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Jason Statham is St. Barts Brawny

Jason Statham is St. Barts Brawny

Jason Statham hangs out on a yacht while vacationing with his girlfriend Alex Zosman in St. Barts, French West Indies on Wednesday (December 30).

Looks like the 37-year-old English martial arts actor will be celebrating the new year overseas.

Currently, Jason is wrapping up filming for action-thriller The Mechanic. The film is a remake of the 1972 Charles Bronson film where an aging hitman befriends a young man who wants to be a professional assassin.

10+ pictures inside of Jason Statham enjoying the French West Indies…

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Photos: Fame Pictures, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Maria

    I love Jason, he is hot, and his girlfriend is very pretty

  • Lindy

    I thought he was single? Isn’t this the same girl that used to be with Dean May from 944 magazine?

  • ladylurksalot

    Holy shite! A Jason Statham thread?! I’m floored Jared! I love this man!

  • Maria


    I don’t know exactly photos are you talking about, but Jason and Alex are a couple since 2005 or so ^^

    Sorry for my english :-(

  • CanadaGirl

    Now there’s a man!

  • Ewa

    LOVE JS! Hope Santa has brought him a razor! ;o)

  • i-hate-stupid-bitches

    maria, no one said anything about photos so i’m not sure what the hell that’s all about. last time i checked someone questioning alex’s past relationship(s) is not referring to photos.

    and haven’t you’ve been told many times that jason & alex have been on & off for years?? ya, you have. maybe you need to stop drooling over this man, all the damn time, & incessantly looking up his photos and learn to comprehend the english language.


  • i-hate-stupid-bitches

    oh, i forgot to add my pathetic worshiping of this man.

    omg! he’s so hot. best looking man to ever walk this earth. i wish he were mine. yummy…. blah blah blah blah. he’s an average man. he’s not ugly but he’s not gorgeous. he plays the same damn character in every freaking movie. he has no depth & little talent. ya, i can see why you all love him. >rolls eyes<

  • atrium

    Daaamn, Jason’s Hooot

  • All Women Stalker

    Hello, Crush. Haha. I don’t mind him playing the same character over and over again. The film industry needs its action heroes.

  • singledoctordating

    His last gf had bigger cans

  • singledoctordating

    He should date katie price

  • i-hate-stupid-bitches


    his last gf may have had bigger cans but this one has a bigger gut. that pic of her leaning over is disgusting.

  • firemenfriends

    I wonder who would win in a fight, him or billy zane

  • kinky


    Katie Price is too smart for Jason. And, no that’s not a compliment for Katie. He needs some dipsh!t, airhead that makes him feel somewhat intelligent. Hence the reason he dated Kelly, Sophia & now this dipstick. Paired next to those 3 he’s a friggin Einstein.

  • lindy

    I have seen over and over again on the internet that this Alex Zosman is a paid escort, and people have blogged what a nut she is, is this true? Surely Statham isn’t that stupid? I did see a video clip of her and him on TMZ “cue the shrew” where she goes off on him going into a club. What’s the real deal with them?

  • Chef Jacke

    Looks like he needs to get back to working out.

  • i-hate-stupid-bitches


    ya, she was a paid escort & yes statham is that stupid. a good deal of people in la will tell you all about the nasty person alex is & what she has done. she wanted a rich man & would f*ck anyone & anything to get what she wanted. she’s used to her semi-rich daddy taking care of her & she wanted to be kept in that lifestyle, if not a better one, without lifting a finger.

  • Charlotte

    Jason and Alex, beautiful pair (couple). I like to see them united.

  • shortdating

    I love his movies!

  • whoah

    @stupid bitches. Do you know this? there seems to be some debate over how rich her father is or isn’t. she definitely seems money hungry from her post on the internet and she seems not too nice. plus she isn’t too pretty so I wonder why statham wants her maybe he needs to date down to feel like a man.

  • i-hate-stupid-bitches


    yes i know this, as does half of los angles & miami. seriously, if you ever come to la (assuming you don’t live here) ask around about alex zosman. what people say about her & her nasty attitude will surprise you. she is NOT well liked here, at all!

    as for her family money. they’re not filthy rich but they’re comfortable. dad is in real estate development & mom is a realtor. nothing too special but, then again, neither is she.

  • why-oh-why

    why in the world does he continue to see her? she must have done quite a bit of damage to have so many haters. but it seems like they are made for each other, people say he is rude, crude and has a attitude to match hers. I used to be a fan, following his career for several years, but it’s amazing how people think celebrity and money make a difference. when it comes down to it, most of the dependable, “have your back” kind of people are everyday, hard working people we probably look over every day. I have never heard of any charities or see any reports of Statham “giving back” reported anywhere, it makes you want to take back your $$$ that you have spent supporting their “lifestyle”
    I like his movies, but he seems like he’s just acting like himself more and more. Maybe he needs a reality check and I’ll get one too and find something more useful to do with my time.

  • Tiger

    Does someone know her personally and about her past (whether it is really true)…on the pics they look really happy together…but often there was the rumor that they have an on and off realtionship…

  • ororo

    Since I read about her 2 years now I do not go to his movies. If you are with someone like this it says something about you. I feel like part of any dollar I woul give to him would go in her pocket and I won’t subsidize her. Signs all point to one thing. He can’t be such a great guy if he thinks she is worth an iota of time. I expect Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen to associate with tramps. He is t-ing up to be in that league.

  • abcde

    Have found some really “nice” pics of her…so I can believe that she has really done the s*** what people write here…

  • i-hate-stupid-bitches


    what part of my posts are difficult for you to comprehend? would i be on here speaking about her if i didn’t know her personally? NO!! listen to me & try hard to understand…. i know her & have for a few years. she’s not a nice person. in fact, she’s one of the biggest b!tches you’ll ever met, and since i consider myself to be one the evilest b!tches around, my statement should speak volumes. she’s all about money & living a certain lifestyle. she doesn’t care what she has to do to get it or who she has to screw or screw over.

  • i-hate-stupid-bitches

    and to those questioning statham & his character. he’s just as f*cked as her. he’s not as nice as some think he is, he has a very nasty side to him. he doesn’t give a rats a$$ about anyone but himself. he’s selfish and, to be blunt, a major d!ckhead.

  • theethuicist

    Heh, heh, Jason is a nice reward for living a morally empty lifestyle mooching off of others. Not a great message coming from the universe, is it? What’s the message to his kids one day- oh momma had to do what she had to do to survive and she met me so it all worked out in the end! But don’t you go doing that- you won’t have to, I’ll always have a check to cover you for the rest of your life. You can sleep with who you like in hollywoodtown, but you can do it for free!

  • edamame

    @abcde: @abcde:
    what pics are you talking about ? where?

  • woxy
  • Defiled!

    I hate to break it to you, but you don’t sounds like the evilest bitch around…or how do you define evilest bitch around? Hey you call a spade a spade. That’s not so evil in my book.

    Here’s what I don’t get: it makes sense if she is this way that he is a bit of an a-hole to be with her, but if he is as selfish as you say, and only cares about #1, how does this relationship work. She is happy as long as she has money and stuff and he treats her like sh_t? Because if he only cares about himself, I don’t see him getting all lovey gooey over someone like this. Any insight? or does he actually treat her with respect?

    He did look like he was into kelly and seemed like a nicer person then.


    The Jason blinded by lust Cougar fans don’t like her much either. One of them called her a day old sandwich and they call her “Cheese Whiz”. Maybe she is just ‘misunderstood’, Ha ha! LOL!

    Anyway girl seems estranged from her family. her sisters have 500+ pictures on facebook and not a one of alex. I wonder how they feel about her. And How does Steve Chasman feel about it? Does he encourage it? Leave it alone since j is his cash cow?

  • BeepBeep

    Alex lives in London going to art school right now. Her family talks to her, her mom even blogged on her daughter’s facebook page about Alex coming to visit so so much for your theory. But I do wonder if they are deluded enough not to know about her past.

  • weiry

    Looks like Mama Zosman is very delinquent on her tax bill.
    funny relationship these zosmans have with money. Maybe she could try some of the jobs Alex has done to pay the bills.

  • Stone

    Can we talk? The guys got man boobs. Having a 6 pack abs does NOT help if there;re crown with man boobs. Can’t someone out there let him know this?????

  • AliBaba

    @Stone. Alex doesn’t care that he has Moobs. She cares that he has cash and is hot. Especially the cash.

  • i-hate-stupid-bitches


    They each take from the relationship what they want. He has, what he deems, a hot chick on his arm. Someone who can, and will, do anything he says/wants and sex anytime he wants it. She gets to live the ‘hollywood’ life. drive expensive cars, beautiful vacations, money in the bank & she gets to call herself a celebrity’s gf. They’re off more than they’re on. they fight incessantly. but they always come back to each other because it’s a convenience, not love.

    Oh, and he doesn’t get all lovey-dovey with her, or anyone. He may have with kelly, at times, but that ship has sailed. as for how he treats her, he treats her okay. like i said, he gets what he wants from her, and she from him. they fight constantly. i guess there’s some mutual respect, but not much.

    and to address the comment about alex being estranged from her family. that’s somewhat the case. she still speaks with her parents but her sisters really don’t have, nor want, much to do with her.

  • GolfPro

    @ I hatestupid beyotches: why don’t the sisters like her? Is it the rumors of her ‘job’ that embarrases them or is she just mean to them? Do her parents wonder why she turned out a certain way?What I don’t see about the ‘job’ rumors if her parents were rich didn’t they give her money to pay rent so she wouldn’t have to do that?
    Does Statham pay all her bills or does she pay anything herself? looks like he got her the car but does he pay rent and credit card bills?
    It makes sense to have a girl who is available when you want her but is she really that hot in person? #34 says she is in London so they must not see each other that often anymore no? Will Statham marry her if she gets preggers?

  • MMA

    Who’s yacht did he steal?

  • abcde

    @edamame: Visit and than search for Allie…

  • i-hate-stupid-bitches


    i have no clue why her sisters don’t have anything to do with her, you would have to ask them. it may be because they, okay one, is a professional & do not wish to associate with such a…. nevermind. i’m pretty sure the younger ones still speak to her on occasion but the older ones couldn’t care less about her.

    as for paying her own bills….hahahahahaha!!!! i’m sorry but that was hilarious. i’m not trying to be nasty with you but that really was funny. she doesn’t pay for a thing (maybe she’ll pick up the check now & again-which is his money anyways) & she doesn’t lift a finger around the house!!! he pays her bills, he buys her things. i guess that’s his way of showing affection. when he doesn’t get her what she wants, she throws a tantrum. she ‘lives’ with him, unofficially of course, when she’s in town. oh, and he’s paying for her to go to sotheby’s art school. like i said, she pays for nada!!

  • GolfPro

    I wonder if all that money buys Statham her sexual exclusivity also. I wanna say I don’t get why he doesn’t just date around, and I wanna say he is off his rocker, but I guess cause most women start wanting more of a commitment after the relationship goes on and maybe this one is happy to be available to him without future promises. But it would be cheaper for him if he rented it by the hour. It just seems like this is a form of extortion, not love. This sounds like she treats him the way one would treat a sugar daddy not a boyfriend or love interest- pay up, or you ain’t gettin my affection and love. I dunno maybe all relationships are based on taking what you can from someone else and in most normal circumstances the something is in another currency- affection and time and here it is just $$$ and stuff. He could get some good looking girls who just want to spend time with him, so like, he must think this one is really hot. Maybe he needs a curator for his future paintings in the malibu beach house. Don’t know the guy perspective but I think she is just above average but not a hella more.

  • Bubba

    Same thing applies with the sugar daddy to the prostitute situation, omg I mean escort. From the sexwork cyber resource center:
    “Real sexual relationships are not hard to find. There are plenty of adults of both sexes who are willing to have sex if someone treats them well, and asks. But there lies the problem. Some people do not want an equal, sharing relationship. They do not want to be nice. They do not want to ask. They like the power involved in buying a human being who can be made to do almost anything.”
    Louise, London

  • la morocha argentina

    hola,desde argentina no puedo saber nada sobre jason y lo admiro y quiero mucho,y quisiera saber mas sobre el,si alguien me puede ayudar les agradezco,sigue en pareja,tiene hijos o cosas asi por favor mi mail es,suerte y saludos desde argentina.Y JASON TE AMOOOOO

  • Charlotte

    Jason has broken his relationship with Alex Zosman and is now with another. Does anyone know where is Alex? since january 2010 has not been seen since. Please, if anyone knows anything about it could be informed through a comment. Thank you very much.

  • Charlotte

    Alex Zosman: No te fies jamás de ningún inglés, que son más falsos que un euro de madera. Te deseo mucha suerte.

  • Charlotte

    Alex Zosman: No te fies nunca jamas de un inglés, que son más falsos que un euro de madera. Te deseo mucha suerte.

  • misiu

    Wszystko o transporcie znajdziesz tutaj!!!