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Michelle Obama: Colors of the Rainbow!

Michelle Obama: Colors of the Rainbow!

First Lady Michelle Obama shows some Hawaiian (aka the Rainbow state) pride by wearing a colorful dress out to a dinner with family and friends in Honolulu, Hawaii on Sunday (December 27).

Earlier in the week, Michelle kept things simple in a classic white dress while visiting the dining room at the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii on Christmas Day (December 25).

The Obamas will spend the remaining days of 2009 in Hawaii, President Obama‘s place of birth. He was born in Honolulu in 1961 and lived there until he was 18. (With a brief stay in Indonesia between the ages of 6 and 10.)

30+ pictures inside of Michelle Obama in all the colors of the rainbow…

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michelle obama hawaii 01
michelle obama hawaii 02
michelle obama hawaii 03
michelle obama hawaii 04
michelle obama hawaii 05
michelle obama hawaii 06
michelle obama hawaii 07
michelle obama hawaii 08
michelle obama hawaii 09
michelle obama hawaii 10
michelle obama hawaii 11
michelle obama hawaii 12
michelle obama hawaii 13
michelle obama hawaii 14
michelle obama hawaii 15
michelle obama hawaii 16
michelle obama hawaii 17
michelle obama hawaii 18
michelle obama hawaii 19
michelle obama hawaii 20
michelle obama hawaii 21
michelle obama hawaii 22
michelle obama hawaii 23
michelle obama hawaii 24
michelle obama hawaii 25
michelle obama hawaii 26
michelle obama hawaii 27
michelle obama hawaii 28
michelle obama hawaii 29
michelle obama hawaii 30

Photos: Jewel Samad/AFP/Cory Lum-Pool/Getty
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  • Lisa_L

    It’s so great that they still hold hands, that usually ends after a few dates! Hope they enjoy their vacation, it’s been a rough year and they’re doing a wonderful job.

  • Rhonda


  • nobama

    ewwwwww… oh so manly!

  • Hayden

    Here come all the crazies….

  • Grey

    She’s awesome so sorry for the haters.

  • Jan

    Wish I was in Hawaii :-(

  • Francis

    Michelle looks amazing for her age. So STFU to all the twats who are angry she doesn’t look like an 18 year old drug addict.

  • Shey

    I like Michelle. Rhonda’s a pedophile.

  • Danielle

    Viva hawaii! Glad to see the President is back home

  • mia

    i noticed she’s been wearing her hair back for the past two, but i liked her bob better.

    i’ve also seen two old photos of her (one at prom, another of her and barack, but before he was a senator) and she had a small afro that also looked good.

  • Leidan

    Ughhh its so cold here in Canada. Want winter to stop now. Pretty please God?

  • Paul

    They still look so lovely dovey. Sweet

  • Lin

    Yay Michelle.

    Love from Sweden

  • Charlie

    Oh my gosh. The president was joking around with and eating with military servicemen and they all brought their cameras to take pictures with him. Just like all those boys and girls at Westpoint did when he made his speech on Afghanistan.

    Wonder what it does to a right-winger’s head when they see military men so happy and excited to meet this President? You know the President that supposedly “hates” America. HA! Must make a right-winger’s heads explode!

  • Cass

    Michelle is like the black Sigourney Weaver. They look so much alike

  • Gina


    I know. I like her bob better too. More flattering.

  • Rhea

    Oh boy a Michelle Obama post just eventually brings up the crazies and the racists. Please just stop posting anything political here Jared. You’re asking for trouble.

  • Ursula

    Poor Bo couldn’t go

  • Rhonda

    @Shey: @Shey:

    its an awful big word, for such a small mind. Perhaps you need a dictionary!

  • Rhea


    Yes the President does look manly enough doesn’t he? I think you’re trying to find the Marc Jacob thread on how to look as effeminate as possible.

  • Rhea


    I think you lost your way to Stormfront.

  • Carter

    Michelle’s looking very Hawaii casual here. Weather appropraite but I love her more sleek look like this one

  • Yvonne

    Michelle seems cool

  • Jacob

    I like Michelle and Malia the most. haha

  • Shey


    You are a pedophile. I remember how you went on and on about saying sexually suggestive things about Malia Obama once on another Obama thread. You are sick.

  • Jess


    Love how you shut down big mouth Rhonda! lol

  • Rhonda


    I am not a pedophile. I just repeated what the Russian papers were saying about her. You don’t see her in short, shorts anymore with that black ghetto boy. The Russians called her a slut, I didn’t.

  • Shey


    Shut up Rhonda. You have a dirty mind. You and only you. No made up Russian this or Russian that will save you from your child lusting ways.

  • Lisa_L


    Take your sorry racist a ss someplace else….you are not wanted here. Your hate is obviously consuming you because you LIVE to see postings about this family so that you can spread your hate. Fortunately it’s not working.

  • tsc

    Amazonish.. Rhianna is built this way too. Not their fault.

  • Rhonda


    how old are you? 12, you can google can’t you? look it up, dumb ass!

  • Annabelle

    2012 yet?

  • Rhonda


    google it, if you know how! lol

  • VICTORIA # 1

    The Obama Family looks wonderful as usual. Those two little girls
    are just adorable, and are always dressed in the latest fad’s.
    Beside’s that, their manner’s are impeccable, I read. Which says alot
    about the President and Mrs. Obama.

    Both of them, spend alot of quality time with their daughter’s, and it show’s. I wish I had Michell’s clothes, which are always so stylish and
    classic. In my eyes, she has never made a mistake in Fashion. She just
    keep’s getting better and more relaxed and sure of herself, which makes
    for a wonderful and top-notch First Lady!

  • jAKE

    ******BEAUTIFUL FAMILY********

  • Shey


    Shut up. I went back to see what you said and you basically went on and on about how short Malia’s shorts are and how you thought she would get knocked up soon and you went on and on and on adding sexual insults to an 11 year old girl. That was you and only you. And no she does not have a boyfriend and no it was not that teenage France resident who tried to touch here before her Secret Service rightfully pulled him the heck back and told him to get lost no doubt.

    No Rhonda. YOU saw a picture of Malia and it sent you into a sexually explicit barrage of insults that you hurled at a young girl. Proud of yourself pedophile?

  • Rhonda

    all you have to d@Shey:

    all you have to do is google it. The russians didn’t actually call her a slut, they called her a common street whore, There are thousands of hits on it, look it up for yourself. In the picture from Russia her boyfriend is with her! YOUR TO SCARED, TO GOOGLE IT! LOL

  • g!na

    @Shey: STFU- who gives a sh*it if she doesn’t like the Obamas! Who gives a crap if she thinks their daughter dressed like a hoochie? I’m sick of people gaining up on one person if they say something negative. This is a comment board and it is allowed both positive & negative reponses. It’s her right to say what she wants to. If you don’t like what she says you call her a pedophile? doesnot make you any better with the name calling! just STFU!

  • haley

    damn, Sasha’s hair looks like straw. Michelle has a horse’s mouth. Only good looking one is Barack but he’s too much of a lazy liar.

  • Shey


    Lol g!na (aka) Rhonda its not working.

    And yeah I did Google it and.. NOTHING! I can only see a mention on a right wing site Free Republic were other prodophilic right-wingers hang out and say nasty things about little girls too.

    By the way that stupid street kid was not Malia’s boyfriend weirdo. He was a streetwalker. And it wasn’t the “Russians” who went on Just Jared to talk about Malia Obama’s body and her clothing choices and her sex life. It was you. An 11 year old girl Rhonda. Its not politics, its pedophilia. You can’t even freaking defend yourself because when someone else called you out you were all like, “Oh my, I didn’t know she was only 11 years old bla bla bla”.

    Please. You’re not very good at lying. And even if some random imaginary Russian website that said something like that, it was you who posted multiple sexually charged posts about her. So save it.

  • g!na

    @Shey: i’m not Rhonda, i’m just sick of people calling others names. I have no idea who she is! is it hard to belive that someone decided to stick up for her because the article she talked about does exsist. I looked it up & the article was saying bad stuff about malia obama, i don’t know why but they did.

  • Leigh

    Rhonda & g!na …….. the same idiot or two different idiots. Idiot either way.

  • Shey


    I’m referring to a previous post here on Just Jared where Rhonda herself was saying gross stuff about Malia. Its not about “liking” the Obamas okay? I’m just calling her out for the stuff she said so don’t get it twisted. Rhonda tried to backtrack on it saying that she didn’t know Malia was only 11 years old and how she looks older than that and now you’re talking about some Russian article. Well than put the website up! Where is this website?

    BUT regardless this was not about what some random Russian website said. Its about what Rhonda said herself a while back and I just reminded her of that before she tries to get on that high horse and judge other people. Maybe you think its okay to go off on children or bring race or sex into the equation but don’t be shocked that people will call you out for it. Whether you are Rhonda or not. Its not about ganging up on someone. I just repeated her words back to her.

  • g!na

    @Shey: ok, i get your point. I wouldn’t want someone calling my 12 yr old daughter bad things. AGAIN I’M NOT RHONDA i’m g!na. I understand your reasons to be mad with her comments. I’m glad to clear this up.

  • Hayden

    Michelle looks so young and fresh in that shot

  • Shey


    Okay you aren’t Rhonda and its not really that I’m mad at Rhonda, I could care less about that but nut. Its just me remembering the crap she said a while back, when the obama’s were in Paris and just thought I’d remind her and everyone else of it. She can’t even defend herself so I suppose this is now a pointless exercise. Glad we cleared it up too.

  • g!na

    @Shey: :) thanks.

  • Jane

    I love our first lady and president.

  • Denise

    First Lady Michelle is so pretty.

  • Shey


    No probs. Shouldn’t assume things I don’t know so I’m sorry for assuming you were Rhonda. Good night!