cbme

    Great challenge, Liz. You know that she uses everybody else’s post to write these long pages; like you said, she never has a thought of her own. It is one thing to be interested in what is happening in someone else’s life, but another to try to tell them how to live it and direct them in the process.
    Michaela, Gwen made remarks about your telling me about how swamped I was with posts from another site. Well, GWEN WAS THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE POSTS TO ME AT THAT SITE!!!! She tried to indicate that I was swamping me with all that nonsense. Think I will take an asprin and think about that for a while!

  • cbme

    Gwen, What gives you the idea that every word in the English language belongs to you?

  • betty

    Junior- You and I both know posing for photo ops with your girlfriend does not represent a good image for child custody but this is the type of image Eddie has shown throughout this affair while claiming he is shielding his children from tab fodder you can’t shield your kids from something you are taking part in. Eddie is only a “devoted” father when it is suits him there are too many photo ops of him like this to make him credible.and that rates him as a poor role model for his children.

  • cbme

    Why should Eddie shield his children from pictures that have nothing dishonorable in them? He isn’t doing anything in these pictures to be ashamed of, is he? Some of the posters here are doing things that could affect his kids when they get old enough to read: Accusing Eddie of sleeping with the girl friend of LeAnn that is in the pictures, for one. Do you not think this will hurt the girl in the pictures, as a friend, or do you not care who you hurt? Under the guise of supporting these kids, Gwen has accused Eddie and LeAnn, of all sorts of things that she has no knowledge of happening. Yet, she blames this two of disrespecting his kids. She, Gwen, and followers, are showing the disrespect. Looks to me that all LeAnn and Eddie are doing is laughing together, with their friends, and enjoying themselves. Would his kids not expect him to lead a normal life after he and the ex were in divorce processes? It appears that these posters are not out to help the kids but to hurt LeAnn and Eddie and whatever they feel for each other. Do you not feel that the lies you are making up will be paid for by you? Do you not think this is as bad as the sins you accuse others of? Do you not care if you hurt the rep of the friend in the picture?

  • Pete

    The lady in the photo is Rimes paid assistant. She took most of the pics, the others were taken by her boyfriend and emailed them with the captions to the websites. Why shouldn’t LeAnn and Eddie look happy. What gigolo wouldn’t enjoy an all expense paid vacation to Aspen with all the sex he wants. LeAnn is happy because of the sex, publicity, and it’s all tax deductible as a business expense. It’s heaven.

  • betty

    Who cares about what hurts those clowns they are grownups they can take care of themselves. It is obvious you don’t have children that is why you can defend their sordid behavior.A decent man would never subject his children to the humiliation Eddie has for any woman. Neither has any self respect or respect for others That is why they are despised. You have to earn respect it is not given freely you have to give it to get it. Rearing kids nowadays is hard enough and what makes you think kids will respect a parent who lied,. cheated and showed no respect for them or their mother because they will find out if they already haven’t. One is school age and parents talk. Pictures don’t lie.

  • Pete

    Eddie ran off to Mexico the day after filing for divorce, leaving his children with a sad mother. Eddie left his children Christmas day to be with LeAnn and then they left for Aspen. His kid is home from school on Christmass break without his dad. “I love my family dearly”, “My children are the most important thing in my life”. Eddie’s words, not mine. He is a compulsive liar who would not sacrifice a little vacation time even to get his child support reduced. “I’m a great dad.” Tell that to the custody judge.

  • Pete

    Betty, I must disagree with you. Pictures do lie. If LeAnn is in the picture, you can bet your bottom dollar there is a lie near by.

  • michaela

    Pete aka Jason and many others

    Can’t you at least change your style to evade detection?That writing in espanol as “Cuidado” or ‘dado’ for short was a good attempt.

  • michaela

    The red-herring group, as a group, always feigns concern for the children. They must sit down together and discuss “talking points”. They keep trying the kid’s angle to evoke the most sympathy. Family !!!???

  • betty

    We know all that photo opting and captions are staged like the participants. its phony . They must be pretty desperate trying to keep their names in print when the general public does not care. As far as the custody hearing goes I hope the judge make Eddie pay the max and Brandi bleeds him dry and then she can completely hand his broke a** over to Leann and she can support him and they can live happily ever after.on her money like Dean.

  • michaela

    such bitterness betty. hope you don’t have kids around …you’ll teach them by example that vengeance is okay. “Vengeance is mine” saith……

  • betty

    micaela Yes we are the red herring group in the family of decent people something you would not know about/ The children are the most important factor in this saga because their feelings and well being were never considered by these clowns they ‘re only interested in their own selfish gratifications. Eddie should know better, he is a parent. Like I said in the past your morals are as low as the participants to defend such behavior. The concern for the children is real and not feigned because you are a phony does not mean everyone else is Everyone knows you a part of Leanns team that defends all of her and Eddie’s wrongdoing. and we are all wise to you.

  • cbme

    YOU are wrong when you said that I don’t have children and they are taught not to judge others like the general populace. The Book (the one that you didn’t recognize, Betty) also says “there are none that doeth good;” aren’t you one of those like the rest of us? You weren’t put here to judge others but to be judged. Do you think every man sits with his kids through the whole holidays? What about those who hunt or fish, etc.? You blow everything out of size. You are wrong when you say the public doesn’t care; some of us on these posts care. I cannot judge this couple for what they did, because that was their decision, but I can wish them well. I don’t have to agree with everything about a person to wish them happiness; people make their own decisions and I stand on the side and tear them apart or say God bless. I tend to say God bless.

  • michaela

    I also have children.

    If Eddie was with the kids as much as you’d like him to be when would Brandi get a turn? And I don’t believe you’re as concerned as you’d like us to believe.

  • cbme

    Question: How does this know-it-all know who made the pictures and how they got to the paps or whoever? Were they there? Big story teller again.

  • betty

    micaela Not vengeance but what goes around comes around and what you do to others will come back to you so watch who you step on.that’s what they were taught. Life is full of valleys and peaks and everybody is going to reach theirs that’s why there is no need for vengeance.

  • michaela

    betty …heed your own words first. Wishing Eddie ill fortune will effect his kids adversely… who you claim to be so concerned for.

  • cbme

    Does it ever occur to some of these people that we all have shortcomings? How do we know how we would react if we met someone outside our marriage that we really felt we loved? You just cant judge another person’s heart. What would I do; what would you do? If things weren’t right at home, how would you feel. Even if things were right at home, what would you do? I just know that a hard, intense love is something you would have to think about. I believe LeAnn loves Eddie like that and I hope they are happy.

  • betty

    Any ill fortune Eddie or Leann suffers will be through their own misdeeds. I don’t have the power to cast misfortune on others and wouldn’t if I could Only Eddie knows how much quality time he spends with his kids let his conscience be his guide. cbme What book are you referring to. the book of BS you are always quoting or the. Bible. Because you quote some partial ramble quote does not make it biblical.instead of quoting it why not try reading it for a change. This great love affair you keep spewing is nothing more than a lustful affair between a sex addict and a loose woman with no morals. So stop trying to act like it was ordained through divine guidance. Just two adulters making out.

  • So Cute!
  • betty

    Just two adulters making out.

  • cbme

    Thanks for the info of the pictures. I don’t care if you approve of them or not, they do look adorable together; they just seem to belong together. I don’t know why, but they do. I don’t know if it’s about money like some of these posters try to say, but if it is, I’LL BET ITS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!

  • betty

    when Brandi gets hers she will feel the same way she was worth every penny and more. ,

  • cbme

    I have already said my opinion of women who hang around and wait for a man to support them. Sometimes the wait isn’t worth what you expected to get.

  • betty

    Most married men support their families.this is nothing new just because you have to support yourself with a husband is unfortunate for you don’ t knock it because you never had it. Some married women work by choice not out of necessity everybody’s lifestyle is different.

  • cbme

    I don’t have to work; it is my choice. If my husband left me for a young blonde, I could still live on my own!! It is necessary for me because I worked for an education so I could have a high salary – apparently, you didn’t. Maybe, this is just some more of your nasty judgment!!