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Rush Limbaugh Hospitalized

Rush Limbaugh Hospitalized
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  • Rhonda

    Rush Limbaugh, “Talent on loan from God” Millions are in constant prayer for you. Get well soon and get back to your 20 million listeners.

  • Sara

    I’m not one of his 20 million listeners. I am a LIBERAL. I offer him the very same compassion he has offered to others like me over the years. He is a disgrace to the human race. He is a fear mongerer, a homophobe, a racist, and a sexist.. He has made billions of dollars peddling lies and distorting the truth, and spreading hate. It is frightening that there are 20 million people anywhere who would listen to this carnival barker who has such a destructive, negative message. What fools! He is getting rich at your expense. He laughs at all of you. You buy him his cigars, his mansions, and his illegal prescription drugs. He can tell you to be against universal healthcare for everyone, single payer, PUBLIC OPTION, but he will never have to worry about his healthcare. YOU paid for it. Like I said. I pray for the same thing he would offer for me. And the sooner the better.

  • rust limpdiick

    The real story here is that his lying sack of sheet has a heart. He’s nothing but a corporate shill with a army of angry ill informed dopes. Let’s hope he croaks.

  • LuckyL

    Karma’s a b*tch. God hates ugly.

  • Denise

    Rush does nothing but prey on the weak minded through fear mongering: Someone “different”, usually racial or “Commie” undertones, is going to make you unsafe, take your job, ruin your country, rip you off , destroy your value system,steal your way of life,mislead and lie to you. The goal is to divide and destroy while the very people he represents actually DO all of the things to the average American he speaks of. He is a master of misdirection.
    I’d pray for his demise but another Reich wing nut Pied Piper would pop up in his place and lead the all-too -willing simpletons down the same illogical path.

  • ck_always

    Wait wait wait ..he has a heart?

  • Dang..! maybe next time

    - I was truly saddened to hear that it was only chest pains.

  • yay!!

    Oh please let him die god! Pleeeasse!!!

  • pp

    “A myocardial infarction on loan from Gaawd” —- too bad

  • anon

    not his name on the bottle of little blue pills he was caught with at the airport back from the Dominican Republic, where the child sex trade is offered up to rich Americans. What do you think he was doing? If he wanted hookers, he could have went to Vegas like Tiger.
    Not much sympathy for a big mouth liar pedophile.

  • Cover-Up

    Mister Pill Popper got a bad batch or OD’d…..I’d bet on it.

  • kelly

    I have to confess to being happy last night when I heard the news and nothing has changed.

  • Guinness

    Damn. I concur with #3 post, and #5, and #8, and hell, all of ‘em. rust limpdick and Pale lyne stupid grandma should take a tix to hell together. thx jay jay–git some pics of Daniel already!!!

  • the sooner the better

    He really shouldn’t keep Lucifer waiting

  • Anna

    You all disgust me- he’s a human being, no matter how loud-mouthed or “offensive” and deserves the same respect you’d give to any other person dying. He’s also RIGHT much of the time, even though he exaggerates a lot as well.
    You know what I find to happen? Liberals are the ones always freaking out and cussing at right wing people and taking offense to everything they say. It’s absolutely absurd. Personally, I am neither liberal or right wing (libertarians FTW) but I have definitely heard the hate. You should be ashamed, especially when democrat policy is going to destroy this country’s economy and definitely done its share of the damage over the years.

    Rush Limbaugh, I hope you get better soon.

  • Stone

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  • Chef Jacke

    Avoid the Rush!

  • SubSub

    Bite the dust. He is EVIL!

  • Rush is Right

    Yeah yeah yeah and he’s been right about EVERYTHING! God Speed Rush, Get Well Soon. LIke the Liberal Loons who are now 100% in power are in it for us? HA!!!!!!!! Everyone one is in Hawaii on your dime, including witch Nancy., no one buged, airline TERROR (yep the T word they cant say!) and all, they are still on VACATION. This country has three more years of Liberal Loons running it, and it’s not going to be pretty. Nov 2010 can’t come soon enough. Look for a complete sweep, I hope it’s not too late.

  • Rush is Right


    You don’t have to apologize, or explain anything about Limbaugh! Where were all the people when this same crowd wished awful things on Bush? He is also, a human being. And we were protected for 8 damn years We aren’t anymore. . Rush don’t believe in ‘trials’ for animals for want to blow us all up, Liberals are idiots, end of story…they appease the enemy, as Rush says time and time again, and he is right or not??? Trials in Nyc, for animals who should be hung, what trials???? This is a new world, an appeasing terrorists world, and it’s sickening.
    Sickening, beyond belief.

  • Rush is Right


    as evil as that phony witch Nancy?? Or Micheal Moore, or Moveon?? which? Morons! Moore has said a lot worse and it’s all fine. you all should have been there on 9/11 first hand. This Liberal bunch that Ruch critizes deserves that, and a lot more!!

  • Rhonda

    Its clear Rush Limbaugh is way over your heads. Rush Limbaughs radio show is the number 1 radio show in the country for the last 20 years. He has 20 million listeners and makes 50 million dollars a year on his show alone. There’s no pictures so I’m sure you couldn’t handle it.

  • Don’t stoop to that level

    I certainly don’t agree with his politics but I would never wish him dead. People who do that are proving themselves to be just as low as those bigoted right-wing extremists they criticize. He is a human being even though a terribly misguided one imo. I had hoped his last bout with personal tragedy would ‘mellow’ him somewhat but I was wrong. The man obviously believes what he believes but I believe he’s as wrong as he possibly can be.

  • diepigdie

    The beached whale should die for assisting the Bush administration to run our country right into the F-ing ground with their deregulation of everything, especially Wall Street, fake wars, the partial loss of our civil rights etc. etc.. They sold out America and crushed our economy yet they still have dunces who are convinced that the Liberals are their problem. All’s you have to do is tell the undereducated white trash,
    “Da Librals Did it” and theys all convinced… duhhhhh.Lose your job, lose your health care, lose you rights and freedoms,and starve to death. Rust ‘s masters are the ones who screwed the middle class you idiots.

    Every Righty I’ve ever known is a knuckledragger and not one of them has any idea that they are being played for fools.

    Ex: It only took one week in office for Limpdiick to call the state of our economy ” The Obama Recession ” and all the moronic filthy animals bought it.
    Rust caters to the dumbest of the dumb.

  • A Prayer

    Dear Jaysus,
    Please let this ignorant blimp kick the bucket pronto….. and maybe a few of his idiotic listeners. Thank you sweet Jaysus. I’ll be waiting.


  • gamerdatingsite

    I hope he lives

  • chelsea

    oh thank god, karma is a bitch you stupid fatass. Hope he lives just long enough to see obama pass the health care bill.

    Something is seriously wrong with that “thing” and his mind, because no on the face of the earth is as stupid and ignorant as him.

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow, and i thought i was mean
    i think he’s an a-hole but i dont wish death on him
    nicole looks so cute and even more at my favorite team’s game! =]
    shut up taylor, u annoy me

  • mariel

    Rush Limbaugh, a human being??

    Nah! I’d call him a pig, but that would be an insult—to pigs!

    Don’t worry, conservative mushheads! Your dear bloated hate-mongering windbag didn’t have a heart attack. He was only faking chest pains to get some painkillers. People with brains are hoping he get lots and lots of painkillers, and hopefully they will kill The Pain.

  • lylian

    You all disgust me- he’s a human being, no matter how loud-mouthed or “offensive” and deserves the same respect you’d give to any other person dying. He’s also RIGHT much of the time, even though he exaggerates a lot as well.
    You know what I find to happen? Liberals are the ones always freaking out and cussing at right wing people and taking offense to everything they say. It’s absolutely absurd. Personally, I am neither liberal or right wing (libertarians FTW) but I have definitely heard the hate. You should be ashamed, especially when democrat policy is going to destroy this country’s economy and definitely done its share of the damage over the years.
    I’m not gonna comment on Rush and his policies. BUT I feel I have to say that when the last democrat President, Bill Clinton left office after 8 years in it, he left the American nation with a budget surplus and the Feds paying down the national debt.
    When the last republican President George W Bush left office after 8 years in it, he left the American nation with a huge budget deficit, the size of which was not fully revealed because the war expenses were not fully disclosed. He was on the helm and he did nothing to avert the financial disaster – and indeed contributed to it.
    Capitalism, for all its strengths have always had certain weaknesses. Booms and Busts are part of the pattern of capitalism. However, a nation who builds up in budget surplus during the good times, is much more able to weather the busts – that’s been known since the days of the bible.
    Now, republicans will say that as the American economy is in a BUST, which they helped to create, it’s time to cut back on expenses even if millions of people are thrown out of jobs and even if even more millions of people and their dependents will be uncovered by health insurance coz thats the way it is in America for most people. NO jobs, NO health insurance. But still, republicans say that we should cut expenses, but not teh military expenses of course.
    Yet economic historians and economists who have spent years studying the policies of the 1930′s great depression and the bust years of all capitalistic economist say that in times of bust, it is time for the government to help spend where the private sector won’t to support the economy and prevent the spiral of bankruptcy, loss of confidence and despair.
    So quit blaming the Obama administration who is doing its best, following best known economic advice to date. Will they get it right, we don’t know. No one does. But at least, let’s give the economist a chance to get this one right!!
    The pity isn’t that the Obama administration has to spend money, the pity is that the George W Bush presidency, due to wrong headed policies and starting of the war in Iraq, has not left any MONEY in the kitty to spend.
    And oh, for those who are inclined to blame Bill Clinton for the policies he implemented as the reason why the bust occurred, please. George W Bush had EIGHT (8) years to correct policies he thought was wrong or became wrong (coz what is right can become wrong as circumstances changed) and introduce better policies. That’s what people do all the time. BUT Bush and his cronies didn’t.
    So, Bush and his cronies are STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MESS that Americans find themselves in.

  • remember da truth

    The only thing to take seriously about Rush Limbaugh is his condition.
    How he can get so many people to listen to his lies every day is so sad, but then, this is America, land of the uneducated, people who want only to think in bumper stickers and not listen to facts.

  • seniordatematch

    Get better sooon, America needs a patriot like you

  • rich sottilaro

    Drop dead soon you right wing nut bag!! We don’t need people like yourself telling us what is right and wrong with the country and having idiots believe your lies. Lies that’s what the right wing morons have been doing for years. They like to live in fantasy land declaring the president needs to fail and all the birthers deathers tea party morons running around crying about losing in 2008. Well keep talking because your committing political suicide and I love it!! Palin in 2012!! Bring this idiot
    on I will send money to the campaign because that is an easy win for the dems!!


  • Anna


    I appreciate the semi-coherency and facts you stated in your response, much of which was true.
    However, you seem to forget where the money that Clinton implanted into the budget came from: Social Security, one of the hot button issues. Basically the money and healthcare you’re supposed to receive when you’ve retired? Yeah, that’s gone. I’m not saying Republicans haven’t done their share of hurt- they have- just that they receive all the criticism and the blame for something that began before Bush was in office. Sure, it seemed like everything was under control, but if you look at the graphs, you can chart the decline of the Social Security money right when Clinton instated the budget surplus.

    I in fact supported Obama in early 2008, that is until I looked a little closer at what he is achieving through spending all this money. You seem to have a misconception in regards to economic spending- Americans are supposed to spend, the government is supposed to focus on the economy and budget cuts so that they CAN provide the people with things like improved health care and education.

    And for the record, I don’t really agree with the Iraq War either. Certainly something should have been done, but war should have been the last resort. However, the war has achieved some good (the removal of Hussein from power) as well as bad. Don’t blame Bush and his “cronies” for everything wrong with America; I certainly don’t blame the Democrats for everything, just some things :)

    The point with political parties is that neither are right all the time. Again, I’m a Libertarian, so I don’t approve of the government meddling in affairs it isn’t required to.

    Remember that you’re not going to convince anyone who has stated their firm opinions, because that’s what political parties are made of: opinions. I personally can’t stand many liberals, but that’s a personal thing.

    “If you’re not liberal by the time you’re 20, you’ve got no heart. If you’re not Republican by the time you’re 30 you’ve got no brains.”

  • melchor

    get well soon, anyway please watch this video of tiger woods! really great

  • melchor

    get well soon to Mr. Rush Limbaugh