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Ashley Greene: One of the Most Beautiful in the Decade

Ashley Greene: One of the Most Beautiful in the Decade

Twilight hottie Ashley Greene leaves Los Angeles via LAX airport on Tuesday (December 29).

Interview Magazine named the 22-year-old Florida-born actress/model one of the twenty most beautiful people of the Decade.

Ash shared with the magazine, “I grew up in a house that would be perfect to set a horror movie in. It was out in the country, right on the water. I’m glad I never got to see scary movies when I was young. Otherwise I would have imagined things coming out of the lake!”

10+ pictures inside of Ashley Greene, one of the most beautiful people in the decade…

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ashley greene most beautiful decade 01
ashley greene most beautiful decade 02
ashley greene most beautiful decade 03
ashley greene most beautiful decade 04
ashley greene most beautiful decade 05
ashley greene most beautiful decade 06
ashley greene most beautiful decade 07
ashley greene most beautiful decade 08
ashley greene most beautiful decade 09
ashley greene most beautiful decade 10

Photos: INF Daily
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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    `really?!? really….?!? LOL.. `she’s fcuking gorgeous, but 15mins of fame in the last 15mins of a decade can get you that kind of honor?! wow.. `ahahahaha..

  • bebe

    i just looked at the LIST OF THE SO CALLED “MOST BEAUTIFUL” and i call BU….LL SH………T. where is BRAD, GEORGE, ANGIE, ZACH, etc

  • =Logan=

    isn’t she the chick with the nude photo scandal??

  • =Logan=

    isn’t she the chick with the nuude photo scandal

  • g!na

    SHE IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! she has such great bone structure & she has a beautiful face.

  • bebe

    she loves the spotlight. her carrier boost because twilight saga, and she never get any job after that. which kinda tell you, is she really an actress or just a chick from movie… know.

  • Joseph

    They should replace it to the most beautiful white people of the decade. Real Talk

    I put money Brad pit or George clooney would not get picked over Denzel Washington.

    This list is the Most beautiful white people of the Decade list, smh the media and their love to push this garbage to other races.

    Im just keeping it real.

  • Cat

    Those glasses bother me. She looks like a bug.
    She is, however, wearing the UGG boots that I want…
    And that I have to wait until February to get as they’re sold out!

  • dfhthgter

    she looks reallllly plain so idk about that list

  • Jayden

    lol Jo, Hard truth but reality is a son a B#tch. I know a few sistas around my way prettier than most on this list. I wonder if they even asked anyone other than themselves, probably asked the brain dead public who believes this crap. White washed, rofl.

  • Melanie

    Seriously? Um…I’m starting to get super annoyed with this chick. She was in two of the worst movies ever made for a combined total of what, 20 minutes and she’s named ‘one of the decades most beautiful’? Huh…I don’t get it. Sure, she’s very pretty but come on! She doesn’t even really have a career at this point. Like bebe said above, let’s just see if she’ll ever be more than ‘that chick from that movie’.

  • FYI

    Sorry! I have seen way hotter chicks walking down the street.

  • maxx

    What a lame list. Granted she is kinda pretty but c’mon she’s been “famous” for really only the last 1-2 years so I don’t know how they can claim she’s one of the most beautiful of the decade.

    Let’s talk about enduring beauty not fleeting beauty.

  • xxxx

    Decades most beautiful… ? Surely thats some sort of a joke.

  • Anna

    I don get it. Y people r so mean. There r celebrities that I hate too but i don around bashin them on e internet. Yes, Ashley is not the world most beautiful person but SHE IS BEAUTIFUL WITH N WITHOUT MAKEUP. Say whatever you want, end of the day Ashley is living her dream while u haters r living your own. Question is r u Haters loving your own life or just bitter about it n need something/someone to bash about?

  • OK

    This must be some sort of joke, some people on that list, Jake Gyllenhaal? Kate Moss? Jessica Alba?Ryan Phillippe? Pattinson, Sienna Miller WTF! I see the editors of Interview all must have some sort of eye disease, good luck with that!

  • bebe


    I am sorry we are not all on the happy PILLS U R ON. They say PROZAC DOES A GREAT JOB in making people think the world is filled with beautiful people.

  • m

    Way over-rated. Like Twilight.

  • :)

    she is gorgeous and don’t say bad things about celebs (i do but not on the internet)

  • :)


    i agreed 100%

  • Luz

    She’s gorgeous and a very nice girl, I wish her more success

  • laeticia

    “20 most beautiful people of the decade”… sure… from h-e-l-l
    that’s one fugly list… the fugs on there are grandiose & delusional… how much did they pay to be named “beastiful”? a real farce!

  • ET

    Ashley have a lovely face but her big bone body doesn’t go well with her face …
    she is pretty, but not gorgeous.

  • wicked wench

    @OK: LOL. Yeah, there were only two in that list that seemed properly placed. Ashley is average to above average, but no knockout.

  • J.

    These “beautiful people” lists are really just all about selling to youth culture. Ashley Greene is nothing more than a commodity to sell products. She obviously has a high Q rating with young people, so she’s able to effectively inflluence consumer spending. Young people want to look like her, dress like her, be her. I think somebody already mentioned wanting to buy the boots she’s wearing. That’s the reason why she’s on this list. To sell clothes, make-up, boots, sunglasses, etc. to all of us. It’s all about marketing and selling.

  • Frida

    Ashley Greene as one of the 20 most beautiful of the decade is a f*cking joke…

  • lakers fan in boston

    i like her and all, she’s cute but i dont consider her beautiful
    not only that but 2 one of the most beautiful ppl of the decade….umm….no
    not 2 long ago i didnt even like her, i think she was 2 plain
    like i said, cute not beautiful is correct

  • Jokergurl

    Where is JOHNNY DEPP????!!! and HUGH JACKMAN???!! Anyway, glad to see Colin Farrell in there :) pics even before he got the tattoos. Where is Angelina and Keira? Where is ROBERT DOWNEY JR??!!!! Even when he had the drug problem he was HOT!

  • BBW Friend

    She is so pretty , i like her

  • Ciara

    I fking need to get my eyes tested, I barely see pretty in the picture.

  • Chanel

    @bebe: I KNOW! I was like where is Halle Berry for crying out loud! The closet thing to Halle on that list was Alicia Keys

  • Chanel

    @Joseph: A to the mutha fing men! I was like so….. ‘white is beautiful’ well that’s not great for every other race. I’d like to see Lucy Liu, Lauren London and even Tyra Banks.

    I don’t believe this list at all.

  • MMA

    I don’t know, she looks a little haggard to me.

  • Stone

    Has it really been that bad of a decade???

  • Chef Jacke

    It’s a stretch, but God bless her.

  • shortpeopledate

    Loved her in tilight

  • Holly

    Umm… Bebe… yes she did get another job after the twilight saga, she has five upcoming films in 2010..? Get your facts right before you post a comment..? I’d like to see you in one of the biggest movies of the year at ashleys age….

  • Holly

    Umm… a bug..? Shut up.

  • Holly

    umm, exuse me , one this is the beutifulist person of the decade not the person in the most films and ashley greene is really beutiful and deserves to be number one and it wouldnt matter if she didnt have a career but she does , she is actually in five films in 2010 so shut the ******** up u idiot ! p.s. we LOVE u ashley greene !!!

  • http://na Moss82

    Ashley Greene is beautiful, oddly elegant, and surprisingly very intelligent