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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Snowboarding Sweethearts!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Snowboarding Sweethearts!

LeAnn Rimes and boyfriend Eddie Cibrian enjoy a romantic getaway in Aspen, Colorado as they snowboard together on Monday (December 28).

Eddie, 36, and LeAnn, 27, are spending more time together out in public after a divorce settlement was reached with LeAnn‘s ex-husband, Dean Sheremet. The divorce will officially occur as of June 19, 2010.

Yesterday, the How Do I Live country singer was seen out buying some tequila!

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, Aspen snowboarding sweethearts…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding sweethearts 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding sweethearts 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding sweethearts 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding sweethearts 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding sweethearts 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding sweethearts 06
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leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding sweethearts 09
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Photos: GSI Media
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  • betty

    Is’t that’s what Eddie did but he still has to pay and Brandi and others like her manage to live on their own. You’re the one put it out there that you worked and supported yourself only because Brandi was a stay at home mom and she had to depend on a man. Education doesn’t guarantee a higher salary it depends on the job.and what you call a high salary. That’s the reason for spousal if a spouse decides to dump his wife for another and she was a stay at home mom or his salary was greater then hers he or she has to pay spousal support when requested. and she can continue the lifestyle he afforded her during the marriage.

  • cbme

    If he doesn’t get hired for acting jobs, who will support her in the style to which she has become accustomed? Spousal spt only lasts for a prescribed amount of time anyway.

  • betty

    So what,she;still is receiving half of all other assets including cash .real property etc.Why does this matter to you? You seem envious, why.? Brandi was married to Eddie for 8 years and bore him 2 sons what makes you think she is going to walk away with nothing because he got involved with another woman. If Eddie didn’t know how much this would cost him he knows now.

  • cbme

    Did anybody say it mattered to me what she gets? Seems to me that it matters one heck of a lot more to you than it does to me. What’s it to you anyway? I am not envious of anybody. Stating the facts to you is like running into a rock! When you are asked a simple question it seems to really blow your mind. Things aren’t going to happen just because YOU want them to. There is every possibility that she will not be as well off as you seem to think just because he is involved with someone else. I would imagine he knew what it was going to cost him, but he left anyway, didn’t he? Try to get hold of your frantic attitude!

  • Mer

    Thanks for the pics. I’ve only seen the one in Aspen with them embracing, this is the first time I’ve seen the other one. I wonder where that was taken. Eddie has a gorgeous smile, too, just like LeAnn.

  • betty

    Why do you keep repeating my statements.You never state facts only assumptions based on your shallow experience. The judge will make a ruling on this case based on Cal law not me.and the ruling would be the same whether he was involved with someone. or not ,you seem to have a warped sense of need to stick to your Eddie loves Leann posting because you can’t handle the serious stuff/

  • cbme

    I have never tried to collect from anybody because I married them and they owed it to me!!!! Read the CA instructions on the law of spousal spt. I don’t believe you will understand it, but try anyway. To make statements on something YOU have not read is a warped sense of thinking. I don’t believe you can read the serious stuff much less understand it. You can even pull it up on your computer which is where I got it so read it and stop making such dumb remarks. You can read, can’t you. After you read it, will you be able to understand it? We have already been over this once, and you didn’t read it, obviously. Don’t disagree with me; read your state’s law and disagree with it.

  • Anonymous


    That’s actually my post on the “Friends” forum.The picture was taken October 28 when they were at Katsuya in Encino.

  • betty

    The bottom line is Brandi will get half of everything Eddie owns plus child and spousal support and she will be happy and Eddie will have Leann and he will be happy so they both get what they want and they will all move on.

  • cbme

    Which one are you, betty? The nanny, the car cleaner, the maid, the exercise/body trainer, sister, mother, etc.? Do you feel that you will get a raise or a pat on the back when all of this money is in hand? Cross your fingers that you get the right arbitrator who will grant what you expect .

  • betty

    You are jealous. What makes you think Eddie is not going to pay, didn’t Leann have to divide all her assets with Dean except specified in the pre-nup. The Cibrians probably didn’t have one because Eddie was not an established actor and just starting out.. If you had any knowledge of community property and spousal support laws in California as you claim this should not come as a surprise to you . Maybe you should consult your relative that is a judge to explain community property etc.laws to you.

  • michaela

    betty…you are sounding more and more like gwen everyday.

  • cbme

    I have been through it – I don’t have to have anybody explain it to me. Have you ever been through it?

  • cbme

    Questiion: What does this woman have that I should be jealous of?

  • cbme

    I neglected to say in post 313 that I was replying to betty’s stmt about community property.

  • betty

    I have experienced it in the same state of California that’.s why I can comment on it . I know the law.because my attorney explained to me my entitlements regarding custody rights, community property and spousal support. So as much as you have tried to bash Brand’s marriage to Eddie in other post with Eddie never loved Brandi she was still his wife and entitled to all the benefits required by law. Wives have rights and privileges .girlfriends have none.

  • cbme

    Read the law written by the lawmakers for the state of CA!!

  • Anonymous

    So I guess they’re definately official now seeing as they walked the red carpet together yesterday at The Official BCS National Championship Party.

  • liz

    @betty: Why do you even care what the ex is getting in the divorce? Does it affect YOUR life in any way?

  • cbme

    Thanks for the info about the red carpet for the BCS Natiional Championship party. I found the pictures. They’re looking good as usual.

  • michaela
  • anonymous

    Ok,so first they walk the red carpet together and then the first official picture of them kissing(not counting the dinner date in March)is taken/published.I guess they have decided to really go public now.

  • michaela

    Brandi tweets that she spent New Years in Cabo and it was her BEST New Years EVER( I don’t believe her but) – CHEER UP betty, gwen and Jason.

  • michaela
  • betty

    You people are so narrow minded. Like I stated life goes on they both are getting what they want Brandi gets the cash and Leann gets the cheater.

  • michaela

    lots of photos at …

  • betty

    When is Eddie and Leann’s relationship becomiig official it appears every time they step out they are either going public or making it official usually when people date doesn’t. that make it official. liz’ What Brandi is receiving doesn.’;t affect my life but it must affect your since you and the Brandi haters know Eddie will pay and he will never be able to support Leann the way he supported Brandi. Leann . will always be his sugar mama.

  • michaela

    You sound so toxic. I hope you don’t have kids living in that atmosphere. Condolences.

  • cbme

    Eddie doesn’t have to support LeAnn money wise; she is an independent woman. Perhaps he will support her in other ways. That will be just as important to both of them.
    Thanks for the info about the pictures. I picked up on another thread from Yahoo that has good pictures of the party.

  • michaela

    cbme…did you see the entire tweet? Bitter much!!!???

  • cbme

    @michaela: I read where she said what a great time she had in Cabo where she had no crazy neighbors. Is that the one? Looks like LeAnn and Eddie had a good time themselves. Wow! I love LeAnn, but I must say “Roll Tide.” I’m pulling for Alabama; my ex mother-in-law gave me such a hard time that I could not pull for TX. Crazy, huh?

  • michaela

    The crazy neighbors reference must be about Eddie and Le Ann in Calabasas.

  • cbme

    Yes, that is what I thought. I know it hurts to be jilted but, these people take it above the norm. I guess I would feel more toward a person if they didn’t have what appears to be a superior attitude accompanied by all the noise making over the whole thing. I know pride isn’t a good thing, but sometimes it makes you look better.
    LeAnn and Eddie look so good in the pictures. They look happy.

  • michaela

    So true

    eonline has some vid on the kiss cam. Did you see it?

  • michaela

    I always get the feeling she’s talking to Eddie. Deane just goes about life and tweets it without all the sideways innuendos. It’s transparent to me that she is not able to move forward. I understand that totally. Eddie must have some pretty attractive qualities besides being just a great breadwinner.

  • cbme

    I saw a kiss but his back was to the camera – I want to see the whole thing. Ha Ha
    I always get the feeling that it isn’t so much Eddie but the fact that she couldn’t believe she didn’t win. Looks like she isn’t use to losing. I don’t believe the ex is ever going to let go. What does it take for some people to catch on?
    I will hunt eonline and see if it is a better shot at the kiss.

  • cbme

    H EY!! I like that view of the KISS ! The fans of these two need to see more of this.

  • gwen

    So we are supposed to believe that EC is in love with LR and thus isn’t cheating on her or using her for MONEY and FREE PUBLICITY because he kissed her for the whole world to see? Didn’t he kiss his wife too? So as you can see, there is nothing special about the kiss. Unless of course you want everyone to believe that whenever EC goes above and beyond to portray himself as the “devoted lover”, it means that he is cheating on LR.

    All that kiss demonstrated is that LR is upset because the public isn’t buying her farce as true romance. The photo-ops from Aspen. FAILED. Paying Lifetime to make her movie number 1. FAILED. And now this little stunt, has blown up in EC and LR faces. All the public gets from this stunt is that Leann wants a fairytale where none exists and that EC only sees dollar signs and is willing to go back on his own word to his kids if it means that his pockets are going to get bigger. It is as if LR is saying, “Well if you don’t believe that EC loves me because of …, then you are going to most certainly believe that he loves me after this”. So LR thinks that a kiss in front of the world=love. Poor LR, the lengths she has to go through to convince the world that EC isn’t using her as a stepping stone. Well at least we know that LR is following very closely what is being written about her farce. If she was content in her relationship with EC, theire would be no need to pull that kissing stunt.

    So when EC kisses his mistress for the entire to world to see, can someone please explain how this is insulating his sons from the tabloids? What was the point in whining about how BG cussed in front of his kids, when he is kissing another man’s wife? What a “devoted father”.

  • gwen


    From the looks of it, you are the one who needs to cheer up. You are still posting under several different names in one thread. And guess what, LR is so distraught because the public didn’t fall for their “We are in love because we vacation in Aspen and hugged” photo-ops that she thinks that she can make the public believe that EC loves her by paying him to walk the red carpet and kiss her. Wow, so LR is the only woman that EC has kissed and walked the red carpet with? What? He kissed his wife and walked the red carpet with her too. No wonder you are still pulling these “hi cbme and michela” posts and posting as liz, things are going bad for LR and EC. So have EC and LR bought into the hype that they pay these tabloids to create or are EC and LR just too stupid.

  • gwen


    What fans? It is just you, LR pr person posing as many fans. You can always tell because when things get bad for LR and EC the number of ” hi cbme and michela” posts increases and “different” posters pop up out of the blue (ie-liz, kathy, chelsea).

  • gwen


    Why do YOU (aka michela, cbme) post under so many different names? Refering to BG as the “ex” is a classic “cbme/michela” move, so thanks for outting yourself.

  • gwen


    We know that you sound so toxic. What are you sending condolences for? Because the public isn’t buying the lemonade that LR and EC are trying to sell.

    If EC and LR spent less time trying to convince the world that their farce is a true romance, maybe things would be different for them. They spend so much time trying to force it down the public’s throat and all without any consideration for the people that they have hurt. You better buckle your seatbelt because 2010 is going to be a very rocky road for Leann and Eddie (with the public, not with the media/press of course because People magazine, In Touch, and E are being paid to hype of the farce).

  • gwen


    You have not been through a divorce. You do not understand the basic concepts of divorce and most of all you have never ever shown any remorse for BG or DS. The fact that you can so easily trash BG or DS or blame them for EC and LR affair, just makes it even more obvious that you have not been through what you are claiming.

  • gwen

    @cbme: @cbme:

    1)”YOU are wrong when you said that I don’t have children”

    The married man’s children do not belong to you.

    2)” and they are taught not to judge others like the general populace.”

    That’s a lie. You judge BG, DS, and anyone who doesn’t jump on your “LR and EC are in love” bandwagon, so we know that you are teaching your “kids” to judge others. See, you say one thing and do another.

    3)”The Book (the one that you didn’t recognize, Betty) also says “there are none that doeth good;”

    Don’t give anyone lessons on on the Bible, when you support and condone ADULTERY. The great book also says that one should repent of their sins, when have EC and LR even shown any remorse for their actions? If you are going to quote the Bible, at least take some time to learn what is in it. What do you think God thinks of the empty promises that EC makes to his kids?

    4)”aren’t you one of those like the rest of us?”

    The major problem with your argument is that neither EC nor LR have ever shown any remorse for what they did to 4 people. Instead they smirk and gloat and try to fool everyone into believing that it’s love.

    5)”You weren’t put here to judge others but to be judged.”

    Doesn’t this apply to EC, LR, and you? So why are you even ******? By your own logic, EC and LR were put here to be judged. BTW, thanks for outting yourself as micheala. You went on the “do not judge” lecture when you were posting as “validate”. You are making this way to easy. If you want people to think that you are a different poster, then you need to get rid of those habits. These Bible lectures, just prove that you are michela.

    6)”Do you think every man sits with his kids through the whole holidays?”

    Since EC keeps giving speeches about how his kids are his top priority, then yes. If he is going to talk the talk, then he should walk the walk. You can not get mad at the public because they hold EC to his promises. He was stupid enough to whine about how he is such a good father in that petition and so far all he has proven is that his kids are his last priority.

    7)”What about those who hunt or fish, etc.? ”
    Are those people who hunt and fish going on Rachel Ray and claiming that they are the better parent because they don’t air their dirty laundry and then two days later engages in pda with another man’s wife?

    8)”You blow everything out of size.”
    TRANSLATION: You think that the public is obligated to give EC and LR a free pass.

    9)” You are wrong when you say the public doesn’t care; some of us on these posts care.”

    Wait. Didn’t you say that the public doesn’t care and now you are singing a different tune? So when you said that no one cares, you were trying to save face? Who is us? It is just you posting under different names.

    10)” I cannot judge this couple for what they did, because that was their decision, but I can wish them well.”

    And yet, you have no problems with juding DS, BG, and the public. You don’t want to judge EC and LR because they are paying you to not be judgemental. Wishing EC and LR won’t do a thing if EC and LR won’t show any remorse or consideration for BG and DS.

    11)”I don’t have to agree with everything about a person to wish them happiness;”

    And yet, you get offended when people have sympathy for BG and DS. So in all honesty you really don’t wish BG and DS happiness.

    12)” people make their own decisions and I stand on the side and tear them apart or say God bless.”

    LR and EC cheated and all you have done is tear BG and DS apart. Where is your God Bless when it comes to BG and DS?

    13)” I tend to say God bless.”

    Thanks. Thanks for outting yourself and proving that you are “kathy”. “kathy” and “mer” also wrote “God bless” at the end of their posts. If you are posting as “kathy”, then it is safe to say that you are also posting as “liz, mer, chelsea, and michela”. So thanks for outting yourself. You are posting under all of these different names.

    Do you think writing “God bless” will help EC and LR? God is not going to bless LR and EC when they are being so disrespectful. They are already burning bridges, and think about how many more bridges they are going to burn before this month is over. The fluff pieces from People magazine, In Touch, and E are not from God or are blessings. These pieces happen because LR pays for them, just like she pays you. No one is going to feel sorry for LR and EC because they could easily avoid all of this by waiting until their divorces are final. If it is true love, then all of these public appearances can wait. The fact that they have to display everything out in the open just sugests that this is nothing more than a publicity stunt.

  • gwen


    Mer (aka michela, cbme)

    So we are supposed to believe that EC loves LR because he hugged her? And EC has never ever hugged any woman before, right? Perhpas that is why LR treated the public to a red carpet walk and kiss, she is desperately trying to give the illusion that this is love. If they are in love, then a they wouldn’t keep trying to force it down everyone’s throat EVERY WEEK.

    Having a gorgeous smile is not going to make the public like EC or even believe that this farce is true romance. BTW, notice when the photo-op occured. This is not true love, it’s just another WATCH MY SHOW EVEN IF IT IS ON RERUNS photo-op. Well at least we know that this is not true love. Because when those Aspen photo-ops failed to make people believe that EC loved her, LR pulled out the big guns (ie- a walk down the red carpet and a kiss for all to see). Didn’t EC walk the red carpet with his wife and kiss her too? There you go. EC is a creature of habit. Playing the “devoted lover” just confirms that EC is cheating on LR.

  • gwen


    cbme( aka michela , liz, chelsea, kathy, mer)

    Deflecting again.

    The issue isn’t about every word in the English language belonging to me.

    The issue is when YOU downplay my posts, claim that you don’t read my posts because they are too long, or claim that there is nothing in my posts, or that you are not posting under different names and then turn around and use the words, thoughts, and ideas that appear in my posts. If you can so easily lie about my posts, then we know that you are lying everytime you claim that you are not posting under different names or you pull those ” hi cbme and hi michela” posts. I know that this is a diifficult concept for you to understand, so I will leave you with one word. LIAR.

  • cbme

    You are a small-minded, hateful little person. This woman is not the only woman in the world to go through a divorce, and most of us didn’t collect one cent for spousal support because we had always had to help support ourselves. I will not cry for a woman who requires fifteen hundered dollars a month for makeup and exercise, etc. Many women have had to worry about how they were going to make it from one payday to another to raise their kids. Not a one of them that I know whined about it to the media like she did. Don’t expect sympathy from those who can take care of themselves for those who have to have an enormous sum of money to tone their bodies. No condolences from this quarter. YOU don’t know because you haven’t been through a divorce. People like you make me sick. Get control of yourself and start living in the real world.

  • gwen


    junior (aka cbme, michela, liz, chelsea,mer, kathy)

    Just because you have the option of posting under different names, it doesn’t mean that you should. Seriously, so one poster gets smacked down and you show up posting as another. You should know by now, that no one is buying into your “different” poster act. The more “different” posters who show up, just prove that LR and EC do not have a huge fanbase. So thanks for once again, showing that you are posting under different names.

    1)”I doubt LR and EC are actually calling the paps to inform of their holidays, as this isn’t very good publicity, and it doesn’t give him a good image for the custody case.”

    Isn’t this the same man who said that the media pieced together moments in time to create an affair that didn’t exist and continued to have an affair with LR even though he said that anyone who knows him knows that he won’t cheat? So yes, even though this is not good publicity and doesn’t give him a good image for the custody case, EC and LR are calling the paps. Why? Because they think that they are immune to the consequences of their actions because they can toss LR money at the problem to make it go away. As you can see, EC and LR are not very bright and they think that they can beat the system by paying the tabloids to give the illusion that they have something special.

    2)”The place was filled with paps, Kate Hudson was picturd with his son.”

    Kate Hudson is a bigger celeb than Leann and plus Kate H has a famous family. Leann and EC are attention seekers, they called the paps so stop making excuses. Thanks for outting yourself, you used the same argument about other celebs when you were trying to convince others that Leann wasn’t tipping off the paps.

    EC and LR know how to avoid the paps when they do not want to be seen or heard. We see them because they want to be seen.

    3)”I guess the paps are ther at this time of the year, because the celebrities go there.”

    Stop making excuses for EC and LR. The paps were there because LR and EC called them.

    4)” IMO LR and EC are kind of laying low, if they wanted publicity, they would give joint interviews etc. ”

    WRONG. If they were laying low, these photos would not exist, those photos of LR in Calabasas wouldn’t exist, those photos of LR and EC in Mexico, at concerts, the game, or dining out wouldn’t exist, and those stories about LR giving EC a pole dance wouldn’t exist. LR does give interviews to tabloids, she does them via “sources” or “insiders”. How else would People magazine know that EC went to LR house after he spent Christmas with his kids or that he got a pole dance just days after declaring that he and LR suffered because Life and Style said that he cheated on LR.

    5)”Yes, they had an affair, a huge mistake, but it doesn’t make them the scum of the earth,”

    Yes it does, especially when LR keeps taunting the married man’s wife and kids and then they keep trying to force the public to believe that it’s love EVERY WEEK. Last week it was a trip to Aspen and their movie and now it’s a red carpet and a kiss.

    BTW, LR and EC did not make a mistake. A mistake is forgetting to pay a bill or locking your keys in your car. What EC and LR did and are doing is and was selfish and immature. If this was a mistake, EC and LR would be trying to make the situation better so that BG, DS, and the kids come out of this with as little pain as possible. Now when have EC and LR done this? NEVER.

    6)” it doesn’t make him a bad father, ”

    When EC makes very public promises to his sons that he then publicly breaks over and over, yes he is a bad father. When EC uses his kids to shield himself from the public’s backlash, yes he is a bad father. Money and fame is important to EC, not his kids.

    7)”and they shouldn’t be crusified for it.”

    Crucified? Now where did I hear this? You wrote the same thing when you were posting as “cbme” and “validate”. So thanks for outting yourself. Seriously, why do you even insist on this “different” poster act? You are just making it that much easier to make a case for why “cbme” and “michela” are one in the same.

    EC and LR are not God, so they are not being crucified. EC and LR are receiving the consequences of their actions. EC and LR just won’t leave the public, BG, DS, and the kids alone with this “We are in love and we can prove it by living together, holding hands, kissing, going on vacations, or dining out” (all things that he did with his wife and SMJ, and makes them not so special now that he is doing them with LR).

  • gwen

    cbme (aka michela, liz, chelsea, mer, kathy, junior)

    1) “You are a small-minded, hateful little person.”

    We know that you are a small -minded, hateful little person. Hence why you are so offened by the fact that people are not patting EC and LR on the back for kissing so that the whole world can see it.

    2)” This woman is not the only woman in the world to go through a divorce, and most of us didn’t collect one cent for spousal support because we had always had to help support ourselves.”

    TRANSLATION:michela/cbme is upset because more sympathy for BG means less sympathy for EC and LR. If people won’t have sympathy for EC and LR, then it puts their fairytale into jeopardy.

    Now let’s explore the reasons why some women can not get spousal support. Do they make more than their spouses during the course the marriage? Do their spouses have jobs? Are their spouses still living? Are their spouses incarcerated? These circumstances do not apply to BG and EC.

    BTW, You (cbme/michela) can’t collect a cent of spousal support from a man you were never ever married to. Just because you are sleeping with another woman’s husband, it does not mean that he is your husband.

    3)”I will not cry for a woman who requires fifteen hundered dollars a month for makeup and exercise, etc.”

    First off all, BG money is BG money and you can not control what she does with it. Second, how much money does LR spend on make up? Remember, LR has that skin condition, so she can not use the regular products that most women use.

    4)” Many women have had to worry about how they were going to make it from one payday to another to raise their kids.”

    This is one of the basic concepts that just demonstrate that you have never ever been divorced or married. BG financial needs does not depend on what is happening to other women. BG is and was married to EC for more than 8 years, not to mention EC has a JOB and a rich mistress who can pay the money. BG is entitled to spousal support whether you like it or not. You are just mad about the spousal support because you know that EC will never ever be able to take care of LR the way that he took care of BG.

    5)”Not a one of them that I know whined about it to the media like she did.”

    Well keep in mind, many of these women were not dealing with a woman like LR who used the media/press to expose her affair with EC and then taunt BG. It is bad enough going through the aftermath of an affair, but to have it played out EVERY WEEK is another thing. You are just mad because the more sympathy the public has for BG, the less sympathy EC and LR gets.

    6)” Don’t expect sympathy from those who can take care of themselves for those who have to have an enormous sum of money to tone their bodies.”

    What BG does with her money is none of your business. She can spend it anyway she likes and like you said in regards to how LR spends her money, you can not control what BG does with her money. Second, why are you ****** about how BG is using money to tone her body when both LR and EC use enormous sums of money to tone their bodies? You can not even deny it because there are photos of both EC and LR at gyms.

    7)” No condolences from this quarter. ”

    Thanks for outting yourself. So you and michela are one in the same. With every “different” poster that shows up, you give EC and LR condolences. It says that you do not have the faith that they can get the public on their side.

    8)”YOU don’t know because you haven’t been through a divorce. ”

    I do not have to have been through a divorce to know that BG is entitled to spousal support. BTW, you have not been through a divorce either.

    9)”People like you make me sick. ”

    TRANSLATION: Cbme/michela can not bring herself to say that she makes herself sick, so she writes a post and projects these feeling about herself onto others. So what she really meant to say is that people like herself makes her sick.

    10)”Get control of yourself and start living in the real world.

    Living in the real world? Why does that sound familiar? Because I told you this when you were posting as “lydia and validate”. So thanks for once again, outting yourself and letting everyone know that you are posting under all of these different names.

    Perhaps you should follow your own advice.So michela/cbme get control of your life and start living in the real world. In the real world, it is not normal to hate the real victims (DS and BG) or to expect people to pat EC and LR on the back for being so disrespectful. Has sitting on computer all day long and everyday rotted your brain? Since you make such hypocriticial statements, that is a definate yes.

  • betty

    cbme Stop all the whining just be cause your husband never took care of you does not mean others husbands didn’t. That’s why you keep bashing
    ‘ Brandi because she had something you never had /a man to provide for her. Just because you think you are independent woman doesn’t mean you are the only one Why are you making a big deal about them kissing publicly she is not his first love affair nor will she be the last. Brandi will always be a part of Eddie’s life because they have children in common like most ex wives/and they have children to raise, and Eddie still has that responsibiilty no matter how many women are in his life. Now that is the real world.