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Jennifer Lopez: Skintight Sexy on New Year's Eve

Jennifer Lopez: Skintight Sexy on New Year's Eve

Jennifer Lopez performs her classic hit “Waiting for Tonight” in Times Square for News Year’s Eve on Friday (December 31) in New York City.

The 40-year-old “Louboutins” singer surprised viewers by squeezing into a skintight bejeweled bodysuit with a studded neckline (as created by costume designer Paula Bradley).

Hey Adam Lambert, J.Lo pushed a man’s head into her crotch and no one made a stink about that!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez looking skintight sexy…

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jennifer lopez skintight bodysuit new years eve 01
jennifer lopez skintight bodysuit new years eve 02
jennifer lopez skintight bodysuit new years eve 03
jennifer lopez skintight bodysuit new years eve 04
jennifer lopez skintight bodysuit new years eve 05
jennifer lopez skintight bodysuit new years eve 06
jennifer lopez skintight bodysuit new years eve 07
jennifer lopez skintight bodysuit new years eve 08
jennifer lopez skintight bodysuit new years eve 09
jennifer lopez skintight bodysuit new years eve 10

Photos: Mike Coppola/Getty
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  • Jo

    Omg, her body is amazing! SO sexy!! I’d hit that.

  • LoveLeeR

    Gosh , really? skintigh clothes at her age?!
    But still, she does have a great body for someone who delivered twins :)

  • kay

    Wow, she’s got such a beautiful body!

  • Inaru

    Love the nail polish! Not crazy about the outfit though.

  • yikes

    I’m usually Jlo fan but sorry I dont think she pulled this outfit very well.shes got a nice body but still not enough to pull it off in this outfit

  • annalisse

    Geez anybody click on that very middle pic with her koochie in that guys face looks funny like im 2 much of lady to say lol

  • MalibuSunrise

    Disgusting… man, get me a bucket, i need to throw up… I did not need to see this.

  • lulu

    jho is done!

  • Ruth

    She looks really disgusting – NO class!

  • gracie

    She usually dresses well but this outfit is not doing her any justice. It is not flattering at all.

  • zxc

    She is too OLD for this kind of outfit.

  • rhymes

    I’m sorry but she did not pull that outfit off!
    And, I actually like Jlo but it was not tight enough to be sexy and her body underneath it was not what it used to be.
    I think she should leave the Jlo persona in the past and re-invent her image because this blast from the past look is not working.

  • Cheech

    Oh man, such a fan of J.Lo, but that skin tight suit, no,no & no.

  • ace11

    not bad for 40…not a 30 year old body..but still pretty solid

    i must admit a few years back i saw her being married and having kids with affleck by now…

    oh well,,things change

  • sara

    This chick is so desperate for attention. She’s a married mother of two and she wears that getup? And puts a man’s face in her crotch?? Gross! I wonder if hubby knew she was doing that! He seems so controlling of her.

  • Jennifer May

    Seriously??? Someone close to her should really make it clear to her that she’s not 20 but 40, and that even at 20 you shouln’t wear this!!!! She has a good body and doesn’t need to proof anything…

  • sassy mama

    cover up you’re 40! she lost it, i used to think she’s glowing but not anymore

  • Titania


  • plew

    Wrong outfit. Look it makes her butt look flat and flabby. I did not think I would ever say that about JLO

  • Ragtime

    It’s too late for a comeback!
    The outfit is horrible!

  • lil

    sorry but this outfit makes her look like a Manatee!!! or a giant seal or other sea creature

  • Mandy


  • Tazina

    No, the outfit doesn’t look that great on her. The back view isn’t bad but from the front her stomach looks round and large. She still looks good for being 40 and having twins.

  • Jessica

    We all know JLO has a very nice figure for a 40-year old with twins, but that show was supposed to be about her musical talent, NOT how great she looks in a bodysuit.

    What about her singing? Her performance? Her choreography? ZILCH! She was lypsincing when she was supposed to be singing “live”. That tight bodysuit was all a ploy by her camp to get the headlines to read “how great her body looks”, and defocus off the fact that Jennifer Lopez is lipsyncing and still CAN’T SING. She is a desperate woman who is once again using smoke and mirrors in place of real talent.

  • Andy

    Still has a great ass!

  • sillyme

    Sorry, I disagree – JLo looks like a middle aged woman trying to look like a 20-something again. She reminded me of Peg Bundy. Pretty disgusting.
    As for the crotch kiss, first I think it was just a desperate attempt for Lopez to get herself talked about today. Second, Jared you need to get over the Adam thing. People don’t want to see two MEN doing something like that, period. Double standard? Yes. There are some things women can get away with, and there are some things that men can get away with that women can’t. The public is NEVER going to want to see that. At least not in the US. (And even Lady Gaga knew to tone her act down for television audiences.) And you think it’s bad now in the US, wait until about 30 years when minorities will be the majority in this country – and we all know how most blacks and Latinos feel about gays.
    Adam needs to take it over to Europe and Asia, where he could even rape a woman on stage, and they’d cheer it on.
    And, I’m not even sure if it’s all about homosexuality. How many STRAIGHT men have we seen push a woman’s face in their crotch on national TV? Has Justin done it? Usher? I don’t think so.

  • Denise

    I didn’t see the performance – and she has a great body for a 40 year old, but I’m not sure that ANYONE should be in this type of outfit. Yuck.

  • john boy

    Jlo is in denial about her body if she thinks she looks hot in this outfit.

    First of all, she needs an as*s lift. It’s sagging half way to her knees.

    She must be having a midlife crisis.

  • Izzy

    J. Lo definitely has a nice body, BUT…I did not dig this outfit and it did not flatter her at all. It looks like a big sparkly stocking on her body in an ugly brownish color. Not to mention the coat type thing she started out in that my little sister said looked like a dead bird hanging off of her. :P
    I usually like what J. Lo wears, but this was the first time I could not stop saying how ugly the outfit was. I couldn’t even get into the performance let alone really notice the crotch in the face thing because I was so distracted by it.

    My sister said she looked like she was naked and needed to cover up and I said actually I would have preferred her naked then in that ugly a** outfit. Lmao.

    Probably was a publicity stunt to have people talking, but I said “Just wait, that outfit will be online and talked about in the fashion police sections with nothing nice to say about it.”

  • Jackie

    Great body, wrong outfit.


    What is the difference between Jlo and Cher who brought this outfit
    to fame..!!! Cher has worn this outfit for years…so and she is 50′s

    So where was Marc and the Kids.. Quick get her together with the
    other crotch in my face guy..!! She looks like she is pregnant again..

    It is time to put that as a new resolution.. that Jlo is a dirty pig who
    likes her backup singers dirty too can’t wait for her concert ….getting
    more dirty than ever!!!

  • passion

    @Jennifer May: have you ever seen Cher outfit when she performs?? do you kno how old Cher is by the way??? please stop hating .Jlo looks good.

  • mau

    the man’s head into her crotch? Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jules

    Not a good look at all..

  • to you: ignorant hick

    Save your racist comments for your next clan rally & meeting-this is a celeberty website not the kkk comment blog -ignorant dumbass!!

  • FED UP JLO ….


  • Trish

    She has “mom butt” now. And there’s nothin’ she can do about it.

  • jules

    I’ve lost all respect for this woman. She writes a song about her favorite shoes? and we’re supposed to think its art? Whatever. JLO has lost all touch with her fans who right now are experiencing probably the worst times of thier lives with this recession and she’s writing about $1000 shoes? Way to keep touch with the fan base JLow…

  • Trish

    She needs to fire her stylist ASAP.


    The only good thing J-lo pulled off right in the performance was not falling on her big butt again!!!

  • slambang

    Of COURSE no one made a stink about it – she’s a woman! I boycotted ABC this year for how they treated Adam.

    And I am SICK of JLo!

  • Michele

    Her time has passed…

  • Marta

    she looks sily in this outfit.

  • Cain


  • witeout123

    J.Lo needs to get back with DIDDY to get her career back going again. Too bad she left him when the going got rough.

  • Ms Anonymous


    She can so sing.

  • Ms Anonymous

    You haters are a nasty piece of work.

  • Oye Vey

    Kinda reminds me of my grandmother … time to dress age appropriate dear!

  • Jen

    pretty woman, amazing body, wrong outfit. I didn’t like it and I don’t like her new song. but Jlo is still gorgeous, anyone who says else wise, is just hating.

  • etherealights

    Okay. Is this some kind of joke?