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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: New Year's Kiss!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: New Year's Kiss!

Orlando the vampire goes for the neck!

Orlando Bloom plants a kiss on Miranda Kerr as they spend New Year’s Eve on a luxury boat in St. Bart’s on Thursday (December 31).

Miranda, 26, and Orly, 32, partied the night away with R&B singer, Usher.

What a nice girlfriend – Miranda is helping Orly with his swimming trunks!

15+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr enjoying a New Year’s kiss…

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orlando bloom miranda kerr new years kiss 01
orlando bloom miranda kerr new years kiss 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr new years kiss 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr new years kiss 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr new years kiss 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr new years kiss 06
orlando bloom miranda kerr new years kiss 07
orlando bloom miranda kerr new years kiss 08
orlando bloom miranda kerr new years kiss 09
orlando bloom miranda kerr new years kiss 10
orlando bloom miranda kerr new years kiss 11
orlando bloom miranda kerr new years kiss 12
orlando bloom miranda kerr new years kiss 13
orlando bloom miranda kerr new years kiss 14
orlando bloom miranda kerr new years kiss 15
orlando bloom miranda kerr new years kiss 16

Photos: Fame Pictures
Posted to: Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom

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  • Afrika

    I wonder what Orlando is up to these days. I remember when everyone was saying he was going to be the next big thing.

  • migui

    aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww so cute….

  • brooke

    i hate these two together he seems to wanna spend more time with her than focusing on his career, he used to be such a great actor a did great movies and now that he is with her his career has gone down the toilet

  • LOL!

    He was the biggest “thing” in the last decade. Guess you missed that, huh?
    It’s great to see that he and Miranda were together for the New Year.
    Now, I’m just going to sit back and wait for the haters, and their convaluted ‘logic’ to explain how this ‘prooves’ that they hate each other, and it’s all for show.

  • @3

    So you mean he can’t have both a career and a relationship? Most people can.
    One of his movies will be exposed at the Sundance Festival

  • @3

    Being with her has nothing to do with his too long break. That’s just how things have worked out.
    Blaming Miranda is as stupid as giving Kate credit for his back to back movie career he had when he was with her.
    It will be nice to see him at Sundance promoting Sympathy. Being in a film that makes it to competition at Sundance is nothing to sneeze at.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..`in 2010 anorexic bishes get no love.

  • sara

    Orlando, Miranda and Usher?
    Seems so random, but cool.
    I’m glad that O & M were able to spend the holidays together.
    They make such a beautiful couple.

  • allspice30

    It’s nice to see them spending some fun time together! Happy New Year everyone!

  • Ms Anonymous

    In 2010, after numerous complaints about Infamously Cool, he will finally have their ass handed to him by Jared.

  • huh?

    They CAN’T be in St. Barts!
    Didn’t the haters claim that there was NO WAY that they were together in Miami because there were no pics of him/them at LAX?????
    Then how could they be in St Bart’s????
    They must have driven to the coast, and swam the rest of the way. Yeah, that’s it.
    Explain this one, haters.
    *twiddles thumbs while waiting for the stupidity to begin*

  • CanadaGirl

    If I were to base an opinion on these photos, it would be that he’s way more into than she’s into him.

  • All Women Stalker

    Photos look like she’s having none of the PDA attempts. Haha. But these are just photos. They seem happy enough. :D

  • @12

    I don’t know, Looks like she is pretty “into” his swimming trunks. LOL!
    Get it girl!
    Seriously. It looks like they had a spat, and he’s trying to weedle his way back into her good graces. LOL!
    Very cute.
    I adore his curls!

  • @12

    No woman can see something strange about a guy being a little too insistent with a girlfriend who may not be in the mood LOL

  • straange

    Why is she so dead, limp and unresponsive to him in nearly every one of the pics? She’s so limp she looks drugged. Maybe it’s the anorexia, or maybe she’sjust not that into him. Probably both.

  • :/

    Damn Orlando you can do better than some panty model who looks like she needs to eat more.

  • tashka

    I don’t think that she’s not into him as much as he is. I just think that he is so drunk in these photos and she is unhappy because paps are not as close as they were told to be. Stupid paparazzi.. ;/

  • shenanyginz

    orlando, mirkerr and ursher? so random.

  • @16

    Oh, I can see that we have a new hater strategy.
    Can’t come up with anything new, so you drag out the old ‘anorexia’ stupidity.
    It is stupid, because she is OBVIOUSLY NOT anorexic, just thin. And now you claim “drugged”?
    And she isn’t “limp”, she’s reacting to him. Just not in the way that he seems to want. LOL!
    I love how desperate that haters get when proven wrong about them not being together.
    *pops popcorn*

  • @18

    Wait, wait wait, if you think that she wanted the paps there, and it was designed as a set up (another hater last resort), wouldn’t she be kissing him back and making a good show of it?
    Your ‘logic’ leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe you should stick with your own forum, that way no one will point out the holes in your theory.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Ms Anonymous: bish, you’ve been stalking me for a while now. don’t you get bored? ahahahaha.. begging for my attention is the only thing you come on here to do huh?! well guess what novice. i’ve been here longer than all of you, and i’ll be here long after you get kicked out of your parents home and is no longer able to get onto the net. give it up. better people over the years have tried to get rid of me and i’m still here. google the name, bish! ahahahahahahahaha..

  • go sox

    She is RIDICULOUSLY skinny.

  • straange

    Angry much, #20 &21? I think your resolution should be therapy in 2010! LOL!

  • @24

    Absolutely not!
    In fact, I’m extremely happy!
    Another hater defense…
    Claim that anyone who refutes their ideas is “angry”, or taking things too personally.
    Thanks for bringing that one up.
    And “therapy”?
    I think that you are suggesting that to the wrong people.
    Haters, who live only to bash total strangers, and spend every waking moment hating someone they will never meet, are the ones that need therapy.
    LOTS of INTENSIVE therapy.

  • ?

    Some of the pics are blurry and the others are grainy. Bad angle. Sorry haters, it’ll be hard to call this a set up.
    Oh and wake up this is the real world. People sometimes feel receptive of gestures of affection and sometimes not that much. Especially females.

  • sara

    It does look like he finally got a smile out of her, though.
    In the pic that is just after the one that shows him diving off the boat, she seems to be smiling at him. And the first one in the second row, where he has both arms around her waist, her dimple is showing, which indicates that she may be grinning.
    He seems to be working hard to make up for whatever he did to make her mad. LOL!

  • citylove

    they are so cute together ! I love Orlando ! He is so sexy !

  • jelly

    Wow, her body language sure does not look in to him. No arms holding him, leaning back, turning away. They’ll announce split soon.

  • jake

    Did anyone notice Orlando’s man boobs. There HOT.

  • @jelly

    After hearing that their body language shows they’ll split soon for two years, your skills at reading body language leave much to be desired or you seriously need to click and realise that pics are just pics.
    Still waiting for a shipper to say that pics of her fixing his trunks and smiling show they’ll announce their engagement soon.

  • ???


    i agree with you

  • sara

    Perez Hilton has another pic of them at a concert or someting, embracing and kissing.
    Guess that they made up. :)

  • toothpic arms!

    Sorry if this offends anyone, I can see there are some touchy loonies here now, but I agree with those who say she looks anorexic, I mean, look at her arms, not normal. Miranda is gorgeous from the neck up, but, sorry, that body is extremely thin, even for a model. Also, there’s no dought she’s not into O. here, but it could just be from a spat.

  • straange

    25, sorry you’re NOT angry, you’re enraged. My bad.

  • @straange

    Ok let’s check the list:
    1. After saying it’s impossible for them to leave LA without being papped at LAX we see them at St Bart’s.
    2. The quality of these pics shows the paps weren’t invited.
    3. If she’s da sooper famewhre shouldn’t she be offering a sooper tacky show with him?

    I think it’s you the ones who’re enraged and I can figure out why LOL!

  • @35

    That’s it?
    That’s your stand?
    So sad.
    Well, if it makes you feel better, go ahead and believe that I am “enraged”.
    I’ll just sit back and continue to laugh at your pathetic attempts to discount my opinions.

  • @34

    Her skin is glowing, her hair is healthy and she has amazing muscle tone.
    She is showing NO SYMTOMS of being anorexic.
    She is a model, and she is thin. And she is not nearly as thin as some models.
    get over it.
    Saying that she looks anorexic is just showing your ignorance. And your hatred.

  • @34 here

    I shouldn’t try to type while watching football.

  • ***

    Enrique Murciano was there also. He’s the one with the hat. ;)

  • !

    Hideous pics ever. Looooooooooooooool. She SOOOOO into him…Lol.

  • singledoctordating

    He needs to marry her!

  • yells

    I saw an interview of her. She’s a little dumb no? Anyways Orlando is not my type

  • She seems a bit distant

    She doesn’t seem into him at all in these pix. I’ve always suspected he was more infatuated with her than the other way around. Of course it has made her more recognizable and ‘pap worthy’ since she’s been linked with him and I’m sure she’s well aware of that and has used to her own advantage — ambitious little minx that she is! Seriously, if there’s ever a break-up, I think she’ll be the one who initiates it.

  • @41

    They may have had a fight, or she was angry about something, but that probably didn’t last long.
    She sure looks “into him” on the yacht, and in the pic on Perez Hilton’s site.
    But I guess that you will ignore those pics, right

  • tallpeoplematch

    I just hope he has the sense to keep her

  • ivanka

    @brooke: the same thing happened to brad when angelina hooked him

  • awkward
  • gamerdatingsite

    He should do the Hobbit

  • @47

    Brad did Benjamin Button, the finest movie of his career, AFTER he and Angie got together.
    Please think before you type.
    And Sympathy is the first of Orlando’s films that have made it into competition in ant film festival. I’ll take that as a good sign.