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Kate Gosselin: Reality Dating Show? VIDEO!

Kate Gosselin: Reality Dating Show? VIDEO!

Who wants to date Kate Gosselin? Calling all suitors!

Reality star Kate Gosselin reportedly may be set to star in her own reality dating show, following the canceling of her previous show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, according to Popeater.

The 34-year-old single mother of eight was seen walking around in a bright pink outfit on Wednesday (December 30).

WHAT DO YOU THINK about a reality dating show with Kate Gosselin – YAY or NAY?

Kate Gosselin Heads to Starbucks

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  • donna

    you know…i really don’t like kate at all. She needs to be where her priority is right now but i may watch this. Kate is the most insecure and narcissistic woman and putting her in an awkward situation such as blind dates would be soo funny. “oh my word…you didn’t wash your hands after you just came from the bathroom?!”


  • Diana


  • Madi-Emma

    This woman needs to go back and take care of her children. I’ve never seen someone so obsessed with being famous with the exception of Speidi but at least they’re only hurting themselves. It’s pathetic and sad for those kids, give it up already. And the channels/networks encouraging this are despicable.

  • Pandora

    Uh, no. I think not. She’s got a large litter of kiddies she needs to focus on rather than her need to have the camera focused on her disgruntled leathery mug. Who’d watch?

  • bob

    wow, since she can’t pimp her kids out anymore now she’s going to pimp herself out now. LOL. Priceless. $5 for sucky sucky

  • Rhonda

    won’t watch anything this woman is in! period!

  • fran

    - hope she dates an axe murderer

  • toptwitsblog

    We’d watch it, but we don’t like it…. so it’s pretty much like every other thing with Jon and Kate

  • Cathey

    Dear TLC

    No one wants to watch anything about this woman or her soon to be ex husband. The need to fade off in the distant and stay there. For their childrens well being!

    Not a fan

  • ck_always

    No, not interested. More Jersey Shore please, that show is the best thing on television since the 90s.

  • Dell

    Forget reality dating Kate – concentrate on your kids instead. They don’t need a reality step-dad either!

  • flo

    This chick just got rid of her kids father last week and she is already looking for a replacement. Who in their right mind would want to date this shrew unless they were looking for fame or into abuse. Kate said her kids were her number one priority, the reason she wakes up every morning, how about staying home and gettin the kids some help and letting them heal from the last year of chaos and change.
    Set her up with Charlie Sheen or Chris Brown and let them finish her off.

  • TJ

    Kate screwed up here kids bad. Especially the older ones, those twins are a mess. All of the six seem super slow too.

    Kate is a b.itch. She doesn’t care about her kids, Jon does, she puts those kids last on her list.

    I hate Kate.

  • Lisa


  • Lisa


  • Ms Anonymous

    Nobody would want her! She abuses men~!

  • scam artist

    anything but get a real job

  • Jammin

    Think about it like this…. If Kate makes money then it will go to supporting her children. I think it’s very obvious that Kate loves her kids and is trying to get them ahead in life. Think about it. If you had the opportunity to make your children rich,wouldn’t you? I think this is actually better. The kids aren’t getting cameras stuck in their faces. Kate will go to work OCCASIONALLY, less than a normal mom.. The kids will get their college paid for and giant trust funds! I would definitely watch!

  • Jammin

    Btw… to the ones who say Jon really cares about the kids….

    Why does it seem like Kate almost always has atleast one kid with her?

    Why didn’t Jon fight for primary custody of his children?

    Why were pics of Jon partying at bars taken and none of Kate?

    Why did Jon publicly bash Kate and Kate refused to admit some things on tv for the sake of her children?

    Why did Jon go and buy a sports car when Kate bought an SUV?

    Why did Jon start dating Hailey, a woman who stated that she was in no hurry to meet his children?

    I can go on and on and on with this….

  • Cayanne

    Kate needs to do her job and take care of her family! End of the story!

  • Cayanne

    Kate needs to do her job and take care of her family! End of the story!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    i pray we don’t see her face on here next year (tomorrow) ahahaha

  • Jammin

    Sorry, but you can’t support your family if you don’t work. She needs a job. This would offer her lots of money. She would also get to be home with her kids a lot more than someone who goes to work every morning.. I honestly cannot understand why everyone thinks this is a bad thing! Whether you like Kate or not… she is MAKING MONEY TO SUPPORT HER CHILDREN and give them a better opportunity in life!

  • shortsinglesdating

    No thanks, she has too many kids, but I do want to get rich and exploit myself for fame and money

  • Kirbee

    I wish you well Kate.

    I’m not into dating shows but I love THIS sexy sexy woman!

  • lisa

    -so what’s the premise of the show-
    She berates a panel men,makes them rub her ugly feet and do chores and then gets to choose who’s least worthless ?

  • Go Ask Alice

    Cut the bull with she needs to support her family.

    hey, fine,then get a job….on that IS ON CAMERA for FAME AND FORTUNE.

    Jon is out. Now, you Kate fans, need to take her out and off the fame merry-go-round.

    Enough of these fame hounds as the year draws to an end.

  • just sayin’

    Please keep this wrench off tv, I beg of you!!

  • Danny


    You have an ugly girls name. Does your mother hate you?


  • Iris

    @Jack: I think you took the words right out of my mouth…

  • Ashlee

    Is this bitch still around?

  • Lisa


  • Carlota

    God! NAAAAAAAY. I hate these people that are only famous, because they are. Wow, she has 8 kids. What about other people that have 10 in Africa? Make a reality-show about them. Grrrr. I. HATE. THE. GOSSELINSSSSS. NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

  • Susan

    Well, at least she will be bringing in some income to support her kid’s and lifestyle.

  • dawne

    She got used to the big $$$$$ so we owe her another opportunity to keep it rolling in……..NOT. She is one of the coldest manipulating bishes I have ever seen on the small screen. Why not line her up with Bill Maher and we can watch as he takes his pound of flesh and reminds the world how much he hates kids. Now that would be worth watching. He’d step on her ego like it was a piece of gum stuck to his shoe. Someone needs to put this fame ho in her place………oblivion.

  • dawne

    TLC is overlooking that other egocentric contol freak fame ho with no talent, J. Aniston……….put those two toxic bi*tches on as a duo because neither one fo them can find a man to stay with them. And Khate, that pink outfit is disgusting………..I know you think you are so hot, but you ain’t. Sexy is a state of mind, and you haven’t got it. Poor Jon should have put you in your place a long time ago instead of reverting to his teens in defiance.

  • KAR


    Did not watch too much but how did she have 8 kids… we alll have to support our kids and it is hard. We all have normal jobs that require a skill. No you should not make money off of your kids with cameras in your home. How can you live a normal life that way. She is so abuseive and I think Joh is smart to leave that evil woman. She is so insecure to belittle others. She needs mental help not more reality TV. My opinion- we all have one.

  • Ava rose

    so if i want to be famous, I need to birth out a liter of kids and use the, “well i need to support my family and provide income”-excuse to get on TV.

    That’s low kate…using your kids for your own gain.

  • KAR


    Kate sexy? EWWW WHAT ARE YOU ON? Are you an imate?

  • KAR

    @Ava rose:


  • whatevs

    I heard about this from someone who is apparently in the know. They say it’s going to be called “Kate needs a date”

    I think they should call it ” c u n t and her new publicity stunt” sounds more fitting.

  • lakers fan in boston

    this is exactly why i wasnt on any1 sides between jon and kate
    because they’re both famewhores
    really kate….another show, after 1 just f’ed up ur whole family
    i hope it doesnt get made, she’s nothing but a famewhore
    go concentrate on ur kids instead

  • Lillianne

    I was totally against this until I realized this is an opportunity for her to meet her perfect match – only another certified famewhore would agree to be on this show with her. Still wouldn’t watch it though.

  • FaithLynette

    If Kate Gosselin (or Jon, for THAT matter) never appeared on tv, in magazines, on websites EVER again ~ I would not miss them one bit. They *both* (IMO) should be making their 8 children their highest/main priority right now ~ and trying to concentrate on being the best PARENTS they can possibly be!

  • anon

    who the hell would want to date that narcissistic hag?

  • John

    @Jammin: “Jammin”, Are you sure this isn’t Kate???

  • anon

    Kate looks like post-steroid exercise baseball player. Thick with foobs.

  • mary

    Love Kate! Wish her the best. She has been there for her children through it all and will continue to be the responsible parent. Jon was dating before the divorce was finalized, Angelina was trying to have a baby with Brad before his divorce with final. Yet a mother who has been lonely for a while doesn’t have the right to date? Double standard! I hope Kate finds some one who will take care of her for change. Jon words can be charming but the buck/responsible parent/partner was always Kate. (ex. hair plugs – reminding Jon that he wasn’t suppose to wear a hat – the man put on a hat after the physician said not too – then Jon stuck his tongue out at her -childish!) Wish for Kate a responsible, caring, loving man for her and the children!

  • NAY

    TLC will do anything to try and exploit the Gosselin children even more. America has had enough of this over-exposed self-absorbed b!tch, who thinks she is entitled to every perk and freebie she desires. Get a real job Kate, you are past your expiration date. No more rounds of news programs with “woe is me” either…dab, dab, dab.

    “mine, all mine, as far as the eye can see”…kate gosselin

  • Tequilaah

    i would love to see kate g on a reality show about looking for love for my own entertainment. what a hoot.