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Natalie Portman Covers "Elle UK" February 2010

Natalie Portman Covers

Natalie Portman looks stunning on the February 2010 cover of Elle UK magazine.

Recently, the 28-year-old actress joined George Clooney and Jeff Goldblum for celebrities who were rumored to be dead.

On Monday, the internet was abuzz when a Google search result displayed that Natalie died in a fall while shooting in New Zealand. The fake news comes on the heels of another rumor that the actress is dating Thor costar Chris Hemsworth.

A rep for Natalie confirmed that the romantic rumor wasn’t true.

Bigger pic inside…

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  • Lowest denominator

    Her left arm looks like a stump.

  • lakers fan in boston

    yeah it does, looks like they photoshopped it 2 much
    like always with covers….
    she looks alright overall, not really impressed, ive seen her look much better

  • Sara

    I love it that she is slowly morphing into Sexay! She looks young enough to still be playing younger roles, but she is definitelymaturing and she isn’t afraid to look glam and hot. I think she is cool!


    She probably the only woman that still looks good bald. Says a lot about her facial qualities.

  • mariel

    Looks, brains, class…what’s not to like? Wish there were more like her, instead of all the talentless floozies who are tripping over each other in the entertainment business.

  • tina

    Nice New Year present. She looks sexy. Why can’t she always have her hair like this and in Brothers, light and stiled. Love her anyway.

  • Liv


    Natalie is awesome AND utterly gorgeous!!

  • LoveLeeR

    gorgeous as always !

  • funkey

    No matter what she does she looks amazing love her, will definatly pick up this magazine.

  • fashionista

    The cover could be nicer from an editorial point of viw but she’s stunning.


    Yuck, she’s so in love with herself.

  • fashionista

    I mean view

  • femguide

    yuck she sucks. she signed a petition to free a rapist bcuz she likes his art. i do not respect that.

  • maggi

    OK, now this is what personafies world class beauty w/class!! Not that nasty Skankalena.

  • Anon

    Hard to realize she’s the same age as Paris Hilton!

    I’m glad she is letting herself grow as an actress and not getting all prim and proper and fakey. Natalie will never let herself be boxed in a corner to only play certain parts over and over and over as if she was scared or something. She is always trying to do different stuff. THat’s why I’m a huge fan of her.

  • sharon

    @femguide: Lord you like a broken record get over it all ready …if that’s all you got on her move on !! I think she looks good and love her movie’s GO NATALIE :)

  • shoe89

    um ok i m just saying that holy shit she looks really sexy and i m a straight girl.

  • tams

    Love Natalie, but I feel bad for the fact that if she is dating Chris Hemsworth, she’ll have to double date w/ Miley Cyrus.

  • OX

    @tams: but I feel bad for the fact that if she is dating Chris Hemsworth, she’ll have to double date w/ Miley Cyrus.
    still better than she’ll have to double date w/ sienna miller in Barbados.


    She’s ridiculously beautiful. Great actress too, she was really good in ‘Brothers’. Aren’t she and Jake G. both single now? Get it together folks!

  • hans

    Yeah because so many hollywood stars have been bald… needs more skin…

  • Alias

    The only enigma is why a person who’s alleged so smart, supports a rapist, hey Nat smoke any good weed lately?

  • truth

    So because she’s beautiful, she’s a good person too? Grow the f*ck up. Anyone who supports a child rapist should be shunned by the rest of society. Raping a child isn’t a small thing. But lucky, lucky, lucky you for living in such a sheltered world that you can think it is.

  • anon

    @truth: Damn, u idiots, u make it sound like RP raped a bubby. She was 13 & already a practised who7e, get it! He didn’t rape her, she sold him her body! She was a who7e!

  • lexy

    Natalie looks great – as usual!! It’s funny how as a movie Brothers got bad reviews but all the critics say the acting is great – just poorly directed/written.
    Hypocrites – stop complaining about Polanski the rapist and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! If you are so concerned about rapists going free – volunteer your time at the many women’s group who lobby to make changes to protect rape victims and make tougher laws against rapists. Stop whining about Natalie Portman and GET OFF YOUR A$$ES AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT OUR LEGAL SYSTEM!!

  • tina

    People who blame Natalie for supporting Polanski need to know that he served his full sentence, after that the judge changed his mind due to media pressure. For that the judge was removed from the case but Polanski was stuck in the middle. Natalie is not standing up for rape, she is against injustice. The same way as she is not against eating ice cream, she takes a stand against cruelty to animals and the farms who unethically produce dairy. She clearly said that if you can find a farm that treats animals ethically you can have ice cream.

  • Tobey

    Go Natalie!

  • rick

    femguide 13

    She signed the petition bc Polanski served his full sentence. It is wrong to add time after sentencing bc some journalists bitch about it. They know nothing about the law, only sensationalism to sell papers. Natalie is against abuse of the justice system and against sentencing Polanski twice. I am sure of it and she is damn right.

  • rick

    How would anyone of you Natalie critics feel if you or someone you love did something wrong and your lawyer made a deal with the prosecutor and the judge and you plead to what they agreed and served full sentence and after that bc of someone else they started to increase your sentence and tell you that the judge and the prosecutor changed their mind and went back on the deal. Would that be justice?

  • rick

    Natalie is smart and caring and brave and I admire her for that. Those of you who think that it is ok for the man to be prosecuted twice and be abused by the justice system should think before you make your stupid comments bc it does make you look stupid.

  • Gasol16

    God! I think this is the most beautiful actresses in HW. Go Natalie! Most intelligent too!

  • Happy

    What I love most is the fact that she’s this amazing actress and getting respect in hollywood and HAS NOT gone the Maxim magazine route like all these other girls. She respects herself. Get it girl and never change :)

  • J.

    @maggi #14 – For fcuk sake it’s 2010. LET IT GO ALREADY!

  • Amy

    Dude, they already did that exact rumour (New Zealand death) for a bunch of other actors. Jeff Goldblum comes to mind.

  • singledoctordating

    I thought she was dating me, typical hollywood actress

  • Cheech

    Why photoshop, she’s a beautiful woman & doesn’t need it? I like to see the real woman, & not the damn photoshop one!

  • Chef Jacke

    They denied the romantic rumor but not the Nat is Dead rumor, hmmm.

  • ?


    They don’t need to deny the dead rumor, that was corrected a long time ago and there were pictures of her after that filming all over the place.

  • shortdating

    I thought she was dating Jake?

  • shoshi

    Natalie Portman is an absolutely gorgeous woman.

  • Stone

    She should’ve asked them to turn up the heat!

  • MMA

    Nice get up!

  • Rumor

    Rumors will almost always surface about an on-set romance between the leading actors/actresses. Hell, I’m still waiting for a confirmation of a romance between Natalie and Hayden when they were filming SW. Now they would make a super cute couple!

  • iptc

    @rumor 43
    Where do you expect to get a confirmation? You need to seek professional help as in therapist.

  • NP sucks

    she supports a child rapists shes not so smart shes a disgrace she should get raped and see how it feels she sucks

  • nicolette

    Where did you get that she supports child rapist? You are really dumb!