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Gerard Butler is Starbucks Sexy

Gerard Butler is Starbucks Sexy

Gerard Butler stays nice and toasty by grabbing a coffee from Starbucks in Aspen, Colorado on Monday (December 28).

The 40-year-old Bounty Hunter kicked back and enjoyed a pleasant conversation with a friend at an outdoor table.

Check out the trailer with co-star Jennifer Aniston if you missed it! The film opens across the country on March 19.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler looking Starbucks sexy in Aspen…

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gerard butler starbucks sexy 01
gerard butler starbucks sexy 02
gerard butler starbucks sexy 03
gerard butler starbucks sexy 04
gerard butler starbucks sexy 05
gerard butler starbucks sexy 06
gerard butler starbucks sexy 07
gerard butler starbucks sexy 08
gerard butler starbucks sexy 09
gerard butler starbucks sexy 10

Credit: Pedro Andrade/Kevin Perkins; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • CanadaGirl

    It’s a 1975 flashback courtesy of Gerard Butler and his coat.

  • skylar blue

    Bloated and old looking as usual.
    It’s quite a terrible site. Maybe some more gym time would help, eh?

  • African Girl

    Sexy? Oh Jared, i love it when you are being facetious. He looks like a wet bread. Lmao!

  • brian

    #1, he’s wearing moncler you moron, which probably costs more than your entire wardrobe.

  • Junior

    Why is this guy never with a woman.

  • Undefined

    @Junior: Why is this guy never with a woman.

    Read more:

    Because he knows if he shows up with a woman the rabid speculation and bashing will begin? Because he doesn’t want to be defined based on who he is with? One thing you can say about Ger, he is constantly battling co-dependency and he is his own person. N E 1 ever noticed how women don’t let go of one man until they have another one already lined up? Like a monkey who doesn’t let go of one vine until it has another one in hand. You can’t say that about Gerard; he isn’t afraid to be alone. Does Ger subscribe to the old addage, “I’d rather be alone for the right reasons then with the wrong person for the wrong reasons”? Pleased to see Ger letting the salt and pepper make a comeback; how unabashed. Not exactly liking the length of his hair, though. Ahhhhh, Gerard, just when you think you may have him figured out…

  • Counting coup

    Gerry needs to learn to recognize when he is being set up, too. Why else would a bitch tweet and sell him out? Did she, perhaps, want to be the one to be able to say publicly that she dumped
    HIM? His reputation precedes him, afterall. That’s what Gerard gets for going out with someone Shanna Whore Moakler set him up with. Alexa Chung did the same damn thing to him. Set his ass up with the 3 some question to publicly out his predilections and make him look afool. Gerry don’t trust most celebrity females, as they have egos just as big as yours and on top of it, they think they are feminists; so publicly humiliating a guy like you is a very large coup for them.

  • Now I’m Curious

    @Counting coup:
    Who tweeted and said she dumped Gerry??? Who did Shanna Moakler set him up with?

  • santa

    Oh look, Mr Gerard Star Butler is in Aspen just like EVERY other celeb. How bloody original of him.

  • GFW

    Good to see him laughing with his buddy. That coat looks really warm! Where’s his hat? Really, he needs one. Maybe a cool-dude hat like his mate? [chuckles] Why not? It has got to be cold. And gloves? Where’s his gloves? No, seriously, he looks like he’s having a super fun conversation with this guy. Great smile and laugh. Love to see him laugh. And hear it. He’s the best laugh ever. Those two are my favs–where he’s smiling and laughing. Wonder if it’s a ski instructor? Hope he’s having lots fun getting some down time sitting in front of warm fires and had a very happy Christmas this year. What a difference a year makes! He’s a very nice man. He must own a gabillion shoes, and jackets!

  • Playing Catch up?

    @Now I’m Curious:

    It’s all just speculation. If you want to play catch up then visit the last thread here. If the chica even did mean Gerry, then she made it clear that she dumped him…and she made it clear she dumped him for another guy. Real classy. But California is always so full of classy chicks. NOT.

  • oreo

    @Now I’m Curious: It was that bodybuilder girl, Alicia Marie, who said she had dumped someone because she had met someone else but she NEVER said that it was Gerry she dumped. Just speculations. No one even know if they dated in the first place. She could’ve meant ANY guy.

  • Mr. Giggles

    I truly believe G would curl up and die if Starbucks ever goes out of business



  • Memei

    take that coat off

  • debk

    I knew he would not be home with the family!

  • Lisa

    Man he is looking more and more like Russell Crowe.. but without the true talent..

    Gerry seems to be taking any role that is thrown at him. I saw the poster and trailer for The Bounty Hunter with Jennifer Aniston.. oh boy.. it does not look good at all.. cheap looking..

    Why is he doing all of those stupid rom coms.. He can do drama/Action.. yet he wants to do these mindless movies that do not stretech him as an actor whatsoever.. man..

    and is every celeb in Aspen.. I guess they all go to one place to get noticed.. It just seems very Dlist to me..

  • Fritz

    LOL @ Mr Giggles!

    As to some peeps judging him on why he’s not with family, maybe they drive him nuts after a few hours. He should be able to go wherever the hell he wants for the holidays without some fans shaking their fingers.

  • Emma

    @Mr. Giggles: hehe yeah, that sounds right.
    Why does he always have to fug up around the holidays? lol
    I mean I’d still hit it but just saying… there was a story yesterday about someone who had an encounter with him at a shop there in aspen and if it’s true, his family is there with him. Who knows… let him do his thing and have his coffee.
    oh and where’s the fashion police? Seriously they need to do their rounds more often.

  • anna

    hasn’t anyone noticed he’s got a bump on his forehead?
    poor thing, ski accident? i always get hurt when I venture into that.

  • Stinkylouise

    That jacket even makes his face look fat. Stay away from white!
    And he couldn’t make it through the holidays without setting up a photo-op.LOL!

  • Pattycake

    Could he be anymore pap hungry? Sitting in an outdoor cafe in Aspen, in the winter? No hat, no gloves and just a short coat. Do you know how cold it is there right now?

  • Yank The Chain

    Gerry!! Looking Good..Nice jacket..Stay warm

  • Fritz

    Yeah, Emma, I just heard that. Darn nice of him to fly his family out there. Christmas in Aspen….the Rockies surrounding you….mmmmmm, beautiful.

  • Joy

    # 4 There are some great looking Moncler coats, that’s not one of them. hope he’s having fun!

  • cubedweller

    @Mr. Giggles: LOL Giggles. Starbucks is missing a golden marketing op – sign the man up for endorsements, and put a 6’2″ cardboard cutout of him in every store – hoisting a latte, and winking. Yes, I’m a genius.
    Egads, where’s his hair? I do like the other guy’s hat, tho.

  • 2010

    Slowly killing his career……….
    That jacket is a MISS.
    This guy is so gay.

  • anna

    @2010: How’s he gay?Are we gonna start with that already? argh.. u guys need to come up with something fresher..
    First of his style sense is practically non existent, doesn’t that tell u something? lol he’s sexy as hell if u ask me but this is whole look is just… no, Gerry, just no honey.
    Cube, didn’t they do that with those twilight twa-ts and a bunch of the cutouts got stolen by the fannies?
    Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. I’d bet good money we’d have a shot of framo trying to steal one of those here at JJ. That’s completely genius.

  • Fritz


    I venture to guess he’s wearing the jacket for warmth, not style, but what do I know?

  • gotta be kidding

    Skiing – LOL. As much as he is in good shape, he looks like such a klutz. I remember an interview he said he went surfing, I laughed at that one, too. He’s such a poser loving the celeb jet-setting image, wherever they are, whatever they do for the holiday, he’s just there for, as previously mentioned, a photo op. HA!

  • cavill fan

    no, no, no. Not attractive.

  • Annie

    Fashion Don’t:
    Gerard Butler………..
    too cheap to get a stylist.

  • cubedweller

    @anna: LOL! The cutouts would have to be life-sized and padlocked to discourage thievery. Phannies trying to run out with them – chased by apron-clad Starbucks employees. So funny! But after having the misfortune of seeing what they’ve done with the dolls, maybe this would just encourage the phan depravity. Gawd – I need to go scrub my brain now.


    Is he really 40? He looks much older.
    @ Brian #4 – The coat doesn’t cost more than somebodies wardrobe, it’s on sale for $295.00

    Also, I agree with 2010 – The reason this guy is not with any chicks is because he’s gay and it’s nothing to do with his lack of female companionship, he’s just gay, plain and simple.

    Once his movie star balloon blows up, he’ll come out of the closet, but right now he wants to fool the girls so they go to his movies.

    All in all, he’s a pig, can’t see what anyone see’s in him and don’t understand what’s so sexy about him, he’s ugly and a hypocrite.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Giggles, Emma, Fritz, Anna, & Stinky – good morning!
    I see Gerry broke my heart by cutting his hair again. Damn! I love it longer and curly. This buzz cut thing may be functional but not sexy.
    I knew it was just a matter of time before the paps found him. He has been in Aspen since before Christmas. A whole week there and the paps didn’t get a pic. I’d say that doesn’t seem like a photo op to me, but that is just MO Stinky. I laughed at two people last night on Twitter saying they were going to stalk him today to get a pic since they didn’t think to get a pic when they ran into him earlier in the week.
    I see the gay parade is in the house again. Gee it must be Tuesday. Tab deadlines are tonight at midnight. It’s gonna be a long day.
    I think the Starbucks idea is bloody brilliant. They would probably increase their sales from all the Phannies going in to scope out how to steal the Gerry cutouts. You should demand a finders fee or commission. he he

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Damn I forgot you Cubie! Sorry! *wink*

  • Joy

    @ABCDEF-GERARD: lol ouch. I don’t think he’s gay at all but I get why he’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a matter of taste, no one can argue there. He needs a stylist though, he never dresses well.
    @cubedweller: @anna: That’s too funny. Although the image of the fannies doing God knows what with the cutout just made me a bit sick.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Hey Stinky. I don’t think that having coffee at the outdoor cafe was cold. You can’t see their breath. We have skiied many days in Aspen and this looks like a warmer day. There tends to be a lot of foggy spots on really cold days. Just an observation…

  • Mia

    I like it that he doesn’t have a stylist. Shows he’s really not going Hollywood and not out to impress anyone. He can pretty up for the TV shows and public appearances, but why would he have to for RL?

    I don’t like the haircut, but maybe it’s to hurry up the natural look.

    Isn’t his family with him in Aspen? If true, he did spend X-mas with them, just not in Scotland.

  • Emma

    morning Manlesston!
    The gay parade always cracks me up, I have to say. I found a few gems lurking around this morning, I’ll share later.
    if it gets weird here, I’ll be on the safe one. I’m gonna go watch Nine now.
    @cubedweller: that’s not a pretty sight is it cube? argh


    He hates the paps more than any actor I’ve seen. I was working as an EXTRA on a set of his film The Bounty Hunter in NYC and Queens. He HATES the paps. He gave more nasty looks to them and I see nothing’s changed. He looks pissed in all the photos where he recognizes he’s being shot. It’s part of the job, Ger. I can understand it being annoying tho.

  • lainey

    That’s no ‘buddy’ of Gerry’s he’s talking with at the table. Looks like some older man who just sat down a moment to chat.

  • Surj

    Hi Guys,

    It’s the British girl agan….the comment from the moron at no:34 – I would say your comments are mean and unfounded …do you know him personally?

    What I want to know is ……..when he he going to meet up with PC now she’s in USA for over 2 months as of the last 2/3 days???

    Can’t wait!!

    Gerard is fab!

    Any comments?
    If you have nothing particularly interesting or remotely obectvive, please don’t bother.

  • anna

    @Surj: sweetie, let go of PC.. honestly, that’s more annoying than the gay comments and you sound just as moronic as #34.
    Oh my God, is this Harvey from TMZ pretending to be illeterate to get some scoop? cause if so that’s quite smart but fail.
    let’s all wave everyone!!!!!

  • Wondering…….

    Is this a new buddy(boyfriend) pictured, he looks a little to old? Where’s Nick? Bet Nick is there!

  • Surj

    Dear Anna,

    That’s rather uncalled for!!!!

    Not sure about this bloke called “Harvey” but I make you right on one thing…need to sharpen my spelling ….mistakes!!

  • McK


    I agree just because it has a label doesn’t mean its a good choice. It looks like my ski coat from when I was 10. He seems to like the labels recently but if your gonna be that into labels you do need a stylist to wear them or you end up looking goofy. I thought the samem thing when he had the black jacket on when he was riding his bike.
    I disagree with Manlesston though I love the buzz every once in a while. I think its better for him to buzz to get rid of the awful color from the Bounty

  • lovehim

    Hate the hair, but otherwise he looks fine to me.

    I agree with several about the so-called buddy. That’s some old dude who stopped by to chat. Maybe it’s even an uncle, if he has family with him, or just some random man. Why do people try to make something out of nothing?

  • anna

    @Surj: sorry surj, I’m a a little bi-tchy today, don’t take it personally. the start of a new thread gets me in this mood.
    I’m still waiting for the choirmaster to deliver us the butler takes a tinkle song.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    You are sounding a lot like an intern dishing for a story. I have nothing to say to you…