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Kate Gosselin: Tanning Time! VIDEO!

Kate Gosselin: Tanning Time! VIDEO!

Kate Gosselin heads to a local tanning salon on Monday (December 28) in Reading, Penn.

After the tanning salon, the 34-year-old mother of eight took her eldest daughter, Cara, to the dentist.

Ex-husband Jon Gosselin, however, has been grabbing headlines with the recent break-in at his apartment. Hailey Glassman‘s attorney, Stephanie Ovadia, however, has claimed, “This appears to be a publicity stunt!”

Check out the video below of Jon talking about his apartment break-in!

Jon Gosselin Talks About Apartment Break-in

10+ pictures of Kate Gosselin and her tanning time…

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kate gosselin tanning 01
kate gosselin tanning 02
kate gosselin tanning 03
kate gosselin tanning 04
kate gosselin tanning 05
kate gosselin tanning 06
kate gosselin tanning 07
kate gosselin tanning 08
kate gosselin tanning 09
kate gosselin tanning 10

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  • anon

    So justjared is back to pimping for Kate for her 15 minutes of fame! Anything to keep Katie Irene Kreider in the news. She is starting to feel like a middle child again, you know, like she isn’t getting enough attention. Who alerted the paps? Or will Jon get blamed all the way from NY? I imagine w/Jon getting all the attention (neg), Kate feels left out. Having to pay Steve to be her family over the Holidays, she must be a bit stretched these days. Wake up, Gina!

  • dannyboy

    oh look, the fame addict that destroyed her marriage and tainted their kids

  • 124

    are her kids ever smiling? i can’t wait to see them all turn on her when they get older and sell her out

  • anon

    Cara probably got threatened with the wooden spoon she keeps hidden in her door pocket, “you will get out in front of the ‘P-People’ or it is the Wooden Spoon for you!….Mommy needs the exposure now! Your father is getting all the press!” Poor kids, to have fame-whores for be cash cows for such greed mongers. For what ever reason, I’m glad Jon stopped the show. (Notice Kate’s hair, nails, toes are done…still tanning—Mommy comes first.)

  • Deede


    Stop with the Kate publicity. This woman is crazy and has played the media like fools.

    By the way, NO ONE wears open toes shoes in the WINTER unless you are at an INSIDE party.

    What she paid for her shoes would feed a family of 4 for a month!

    This heifer needs to GO and Jared, you are hurting her kids by keeping this money grubbing piece of work in the public eye.


  • soe

    GO AWAY kate.. you were a soccer mom and now you think your hot?
    tanning salon? my gosh,… go learn your kids some stuff..
    hahaha Deede you’re right what’s up with the shoes? about attention speaking.
    They think pimping themselves up and getting money for it, it’s THE most important thing in the world..They’re not thinking about how bad this is for their children..

  • notalentbytch


  • Ugly Hammer Toes

    Open toed shoes in Dec. subfreezing temps.

  • Rhonda

    not this again! please!


    hey TERESA !!!!! YOURE STILL HERE OMG !! ……… (aka lukebandit) how ya doin ? Still in the nursing home I see with nothing more to do than type on your little laptop about “kate irene” ………. awwww what Santa didnt bring you a life for christmas ? Maybe next year they’ll let you out for good behavior hahhahaha.

  • no joke

    Kate’s pap photos no longer fetch a price, her PR peeps have to pay for them to keep her scam going.

  • kidsarenotslaves
  • donna

    I find is amazing how a mother of 8 children, even has the time to go tanning! how narcisissitc! My friend who has one son doesn’t even have time for that stuff – the most she could do is meet w. us friends for an hour long coffee shot. Tanning? You’ve got to be kidding me, kate gosselin.

  • dabu

    It is always amazing how these people proclaim they are broke and hurting for money since the show canceled, but they can afford vacations, getting their nails done, tanning etc. Not to mention she seems to have time to pamper herself endlessly.

  • Jennifer

    I by no means am a Kate Gosselin supporter, but I think it’s wrong for people to comment and state that she needs to get a life and stop seeking out the press. She is in Reading, PA for Pete’s sake doing her normal routine – I think it’s the press that is seeking her out! I think with all the press that is going around out Jon Gosselin that there’s a renewed interest (by the press, public or whoever) to see what Kate’s up to. I haven’t seen pictures of her in quite a while. She seems to be sticking to her routine, raising her kids, etc. And for anyone that states that she’s not taking care of her kids if she’s getting a tan – what parent doesn’t take a break from time to time? I’m the mother of one child and you need time to yourself (whether it’s 30 mins, 1 hour, etc.) on occasion. It gives a parent a break from the kid(s) and the kid(s) a break from the parent. People just need to be a bit more realistic. Just because there’s pictures of Kate Gosselin posted on here doesn’t mean that she had anything to do in seeking out people to take the pictures.

  • ommmz

    I remember in one of J&K+8 episodes, the kids stayed with the babysitter on this special evening so mommy and daddy could have a date night out. After dinner, J&K went shopping for clothes (Christmas present for each other, I suppose). I distinctly remember Kate ranted on and on about fashion and how it’s the last thing on her mind (she repeatedly admitted that Jon was the more fashionable of the two). And in true Kate fashion, she made it clear to the world how much disdain she had for shopping, clothing, fashion (or just generally caring about one’s appearance in general).
    In this unfortunate turn of events, two very broken human beings succumbed to the lure of celebrity-hood, leading to a fracture in the family. Jon has been getting himself into the most ridiculous scandals and acting like a 23 year old; but Kate is not all that innocent either. She has the tact to conduct her well in the public eye, making wise one PR call after another, surprisingly successful at protecting her privacy and personal life; but from all the J&K+8 footage we’ve all seen the arrogance, self-entitlement, and overwhelming personality that Kate exudes. Hopefully out of his ego-shattering experience, Jon can somehow grow up and become wiser. But I don’t think there’s that chance for Kate. (I’m not trying to demonize K, in fact, I find myself sharing some of her traits). I’m just concerned about what Kate’s hypocrisy will bring to her children. Does the brood’s childhood really end up better because the parent made everything painstaking effort to give the children the opportunities she never had even though she’s angry and bitter from it? Are these things truly out of the interest for the children or is it an attempt to compensate for something more personal?
    I find it ironic that the J&K+8 saga should end so abruptly right after they moved into the new estate.
    Please, no matter what, don’t ever let the money do the talking.

  • Neorules2112

    Blah Blah Blah !! Live your own lives ..

  • Ms Anonymous

    Oh Gods, stop covering her! Nobody cares!

  • longchamp

    good to know she’s got her priorities straight: tanning, then kid to the dentist.

  • @jennifer

    It is one thing to take a thirty to sixty minute break daily, but she seems to take them all day long.

  • Barbara in VA

    Yeah, that’s what women, single mothers, do with their spare cash when they are supposedly strapped — go friggin’ tanning. TLC, nobody relates to this creepy woman (and I’m not even talking about her clothes or her hair or looks).

    Speaking of looks, in this picture Cara, always looking sad and depressed, looks very much like her jerk-o-muttha, doesn’t she, facial features-wise? But much prettier.

    I don’t think Jon would’ve trashed his own apartment. That note, the knife stuck in the wall, that all has Hailey’s 20-something year old fingerprints (not literally) all over it. She and her friends just did what immature young girls sometimes do when they are pissed on and pissed off.

  • lakers fan in boston

    no1 cares about her or jon anymore
    u should just quit it
    i personally hope that neither of them have a show anymore, they’re bad parents they should concentrate on their kids instead

  • Mo

    i hate this woman!

  • Marty MacFlies

    Jon may be stupid, but he is not crazy

  • dcdeb

    @donna: If your friend that has one child can’t find the time to go tanning, then she is doing something majorly WRONG!!! I have 2 children and had time to get my nails done every two weeks since they were born–takes longer to do that than tan. My children were not neglected, the house was spotless and my husband was fed.

  • Penny in Hopewell

    I wonder if the children are in therapy?If not they should be ,with parents like Jon&Kate.

  • Julie

    Are we sure these pictures were just taken? There was a lot of snow dumped on the East Coast and usually Reading gets its share. But yes if these were just snapped no one wears such shoes in the winter there unless you want some frostbite.

  • anon

    There is snow in the background. Perhaps because Kate has been packing on the pounds lately, she took to wearing heels again to because she thinks it looks thinner when she wears stilts. What kid wants to sit and wait while Mommy tans? No wonder Cara looks so depressed.

  • Carol

    I am so sick of this publicity whore I could SCREAM!!!! I plan to boycott any program that has her on as a guest even for 5 seconds!! If I don’t see her on TV, a magazine or in the daily newspaper until the year 2099 it will be too soon!!!

  • sallie

    soe…you don’t “learn” someboy something. You teach them something and they learn.

  • dessertgirl


    I hope K keeps to her diet and exercise because it may be a very long time before she has money for a new wardrobe once her new show fails and Jon doesn’t come up with the $13,000 a month support (just enough to keep K in massages, mani/pedis, hair and tanning each month).

  • dessertgirl

    @Barbara in VA:

    I wonder if Kate has purchased her new diamond and pearl ring yet to replace her wedding band. Isn’t that a first priority of divorced women with eight young children?

  • magnetman

    Wonder if they will ever go out and get a real job?

  • MMA


  • Stone

    It’s time she’s put out to pasture!

  • Chef Jacke

    Why does anyone care if she tans? Hell, we don’t care if she burns!

  • Audrey Moore

    You know I sat here reading these comments from people that don’t even really know Kate or Jon in person, and yet such a selfish attitude toward them. These people really do have a life, and seem to be living it the best way that they can. They happen to be the parents of 8 kids, and are in the spotlight for the world to criticize becasue they have nothing else better to do. Just because you have 8 kids doesn’t mean that youhave to give every moment to them or to your husband. Every women deserves time for themselves. Quit being so hard on these people, in reality they really don’t deserve the bashing they are getting.

  • tagstillads

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