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Marc Jacobs & Lorenzo Martone: Black & Blue Briefs!

Marc Jacobs & Lorenzo Martone: Black & Blue Briefs!

Marc Jacobs and his fiance Lorenzo Martone break out their black and blue briefs while spending time on Saline Beach in St. Bart’s on Monday (December 28).

The 46-year-old legendary fashionista has been soaking in the sun all week and spent time with Jimmy Choo boss, Tamara Mellon.

When there’s no restroom in sight, the good ole towel wrap will have to do!

10+ pictures inside of Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone in their black and blue briefs….

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marc jacobs lorenzo martone black blue briefs 01
marc jacobs lorenzo martone black blue briefs 02
marc jacobs lorenzo martone black blue briefs 03
marc jacobs lorenzo martone black blue briefs 04
marc jacobs lorenzo martone black blue briefs 05
marc jacobs lorenzo martone black blue briefs 06
marc jacobs lorenzo martone black blue briefs 07
marc jacobs lorenzo martone black blue briefs 08
marc jacobs lorenzo martone black blue briefs 09
marc jacobs lorenzo martone black blue briefs 10

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  • Yeah

    cheesus krist gays and their fabulous body. I’m officially going on a diet after seen these pictures.

  • damn

    hot! but marc should stop shaving his chest and let the hairiness show.

  • skylar blue

    Marc’s looking beautiful.
    They are too cute!

  • Liv

    Looking GOOD :)

  • Beatrice

    I love them! They are so funny

  • t

    good for them

  • lalalove

    Huge fan of his designs..but ewww.
    And those tattoos

  • Kim

    Marc is so cute!
    You would think he would be with someone WAY hotter!

  • Marieme

    Yeah, seriously…the vanity factor here is off the charts. Just like women who are all about appearances this is uber-nauseating.

  • wendy

    They are such a hot couple, Marcs body is insane, but Lorenzo just has that Brazillian hotness!

  • joel

    Brazilans are hot in bed. Lots of passion. But bad as boyfriends (whether gay or straight). There is truth to that latin temper everyone keeps talking about. I guess its the way they way they were raised. Be careful.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol, they’re kinda cheesy when they’re together
    i didnt no marc was that old i thought he was in his late 30s

  • jake

    Why don’t American guys were speedos. We are such a modest culture here.

  • lol

    Love Marc, but he is indeed pretty dang fruityyyyyyyy lmao!

  • GoodTimes

    Please my Stomach CANNOT take this Nastiness!!!
    Stop posting it!!!
    For those who have a problem with my statement read Acts 1 in the Bible!!! God does not promote Homosexuality nor Beastiality…
    Stop encouraging them in this behaviour.. If they choose it so be it but don’t approve what the Bible Condems!!!

  • Mary

    They look much better than Jude Law and Sienna Miller!

  • jan

    Remind me to never go to St. Barts!

  • team_jen

    @GoodTimes: you do know the bible is a fiction book written 100′s of years ago?

  • homophobes, go to hell!


  • Bible thumpers are sinners

    @GoodTimes: Gossip is a big a sin as any. why are you here? I think you should go to church and repent.

  • jj


    Go confess yours sins bytch. Jesus is weeping because of people like you. Leave the fabulous gays alone. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!

  • Not Again

    I agree this Grosses me out and im not Homophobic…

  • yeah, right

    @Not Again: You are lying and homophobic biitch.

  • ok

    wow i’m gay and i still cant do the whole speedo thing. I mean i have this awesome body but i cant do speedos. nope no speedos.

  • Mac Dreamy

    Wow, he must work out

  • To Good Times

    Finally, someone (you) normal makes an intelligent comment.

    Lots of insecure homos here seeking approval from normal people who will never agree with their lifestyles.

    Put on your big boys pants and quit whining. No wonder you have no respect. WAhhhhhhhh! Wahhhhh!

  • Jill

    @homophobes, go to hell!: The anus is for exits not entries..

  • gil

    i can actually see lorenzos penis outline in that speedo. Does that bother you #23 so sorry

  • Cindy

    I don’t understand how people say these pictures are “nasty”? or the fact that they are both gay males, but still come back and comment and just view pictures? so much for the “nastiness” *shakes head* -.-

  • Mickey

    @Not Again: Poking each other in the corn hole, like that’s natural…..

  • And another thing

    If you want respect, quit whining and seeking approval.

    Obviously, those that keep lashing out here know there is something wrong or they wouldn’t keep lashing out.

    What are you afraid of? Yourself?

  • Ada

    @Not Again:

    So, what exactly grosses you out here if you’re not homophobic?

    Are you allergic to sand? Afraid of water? Towel-intolerant?

  • speedos

    “wow i’m gay and i still cant do the whole speedo thing. I mean i have this awesome body but i cant do speedos.”
    Post your picture,
    and we will tell you if you look good enough for speedos!

  • Dr Ruth

    @Mickey: Little Mickey,
    I have news for you,
    STRAIGHT men and women have a-n-a-l sex TOO!

  • Dr Ruth

    @Ada: LMAO!!! :)

  • rob

    @To Good Times: i don’t think people as retarded as you can be considered normal

  • to Rob




  • Flor

    They both look good and happy, but Marc’s boyfriend could be a bit more discreet. Another color perhaps? They have incredible bodies, so is it necessary to show off one’s private parts? Black is a safe color. Other than that, they look better than I.

  • cutie pie

    itis a sin.. fu-k that fag.

  • lina

    Yesssssss! Get it Marc & Lorenzo! Get it Justjared! Rub it in their faces.

    These homophobes will keep coming back and make their witty little comments. Yesss! Steal their time!

  • rob

    @to Rob: (rolls eyes) oh dear some random spactard doesn’t like me-who gives a sh!t?

  • LVhunny

    what makes someone click on a post they find so nasty, and find the time to come up with a name, an email and something hateful to say?

    elaborate (if you homophobic people have the time).

  • camie

    I don’t support gay marriages and I never will…but that’s my opinion. But I won’t be mean or discriminative to them…Cause after all they are a normal people. So don’t bash them. Just cause our beliefs don’t match it doesn’t make anyone a bad person

  • LVhunny

    @camie: more religious people should be like you. that’s the least they can do.

  • that person is prob gay

    @LVhunny: I think they really think it’s hot but they are afraid of their own sexual desires so they lash out against Gays.

  • gino

    Every-time i put on a speedos it rips into shreds because of my impressive package. So i dont do speedos anymore ;)

  • Boo Boo Kitty of NYCitay

    Marc Jacobs is lovely and sweet and kind. He is an Aries, like me.
    I was born on April 8th and he on the 9th. I bought his perfume and I love it. I wish I could for work his company. I was in the fashion business for 15 years and am out of work now. I think I may apply.
    I give him and his love kudos for being who they are and enjoying their lives together. I don’t care what anyone says…Marc is obviously enjoying his life with his friend and he deserves it. It is extremely difficult — the fashion business — and unless you have worked it, well, you haven’t worked at all. So…Marc have a great time!! BG

  • zac efron fan

    i think i just peed LMFAO

  • oily bodies

    there’s more oil on their body than there is in Iraq….

  • Meg

    @gino: We need your picture ASAP!