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Olivia Munn: New Year's Eve 'Family Emergency'

Olivia Munn: New Year's Eve 'Family Emergency'

Olivia Munn was set to host‘s New Year’s Eve bash on Thursday at Klutch nightclub in Miami, Fla.

The 29-year-old Maxim cover girl sends her apologies for not being able to attend due to a “family emergency.”

We’ll be looking out for G4′s Attack of the Show host to update her Twitter followers about her “emergency.” Our well wishes go out to Olivia and her family!

Twilight‘s Kellan Lutz is still on for hosting along with DJ Cassidy spinning for‘s New Year’s Eve party. Ticket info at!

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  • CanadaGirl

    “Olivia Munn was set TO host…” :)
    Pretty girl.
    Have fun at your party JJ.

  • Mary

    family emergency = NYE with Chris Pine

    It would be so hilarious to see some pictures of them celebrating the New Year together!!

    p.s.: This picture is outrageous :)))

  • Purty

    She’s half Chinese.

  • Baby

    Hope everything is fine with her..

  • longchamp

    she jon gosselin’s long lost sis?

  • You/Me

    Unless someone is dying then it was a very s h i t t y thing for her to cancel on JJ like that. And if she did it to please her boyfriend then the girl is pathetic anyway. Kellan can carry it off by himself, he was the main draw anyway :)

  • Nitty

    Wow…JJ kind of just put her on blast. Basically, they are saying they think liv’s family emergency is BS.
    Guess she won’t be covered by them anymore, thought I suspect the paps will be on Chris Pine big time now.

  • Ash

    I hope she gets caught out in Vegas or something on NYE. Please Jared, put her on blast if so. Unless someone is in the hospital and dying, she shouldn’t have canceled on you.

  • ?

    I doubt it has to do with Pine. Why would she have agreed to it in the first place since they were already “dating” when she landed the gig and had already been snapped out together? Maybe she really does have an emergency. If she gets seen out with Pine over the next day or two we know she’s a pathetic b!tch who let her bf dictate her life OR his PR told her to honor her contract and not act like such a media wh00re.

  • lakers fan in boston

    hopefully she’s not lying
    but i honestly wouldnt be surprised if the on new years, i saw pics of her with that star trek guy
    if she did cancel just 2 hang out with him, i agree jared, u should bash this bitzch
    i think she’s a bitzch deep down anyway, i hate her i love geeks fake personality

  • funny munny

    I would hope that if he did have a problem she, self proclaimed strong woman, would say, I’m sorry but I made this commitment, I won’t do any more things like this in the future and I won’t mention your name when I am doing this job but since I did make the commitment I will honor it. Him being a reasonable person would understand that I would hope. If she simply faked an emergency that’s very unprofessional of her. Business is business, you honor your commitments, you don’t let your boyfriend dictate your life and if he is understanding and kind he would understand that even if she realized in retrospect this was a mistake she would have to honor her promise.

  • cilly

    @funny munny:

    usually for commitments like this you aren’t paid until you show up. so more than likely no money was given. i do think chris’ people told her to stay at home. i have been following her on twitter long enough to know that if she did in fact have a family emergency she wouldn’t tweet about it anyways. she’s laying on twitter and more than likely in person until this thing is over. we probably wont see her again until after new years when she returns to work.

    it does sound like to me jared as put her on notice. basically telling her if i see you this weekend in la i will bury you.

  • Nurse Jill

    Wow she is pretty

  • Liv

    Check her twitter Jared. This chick played you!!

  • @ LIV

    Totally. And she’s playing everyone. Don’t believe the hype.

  • smells fishy

    You in cahoots with Munn, JJ? You imply that she has some ulterior reason for not hosting and now Munn twitters about being in an apartment for two days wink wink wink? Ah, I love the smell of PR in the evening. She NEVER told her fans she’d be at the JJ party, which is not like her since she tells them sh!t like that all the time. Suspicious if you ask me. Meaning she was never going and didn’t want them buying tickets when she knew she wouldn’t go. I love a good stunt. Expect apartment leaving pics soon. Mark my words.

  • smells fishy

    Well played, Munn. Well played. Say you’re going to host a Gossip party, watch the fans say how out of character it is for Pine to date someone who would do that. Never tell your fans on your website or twitter to buy tickets to see you. “Cancel” due to a “family emergency” and then twitter about being holed up in an apartment thus proving how non-famewh****y you are and that it MUST be serious with Pine because suddenly you are respecting his privacy. Well played, my friend.

  • cilly

    seems to me jared believes he got lied too, which he did. jared will bury her and pine both. i hope he really likes her because if he doesn’t its about to be a bumpy ride for both.

  • cilly

    and dont think for a second that just because she isn’t doing the party he’s done with her. he’s not trust me there will more to come.

  • smells fishy


    Nah, Jared is totally in on it, IMO. Maybe not but either way she never planned on going to this party. Or she would have told her fans to buy tickets. She is all about self promotion and yet was oddly silent about this event. This is a PR stunt extaordinaire by Munn. I know talent when I see it. Kudos to you, lady.

  • smells fishy

    p.s. There will be no burial. JJ will post pics and be coy about how she cancelled for the family emergency of fckuing her boyfriend but she will get her PR and Pine will get his and that is what matters. Pine is getting exactly what he needs out of this, trust.

  • cilly

    @smells fishy:

    so how long do you think this relationship will last? something tells me this isn’t a real realtionship to begin with.

  • smells fishy


    As long as the contract stipulates? Just joking (kind of). I say six months tops. Until Spring or Pine goes to film his next film, whichever comes first.

  • hmm

    i knew it and i totally called this last night – she is a piece of work!! all of her geeky fanboys who kiss the ass (and tits) she constantly puts in their face really have her going!!!
    “family emergency” = “stowed away in an apt”?!?! maybe she just can’t help herself – she doesn’t go presumably to be with him and/or respect his feelings and then she sends that tweet?!?!
    i really can’t figure out what the hell is going on here but i can say that if this is the type of woman he deals with – i think i am starting to like him less

  • cilly


    i dont care what people say, he was made to dump audrina. people can say it was a one night stand all they want, he was told to dump her. i think like smells fishy might be right. it may just be one pic with them both and jared will say what he has to and then be done with it.

  • cilly

    btw his next movie will be the art of making money. star trek and jack ryan dont even have scripts yet.

  • Waldo

    so she cancels on a gossip blogger to either handle a family situation OR to be with her man. so what.
    it’s New Years and anyone else would do the same thing. she canceled on Just Jared, it’s not like she canceled on the People or The Vogue New Years Eve party.

  • Where’s Waldo?

    Big deal? It wasn’t a private party that she called a buddy and said she couldn’t go. She was hired to be a host of a party and she bailed and lied about the reason and then bragged on her twitter as to the true reason. A professional doesn’t behave that way. It’s amateurish and pathetic. Make all the excuses you want but it shows her lack of respect for work that she agreed to do.

  • Waldo

    @Where’s Waldo?:

    i must be missing something. how did she lie about it? what was her true reason that you are talking about?

  • Where’s Waldo?

    She (or her rep) claim she had to pull out due to a “family emergency”. Her twitter speaks of a relaxing peaceful time stowed in an apartment. That doesn’t sound like a family emergency to me. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Here’s the tweet in case you did miss it,

    Been stowed away in an apartment for the last 2 days.. It was peaceful and quiet and a perfect way to round up 2009.

  • cilly

    @Where’s Waldo?:

    a.k.a i was screwing chris pine for 2 days straight. i hope she’s devastated in a big way when he dumps her ass.

  • cilly

    i think the best way to get her back is by not giving her publicity at all. just stop giving it to her. that’s what she wants and if it stops she will go back to being a tv host on a shitty channel.

  • cilly

    oh she’s sorry people thought she was gonna be in miami. JARED BURY HER I MEAN GET HER GOOD. if you do she won’t have to worry about her movie star boyfriend. he’ll dump her.

  • Waldo

    Honestly, it doesn’t seem like she cares. Why would he dump her? If she was really there or any of this was true, hell, he was most likely right there when she tweeted anything. I can’t see her wanted to share her private business with complete strangers either way. i have to say again, she didn’t cancel on a major entity. She’s basically saying she doesn’t care what jj put out there, so once again, big deal.

  • Mary

    Hopefully, there are gonna be some pictures of them. I mean it’s not so hard 1 pap is at Oli’ s place and 1 pap is at Chris’ place ->and DONE!!!
    That post would be priceless!!!!

    Seriously, everybody knew that this is not really an emergency but still there was that 1% concern in everybody’s mind “what if it’s true and somebody is dying”. So, this was disgusting. REVENGE Just Jared

  • smells fishy

    IF people thought she’d be in Miami? IF? As though people had the wrong idea? Please, Olivia. Spare the false apology and just admit you calculated this sh!t.

    She’s goading Pine’s fans and laughing her ass off. Let’s say it’s true, she’s been having marathon sex with Pine the last 2 days at his apartment. Why twitter about it? This is not her private twitter, its her public twitter for her fans and self promotion. When she already gave a false excuse to JJ about this party she then makes that loaded remark to what end? She’s trying to rub it in his fan’s faces just like she mocked them behind their backs when Chris was kind enough to sign some autographs in Wheeling and Olivia was jealous.

    Don’t give her the satisfaction. Ignore her. I’ve seen famewh***re’s like her at work before.

    P.S. @ Waldo: you’re right, its clearly not a big deal to her, to her its a big joke that she lied to get out of a commitment and then flaunted the truth on her twitter. But it does show her character and it reflects on Pine. You know what they say, if you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.

  • MMA

    More sleep. Less drugs.


    Jared’s twitter

    @oliviamunn can’t DM you if you’re not following! :/

    Seems as if she sent Jared a direct message to what? Explain herself? Ha. Ohhhhhlivia you’re gonna burn for this one. And you’ll take PINE with you. And you’ll both deserve it.

  • cilly

    if i were him i would’t go after pine. he’s an innocent bystander. i would her though, who knows maybe jared doesnt give a crap. does anyone know if jared has his own paps?

  • smells fishy

    Innocent or not Pine will get caught in the crossfire. But I suspect Olivia and her Publicist will smooth this out and the positive coverage will continue on JJ.

    To answer you cilly, no, Jared does not have his own paparazzi. Notice the photocredits on all posts. He gets his pictures from agencies. That said, he might have contacts with individual paparazzi and its well know the paparazzi read this site and follow Twitter as well.

  • roofie

    Maybe she gives them to Pine.

  • Cheryl

    My Two cents.
    One of the things is, it shouldn’t have taken a gossip site to put her on blast before she addressed the issue. The way she is talking, it’s like she never committed to it. Either she has an actual emergency (which would make it difficult to twitter left and right I would think), other plans (most likely), or the tickets weren’t selling. Undoubtedly, some of her fans jumped on the tickets quick just cause she was going to be there, now it appears she isn’t. Some of those fans of hers have a right to be pissed especially since, again, it took JJ for her to even address the fact that she wasn’t going to be there.
    Many websites and blogs are still reporting that she is going to be there. I can see the problems for JJ from that standpoint as peeps will be pissed that she’s not going to be there or that maybe he lied about her involvement. As far as her twitters, she should really keep her personal life and actions behind the camera private. She lets people in way too much into her private life. When you do that, people think they have the right to know everything which in the end, is her own fault for sharing private things in the first place.
    I am giving her the benefit of the doubt that her private issues are legitimate, but if she is lying, that doesn’t reflect well on her at all and I would have to say that if she is spotted out somewhere tonight, it will really look salty. Hopefully, that’s not the case.

  • Chef Jacke

    Who knows? Maybe she has a prescription.

  • Mike

    I guess everyone missed the intrusive photos JustJared posted of her last week – pretty tasteless. “condom-gate” Ooohhh Aaahhh – stupid stunt to pull on someone you want to have host your NYE party. I say good for Munn – best way to deal with dumbass is walk away.

  • hmm

    actually the condom photos were posted BEFORE (several weeks ago, not last week) she was listed as a host for the party…not after.
    which means she knew about them (she even commented on them on twitter) and still agreed to host the party!!!
    so that doesn’t wash….

  • cilly

    she knew about the pics.

  • Ann

    “She’s goading Pine’s fans and laughing her ass off.”

    Really?? this Z-list wannabe who doesn’t know to spell “quiet” and eats sausages and jumps in chocolate pies for a living? No sh*t!

  • Ann

    why does her head remind me of an egg?
    Egghead Mutt uh, Munn

  • hmm

    well…apparently she is saying that she had a legit reason and pulled out before this week and is laying the whole “family emergency” bit on JJ!!
    this broad really is something else!
    let’s just say that’s true, does she really expect everyone to believe that she didn’t know she was still listed as a host?
    doesn’t she have “people” i.e. manager, PR to check that kind of stuff?
    not sure that it matters anyway because she still agreed to do it in the first place which doesn’t say much for her – no offense to JJ – but how can you claim to want privacy and host a party for a gossip site (albeit one of the more decent sites) but still gossip!!!!
    you don’t hear kellan lutz crying out for privacy lmao
    the things people do for some shine…make it go away!!!!

  • @hmmm

    Where did she say she pulled out a week ago? Why would Jared wait til the last minute to inform people? Sorry, not buying it. Yeah, she’s a real piece of work. I’d be scared if I were Pine. When its over she could go all Single White Female on him, air dirty laundry on twitter, talk about how inadequate he is. She can’t hardly shut up now, when she’s been scorned? LOOK OUT! LOL.