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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Snowboarding Sweethearts!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Snowboarding Sweethearts!

LeAnn Rimes and boyfriend Eddie Cibrian enjoy a romantic getaway in Aspen, Colorado as they snowboard together on Monday (December 28).

Eddie, 36, and LeAnn, 27, are spending more time together out in public after a divorce settlement was reached with LeAnn‘s ex-husband, Dean Sheremet. The divorce will officially occur as of June 19, 2010.

Yesterday, the How Do I Live country singer was seen out buying some tequila!

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, Aspen snowboarding sweethearts…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding sweethearts 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding sweethearts 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding sweethearts 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding sweethearts 05
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Photos: GSI Media
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503 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Snowboarding Sweethearts!”

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  1. 151
    michaela Says:

    @ Not So Divine Goddess…you aren’t serious are you?

  2. 152
    cbme Says:

    Will you saintly, innocent people who call others dirty names, please hold it down to a dull roar? I did not realize how sweet, good and kind people knew so many trashy words. Showing your true colors, are you? The good book puts it this way: ….” for what maketh thee to differ from another?”

  3. 153
    Gail Again Says:


    How do you know that she isn’t already OFF THE PILL
    A little one would be great for these two. Eddice can correct the mistakes he made the first time around – AND this new little one would be with the woman that he is meant to be with, right???
    IT was obvious FATE that brought them together – I mean…hwo would they have met under any other cirumstances?
    By the way Leann is not that cute – thats how you know its love!
    BRandi isn’t cute either but she is a attracctive at least.
    Its just that Brandu probably also was boring – nothing but a ‘MOM’ thats boring. Nothing going on in her life. You know??

  4. 154
    betty Says:

    cbme micaela- You are a two phony hypocrites. What good book did you quote this from? You have the nerve to defend two adulterers and because decent people criticize these clowns you insult them.If they had kept their business in the bedroom no one would know but they had to put it on public display that’s why thy are criticized. and if you think that’s ‘s being saintly you are as much of a lowlife as they are.If Leann had a kid what could she teach , one, how to be a ho because you can’ t teach what you don’t know and that goes for Eddie too.

  5. 155
    cbme Says:

    Who taught you the nasty words and criticism that you are showing everyone in these posts? Who taught you not to respect another’s rights? You are digging around in someone else private life. Look and see where it says you are appointed to condemn another. I believe you know what book I quoted from.

  6. 156
    cbme Says:

    betty, sometimes have a hard time distinguishing the decent people from others when I read such harsh condemnation about people we don’t even know. You have already judged me as being a phony hypocrit when I defend someone else rights and I know you don’t know me. Sleep well tonight, betty, knowing you are decent and righteous.

  7. 157
    betty Says:

    cbme- You can stop with the phony indignation>You can dish out but you can’t take it.I can go either way. When people want their lives to be private they do not put it on public display.Leann and Eddie put it out there. If I knew what book you quoted from I wouldn’t ask; probably the book of BS as usual. Whose rights have you defended? You never defended the “ex”and she was innocent victim in this saga but you defend the perpetrators vehemently.
    and bashed the ex constantly/about her looks being a fool and a sucker lauding Leann like she is a heroine and Eddie like he is a gift to the world.and their love like it was another Romeo and Juliet,but that ended tragically didn’t it.You can be a fan but play fair.

  8. 158
    gwen Says:

    chelsea(aka CBME, liz, michela)

    1)”whatever, get a life ***** attention ***** because if you really have the time to bash others for no reason (LeAnn, Eddie, or anyone on this site your life is surely a pathetic and lonesome one. ”

    We know that you need to get a lfe **** attention ******. Since you are here bashing others, then by your own logic that means that this site is your life and that your life is pathetic right? You can change your name, but everyone knows that it’s you.

    2)”LIke i said before stop posting under different names. ”

    We know that you post under different names, are you still upset because EC and LR do not have the support that you think that they deserve?

    3)”for all we know you are cbme or lydia or anyone on this site for that matter ”

    Wait, you did this before on another site when you were posting as “merc”. You tired to take the heat off yourself by accusing me of being michela. So thanks for outting yourself. I said that the worst thing you did was start posting as liz/chelsea, but I was wrong. It is the best thing because now it exposes you as the liar that you truly are.

    4)”and want to make up conversations to pass the time and ignore the fact that you are some pathetic, idiot of a person who has no friends or family left in this world because of your stupid rants.”

    We know that you are pathetic, idiot who has to make up conversations to pass the time and ignore the fact that you do not have friends or a family left in ths world because of your stupid rants. You are just made because when people respond to your posts, they put you in a position to THINK.

  9. 159
    gwen Says:

    CBME=michela, liz, chelsea, gail@Anonymous:

    EXCUSES. EXCUSES. EXCUSES. EC didn’t look at LR because he is repulsed by her face. No wonder he is always looking down.

  10. 160
    gwen Says:


    STRIKE 1 against his custody petition. So thanks for proving that EC is a liar and this is one reason he should not have custody of those kids.

    What a “devoted” father. He uses LR and the kids when he needs publicity for his show. Poor LR. Didn’t EC get frisky with SMJ and his wife too, nothing special. Just goes to show that LR is on the “EC loves me” mission and EC is on the “fill my pockets with LR” mission.Two attenten seekers who are fastly destroying their images. Why sie L and S? They should sue themselves.

  11. 161
    michaela Says:

    “Northern Lights” will be playing on Lifetime at midnight, tonight.

  12. 162
    MMA Says:

    Like the whole world didn’t know about her promiscuity before the divorce!

  13. 163
    michaela Says:

    Did you inherit that imperious streak or have you spent your life cultivating it?

  14. 164
    Stone Says:

    Good luck. He’ll need it!

  15. 165
    michaela Says:

    CSI:Miami is doing pretty well in the ratings with Eddie on board. It landed in the 9th position last week which makes the sponsors and network happy.

    Some gas bag may say it’s no good unless it’s in the top 5. But we’ve been down that road and know fourteen million plus viewers is great.

  16. 166
    Pssss Says:

    CSI was No. 7 and dropped to 9 since Eddie.

  17. 167
    michaela Says:

    CSI Miami doesn’t stay at one position or another. Sometimes it is rated higher or lower. There are weekly ratings, seasonal ratings and since CBS Miami is winning the Monday time slot again and again, they are pleased.

  18. 168
    Willow Says:

    PR peeps want them two show in love to justafy their adultry. Then we all say “Well they love so it all be good”. Do not think so. They are bad people even if get marrage.

  19. 169
    michaela Says:

    They do look good together; happy , loving and having fun. Nobody knows what the future will bring. For you either.

  20. 170
    betty Says:

    michaela Northern Lights is an old rerun and all you die heart Leann fans can watch it while others will be partying also CSI:Miami was a hit before Eddie joined it and he is not the star just have a recurring what’s ‘your point?

  21. 171
    Willow Says:

    Eddy likes mony. Lean like sexy.

  22. 172
    michaela Says:

    You are bad people for condemning and judging. LOL

  23. 173
    Willow Says:

    Michael you be rimes?

  24. 174
    michaela Says:

    betaka willowakapsss LLL

    The point is the sidekicks claimed Eddie was going to kill the show since everyone was going to boycott it because of him.

    The word is “die-hard” NOT die heart.

    It is a re-run but NOT an old re-run honey. They wouldn’t play it if they didn’t expect something from it. They have lots of other choices.

  25. 175
    Willow Says:

    Michael only lonely. Home is whele chair?

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