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Violet Affleck: Mommy & Me!

Violet Affleck: Mommy & Me!

Jennifer Garner spends time with daughter Violet at Scribble Press in Santa Monica on New Year’s Eve Thursday (December 31).

The pretty pair also walked around Los Angeles with their nanny to enjoy the mild winter weather.

Scribble Press is a place for kids and families to write, illustrate and publish their own books. There’s also other creative projects to keep the kiddies occupied!

FYI: Jen is using her BOB Revolution stroller!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck having mother-daughter bonding time…

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violet affleck mommy and me 01
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  • GOD

    More Stalking of children.

  • Soaplover

    Love Vi, she is such a cutie!
    Hope they had fun!

  • Soaplover

    I hate when my computer says 0 comments, and then I make a comment thinking I was first, but I’m not lol.

  • tv

    i dont see her with her husband much anymore we use to see them hugging, kissing etc. now its just her and her children we see whats up with that?

  • Hannah

    I love that she is such a hands on mum. Her kids are beautiful, but I agree with comment no.1, stalking of children is wrong.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Garner affleck fan

    Jennifer out with her two girls jenn is such a great mom violet is so cute and Seraphina is so adorable i cant believe sera is turning 1

  • jane

    Hey Jared, new paparazzi law goes into effect today, your website could be sued for exploiting paparazzi pics of celebrities and their families. If I were you I would stop posting pics of celebrity kids before you get your ass sued and become Just Jailed!!

  • reality

    Its the holidays and no Ben around? She’s been doing quite a few photoops during the holidays without him..Ben sure must miss her terribly.

  • infamous

    why does she get her lips plumped? a trend I hope that dies out this year.

  • anon

    How in the world can you look at a picture and declare someone a good parent? I wonder how other celebs are able to take their children to and fro without the paps but Jen is unable to do so. She should call some other celeb moms for tips, so she and her children aren’t “stalked” by the paps. Funny how they show up every where she goes but the far more famous moms are able to get out and about without being bothered every single day.

  • Pippi

    Anon #10 that is your opinion and you know what they say about opinions. They are just like a-holes, everybody has one and they all stink. What do you cut and paste that same lame comment on every Jen thread?

    Anyway, Why should Jen hide her children and deny them a normal life just because she and her husband are celebs. The children have a right to a normal life, they didn’t ask to be born into all this. Why not put the blame where it belongs. BTW, what other celebs (those who the public is interested in) manage to keep their kids paparazzi free?

  • garden

    She looks like Ben to me. The name Violet is cute though.

  • Pippi

    You can tell a good mom not just by photos but by her lifestyle ,how she involves her kids in such child friendly old fashioned activites. She also engages in with them which seems like on a daily basis. (noth just when she has an agenda). Things that are geared toward the enrichment of their lives. Most celebs mom seems to spend a lot of time shopping and socializing in things more suitable for adults and that is what separates her from them and that is probably why comments are made that she is a great hands-on mom.

    I can understand if you don’t like her but there is no need to nitpick and find fault with someone on that basis. Just move on to the next item on the blog that interest you.

  • Pippi

    Both of their kids are so stinking cute it hurts. It’s all in the genes.

  • Nikki

    Come on, what is the point of publishing pictures of some celebrity’s kids? It’s not right and you know it. Knock it off, please.

  • Pippi

    Both of the kids are so stinking ugly it hurts. It’s all in the genes.

  • Lilly

    WHat happened to that papparazzi law for cryin out loud!?!?!?!!? i was excited for it. no more seeing these idiots.

  • Anonymous

    agree 100% with pippi

  • WTF

    We can see Violet’s dark brown roots.
    Let’s hope Jen won’t bleach it again, as she is obsessed with having a blond girl.
    I do give her kudos for taking her children for classes and school, unlike Angelina who collects children and traps them in secluded mansions, only letting them out for photo ops and publicity campaigns before a new movie.

  • aeon

    wow she really looks thin, i wonder what’s up…hmmm. O.o

  • just jared

    Poster #16 can’t you find a user name of your own and stop using someone’s else. You must be the posted child for DEMENTED SOULS.

  • hmm

    she looks worn out. eiww ben.

  • Michael Vartan

    She looks sexy as h*ell to me. I want her to dump Ben and get with me!

  • Michael Vartan

    I hate Ben for coming into her life. I thought she would wait until I got off my a$$ (you know I wasted 10 long years of my last girlfriend’s life). I wasn’t ready to give up my carefree life. I thought I could mooch off Jen until I landed another job. I ‘m a loser. I learned too late when you snooze you lose.

  • hmm

    She is so beautiful. No wonder all the men want to be with her. Her little girls are soo cute. Love this family.

  • loser??

    @Michael Vartan:
    I don´t thing he´s a loser….he is really hot and he isn´t a bad actor….at all!
    He was just into her…he was in love with her…no more…! In love sometimes you win…others…you lose…!! Jennifer used him…for a while…and after she found true love with Ben!!
    I hope Michael is so lucky someday!!

  • pp

    Best career move for Jen. Letting paps see her as the doting mother. How normal is it for paps to be outside of the kid’s school. How about the safety of the other kids at the school. But yet jen and ben don’t care because they get publicity.. What happen to Ben and Jen saying they were going to live on the east coast so their kids could have a normal life? I guess that was before they realized their kid could save their careers. Because it is so normal to have 7 or 8 guys with camera following you child.
    Oh that ‘s right only Jen takes her kids to art classes. Ever thought that other celeb moms take their kids but make sure the class is not opened to paps looking right at the kids through a window.

  • cilly

    the new basically only relates to images that violate the law such as chasing celebrities in car, or taking their pics while at their residence. it could also probably pertain to picking kids up at school as well because that violates the rights of other children. the question is are celebrities gonna risk suing a paparazzi or an agency. someone i think will try but the question is will a court determine whether or not its unconstitutional.

    if they are in a public place they are still fair game.

  • pp

    Jen and Ben don’t want to stop the paps. If they did they would have made a bigger stink about the paps being so close as they took pics as their daughter left school. There is no way the parking lot outside of the school is public property yet almost everyday the paps are there taking pics of Jen and her daughter. The new law wasn’t needed to keep paps off private property. Watch monday there will be new pictures from Violets school.

  • cilly

    @pp i dont think the law is gonna change anything really. i still think a celebrity will try it and i think agencies will be a little more cautious but overall nothing will change.

  • lexy

    JJ stop paying paps to stalk Jen and her kids. Let’s not give the world’s pedophiles more kids to pleasure themselves too. Let’s show a LITTLE respect. Yes, Jen is a public figure but following her and her daughter around is disgusting.
    If a bunch of grown men were hanging around parks and schools taking pics of young girls and boys the police would be called. It’s digusting that Violet and her sister and other celeb children have become easy targets for pedophiles!!

  • ace11

    snooze……….boring garner again

    I miss Ben with Lopez…at least they were exciting..he knows it also

  • Chef Jacke

    Scribble Press, eh? Sounds like a good scam to take a few bucks from rich moms and dads. I salute them.

  • Red Sox Fan

    #19, guess you don’t have children? Very common for children to have blonde hair when born or little. Then as they get older, 5,6,7 yrs old, their hair will change to brown or black. Esp. if both their parents have dark hair.

    No bleaching involved, rather DNA.

    #29, wrong. The parking area for the preschool is public property. Attached to a parking garage actually. Although they have a few reserved spaces beside the school, the rest of the parking is fair game. Even if it were “private” property, paps have long lenses. They are allowed, by law, to stand on public property. This is allowed even if they are then taking pictures on private property. Sad isn’t it?

  • Ben Affleck fan.

    Violet is such a beautiful little girl!
    Jen looks too thin though, her face is very pinched.
    I agree with everyone else though, the paparazzi should stop following these poor little kids around!

  • go sox

    She is a great “hands-on” mom….she definitely has her priorities straight. I’m so impressed that a successful actress has had two beautiful children and spend such quality time with them, and still have a nice career for herself.

  • Hane

    Jen is such a good mommy.

  • mimi

    Why do you call Jen a good mommy when she uses her children to get papped. If she’s a good mother, she will protect her children’s identity.

  • skeletrout2


    Why are you talking about Angelina..who has nothing to do with this thread.. hmmm

    I guess you FF freaks are happy posting negative comments on the Jolie-Pitt threads. now you seem to be branching out to thread that are not even about them

    You are a sick obsessed freak.. Angelina and Brad as well as Jen and Ben can raise their kids the way they see fit.. Head back to your hate site where you belong with the other FREAKs.. lol… LOSER

  • inbred

    her inbred genes have really dominated these kids dna

    too bad

  • pp

    @Red Sox Fan:

    so anyone off the street can park in the parking lot right out side of a child care facility. I don’t believe that. I’m willing to bet the owner of the building also owns the parking lot. If this is not true than it proves my point that Jen and Ben care more about being seen by the paps than the safety of their daughter. Paps don’t have to use long lens because Jen and Ben don’t care that the paps are surrounding their kids everyday.

  • pp
  • Gwyneth gave Ben Idea


    AS PRIVATE AS YOU CAN.. GET it now comment page Jlo is not
    the only girlfriend Ben ever had.. and that is what Jen and Ben are
    doing now ….living life separate in public…

  • lexy

    Yes, the paps have long lenses but we need to think about public safety too. It’s not safe for the paps to be stalking these celebs and their kids in public areas. What about the other kids in some of these pics?? They are not famous and nor are their parents?? What if your child attended school with Voilet or some other kid?? Next thing you know some pedophile is telling your non-celebrity kid some gibberish about being a photographer and dragging your child off and raping them!


    LEXY YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP..!!! No the paparazzi do not
    talk to other kids… nor do they talk at all.. just take pictures and if that
    were true about a photo op than I guess Katie Holmes is the top of
    the list with her greasy haired daughter in to walking up a sidewalk
    or whatever ever day ….more so than Jen Garner so if anyone is
    paying the paps it is Katie Holmes.. So Just Jared talking about
    taking another name why take the name of this website..??

  • Pippi

    I am the true Pippi, and these kids are BUTT UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hATERS


  • Say Cheese

    Jennifer Garner is not who she pretends to be.

  • cookie

    Jen might have lost a lot of weight through the worry of having that insane guy threaten to kill her and then stalk her little girl. I am just sad that this little girl has so much attention from the papparazzi. It’s terrible. And so wrong that the bystanders and their children get caught up in this madness as well. The pictures aren’t even that interesting for gods sake. My wish for Violet this year is that the paps leave her alone and let her live a normal, carefree life like any little girl deserves to. And for the people that comment on her being ugly, shame on you.

  • re:cookie

    she lost weight bc her husband has been pullin’ a tiger woods for yrs now