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Pamela Anderson Gives Adam Lambert a Handful

Pamela Anderson Gives Adam Lambert a Handful

Adam Lambert grabs a handful of Pamela Anderson‘s assets at the 2009 Gridlock New Year’s Eve party held at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood on Thursday (December 31).

Looks like Pam, 42, and Adam, 27, have gotten pretty friendly pretty fast!

Adam recently spoke about androgyny, saying, “”I mean, I kind of went for shock value on Idol. Did you guys not see me with rhinestones around my eyes and platform glitter boots on the finale? I kind of thought I had stepped it up and bought myself that leeway…It’s been a while since a very visible male performer has publicly experimented with androgyny. It’s just not current anymore. I’m trying to make it current again. I’ve always been attracted to that. That’s my thing!”

20+ pictures inside of Pamela Anderson giving Adam Lambert a handful…

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adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 01
adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 02
adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 03
adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 04
adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 05
adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 06
adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 07
adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 08
adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 09
adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 10
adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 11
adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 12
adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 13
adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 14
adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 15
adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 16
adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 17
adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 18
adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 19
adam lambert pamela anderson grabs handful 20

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  • rock_chic_chick

    wow adam looks like a drag queen or a butch lesbian. he really looks horrible when he puts all that make-up on and the hideous clothes.


    “Do I look like a firework? That was my motivation.”

  • Tyson

    He was the best act of the night.

  • :)

    It’s so weird to me how he’s all adorable and cute and disarming offstage then gets onstage and transforms. Loud huge sexual swagger mixed with flamboyance I think it’s freaking amazing.

  • CanadaGirl

    I think this guy has some longevity.

  • Kev

    Lol WHAT DO YOU KNOW look at the JLO pics up there at Dick Clark’s NYE Concert aired by ABC. It’s ok for JLO but not Adam huh ABC? Yet ANOTHER example of out backwards country. Way to go America.

  • 2010

    The first pic with Pamela Anderson is hilarious LOL.

    He was incredible. His boots and jacket looked EPIC onstage with the lights. His band are epic. Epic EPIC EPIC night!!


    @rock_chic_chick: What the F is wrong witchu? Did you seriously just cuss drag queens? IT’S NOT EQUALITY IF IT’S ONLY SOMETIMES you tard.

  • Lucy

    He’s HOT HOT HOT with or without all makeup. That man can do no wrong in my eyes.

    Pam was drunk and flipping out her boobs at him. These still pictures are very deceiving to someone who doesn’t know the whole story.

  • and

    @CanadaGirl: So do Spielberg, Tyler, Tim Burton, Queen, Manson, Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, Madonna, Rob Marshall, Muse, Rivers Cuomo, Linda Perry, Hawkins. List of legends who love him and or want to work with him goes on.

  • 123


  • AH!

    him and his bassist are sooooo hot together onstage can’t believe he’s straight (the bassist). lol i cracked up so hard when the straight drunkish dudes were all “YEAAAAH” everytime he interacted with him rofffllll. ahh good times i’m gonna go to his tour

  • terrie

    @rock_chic_chick: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I’m sure ADAM would wish you one too!!

  • maggie

    OMG… She is just too much!!! Women really to get away with SO much more than men with their sexuality.. Adam got to do what SO MANY men want to do, and molest her breasts!!

  • GRRR.


  • ben

    It clearly looks to me like she is removing his hand, he is the worst overbearing lack of talent ever, Feel sorry for Pam having to do this freak show event..

  • @ :)

    That’s part of his appeal. He’s super charming & sweet & hilarious and chill in person but he has so much intensity and energy onstage. Idk what it is that some people have that pulls people in, but he had everyone round his little finger. I mean almost everyone was hammered yet when he came on everyone’s eyes were on him and you could feel the excitement build up and no one was bored. He’s in another world up there, that’s partly what seperates good performers, and performers isn’t it. His band are amazing as well, they’re perfect. God I had so muc h funnnn! Def. going to his tour it’s gonna be wild.

  • mrsefron.

    Looovveee Adam!

    I bet all guys are jelouse of him, Adam is the only Guy who can see Pamela’s assets and get away with it

    Loooove ya Adam!

  • Terrence

    She was not drunk , Lambert being his nasty self thought he could cope a peek she should have Maced his aZZ


    @ben: LOL! You realize you’re talking about Pamela Anderson here?! Do you KNOW what she’s famous for?! When YOU have a 5 range voice that can hit EVERY note on the guitar and have your Idols and legends respect you and on your side, someone just may take you seriously lmfao.

    PAM said “I love Adam Lambert. He’s a rebel, a nice rebel, a nice trouble maker, and that’s exciting. He’s a free spirit.”

  • BOOBS!

    LOL there’s vids of this on YT. Was she drunk because she had her hands all over him and he was cracking up. Guuuuuuuuuurl did you not get the memo lmao

  • umm

    why do men find her hot?

  • Jake

    @umm: Are you seriously asking that question haha?

  • umm

    @Jake: Because of her boobs? Her face is fug. Are men really that shallow?

  • toneitdown

    Someone plz give Adam a calming powder of sorts..uugh
    The arrogance, the obnoxiousness.. he’s a newcomer
    trying to jump ahead of the line..ok so he’s ga y ;where’s the talent?
    tacky tacky tacky barfable persona

  • singledoctordating

    I am so glad they are in love, not

  • YOU

    WHY @Terrence: ARE AN IDIOT. Your bigoted BIAS is showing. Go to YOU TUBE right now and check out the VIDEO before spewing with your imagination lmao. Adam was his charming, lovely self and Pamela was hilarious. They hug, she grabs both his hands, Adam’s face is literally “woaaaah lol!” and she shoves his boobs in his face. I’m not even exaggerating I love Pam but she’s a sl..ut and gets away with it because she FEMALE

  • apple

    you guys should check out the videos of adam’s performance last night! words can’t describe how much i love it!

  • CanadaGirl

    @and: Uhh… okay? *confused at weird reply*

  • sara

    I saw Adam live last night! He was amazing. Check out the YT vids taken by “alreference”. The songs from his album sounded great.

    He also looked hot. I loved his look. I’m not a fan of the androgynous look. But if Adam thinks his look last night was androgynous, then that’s fine. He can keep thinking that. lol.

  • Jory

    ahhhhhhhhhh iflove him beyond words .. he is not human he is something out of this freakin crazy world !!!


    @toneitdown: You’re suck a troll and it’s disgusting. I know exactly who you are, you’re always on Adam’s posts. ALWAYS. You’re obsessed. Do you know the difference between an onstage persona and confidence and PERSONALITY. Because just the fact that you can call a SWEET person like this what you did showcases YOUR personality. Adam’s been performing for over a DECADE. It’s like you want him to be uncomfortable onstage and in his own skin lmao! And if you think he’s going to TONE IT DOWN for a stranger on the internet you seriously need to get a LIFE. There are gut wrenching honest songs on his album about heartache and there are ridi crazy fun tracks about feeling comfortable in your own skin. Kids need to KNOW it’s OK to be WEIRD. And just the fact that you said “where’s the talent” makes me laugh so hard. WHERE ARE YOU? ARE YOU WATCHING HIS VIDEOS OR ARE YOU SITTING HERE READING JUST JARED? You’re f-n PATHETIC.


    Dear ToneItDown. Hi :D Go Google Jack Johnson and wa** off over his TONED DOWN music.

  • do not touch

    Those boobs are going to explode

  • equestrianlovematch

    I like to motor boat

  • toneitdown

    Angry much? Forget the talent, obviously according to your standards, he’s perfect? For me?=He looks like a painted clown.
    And all this fury & hate bursting out..Whoa!!! teheeheee
    get a grip /see a shrink
    If Adam is so great, why defend?Let him stand on his own merits…
    What r u his sweat sweeper or the fuzz on his navel?? (nvm)
    Get meds, quickly

  • Marta

    there is time to say stop, but I guess Pamela don’t know about this.

  • @CanadaGirl

    @CanadaGirl: That confused you…? I basically said welcome to the club. You’re not the only one who thinks the guy has longevity despite the bitter Kris Allen fans upset their boy’s album bombed and the bigots following his every move online like creepy Stans.

  • typical

    omgggggg woman get your tits out his face lol!

  • gamerdatingsite

    I want to hug them, pleaz

  • yuk

    lollllll SOME of the comments here are exactly why the rest of the world mocks and hates america. the ‘dudes’ will trashtalk about adam’s appearance but they think pamela with her plastic surgery face 8 pounds of makeup and tits out is fine for their eyes lmao?! this is why i can’t f-n STAND 99% of straight men!

  • Mary

    “Are men really that shallow?”


    LOL I LOVE the bitter comments. Fcuking amusing as hell. Omg who does he think he is being comfortable onstage!! How dare he!!!! Omg who does he think he is getting respect from all these legends! Omgg why is he getting invited to everything instead of me lmao. DYING

  • oh damn

    He is the ONLY male I will let touch my breasts in public. I obviously wouldn’t shove them in his face like Pam did but he’s the one male that can look AND touch. Haha. I remember his and Allison’s duet of Slowride on tour and they would just play off each other. If she had done that with the other guys it would have looked so wrong l-o-l.

  • Catalina

    When your music can’t stand alone, you go for shock value. He won’t be around long.

  • bren


    Really? Have you seen all the pictures from last night. Pamela’s boob was completely…and I mean completely….hanging out of her dress…right in Adam’s face. She’s classless. Adam has more class in his pinky than she’s every had in her entire body.

  • http://justjared deke

    What man could ignore that?

  • Kaylie


    Oh yeah, I’m sure a GAY man would do that. I’m sure he would just want to rip her top right off.

  • Cai

    #38 Are you serious? You’re seriously going to bring Kris Allen into this thread? STFU Kris’ fans are nothing compared to Adam’s absolute freaks who stalk the internet looking for anything mentioning Kris to they can bash him to bits and follow Adam like freaking puppies. Talk about pathetic! And wrong on his album bombing. And, ftr, I like them BOTH.

  • Hannah

    His face is orange. He needs a lighter coloured foundation. Apart from that, he looks great.