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Kris Allen Rocks Vegas For The First Time

Kris Allen Rocks Vegas For The First Time

American Idol winner Kris Allen makes a special appearance at B.B. King’s Blues Club at the Mirage Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas on Wednesday night (December 30).

This is the first time the 24-year-old singer hit the Las Vegas strip.

“I’ve never been to Las Vegas before, man,” Kris told the Las Vegas Sun. “What a time to come, right? New Year’s Eve!”

As for Kris’ New Years resolution?

“Hmmm … focus more on music. I’m not really a New Year’s resolution kind of guy.”

15+ pictures inside of Kris Allen performing in Las Vegas for the first time…

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72 Responses to “Kris Allen Rocks Vegas For The First Time”

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  2. 2
    DS Says:


  3. 3
    ganymede30324 Says:

    Kris is so CUTE! He also doesn’t seem to have changed much since winning…which is a good thing.

  4. 4
    SarahB Says:

    Yay, thank you for posting on Kris, Jared! He looked and sounded so amazing. He’s a great guy.

    #1 You are an idiot. This is not his first gig.

  5. 5
    Fyn Says:

    Kris who?
    Did I miss something?

  6. 6
    Tammy Says:

    He performed at MSG (Adam didn’t) and oh he performed on LIVE TV last night…where was Adam douchebag…

  7. 7
    Paulie Says:


  8. 8
    Shannon Says:

    OMG, thanks for posting! Kris is so cute and so sweet. He did awesome here and last night. He is the cutest thing ever. <3

  9. 9
    DS Says:


    yea u did .. but i guess i cant blame u .. u were asleep or sth like that ..

  10. 10
    denise Says:

    Thought he was awful! Saw him on Fox performing, his songs have no beat, are beyond bland. People in the audience weren’t even moving, let alone clapping. ADAM ROCKS!

  11. 11
    Kerry Says:

    Kris Allen is everywhere and rightfully so. I saw Kris Allen at the Jingle Ball concert series and he was GREAT as usual. Kris sings really good in person and doesn’t need auto phone like others. Kris Allen is original and plays his own musical instruments unlike Adam who just blows. I wish the Galmberts would just get over the fact KRIS ALLEN IS THE WINNER by the AMERICAN VOTE. Sorry sparkle cows, madam drag queen is an oddity and the loser in the record books. Waaaakkkk

  12. 12
    K Says:

    love kris allen! he was so amazing last night during his performance!

  13. 13
    Dane Says:

    Kris Allen is amazing! Love that he is as good or even better live than recorded. He loves performing and it shows in his performances. His songs are amazing and so easy to relate to your own life. I hate all of the hate on post like this….but I dont think it matters. Kris is amazing and will be around making and performing music for a very long time. He is creative.

  14. 14
    michaela Says:

    An all-around good guy. Best of everything to him and his family.

  15. 15
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    who is he?

  16. 16
    Jamie Says:

    LOL Kris has had around 20 or 25 performances in the past 2 months, and there’s video proof from all of them. Adam’s had maybe a handful. Try harder next time, okay?

  17. 17
    Shannon Says:

    He won American Idol for those that feel the need to keep asking.

    And, yes, he has been everywhere here lately and deserves nothing but the best. He’s had nothing but nice things to say about Adam, but Adam’s fans continue to spew their hate, for what?

  18. 18
    Ashley Says:

    A monkey.

  19. 19
    Fyn Says:

    To Shannon, # 17.
    I was and continue to be an Adam fan. He should have won American Idol because he has what it takes to be an entertainer.
    Kris is simply too bland and unexciting. His voice is ok, but just ok, and his choice of music is quite uninspiring as well.
    Apparently America agrees with me, because his CD release was completely overshadowed by Adam’s debut CD.

  20. 20
    RATM Says:

    Adam fan here. I have a feeling that Kris’ next single is gonna be Can’t Stay Away, nice song to sing along. I’m not gonna be a bias because I like some Kris songs on his album and he’s a nice guy. Not all Adam’s fans are like those idiots above.

  21. 21
    Kerry Kolsch Says:

    @ Kerry You have my name but you do not have my taste in music. People like you are the reason I wrote my soon to be released book about
    how Kris “won”. Kris is is the Arkansas “Chick fil a Idol”. America has better taste then Kris. My research proves once and for all who the real winner is. The lies and cheating will all be exposed.

  22. 22
    deke Says:

    Adam Lambert is a nice person. He likes and supports Kris Allen. He would NOT like people dissing Kris in any way.

  23. 23
    Sarah Says:

    Kerry, get a grip. Writing a book? Please. Everyone knows these reality shows aren’t exactly what they say and all the Arkansas stuff has already been discussed to death. Kris simply tried out for the show and won. He didn’t ask to win and even said himself that Adam deserved to win. He wasn’t the judges favorite and had a lot against him.

    Despite that Kris has worked hard and his music is inspiring and at least he can sing unlike most artists out there. He puts his heart and soul into what he does. What happened an AI does not matter anymore. They are both doing well. People need to leave it in the past and get over it. Losing has not hurt Adam in any way, so let it go. You do not speak for everyone in America’s tastes.

  24. 24
    RATM Says:

    @Kerry: Cool keep hating. All you Adam haters are always saying the same thing “go away sparkle cows” or “go worship your drag queen elsewhere”. You’ll swallowed your words painfully. And also you should shut up about record books. It’s a shame because Adam and Kris are good friends and people like you and some stupid Glamberts are making the rest of both fanbases look bad.

  25. 25
    soccerdatingsite Says:

    Great smile and new song

  26. 26
    Julie Says:


    Um, Kris has actually done DOZENS of shows since the American Idol tour ended. He has done Letterman, Conan, GMA , Ellen and the Bonnie Hunt Show, and also appeared at multiple JingleBall concerts all over the country, including the Z-100 JingleBall at Madison Square Garden in mid-December and concerts in Chicago ,Sacramento and Orlando where he was on the bill with The Fray.

    In fact, he has had far more live concert appearances than Adam since the AI tour ended in September.

    But please, don’t let actual facts get in the way of your attempt to insult Kris (whose single LLWD is about to go gold – by the way).

  27. 27
    gamerdatingsite Says:

    I hope he gets to touch adam and molest him

  28. 28
    jacob Says:

    I don’t know what the hell you (1st poster) are talking about. Adam Lambert has had NO concert performances since he lost American Idol, other than theAI tour and that NYE gig he had last night.

    Kris has had NUMEROUS Jingle Balls and Christmas concerts, Live gigs sponsored by radio stations, etc. I saw one of these shows and he was awesome.

  29. 29
    g123 Says:

    I saw kris allen “live” a month ago in Worcester, Mass. He and his band played their part of the concert seated on stools (except for the drummer) and they played seven songs and they were amazing. The audience loved them. In addition ot his own songs, Kris sang The Christmas Song and it was beautiful. Kris was also very witty. I loved every second and would see him again any time. One of the best shows I have been to.

  30. 30
    Chef Jacke Says:

    Remember, every now and then what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. Just ask Tiger!

  31. 31
    LeMarie Says:

    You can’t take Kerry Kolsch seriously, she is an ambulance chasing lawyer who is trying to profit from all the fabrication made up by the “sparkle cows” bitterberts. Google her! you can read for yourself.

  32. 32
    =)=)=) Says:

    the best ! hes sooo cute wish him the best ! and he is def better than adam

  33. 33
    Billboard loves Kris Says:

    Billboard Charts Love Kris Allen since hes been on the top 100 since his debut. If he was so awful as you glamberts write and write, why is Kris Allen on the Billboard charts? Where is madam? Where was madam in Vegas, no where on prime time tv, Why? Did you ever ask why madam screams every song and now shes crying What do you want from me America. Duh, stop screaming like some banchie who is desperate. Kris Allen does what is expected of him and Vegas, Kimmel, Bonnie Hunt, Disney, Conan, Leno, Jingle ball, Billboard Vegas New Year Prime time, Kris must be doing something right in my books as in billboards charts. You Lame berts should retire from your hate and tune into the new Idol series where Madam drag queen will be forgotten. Later Hags oh I mean Sparkle Cows.

  34. 34
    nursefriends Says:

    He is way better than Adam

  35. 35
    Sara Says:

    Love Kris!!! <3

  36. 36
    Star Says:

    @Tammy: don’t be mean, all you Kris fans are so negative and mean, name calling like a 2 yr.old. sorry for you,

  37. 37
    Proud Sparkler Says:

    @Kerry: wow you put Adam fans down and talk like this?? it is so sad that kris fans cannot be gracious and happy but still put down Adam and his fans and act all threatend and mean , you can keep your Idol and your mean disgusting attitudes and persons all together, you can never understand or be anything more here as you prove by what you write. Take a page from Adams book and be positive, you use him a scapegoat for all your anger and your hatred , a trend I see in so many Kris fans, if being a Kris fan inspires this dark bad attitude I am glad I am not a fan of his.

  38. 38
    Meg Says:

    @Shannon: uh sorry, take a look at Kris fan comments, you people have hatred and spewing down to a science.

  39. 39
    ji Says:

    @Jamie: uh , list the appearance you liar, who has had more press coverage, more mag covers, on all the top lists as the most outstanding entertainer in years, it Adam. Take you denial glasses off , Kris sucks, lowest sales in the history of Idol and nothing you say can change the fact. moron

  40. 40
    kell Says:


  41. 41
    Bonnui Says:

    @Billboard loves Kris: you are a riot, you write about hatred and here you are saying derogatory things about Adam, calling him madam and his fans names, take a look in the mirror hypocrite, you are the reason I will never be a Kris fan, you are the ones spewing your hatred and ungracious behavior. you can’t even be a good fan and Kris would cringe at having you for a fan. He is a good person , ADam is a good person, they are friends, you would do well to try and learn how to be a good human being from them. shame on you, name calling like a spoiled little person, yet i’ts not surprising from a Kris fan, take a look at your other Kfans, same disgusting , namecalling….. what , it’s been a year now andyou guys still have a bee up your backsides ?? you really need to get some therapy and get a life.

  42. 42
    kl Says:

    @Julie: no he is not going gold, you get your facts right

  43. 43
    TJ Says:

    @WEEE FINALLY THE WINNNER: ADam debuted and # 3 ,Kris couldn’t even make the top 10 and Adam is outselling him more than 3 times as much! Case closed, we know who the real winner it.

  44. 44
    XYZ Says:

    @Julie: Adam was on RollingStone cover and it was the highest sales of the year, Rolling Stone named him #1 rock vocalist, he was on Barbara Walters 10 most fascinating people, he has been on Elllen, Jay Leno, The View,Entertainment Weekly Cover, RockStar Weekly twice, the second being sold out in one day and more had to be printed, he has been more in the news than Kris ever has, but please don’t let actual facts get in your way of trying to bouy Kris up, he didn’t even crack he top 10, he has the lowest sales of any Idol ever, Adam is outselling him and Adam is #1 in Australia,NewZealand, Isreal, and top 10 in the UK, wait til the numbers come in internationally, Kris isn’t even overseas yet!

  45. 45
    XYZ Says:


  46. 46
    psych Says:

    @Billboard loves Kris: psychiatrist say what you ridicule in others is what you fear exists in yourself.

  47. 47
    Shannon Says:

    Oh, look the HATERS are back. Please, no fans are more hateful and vile than Adam’s. They are the meanest, craziest fans ever. Kris’ fans are nothing like that. But, of course we’re not just going to sit back and watch Kris be bashed. We’ll stick up for him, just like you would Adam.

  48. 48
    Tj Says:

    @Shannon: you are obviously stupid too, look at kfans comments, they do nothing but bash, you blind silly person.

  49. 49
    LeMarie Says:

    You Adam fans need to go to the first posts and see who started the bashing on this article. It wasn’t a Kris fan. You hypocrites need to practice what you preach. #1 poster started it, and the rest of you followed like blind sheep. You can’t blame Kris fans for standing up for him, you would and have done the same. Just go away and enjoy your pick. You all proved what kind of people you are by attaching VH1 for no reason. By the way Rolling Stone put Clay Aiken on the cover too. The media loves controversy, just saying.

  50. 50
    oh please Says:

    @LeMarie: oh boo hoo,, you sound like a 2 yr old, who started it, youK fans started this month ago, following Adam, writing disgusting things on his sites , so don’t tell Adam fans we are hypocrites , if you don’t like what we write then don’t name call andrespond, you are just as bad. BTW. where is Kris in the new Peoples Choice Award catagory for Music Phenomenon, Susan Boyle,Gaga and Adam. The media loves real talent!! (you gonna say Susan can’t sing? too?

  51. 51
    Sara Says:

    TJ and #50, you cannot be serious! Compare the two, Adam’s lunatic fans are far worse. If you don’t see that then you are the stupid, blind one.

    So, you’re saying no one else in the music business except those 3 are talented? Just because he wasn’t nominated doesn’t mean he doesn’t have “real talent”. What a moron.

  52. 52
    Kerry Says:

    Well I was going to write a book but now that the AI series 2010 is here, Im just going to forget the stupid idea of a book really a rag but well I cant wait to see Ellen. I might even turn gay since Ellen might want me. Well kids see you next week and I will have a new IDOL to replace adam. I wonder if they are going to have another token gay up there? Humm any ideas?

  53. 53
    Stone Says:

    Hope he gets used to those smaller venues!

  54. 54
    Boring Says:

    @Sara: way to go boring plaid mediocre fan!! your opinions and name calling are so amusing, you don’t like what people say, who are you to call them down, K fans are so arrogant it blinds them

  55. 55
    Sara Says:

    Adam fans are so arrogant it blinds them and turns them into total bat sh*t crazy a**holes like you.

  56. 56
    RATM Says:

    It’s amazing how pathetic both sides are. Glamberts and Kristards. Both mean and vicious. The competition was OVER months ago. Get over it. Kris won, big deal. Adam still made an awesome album. This country is big enough for both.

    I hate American Idol, I really hate that show. The only reason why I saw the finale last year was because of Adam and I will not watch that stupid show again.

  57. 57
    DD Says:

    Well, all I can say both sides are crazy defending their idol!!! What’s the BIG deal. Why do you constantly attack each other with so much hate?????????????? Kris has won the Idol crown – so what????? We are all looking for excuses right, left and center why Kris should be doing this that and the other. Let them have their own careers and stop the fan war!!!!!!!!!!! I love Adam because he amazes me with his vocals and this performances are just WOW! I don’t want to comment on Kris.

  58. 58
    MMA Says:

    Viva Las Vegas it aint!

  59. 59
    Boring Says:

    @Sara: can’t think of anything original , then that doesn’t surprise since you follow the same.

  60. 60
    . Says:

    I agree, both side can be crazy, but I have to agree to some point, K fans continually go out of there way to bash Adam, go over to the peoples choice award poll for most outstanding singing phenomenon, Gaga,Adam and Susan Boyle, Kris is not even on this poll and the disgusting immature comments from K fans is incredible. One post there says, even thought Kris won his fans can’t get over the fact that Adam continually outshines(read all the articles folks) out sells ,is followed way more than the winner but the Kfans can’t get over that so they follow all Adam stories and bash him and his fans. How does it feel K fans to have the same happen? while in the grand scheme it is quite ridiculous, sometimes Adam fans just have enough ofthe ungracious mean disgusting comments continually bombarding all Adam stories from Kfans, and being only human would retaliate and want to protect him from the vicious things from Kfans. So bash away Kfans, you would really think they would buy buy buy to support their guy instead of giving his fans such a bad name from all their temper tantrums and pettiness.

  61. 61
    Shannon Says:

    Tj, ok, I’m the stupid one. Whatever. You’ll never see me bashing Adam. The Kris sites I’ve been to Adam is never bashed, but the Adam ones I’ve been to Kris is constantly hated on or they are just acting plain crazy. I don’t even visit them anymore and I like Adam.

  62. 62
    marc Says:

    Wow!, How old are some of you posters? Some of you sound so childish it is beyond ridiculous. Why can’t you just be happy for both Kris and Adam and leave it at that? They are both doing their own thing and are friends. It’s ok if you like one of these guys more then the other but why the need to make hateful, negative comments? Yes, Adam gets most of the media attention but Kris is a really nice guy and I saw him perform at a couple of post Idol shows and he and his band were great! Come on people, lighten up and let the comparisons go. They are friends and not competing against each other. Some of you sound so crazy and immature. Grow up!

  63. 63
    Sara Says:

    Boring, lol, whatever. Maybe you should take your own advice, I see nothing original or outstanding in any of your posts. My guess is that you’re just a glambert who pathetically searches the internet for Kris so you can spread hate and then comes here and posts crap repeatedly under different names. Sorry your life is that sad. Meanwhile, Kris is an outstanding musician whose fan keeps growing and will be around for a long time.

  64. 64
    boring Says:

    @<a href=”/2010/01/01/kris-allen-rocks-vegas-for-the-first-@Sara: pathetic- LOL. you just keep thinking you know what you are talking about. see ya. Kris has had is 15 mins. and you have had your 1.

  65. 65
    end of story Says:

    as of end of Dec/09, album sales for allen 189,000. lambert 458,000-case closed.

  66. 66
    Whatev Says:

    Case closed-what? stfu There’s plenty of artists that have outsold Adam Lambert.

  67. 67
    end of story Says:

    @Whatev: I know, if you could read I was only comparing AllenandLambert, you stfu and think before you open your mouth. Kfans are dumb.

  68. 68
    Whatev Says:

    I can read, thank you, and your post doesn’t make sense. Glamberts are so freakin’ stupid.

  69. 69
    Dannygokey4eva Says:

    STFU glamberts. Kris may have sold less than Madam but in actuality with all the expenses he has to pay back he won’t be making ****. This goes for every artist including the hot mess tranny lamebert . 200k, 400k is **** numbers and both fail in that retrospect. Adam can’t even outsell the other idols other than Kris and he is suppose to be the next elvis, freddie, bowie? You guys need to realize the only contestant from A8 to make it big will be Danny Gokey. His voice is already reaching the masses and soon his album will be too unlike crater faces.

  70. 70
    Dannygokey4eva Says:

    Glamberts are HYPOCRITES!!! Tried to destroy Gokey’s reputation by saying hurtful, mean spirited things about him and his wife to the point where people jumped the bandwagon and constantly badgering him to no end. Then that video from the AI tour auditions popped up and you all were horrible to Sarver and once again tried to bring Danny into everything, even though he didn’t say anything on it. Now you are trying to destroy Kris Allen. His fans are trying to defend him from all you asswipes. You people are epitomy of scum of the earth and I hope you do not procreate. All this hatred you idiots have spewed will come back to you ten folds. WHAT GOES AROUND GOES AROUND!!

  71. 71
    Kerry Kolsch Says:

    @ “Kerry” you are using my name and I do not like it. Florida, where I live, has “stalking laws”. I would suggest to you that you stop. I will have you tracked down by the law unless you do. You are a vile sick person. Kris does not want you to act as you do.

  72. 72
    can Says:

    I would love to thank you very much for your work you have created in inscribing this posting. I am hoping the same high job from you down the road also.

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