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Brad Pitt & Sons: Video Game Guys -- VIDEO

Brad Pitt & Sons: Video Game Guys -- VIDEO

Brad Pitt takes his sons Maddox and Pax to video game hangout Dave and Busters in Times Square, New York City on December 30 (Wednesday).

Brad, 45, Maddox, 8 and Pax, 6, seemed to all have a blast! Maddox hauled out a stuffed animal prize on the way out!

Brad‘s brother, Doug, also tagged along for the fun!

UPDATE: Pictures added of Pax playing a shooting game at Dave and Buster’s while Brad looked on!

Click the video below of Brad taking the kids to see Angie on-set!

Brad Pitt takes kids to see Angie!

15+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt, Maddox & Pax, the video game guys…

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brad pitt maddox pax video games 01
brad pitt maddox pax video games 02
brad pitt maddox pax video games 03
brad pitt maddox pax video games 04
brad pitt maddox pax video games 05
brad pitt maddox pax video games 06
brad pitt maddox pax video games 07
brad pitt maddox pax video games 08
brad pitt maddox pax video games 09
brad pitt maddox pax video games 10
brad pitt maddox pax video games 11
brad pitt maddox pax video games 12
brad pitt maddox pax video games 13
brad pitt maddox pax video games 14
brad pitt maddox pax video games 15
brad pitt maddox pax video games 16
brad pitt maddox pax video games 17
brad pitt maddox pax video games 18
brad pitt maddox pax video games 19

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  • pete

    awww cute!

  • happy new year

    Happy New Year to the lovely family.

  • 124

    does that kid ever get older????

  • happy new year

    Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves.

  • happy new year

    124 and all those who run around to ruin threads, no need for a million ugly questions. Leave the ugliness and try to have a resolution for a happier New Year.

  • Dee

    Cool Dad…luv maddox and pax!

  • awwwww

    Brad’s brother Doug Pitt was there too. I hope Brad and Angelina are going to Times Square tomorrow night.

  • fresh

    The papz are too much. I wish they would let them be.

  • debra77

    OH.. I see Brad’s brother Doug and his boys were with them. So maybe the Pitts are in town or at least Doug and his family for the New year..

  • lurker

    Great papa Brad.

  • Shar

    Look at Pax smiling, looks like they had such a great time. I will be soo happy when Brad shaves and we can enjoy seeing his sexy face again.

  • Marla from Texas

    Is that Brad’s brother Doug with Brad? Anybody know?

  • Halli

    Jennifer Aniston hides in Brad’s beard. That;s how they can have all those secret meetings without people ever noticing.

  • karen

    They look like they are bringing back a bag of goodies for the other younger kids. really cute..

    I love that Brad seems to spend a lot of time with his family since he and Angie got together.. It must be a lot of fun when all the kids get together..

    thanks Jared the fans have been spoiled big time these two weeks..

  • poor kid

    why would he do this photo-op? Pax is frightened. Pax and maddox are adorable but I feel sad for the child. He is afraid. Hope you idiot fans enjoy these pix or your ugly old man.

  • happy new year

    “poor kid”, find something elase to do other than negative comments in the New Year. It is getting old.

  • poor kid

    how old is his brother? Is he the man trying to protect the child? If so he’s aging better than his brother brad……..must notta been a smoker for 30 + years.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Cute pictures! I see Doug and Brad’s nephew were also there.

  • umm

    Read twitters, papz were going crazy over Brad and his boys.

  • gg

    Brad and his brother take the cousins to some boy time. COOL. 5 hrs till 2010 Happy new year to Brad and Angie ,their family and to all JP fans.

  • karen

    @poor kid:

    go away bit@h.. he went out with his kids.. and the paps and such took pictures. YOU and the other fools love to come to a thread on them and call us names.. Whatever. WE don’t buy rag mags.. that would be you freaks who are pissed that they have loyal fans that enjoy seeing them.. on the rare occasions that we do.. thus all the excitement when they are seen. AND since you are not a fan why the h e l l are you here anyway..

    Run along and spout off to the haters on FF and IUC who need you holy then thou attitude.. We don’t..

  • Jill

    Dang, Madd is getting so handsome! And little Pax is too cute for words.

  • jess

    What a cool family.

  • Luker

    Doug and his sons are in NY visiting the JPs after Angie ruined Christmas for the Pitts in Missouri. I am shocked.

  • gg

    Omg I meant to say 5 hrs till it will the last day of 2009. You can tell I already start the party haha good night

  • luvangie4ever

    Good Daddy. Maddox is the coolest kid ever, there’s something about the way he carries himself.

  • well

    Someone posted here that jp family went to MO for Christmas. I think it is true coz Doug Pitt is with them now.

  • good-looking family

    It was a good idea to go to D&B on a weekday in the afternoon. It’s like a zoo there on weekends. I see that Pax is a big fan of monkey.

  • spike

    you peple complaining about the paps,are u serious?stop being hypocrites so u forget you are on a celeberty website??

  • http://justjared bermy girl

    Hi JP fans!

    I was wondering if that was Doug Pitt with Brad, Maddox and Pax before it was commented on here. The two men are stamped with similar noses and of course those delicious dimples.

    Maybe the whole Pitt clan is gathering in NY? Great to see the family bonding in any event.

  • Passing Through

    Pax is such a little cutie! And his outfit is cracking me up. Now HE has on the skull and crossbones stocking cap…with a NO Saints jersey. LOL. These kids are clearly dressing themselves…
    I see Doug and his kids in some of the pix, so it’s going to be really fun watching Star and OuttaTouch contort themselves next week with claims that Brad’s family were forced to go to NYC for New Year’s because Angie wouldn’t go to Missouri for X-mas…

  • wow

    Love Brad and his family.

  • who_cares_who_dares

    I bet Shiloh will get what they have on as hand me downs for netxt year, bet it will come in handy as they always dress her in boys clothes

  • JPS no.1

    Kiss my behind.

  • lisa

    It is so funny how pissed the haters are.. ALL the dreams they put into negative stories abut the couple.. All the negative stories came out and in a matter of days a few pics of a HAPPY FAMILY just show how stupid the lies are and that this is a Family.. A FAMILY.. two people who love each other and their 6 children..

    Who could not want the best for them.. Doug’s sons are really big. Madd and Pax must have a lot of fun playing with their older cousins..

    And haters keep posting the rags lies.. keep doing it.. it just highlights how stupid you all are. and the jp just keep going..

    just wonderful to see.. they are putting a BIG STAMP ON ALL THE LIES AND RUMORS.. SUCK IT BIT@HES BIG TIME.. SUCK IT HARD..

  • Ozzie

    The girls visited Mama Ange on set. Now the boys day out playing video games with Uncle Doug and their cousins.

    Outta touched lied again?! I am shocked and the world is shocked! Ange didn’t ruin the holidays…???

    Brad’s family must adore Angie. She gave their son/brother the family he wished for. Plus Brad sees more of his family now.

    Love the bag of goodies Doug is carrying. For the girl’s and twins?

  • sharon

    Brad looks sexy as always. Mad and Pax look cool.

  • Passing Through

    Ruh roh…I can see it now. OuttaTouch is gonna say that in this pic Brad was reading a sext message from X…

  • an oldie

    So Angelina ruined the Pitts’ Xmas in Missouri, that’s why they are now punishing her by spending New Year with her? LOL.

  • lisa

    @Passing Through:

    oh PT . we already had a hater trying to start that claim.. All the crap about Charlie and Brooke.. and the taps put a story (FAKE) about Brad/Angie.. I guess even in the light of the truth they can’t let go of the Brange. just really sick..

    And one more point of notice. I always see the same JP fan names on most sites.. YET if you notice the haters never keep the same name post to post. We always see a variety of names.. funny how when a picture shows the truth.. they run and we don’t see some of the names again until some negative rumor is out there. YET when we see a cute picture that shows how happy the family is they are MIA.. hmmmm I see a pattern..

    Anyway.. I can’t believe how many pictures we have gotten of the family.. a perfect way to cap off 2009… (clapping loudly)

  • Aussie Girl

    Love seeing this family and love that the J-P’s are just living there life,while haters/trolls make up stories that NEVER happen!!

    Poor Kid–So b/c Brad had a kids,every-time he goes out it’s a photo-op???Do you expect him and Ange to live inside the rest of there lives b/c of bitter posters like you??

  • Ozzie

    @Passing Through:

    Darn it, PT. There was me thinking…Ange texted Brad to tell him, ‘date night’, as Ma and Pa Pitt offered to babysit ;) *g*

  • AGA

    I bet they were all having a wonderful time till the paps showed up!!
    It must be a bit weird for Doug Pitt & his kids,who are’nt really used to it.

  • pokeman

    awww! the boys are so cute. spending time with dad & uncle and probably cousin(s) too.

  • anja

    These boys are so cute, glad they had so much fun! Great days for JP fans, first Zee and Shi, now Mad and Pax – love this family.
    I do feel sad for kids (especially Zee and Pax, they seem scared of flashes and people shouting), it’s not easy for them to be stalked every time paps see them. But it’s not their parents’ fault, they’re doing everything to protect them. We haven’t seen them for like two months, many celebrity kids can be seen almost every day and they are much less famous than JP

  • dani

    Thanks for the pics! Great family time for the boys at Buster and Daves.

  • xxx

    great family who will spend time together on new year’s eve while Maniston only family : Dolly and Norman will be there to keep her company.
    I bet they will share those dog food as a meal. and wish each other season greatings in woof woof way which is better than thinking thoughts anyway.
    oh and don’t forget jenhags, next week : grand caucus in Maniston home for you. You wil be able to whine and cry the whole day for the 5th years anniversary of the burrial of the deceased golden couple fauxmarriage.

  • Some Bunny

    Wow great pictures of Brad and his two sons. They look like they are having a great time in NYC. That Pax has a smile I could never say no to. And such well behaved boys, in every picture they are always right next to their mom and dad, not horsing around and being little hams. Must be hard being child celebrities, especially when your a JP. I am pretty sure my little son would not be as cooperative with the paparazzis.

  • Sam

    Awesome dad and cute kids.

  • firemandatingsite

    Wow, PR offensive against the book