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Sunday Kidman-Urban: What's Up Doc?

Sunday Kidman-Urban: What's Up Doc?

Nicole Kidman takes her daughter Sunday to feed the giraffes at the zoo in Australia on Thursday (December 31).

Sunday, 18 months, seemed to really enjoy giving her carrot to the giraffe!

The 42-year-old Australian actress was just added to the list of celebrity presenters for the Jan. 17 Golden Globes. Other presenters include: Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts and Leonardo DiCaprio.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman & Sunday feeding the giraffes at the zoo…

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sunday kidman rose carrot 01
sunday kidman rose carrot 02
sunday kidman rose carrot 03
sunday kidman rose carrot 04
sunday kidman rose carrot 05
sunday kidman rose carrot 06
sunday kidman rose carrot 07
sunday kidman rose carrot 08
sunday kidman rose carrot 09
sunday kidman rose carrot 10

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  • alicia

    Oh look one of my favorite couples, with their beautiful daughter, feeding my favorite animal. I just love these photos.

  • Fyn

    Little Sunday Rose is sprouting curly hair like her mama:-)

  • Steve

    Cute pics, Sunday’s expression is Priceless!!!

  • Terri

    Adorable pic of Keith and his baby!!! Sunday looks unsure of that giraffe, lol!

  • dabu

    Cute and adorable.

  • Carie

    I never see this woman with her OTHER children.

  • Ms Anonymous

    Catie – don’t start again, it’s already been discussed. Let it go.

  • Afrika

    What a pretty family. Happy holidays everyone.

  • Jokergurl

    Too cute.

  • Sara

    @Carie: Let’s get off this tiring ?. Noone but those involved know what the custody situation is, if you really want to know that bad, write Nicole a letter and ask her!!!!

  • Terri

    @Carie: Do you see her 24/7, 365 days a year? If not, then STFU!!!! Back to the topic on hand, breat family pics!!! Sunday is so CUTEEEEEEEEEE!!! Keith is HOTTTTTT!

  • Terri

    @Terri: meant GREAT!!!

  • Ciara

    She looks like her dad.

  • notafan

    These are cute pictures. A little girl doing what NORMAL little girls do everyday. Nice

  • hopeso

    These are cute pictures. A little girl doing what NORMAL little girls do everyday. Nice.



    Perfect little summer outfit and sandals for the zoo.

    Sunday appears quite secure and brave. Not many children would be so fearless in the face of such a strange and huge animal.

    She appears to be a very thoughtful calm baby, a thinker.

  • CanadaGirl

    They’re a cut family. I like how they seem like a cohesive family. Sunday has her mummy’s pretty colouring.

  • sarah

    That really sweet. They must be at Taronga zoo in Sydney because they let you feed the giraffes for $5.

    I see Keith’s giving the person taking the photograph, a warning glare. The photographer must have got too close or become obvious because most of the other photos are out of focus as if taken from a distance.

  • bella

    This was how the kids dressed when they go to the zoo, not like other celeb.
    Nicole’s beauty so classic & elegant just like Grace Kelly, and Sunday Rose so precious adorable daughter.

  • Anonymous

    OOOO,so cute ,anyone saw Sunday rideing tricycle.when she was visiting her aunt’s, she was soooo adorable .here the picture.

  • joy

    “”"”Sunday appears quite secure and brave. Not many children would be so fearless in the face of such a strange and huge animal.”"”

    I thought that as well. She seems pretty confident. Such great pictures of them out having fun. Sunday Rose is growing so fast. She’s so cute.

  • jim

    Nicole looked so stunning, such a classic Lady.

  • bella

    For sure Sunday is a confident, calm and smart baby, because Nicole is a Good Mother

  • Sunday rideing tricycle

    @Anonymous: OMG ,what a cute photo thanks for posting it ,and yes, indeed, she has Nic’s curly hair coloring ,skin and Keith’s facial features and like “TIM GUNN #16″ said Sunday soooo brave for doing that in front of a huge animal like giraffe. you goooooo girl.

  • Pippi

    So freaking cute! Love love them.

  • June

    Nicole is never with her other children. She is really missing a lot not including them in her life.

  • Ice

    This is a public blog – people should be able to leave their opinions without others sniping just because they don’t agree.

  • notbusy

    Sunday is fearless and cute as can be, but shes 17 months and not 2 years old. Although she is a tall girl like her mommy.

  • Ice

    or swearing.

  • dani


    Thanks! Adorable pic of her riding the trike.

  • rouge

    get a life honey, uh?

    sweet pics..sunday is super super cute…very lovely

  • dani


    Glad that you are with Nicole 24/7 and can attest to this. Too bad she doesn’t show them off constantly for photo ops isn’t it? People who live in Nashville see the kids frequently, so I’d say that she sees them a lot more than you know. Must have missed that when you were tailing her 24/7

  • Dell

    @bella: Whether a child is afraid of animals or not is no indication that their mother is a good mother. Besides that, Sunday Rose spends lots of time with a nanny. In fact, the nanny is with them in Oz. Nice family outing, too bad Isabella and Connor aren’t there to be a part of it.

  • Sussudio

    Sunday from day one has looked like a wonderfully calm thoughtful child. She’s just so beautiful I am so glad as fans of Keith and Nicole that she is theirs.

  • disgusted

    does she ever see her first 2 children? must be nice to leave the country for the hollidays and not care.

  • equestrianlovematch

    I just hope the aliens don’t get her

  • rossy40

    So cute!
    It reminds me of a family outing several years back with my nephews & sister. We used to call them “Game Farms” because the animals (with the exception of large cats & wolves) were “fenced” in & not in cages.
    Anyway, we received cards to fill in which animals we’d seen, etc., & began walking around. It was okay to go up to the fence to get a better look & I would stand beside my nephews as my sister read the information on the animal we were looking at. Buffalo, oxen, antelopes (can’t remember them all) – we saw a lot!
    It soon became apparent that something about me was off, or on, as the saying goes because I was licked & had my hair chewed by the above listed animals & others… It got so bad I had to hang back several feet from fences so I wouldn’t be licked – There is nothing weirder than slobber dried skin. LOL! I’m not kidding… they’d stalk me & no one else.
    My nephews had a laughing fit when we came to the elephants & a trunk wrapped around my shoulders & hauled me over to where I could be “felt up” by the 2 others. Nobody intervened or panicked… just took pictures! While whispers of “that camel didn’t lick MY face” & “that Impala just ran over & chewed on her hair!” followed me around for the rest of the day…
    I look back on that craziness & smile – AS embarrassed as I was, it was a great day. Of course, I DID have a lot of trouble getting rid of camel smell from my skin & hair… They really smell bad.

  • danielle

    How much does the religion pay some of you to put negative comments on posts about Nicloe Kidman? We never saw Isabella and Connor as children. Where were the post then?

  • Eve

    To the skeptics that post here and we know you do…. get over yourselves. Nobody buys the crap you’re selling. Nashville has a few paps, and annoying ones that sit in wait at certain places that Nic and Keith go to alot. People here hate them especially a certain one that shall remain nameless but the guy knows who he is. Kidman didn’t send them here and you know that or is musicgossip telling stories again.? The two children have been seen in Nashville but their time with them is short. My guess is because of their father. I’ve heard stories that when Nicole is in LA they get dropped off and picked up within hours and thats the extent of the visits. And do you know why they aren’t photographed? Because Suri isn’t sent along. That’s what the paps want, Suri or the up and coming actor Connor with Daddy. Kidman was always an excellent mother and always was the one to spend time with the kids when Cruise was on set. That I know for a fact.

    The Urbans are just too normal for you. Eating at Whole Foods and going to see movies with the rest of us just doesn’t work when you’re trying to paint a nasty picture. The nutty bunch of you have nothing left but passing around horrible nicknames. That’s what seven year olds do. You’re all over 40 and an embarrassment to yourselves. Liars are never credible and that’s what you are

  • shelby

    As if this woman’s life is any business of yours.

    Keith always looks hot!

  • Eve

    danielle, search around online. You can find plenty of the kids and most of them are with Nicole, sans Cruise. But let’s get real, the paparazzi weren’t as rabid as they are today.

  • gamerdatingsite

    I wonder where Izzy and Connor are?

  • watwat

    @Dell, so what if she has a nanny. I personally think it’s very sensible so that the child has a set routine and is not constantly dragged out at all hours. With both parents leading unconventional lives it’s important not to disrupt the child too much, especially at this age. It also look like Sunday is not wearing any diapers, unless they are very thin, or maybe she gets changed frequently unlike a certain 3/4 year old who has also been seen sucking on a bottle and showing signs of extreme distress. I do not wish to compare, but just like to point out what a difference employing a good nanny can make. Nicole and Keith are good parents for ensuring their daughter has the best possible care. So long as Sunday is well loved by her parents, there is nothing wrong in employing a nanny for doing all the day to day chores.

  • samy

    The E! boarders are here again. Same song, same tune, different day.

    You an always tell because they say the same things over and over and over. lol
    It gets old ya know.

    What jerks.

  • taco

    what the hell you’re talking about’??

    gosh…haters are pathetic…

  • Eve

    watwat great points. I think they are wonderful artists but what comes with that is an unconventonal life even with a marriage that has no kids. They are seen alot together being together and just hanging out and that keeps a marriage together. Not being a 5 star chef in a kitchen or staying home all day while your macho man brings home the bacon. See skeptics you look like fools!

  • bohemeballerine

    Awww….Sunday Rose looks just like Nicole!!!

  • Marie

    @disgusted: You know this How? Weird how posters know how a celeb feels!!!

  • Terri

    @June: You don’t know her schedule!!! Doesn’t look like she’s missing much, great life which includes a Hott husband, beautiful kids, career, $$$, extended loving famiies, Hate Much? .)

  • Dell

    @danielle: Oh dear, you don’t need to be a member of any religion to voice your opinion on here.
    watwat – you can tell from these pictures that Sunday Rose is not wearing diapers? How? You are aware that disposable diapers are made thin these days to make it easier to move around. Kidman’s fans make it sound like this child is the second Einstein already.