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Charlie Sheen's Christmas Card Revealed

Charlie Sheen's Christmas Card Revealed

Check out Charlie Sheen‘s family Christmas card, which was sent out before he was arrested for assault on Christmas Day.

The left pic shows the 44-year-old TV star smiling alongside wife Brooke Mueller and their twin boys — Max and Bob — in Los Angeles. People reports that on the right side of the same card, Brooke‘s family poses together in Palm Beach.

The bottom of the card reads, “Happy Holidays From All of Us to You!”

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  • T.

    days old news…….

  • oh well

    Charlie made a big, big mistake by marrying again and now that this woman has 2 new meal tickets, she wants out.

    You would think Denise would have been a lesson learned but he fell for it again. He thinks denise was bad, hmmm he will soon see she was child’s play.

  • AGA

    I hope Charlie’s pre-nup is water-tight. I dislike the fact that Brooke was so drunk at 8:30 in the morning when she has 2 baby boys about to have there first Xmas. I just don’t believe it…I think Brooke exaggrated the situation when she was drunk and then regretted it the next morning. They should prob divorce & Charlie shoud NOT remarry for at least 5 years!!!

  • April88

    Those boys look adorable in there Santa suits!!! I think they both said and did things they regret and BOTH were drunk early in the morning.Lots of people of blaming only Charlie,but woman do lie esp when very drunk. Brooke prob woke up with a hang-over and the cops hassling her and thought What have I done????
    I hope Charlie had a good pre-nup this time another Denise court fight should be avoided and hopefully Charlie learned from the divorce battle!

  • mariel

    How does anyone support Charlie Sheen???? The guy has a history of sleeping with prostitutes, abusing drugs, and abusing women. Not a good bet for a husband or father! Too bad his current wife was foolish enough to disregard all that.

    Have women gone crazy? Or are all those supportive comments from men?

    In the show Two and a Half Men, Charlie is the half-man.

  • mariel

    The Chicago Sun-Times reminds us how awesome it is to be involved with Charlie Sheen:

    “In 1991 he shot then fiancee Kelly Preston in the arm — though that was ruled an ”accident.” There was a 1997 attack on girlfriend Brittany Ashland that led to him being arrested and charged with domestic battery. And of course, we can’t forget ex-wife Denise Richards’ allegations that Sheen was physically abusive with her.
    Sheen’s TV show associate told me Sunday, ”Charlie’s temper is legendary. We’re always on pins and needles, not knowing when he’ll explode.”

    Be a man, Charlie, and tell the truth about what happened on Christmas Day.

    Brooke, take the boys and run!

  • leah

    I heard her and her mother were running the show, alot of meddling, and now a christmas card with HER family on it, that speaks volumns. Ifeel sorry for him, now that I have seen this, Its her calling the shots, and doing whatever she wants, how she wants, when she wants. Its a shame, that he is now going to have to deal with her and her “gang” forever. Really sad.

  • oh well

    The truth was told with the blood test showing a new mother with twins having 3 times over the legal limit full of alcohol at 8:30am.

    Charlie has a past, yes past but I believe he was the victim this time and his wife played it so folks like you would jump on the hate Charlie band wagon.

    Men are not always the bad guys. We women can be just as mean when we want too. The problem with society is that everyone is quick to always blame the man before proof is really given.

  • Eliza

    Why are Child Services not involved yet? Two tiny babies in the care of two parents drunk and violent at 8.30 in the middle of the night, through to the morning. Everyone’s sorry for him or her… what about the kids?!

  • g!na

    @Eliza: your exactly right! anyone else, cps would be taking the kids or checking up on them.

  • poopy

    Charile is a bad drunk. This idiot he married should have taken Denise Richards’s advice and ran for the hills.

  • truth

    The sort of people here who make excuses for Charlie Sheen aren’t just wicked…I suspect that they must be crazy as well. He has a history of domestic abuse, and yet you claim that Brooke is making it up? Even though she also went as far as to call the police? You blame Brooke for having children (which by the way is not an unusual thing to do when you are married), and refer to them as “meal tickets.” As if she could be callous enough to have children and think about them in such a way. There’s nothing but outlandish assumptions here.

    People like #2 and #3 disgust me. You deserve to get beaten by your husbands just so that you know what it’s like.

  • clay

    @oh well: “Men are not always the bad guys. We women can be just as mean when we want too”.
    So true. And if you need verification for your comment, read some of the mean comments on here from women attacking other women (men) because they support Charlie. Now that is scary.

  • just me


    It really shows what kind of person you are, saying that people should get beat by thier husbands just for voicing their opinions. Maybe you should step back and take a look at yourself before commenting on others. If you have a problem reading others opinions, maybe you shouldn’t.

  • tish

    yeah I was suprised to see what her blood alcohol level was at 8 in the morning. Something is really not right in that household, on both sides.

  • http://justjared sharon jones

    Charlie Sheen was, is and will always be a dog in his treatment of women. He needs to be shot down and pay heavily for his arrogance. STOP marrying and having kids who will grow up in broken homes. Your father I’m sure is so proud of you……….

  • lakers fan in boston

    lmao, how ironic
    who cares anymore about this….

  • firemandatingsite

    Hey at least he didn’t kill any hookers this time

  • Jen

    Sad how Sheen put people on line to smear Brooke but that’s how he get out abusing these women. Next time 911 is called Brooke might be dead. Sheen just keep paying his way out of every situation. Wonder will he pay his way out of murder.

  • MMA

    Oh, they’re a strong enough family to get through a beating or two.

  • Stone

    @MMA: Very funny.

  • Chef Jacke

    What a beautiful family!

  • shortpeopledate

    I think he should just try to cut himself, like lindsay

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