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Nicole Kidman: Holidays Down Under

Nicole Kidman: Holidays Down Under

Nicole Kidman spends time with her parents along with her daughter Sunday Rose and husband Keith Urban at their new apartment in Milsons Point, Australia on Sunday (December 27).

The 42-year-old Australian actress plays Claudia, a famous movie star and muse for celebrated director Guido Contini, in the new movie musical Nine.

Recently, Nicole spoke to the Boston Herald about gender roles in film.

“Most of the time the roles are better for men,” Nicole said. “But I think it was Wanted where that was originally a man’s role and they rewrote it and made it for Angelina (Jolie). So I think that sometimes that can be great. I wish they’d do that more often.”

10+ pictures of Nicole Kidman and the whole family chatting on the balcony…

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  • Junior

    The wicked witch and her elf are out on town with their kids.

  • maxx

    It was actually for the film “Salt” that they originally cast Tom Cruise but re-wrote the role for Jolie.

  • Viva

    Why is this horrid woman never with her other two children Connor and Bella? It’s as if she dumped them on her ex so she could start afresh with this new baby and Keith Urban. Despicable!

  • goo

    Flightplan was originally made for a man but Jodie Foster convinced them to rewrite it for her. Guess it takes an Oscar winner ;)

  • Sussudio

    Love Keith, Nicole, and their daughter. She’s so cute and at such a precious age. I really hope her older children are okay despite Tom.

  • Go Ask Alice


    Go ask The Church of Scientology.
    Since you cannot, google The Church of Scienciefictionocculttology

  • lisa

    Nicole Kidman is a wicked witch. She looks so bossy with her hands on her hips. Don’t like her, she is a selfish ecocentric human being.

  • HA….


  • Anonymous

    of course, she sees her children ,Why she bought an early Christmas tree when she was in Los Angeles Nov 27 despite they will celebrate the Christmas in Australia with her family,now Idiots will say with whom she celebrates ,Bella was already with Tom in Spain but connor was already done shooting his movie and he was late in joining Tom’s Spain trip .

  • Sheri

    The thing that disturbs me here is that in nearly every picture Nicole is not paying a bit of attention to what Sunday is doing … Keith is the one with the watchful eye in these shots. If that were my baby on a very high balcony, my eyes would be peeled on her every moment! And I, too, worry about Bella and Connor … we literally NEVER see her with them.

  • tamara

    sheri if we don’t see them toegther doesn’t mean they never stay together.
    in the pictures anyone is paying attention to sunday. are you saying you pay attention for everything your son/daughter does during the day? people should stay calm with the imagination, do less frame up and take picturess for what they are: pictures. 10 seconds of a situation doesn’t mean anything. 10 seconds before probably nicole was paying attention to sunday

  • Benny

    I agree with Sheri. I would be very nervous having my small child out on a balcony like that and not holding onto her. This is another Christmas Holiday without Isabella and Connor. She hasn’t been with them for Christmas since she hooked up with Urban. Anonymous – how do you know that she bought a Christmas tree in LA and if she did, why would that mean she spent time with Isabella and Connor?

  • hujy

    do you see that balcony? is the double in heigh of sunday rose. don’t be pathetic. and kidman said she baought a christmas tree in La. people should really take care of their business. get a life dimonds. celebs have their lives with or without your opinions.

  • notbusy

    #10 and #12, there are 4 adults up there. Stop nitpicking and looking for any reason to attack Nicole. The balcolny is obviously secure. Nicole is talking to her mother and Keith is doing nothing but hanging back so his eyes should be on Sunday. It’s not enough that Nicole keeps Sunday with her, but her eyes should be glued to Sunday at all times. You can’t say Nicole isn’t with Sunday so you look for some other ridiculous thing to complain about.

  • Benny

    @hujy: It doesn’t take little ones very long to climb up on furniture. Look at the tragedy that happened to James Taylor’s son. So you buy the stories Kidman tells. The lies that come out of her mouth are very different from her actions. “I’d just given birth, so I was like, ‘OK, I’m still a woman – I want to do this film! And I do have a life other than simply feeding this baby.’ I think when you give birth you get itchy to get back to work and you want to feel life still goes on.” But now she is giving up the movies for the sake of her family. Which is it?

  • Too much pudding

    I won’t believe Nicole spends time with Bella and Connor until I see photos of them together – and I mean recent ones!

    I always got the impression she moved to Nashville to be with Urban – the kids didn’t want to go, so she decided to go anyway to start her new life. Don’t give me the Scientology line – I’m sure the kids were living with her at the time in NY – saw the photos.

  • Kat

    to #9, Nicole herself said that she & Keith decorated at tree with Sunday. Bella & Connor were never mentioned. It’s amazing how her fans like to put their own spin on stories to try to make Nicole sound better. She hasn’t spent a Thanksgiving or Christmas with them in years.

    And this isn’t the whole family JJ. Bella & Connor not there, Keith’s family NOT THERE.

    Keith Urban is the one who finally came out & said that he didn’t get to spend as much time with Bella & Connor as he would like. Nicole & her fans always try to make it sound like she spent more time with them then actually happened. He was the one who admitted the truth. And don’t go blaming Scientology. Nicole has a big enough name & enough money, mostly Toms, to fight for those kids if she really wanted them.

  • Kat

    Benny, Nicole has been saying the “I’ll give up movies for my family for years”. It has yet to happen. She was back to work 4 weeks after giving birth. Sunday Rose has been on 3 movie sets before she turned 1. Nicole already has more films lined up for 2010 & she’ll be out promoting Rabbit Hole. She may not be on a set everyday, but she certainly isn’t sitting home mending socks. She just needs to stop talking. Because everytime she opens her mouth, she makes herself sound like a hypocrite.

  • kizbit

    #16, it is no secret that Bella and Connor “attend” the Scientology school in LA. It is my understanding that they live there, at the school for “total immersion” in Scientology. With the cultish rules the Church of Scientology has, I cannot imagine they would allow the kids to see Nicole, a woman who LEFT that wacky church. I would imagine Bella and Connor are so brainwashed by now that there is little hope for a relationship between them and Nicole. How can that be Nicole’s fault? Blame that sicko, Tom Cruise

  • notbusy

    Kat, it’s also interesting how Nicole’s haters like to put their spin on everything she does. It doesn’t matter what she says because you haters think you know her life better than she does.

  • hujy

    Benny Nine shooting was 2 months long. Millions of women come back to work after one months of birth of their children. Why are you blaming nicole exactly? And that balcony is secure. Don’t make fun of yourself how a 17 months old baby can easily climb a glass forniture? Please explain..
    kat nicole said she bought a chirstmass tree during her visit in los angeles bella helped her to decorate they spent tanksgiving together. Bella donated to sunday her peral bracelet. And i’m not a fan I just think people here need to get a life. And what is the third set? Nine: 2 months of shooting, rabbit hole; 3 weeks of shooting, the third one? I don’t you have a clear idea about how works a movie set anyway.

  • taco

    haters are terribly funny. whatever this woman do is always wrong. even watching out in a balcony for them is wrong. jesus christ. get a life.

  • Benny

    Kat – besides movie sets, look how Sunday Rose has been flown all around the world before the age of one so that Kidman could promote all her movies as well. kizbit – Kidman could take legal action against Tom. She is known world-wide. If anything mysteriously happened to her after she tried to get the children out of Scientology, it would draw attention to the church and then an investigation. Do you honestly think they want that kind of attention? Of course, her fans will bring up all those former members who have been killed off. IF this happened, were those people a household name? Kidman could out the church, but they must have something really good over her head. I’ve heard that Travolta really isn’t that active anymore, but they’ve got the goods on him to keep his associated with the church.

  • notbusy

    Kat, A.K.A, Benny, get a life. You seem obsessed with attacking Nicole. Why spend so much time on somebody you obviously hate…

  • Kia


  • notbusy

    Actually Nicole only spent 2 weeks shooting Nine. About 5 weeks on Rabbit Hole and thats it for an entire year. Nicole never said she was completely giving up her career and she shouldn’t. If Angelina can do it with Six small kids, no reason why Nicole can’t. Nicole and keith did have a tree in LA. there were photos of her and Keith buying it for those of you that just neeeed proof.

  • angel

    Again another holiday without Conor and Bella! Wow! I believe she has a relationship with Bella still. She always talks about Bella. She never talks about Conor. I think its because he wants to be like his dad and is really following everything that the church wants him to do. Bella seems like she’s nt that into the church, i think she’s planning to exscape next year when she turns 18. But still Nicole is well known she could get those kids if she wants! That church wouldnt want to have all their business in the media cause i’m sure she knows alot! It’s just ashame cause she doesnt even care about them! Worst mother in the world!

  • notbusy

    They only get to Oz once a year. The grandparents must be so excited to see Sunday. She is so adorable. Cute how she is sticking close to Nicole in most of these photos.

  • Daisy

    I didn’t know that Scientologist believed in the REAL MEANING of CHRSTMAS??! Not the made up Santa Claus. And you actually have no clue if the kids are even there or not just based on these pictures they could be inside for all anyone knows. I for one don’t care if Bella & Connor are there. It is they who lose out in the end by their choices.

    And Nicole & Keith & their families privacy has been invaded once again by the paps in Australia as this is their PRIVATE residence not a public street!

  • just wow

    She looks barely interested in her daughter.

  • Dell

    @notbusy: It hasn’t been a year since they were last in Oz. They were in Oz for Easter without Isabella & Connor.

  • Queen of Sheba

    Nicole looks like a Britney Spears type of mother in these pics. She looks as if she does not care for her daughter at all. Poor kid. I guess all Nicole cares about is fame.

  • a

    she looks like mommy dearest there. her pose. but i can’t see how someone can comparmentalize. she was barely seen with her first two adopted kids, as if she wasn’t even in their lives. so if you can’t love your adopted child, who’s say to you’re gonna love the blood-reated one. kids are kids. and plus if you comparmentalize like that, something’s wrong with you. plus what can you say about a woman who enjoys freezing her face in time, and looking like a robot. she doesn’t even look human anymore, with all that botox or whatever she’s doing to her face.

  • To Benny #12,15

    Kidman bought an early Christmas tree when she was in Los Angeles Nov 27 and thats a fact

    but just jared didn’t post those images .see here

    the lies are comeing out of your mouth soooo Please shut up.
    and yes way she bother her self to decorate a Christmas tree while she celebrates Christmas in Sydney and also fact that connor was already done filming his movie and he was also soooooooooo late to join Tom’s Spain set .

  • Daisy

    She is talking to her parents & that is now a crime? Wow! Just, wow! This is a few split seconds in time. Did anyone actually see the second to last picture where they are all talkign to Sunday? I doubt it.

    Oh & it was Eric Clapton’s son not James Taylor’s & he fell out a window not off a balcony of a NYC apartment. That was a long time ago now. There have been different security measures taken on buildings.

  • anja

    “Their choices”????????
    They’re kids, it can’t be their choice not to see their mother, it’s adault’s fault. And yes, they lose, because they have the worst mother in the world, but she wasn’t theirs choice – Nicole choose to adopt them and now she doesn’t care, like they don’t exist.
    For some of you> Please, don’t blame Scientology for everything, if they threaten her she can go public, sue them, whatever, but not give up her own kids.

  • Benny

    @To Benny #12,15:

    “Look who is getting a little Black Friday shopping done! Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban shop for Christmas decorations at The Home Depot Home Improvement Center in LA. Nicole could not stop smiling as she spent some quality time with her husband Keith as they prepared for the Christmas Season. Check out the cart, it’s filled to the rim with decorations!”

    Where does it say they bought a Christmas tree?

  • Benny

    @Daisy: You are right. I apologize. The Starbucks hasn’t kicked in yet – wrong name.

  • To Benny

    Benny. are you stupid or Blind its obvious for Christmas tree decorations .

  • Stefany

    The same story always…
    Why Connor and Bella are not together…?
    Why is not she looking at Sunday…?
    Why…? Why…? Why…?
    BLA! BLA! BLA!

    What empty life you have!!!

    You don’t exist for them! You are not anything for them!

    They are a happy family. They are a beautiful family.

    Don’t worry, be happy!!!

  • Benny

    @To Benny: You said that Kidman bought a tree and that’s a fact. No pictures of a tree or anything written about a tree. Expand your Christmas decorating horizons. There are many ways to decorate a house using Christmas ball ornaments – other than just on a tree. Wouldn’t it be fun to do this as a family?

  • bia

    So beautiful family!!!!!

  • mary

    Expressões de domingo são adoráveis! I love this family!

  • vanessa

    Domingo é tão bonitinho.

  • love

    What a happy family.

  • to Benny.

    i really feel sorry for you ,i couldn’t care less about what you think Mental illness or blindness can be cured but stupidity sure there is no cure for .

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie

    How about trying something new for 2010 – a little kindness toward people who are hounded day in and day out by cameras and muckrakers who print absolute garbage! Parenting is a private affair. Most of the 60′s females were reared by working moms and I think Nicole is a product of these times. But to say she doesn’t love that little girl is cruel. Another problem I have with Sydney columnists is the misconception that Keith isn’t ‘anybody’. He has a very large fan base in the states; however, that base is in the heartland. Therefore, he isn’t written up everytime he sneezes as the New York and LA darlings are. Now, one problem I do have in regard to Nicole’s statements – if she is factual in wanting to live and raise Sunday in Nashville, what’s with another home base in Sydney?

  • Mincolo

    At least Nicole dresses her daughter appropriately versus Suri Cruise who never has a jacket on, even in 30 degree weather and is allowed to wear heels while walking around shopping. Sunday is allowed to be a kid.

  • Steve

    Lovely family! Hope they’re enjoying the Holidays with both families in their native homeland.

  • Steve

    @Lizzie: Lovely family! Hope they’re enjoying the Holidays with both families in their native homeland.