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Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Together Again!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Together Again!

Boy does Bar look happy!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli couple up again while vacationing together in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on New Year’s Day Friday (January 1).

Bar, 24, and Leo, 35, had been an item and called it quits earlier in the year, however, the pair was seen earlier in the week down in Mexico vacationing together.

This pretty pair joins Jude Law and Sienna Miller as couples who split but have been seen enjoying each other’s company again!

More pictures inside of Bar Refaeli and Leonardo DiCaprio together again…

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bar refaeli leonardo dipcaprio mexico cabo 01
bar refaeli leonardo dipcaprio mexico cabo 02
bar refaeli leonardo dipcaprio mexico cabo 03
bar refaeli leonardo dipcaprio mexico cabo 04
bar refaeli leonardo dipcaprio mexico cabo 05
bar refaeli leonardo dipcaprio mexico cabo 06
bar refaeli leonardo dipcaprio mexico cabo 07

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  • CanadaGirl

    Love him… her…. ehhhh.

  • Lindley

    Leo looks great here. I hope he’s happy. I always get the vibe that he’s a nice guy. Best actor of today too! ;-)

  • yawn

    this is old news!

  • Abbie

    It is sooooo good to see these two on your blog, JARED!!! Thanks a lot, for the picture. Don’t hesitate to show us more. I’ll wait patiently!


  • why wouldn`t she be happy? She is back on the map since she crawled back to her cash-cow and now she has the deserved attention again!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    GOOOODDD! they are the most beautiful couple in Hollywood or what??
    they are so beautiful together, so…….. blond! lol

    and by the way, Leo is hoooooottttt!!!!!!

  • ace11

    he really blew it big time..had a chance at giselle and ended up with this trash

  • @6

    Since when is Barf part of Hollywood? Just because she is making a name for herself because she is dating someone who belongs to Hollywood?
    lisa rose, you are a total hypocrite. Your opinion changes about them depending on their relationship status. When they are off you think they are better off separate when they are on you cannot stop drooling about the `beautiful couple`. You are just as pathetic as Barf. Enjoy while it lasts!

  • just me

    ace11, you said it right. TRASH!!!

  • ehh

    middle aged and flabby and fat. That’s Leo looks like these days.

  • wondering

    Just few days ago, Leo had a billy & looked fat. Now, he suddenly look better with no billy!!!?
    And is it me or doesnt these photos seem like they r posing(pretending..)
    I wish I knew why he got back to this desperate fame whore. Shes not much of a model nor that pretty! And she’s only 24 but she has wrinkles around her eyes. He could get a 30 years old woman that looks 10 times better.

  • ihb

    First time in my life Leo makes me sick to my stomach. He looks great on these photos but seeing him standing next to that famewh*re again is just pathetic and sad.

  • sara

    Love the Leo …he looks great !

    Glad the duo is having a good time with friends

  • WTF

    Gisele was no less fame-who-re than Bar.
    That’s what all these models do- look for a famous guy and then call and text message the paparazi, so they’ll get their fame.
    Look at how Gisele kept doing that even with another woman’s son, and kept using Tom Brady to stay relevant.
    at least Bar is pretty and got curves. Gisele’s face reminds me of a horse, and her body is one straigt line.

  • Annoymous

    Leo is looking hot and sexy for sure !

    Keep the photos coming , Jared !

  • sara33

    Someone was taking a “pose for the paparazzi” moment. This is so dejavu. Gisele and Leo all over again. Together – apart – together – apart. I think Leo and Gisele even reunited on a Christmas or New Years once. I’m going to make a prediction… this will go on and off for a year or two more and then there will be a final break, Bar will find someone new and get married and Leo will have found himself with yet another unknown but upcoming and model and he’ll make her a star only to dump her and get back together again.

  • alison

    still hot

  • shammi

    She looks happy – Leo looks confused as if he is saying “how did I end up in this pot of sh*t again?” Look down Leo that is your answer. Please don’t fcuk up your life by getting serious with this famewho*re. There is a reason why you guys broke up ten plus times. She is NOT the one. You can and will do better.

  • @14

    at least Gisele has this little thing called TALENT, charisma and personality. Barf? Not so much. All she has is Leo but Gisele managed to keep career ( way more successful than Barf`s ) going even when dating a not that famous guy ( that surfer Kelly – someone ). Leo downgraded big time!

  • truth hurts

    Bar : “Won’t be long now until I am moving in.”
    Leo: “Won’t be long until I give my next break-up speech.”

  • just me

    She is back in the spotlight again, probably her career is going to take off again – no wonder she is smiling! Nobody cared about her while they were off unless she was half-naked for her usual lingerie shoots…
    Leo is making a fool out of himself by sticking with this gold-digger.

  • Haha

    #16, I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Paul

    I wonder how muh he is paying her to be his girlfriend this time?.

  • big mistake

    This is just sad.

  • Lisa2

    I don’t know why you all are talk bad about Bar? I think she is pretty and she probably is a nice person ( of course I don’t know her). I just don’t get why Leo is such a player and never settled down? It’s not like he is getting any younger. He and Gisele were together for a LONG time. So glad she never waited around for Leo and moved on. I wonder how long Bar will wait around for him?

  • James

    It’s still hard for me to think of Leo as anything but a child actor. I realize that’s ridiculous since he’s 35… guess I need to get with the program.

  • sheshe

    she is a fat face butterface, eww is this a double chin I see on a “model”!? sick!

  • lauren

    i love leo

  • Annoymous

    Looking good, Leo !

  • redistributethis

    Homo and beard.

  • Jen

    Love leo, such a great actor. Her, I wont say anything about since I have no clue who she is.

  • jsy

    The one person who is really happy here is Jared. Finally he had a reason to post about Bar(fie) unlike a couple of days ago when all he could post was a link to OLD lingerie photos.
    I`m getting tired of these gay rumors. Why don`t you just give it up already?
    I wonder what happened to Leo`s belly I saw a couple of days ago. And I remember that less than a month ago he was seen in LA clubbing and acting `VERY SINGLE`. And couple of days later he is back for another laughable round with her. I wonder how long is it going to last this time? Any guesses?

  • WTF

    Gisele’s got any talent? Can she sing? Dance? act?
    Gisele’s talent was to call photographers when she was with Leo, then with Kelly Slater, then with Tom and to talk about his son with BM, and pose holding him.
    Is Bar a fame whor*e? Probably. But she is doing the same things Gisele did, and Bar is pretty- so she is deserving to be a model.
    Gisele is not even pretty. 100% a hanger-on to celebs model.

  • @34

    What I meant was that she is actually good at modeling and even though being Leo`s girlfriend definitely helped her career there`s a reason why she is the highest paid model in the world. And the reason for that is that she is actually good. Barf? Not so much. Boring and forgettable who highly depends on photo shopping. Bar is pretty, Gisele is stunning. Bar is a Gisele wannabe but she will never be. LOL!

  • Karena

    Aw, I’m very happy they’re back together. Leo looks wonderful, and he and Bar smiling is awesome. Go Leo and Bar!

  • WTF

    There is a reason alright: most designers are gays, and Gisele looks much more masculine.
    Bar looks like a woman. a Pretty one with an amazing body.
    What “talent” do you need to strike a pose?
    I think they are both gold and fame diggers, and then Leo is obviously a shallow guy with major problems with committment and women (notice he never dated an educated woman or a professional or business woman?), but Bar is definitely an upgrade.
    I don’t know any straigt man who would take Gisele over Bar.

  • soon

    @Karena: Barf is smiling, Leo isnt. Dont worry, break up story coming up next!!!!!

  • @37

    Barf is the biggest downgrade ever! Actually it`s rather pathetic to even try to compare her to Gisele. You can twist my words any way you want it there`s a reason why Gisele is the best model ever and Barf is just… a famous girlfriend.

  • ihb

    To me it seems like they are just looking at something funny and the whole things seems staged.

  • Emma

    since when?
    she is far from been a supermodel! Super model is Gisele Bundchen, Hidi Clum etc.

  • Christy

    She looks muy feliz!!

  • laura

    Leo looks good.

    Love him as an actor. Can’t wait for Shutter Island!!

  • foofoo

    She is a temporary employee trying to get on the full-time payroll and it’s NOT gonna happen.

  • Yeah right


    LMAO… I was just going to post the exact same thing… Suck it in Leo.. you forgot a few days ago and everyone saw the actual gut.

    Leo is a good actor.. but he had ZERO personality.. NONE.. He is almost blank in real life. and regarding Shutter Island.. Why was it moved back until this year.. It was supposed to be an “Oscar movie”.. Sorry but I love Martin and I like Leo.. but the trailer for that movie looked really terrible, and Leo’s accent was just off..

    Well we will see won’t we.. but NOT impressed..

  • @45

    Do you know him?

  • linda

    Gisele had some self esteem & dumped his ass for good. Barf here, doesnt know anything about self esteem or self respect at all.
    Few weeks from now & he’ll dump her again.

  • Kev

    Why are they posing? Worst PR move ever!!!! Leo what are you doing???? You donĀ“t need this type of publicity!!! Get her off the payroll please and get a real woman!!! At least for the sake of your career!

  • Kev, you took the words right out of my mouth!

  • Gut sucker

    Leo is sucking in his gut! hahahaha! He must have seen his earlier pics!! lol

  • Bella

    @@14: Gisele has NO talent. Modeling does NOT require talent.

    Bar has a better body (more feminine) and a slightly better face (more feminine) than Gisele’s.

    Anyway, she’s a famewhore, this girl Bar.

    And is Leo on the photoshop diet? He has the fat gene and was looking pudgy the other day. Now it seems he has abs–what?