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Nina Dobrev & Candice Accola: Vampire Diaries' Bikinis!

Nina Dobrev & Candice Accola: Vampire Diaries' Bikinis!

Love those cartwheels!

Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev and Candice Accola show off their bright bikinis on Miami’s South Beach on New Year’s Eve Thursday (December 31).

Nina, 20, spoke to MTV and talked about what’s next for Vampire Diaries, saying, “My character gets into a extremely big car accident, she hits someone and you’re left hanging. You don’t know what’s going to happen, so we’re going to pick up right from there and you’re gong to see what happened and what happened after that!”

ARE YOU EXCITED for Vampire Diaries to return in 2010 – YAY or NAY?

15+ pictures inside of Nina Dobrev and Candice Accola showing off their Vampire Diaries’ bikinis…

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nina dobrev candice accola bikini 01
nina dobrev candice accola bikini 02
nina dobrev candice accola bikini 03
nina dobrev candice accola bikini 04
nina dobrev candice accola bikini 05
nina dobrev candice accola bikini 06
nina dobrev candice accola bikini 07
nina dobrev candice accola bikini 08
nina dobrev candice accola bikini 09
nina dobrev candice accola bikini 10
nina dobrev candice accola bikini 11
nina dobrev candice accola bikini 12
nina dobrev candice accola bikini 13
nina dobrev candice accola bikini 14
nina dobrev candice accola bikini 15

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  • Jessica

    @latelyivebeenhardtoreach,Get off you fat 30 year old!I bet you waste your time like this all the time!If you don’t have anything nice to say,then dont say it at all!Stop making people feel bad about themselves,why are you even here!Did you only come here to make people feel insecure!GET A LIFE!

  • Jamie

    To the person who said Nina’s kind of fat, if Nina’s fat, then that means I must be anorexic and I know I’m NOT. She’s not skin and bones. That’s not fat, that’s healthy.

  • ini

    LOL at people saying Nina is fat. When you look half as good as her, then you’ll have the right to comment on someone being fat. Until then….

  • Vamp

    Nina, very big ass, thin legs, funny body :-))))

  • roxxie

    you suck everything is awesome ao the show

  • LoveKatherineP

    I love the way Nina Dobrev acts shes so beautiful!

  • Jessica

    Nossa! sinceramente eu acho essas duas lindas! o corpo delas é lindo e elas são grandes atrizes. Por favou não joguem pedras, isso é só a minha opnião. Eu respeito a de vocês apesar de não concordar com muitos.

    Wow! I honestly think these two ladies! their body is beautiful and they are great actresses. By favou not throw rocks, that’s just my opinion. I respect you even though you do not agree with many.

  • GROWUP!!

    people stop bitching at each other over the computer. these two girls are like everyone else but just so happen to be on T.V. who cares what they look like. No need to fight over nothing. Lets be grown up know. Didn’t your mothers teach you if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all. To latelyivebeenhardtoreach you need to stop acting like a child and go on about your life without sending nasty comments to people over the computer. Obviously you have nothing better to do in your life than be rude and obnoxious to others. Where will that get you in life but no where.

  • Radi

    I’m literally LMAO at people saying Nina is fat. BOYS love curves, and GIRLS love to be healthy, at least the normal ones…

    You know, they can’t all be a size 00 and thanks God, not all of them want to be.

  • EliGoldsworthy

    @latelyivebeenhardtoreach, I think Zanessa is a really sweet girl so just leave her alone. I think your the one that’s insecure and really needs to get a life other than rudely commenting on people’s username and looks.

  • moi

    omg it’s so good to finally see a celeb that has the some figure as me! Nina Dobrev is pretty and sexy, whoever called her fat is out of their mind. I mean, seriously? She has wider hips than most girls, but that doesn’t make her fat, look at how skinny her waist is! She is really pretty, y’all just be jealous :)


  • moi

    *same figure (typo)

  • thatswhatshesaid

    to DS and everyone else who supports the TVD cast.. good for you. I too support them. They have bodies which are to die for and they’re not overrated. I’m pretty jealous myself. What I don’t get is why you let such an insignificant little scum like @latelyivebeenhardtoreach to ruin all your fun. Stop giving him/her the satisfaction that they can get under your skin. People like them shouldn’t be given the time of day to be acknowledged.

    @ zanessa. seriously-Zac & Vanessa? what are you-12? watching HSM daily while mezmorizing over gayface Efron?

    By that comment I’m starting to think they’re no older than 10..either that or they need to extend their vocabulary cause that doesn’t really offend anyone. It’s just dumb and it’s lame.

  • Morgann

    HAHAHA. @all of this. People are intitled to their opinion, I honestly believe that no one should get bad things said about them…but its gonna happen, especially if your a celebrity. So stupid drama shouldnt start cuz of this, if someone says something you dont like, who care? write what you feel! jeeeez.

  • Jo


    You’re an idiot. Obviously neither is fat but everyone has curves. to correct you again: 1) boys love girls, not the curves we all have. you’re an insecure girl so don’t act like you know what boys want/like. 2) actually, as you seem to think, most girls do NOT want to be healthy- THAT’S WHY THESE TWO GET CALLED SKIN AND BONES -_-

  • Jo


    Wow, insecure much? Everyone has curves. Hers is just as good as Nina’s, who just happens to be curvier. What matters is that they are both in shape, not what their shape IS! -_- come back when you learn what REAL beauty is, not what the crappy, disgusting media tells you what it is- such as fake people like Christina Hendricks and Nicki Minaj XP

  • Heather

    Does anyone know where I could find Nina’s bikini? It’s so cute I love the color blocks/colors, very flattering!
    I’ve been able to find the swimsuit from the cover of Sports Illustrated but I don’t like those colors.
    If anyone knows please let me know!!!

  • barkingbunnys

    i love the vampire diaries they a so full of adventure dont you think that paul wesley
    and nina dorbrev are the perfec match

  • Mau

    @latelyivebeenhardtoreach: Can you act better, and if you don’t like them why did you click in here? -.-

  • ElenaGilbert

    they are perfect

  • RoseH

    OMG! r u people for real?! Nina is anything but FAT! in fact she could put on 1-2 pounds (not that she doesn’t look great the way she is) and Candice has a beautiful, slim body with lovely fair skin. take a good look at your own bodies haters!!