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Jared Leto: Cowboy Hat Hippie - VIDEO!

Jared Leto: Cowboy Hat Hippie - VIDEO!

Fight Club actor Jared Leto wears a cowboy hat while hanging out at the beach in Miami, Florida on New Year’s Eve Thursday (December 31).

The 38-year-old Louisiana-born actor seems to really like phrases and words on his t-shirts! On Wednesday, he wore a shirt saying, “Too Much Pressure” while riding his mountain bike around Miami. He wore a “Minimalist” t-shirt on Thursday at the beach.

Click on the video below with Jared wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Cowboy Jared Leto Hangs Out the Beach

10+ pictures inside of Jared Leto looking cowboy cool…

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jared leto cowboy cool 01
jared leto cowboy cool 02
jared leto cowboy cool 03
jared leto cowboy cool 04
jared leto cowboy cool 05
jared leto cowboy cool 06
jared leto cowboy cool 07
jared leto cowboy cool 08
jared leto cowboy cool 09
jared leto cowboy cool 10
jared leto cowboy cool 11
jared leto cowboy cool 12

Photos: INF Daily, FlynetOnline
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  • Cindi

    I love Jared Leto. He is so hot looking but I think he is gay.

  • athena

    He looks amazing as always. Wow, wish I were in Miami and had run into him.

  • holy

    hot ,but a little gay

  • bohemeballerine

    He’s got a nice name ;)

  • Jon

    So GAY! I dont think he actually has a career no one knows the band hes in and he sucks in the movies he’s been in. WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT HIM AND HIS GAY ASS STYLE!

  • k

    he’s so cuuuuuuuuuuute

  • athena

    @Jon: Dang Jon, happy new years to you too….I’m sorry you’re so bitter about Jared Leto.,,,who is known to many, maybe you need to do some research.

  • Jaden

    @Jon: LOL, noone knows his band? Wake-up!

    Who cares if he’s gay or not ? He is hot as hell. And multi-talented, that’s enough.

  • Chris


  • drew

    he looks so good! he looks healthy and young as always! :)

  • drew


  • Poppit

    @drew: THANK you. actually, even if he were gay, which i don’t think so, it’s none of our business. he should enjoy life and keep on making music &movies. love their new album. go jared! oh, and the way he doesn’t seem to age freaks me out. talk about good genes, haha :))

  • Audrey

    He’s not gay!! He was the fiancĂ© of Cameron Diaz and boyfriend of Scarlett Johannson and we’ve already seen him kissing with Paris….And his band is quite well-known and popular!! I love 30 seconds to mars and Jared!:))

  • GirlsWearingMyJersey

    Two words:

  • sydie

    HE IS HOT!

  • just me

    so cute.. JARED I LOVE U

  • Mandy

    WHAT IS HIS SECRET??? He doesnt age!!!!!!!

  • Afrika

    who is this? and why is he relevant?

  • melodyayay

    @Jon: jelously is a really bad way to start the year with.

  • ozma83

    I think 99 % of the people who criticise Jared do it out of jealousy. How can you slag someone off without even knowing anything about them? just because they look good?? As someone already said, even if he were gay, there would be nothing wrong and plus, it would be none of our business. This said, before making comments about someone’s sexuality, tell me one reason why you would think he’s gay? I am waiting?

  • Lady

    I love Him :D so sexy like a cowboy in a beach whoaaa awesome

  • Carly

    Okay for all you people that are saying he’s gay.He’s not.He pretty much has hooked up with every single model out there.

    But I love 30 seconds to mars =D Jared Leto is pretty damn hott

  • heck

    Cowboy Cool? More like cowboy turd.

  • CanadaGirl

    This guy epitomizes cool. He seems to get the best out of life – cool movies when he wants them and touring with a band and making albums. I’ll trade my life for his!

  • campus-singles

    He is such a good singer

  • marant

    love him and and he looks good as always do ,and come to Fort lauderdale beach Jared is nice too and i live here.

  • kim

    i wish people would just leave him alone and let him enjoy his privacy and peace!

  • Cindy

    @Jon: Well sure do give a shit about him because you actually took the time to post a comment in this post. :)

    And what’s with “He is gay” comments? so what if he is gay? that’s none of your damn business. I highly doubt none of you took the time to actually do a little research. He has dated Cameron Diaz and some other actresses, so I guess that makes him gay? wow!. Get a grip people!. For all you jealous b**** you will never make it up to his level and the great talent this man has!. Jealousy is a disease, get well b****.

  • lkjsfd

    I like him because he seems nice enough but I kind of have to roll my eyes at his johnny depp meets rob pattinson look. It seems a little forced seeing as he has gone along with every other trend that has popped up in the last few years.

  • lkjsfd

    then again, who am I to say anything. the guy has made a lot of money… so more power to him I guess

  • Kate

    Most men in Hollywood are gay with female posing to be their girlfriends. I like him because he seem level headed and quiet. I hate loud mouth stars. I do hate when 30 something year old men try to get Robert Pattinson’s hair style. That need to stop.

  • katty

    Jay Is not gay!!!!!!you will memorize it!!he is a wonderful actor and musician…and it is not necessary to talk on the man of vermin if simply envy him!

  • OanaERO

    He’s gay and Paris Hilton is a virgin. :)

  • 1196

    WHAT’S UP With The Gay Comments ?????????!!!!!!!
    you people are CRAZY!!
    He is NOT!!

    You Don’r Know anything about him so just leave him alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • he is sooo youthful!

    JARED!!! UR TOO SKINNY!!!! ;( otherwise…he is always good loooking IF he just shaves!!!!!! >:) i will always miss the guyilner look…

  • Chef Jacke

    With his hair, he needs to move up to a 10 gallon hat.

  • bohemeballerine

    He may be bi, maybe not…doesn’t matter he’s super gorgeous but he tries WAY too hard to be trendy

  • ozma83

    @cindy @katty @1196 guys, we don’t know him, so how can we speculate about him being gay or not?? as I said, it should be none of our business if he is or not…
    and I don’t think he tries to be trendy. He likes something, he tries it, simple as that. I admire him cos he’s confident in his skin and doesn’t care about looking good all the time (yet he manages to :) ) Again, you’re speaking out of jealousy :)

    and @Kate, can you tell me how are you so sure that most men in Hollywood are gay? I am not saying it’s not true, maybe some of them are, but how do you know???

  • Stone

    I gotta word he should have on his T-shirt, but the Jared censors wouldn’t like it very much.

  • The_Nameless

    Well I love the pics! They are great!! …Jared Leto is great!
    Id’ Like to say some words to the people who dont know him very well and think that he is gay… Please, dont read too much magazines…dont believe in every shit you read…. he is not gay.
    Jesus! Im a little sick to hear that Jared is Sexy and Hot… And to the people that are always saying that he is hot let me just ask you a question: Can’t you see the real person inside him?
    Whatever, thanks to sharing your oppinions!! “)

  • MMA

    Ah-ha! The secret to his hair do. He must sleep in that cowboy hat! I’m sure that it. I did it accidently one night and when I took it off in the morning, my hair looked like his does every day. Mystery solved.

  • hayana123

    @jon your are weird man .. his band is awesome, and as an actor he is great, and maybe he is gay but who cares? is his life
    jared (L)

  • Austin Rokker

    Jared looks gorgeous here! He’s nice to the papparrazi and he’s really nice to his fans! I drove all the way to Houston to see him & his band in concert last month and they were so awesome! Then they stayed after the concert for over an hour to sign autographs for everyone. He’s so multi-talented… he’s an incredible singer, songwriter, musician, actor, director and all around nice guy. He looks like he’s concentrating here on some new songs while enjoying the beach. I don’t understand why so many people diss him all the time? Love you, Jared, and 30 Seconds to Mars! Happy New Year!

  • Ana

    Gay or not, thats his private business!!!!!! Why is a young man with millions of dollars in his pocket starved himself to death???? He is too skinny at all!!!! Whats the matter with him??? Is that fashion??? He is not livin in South Africa to look so hungry!!! When I see photos of him, I would like to send him food! Go and eat Jared, that skelettor body is really not hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sahaja


    Gay means he can be bi-sexual as well. In that case he cane get hooked up with girls as well as boys as well.

    But it does not matter whether he is Gay or not ! He is very talented and good looking. Yes, I agree with you, he is hot !

  • wtf


    Um..because he said he was gay.

  • mafer

    jared is so hot and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love uuu!!!!!!! :D:D
    and hes NOT gay!!!! he has girlfriend!!!! duh!!!

  • Todd Howes

    Wouldn’t Jared love this? Famous Twitter Chick

  • Nadine

    cool hat

    Cant wait for the Into The Wild Tour. 30 Seconds To Mars are amazing live. Anybody going? US dates are going to be released soon. Just check for more dates being released. I cant wait.

  • Nadine

    cool hat

    Cant wait for the Into The Wild Tour. 30 Seconds To Mars are amazing live. Anybody going? US dates are going to be released soon. Just check for more dates being released. I cant wait.