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Zachary Quinto & Tyler Shields: Pizza Pair

Zachary Quinto & Tyler Shields: Pizza Pair

Zachary Quinto and his celebrity photographer pal Tyler Shields, dressed in his usual uniform, head to a delicious lunch at a pizza parlor in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (January 2).

Earlier in the morning, the 32-year-old Star Trek star was seen leaving his regular yoga class.

ZQ and TS were last spotted hanging out together during a Halloween party, where ZQ dressed up as a sexy skeleton.

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  • Marie

    ZQ is a sexy, sexy man….

  • Anon

    Jared, hunny, ZQ is gay he’s out, and that guy’s more than a buddie.

  • lmao

    Tyler is a friend, get your facts straight. Tyler has a girlfriend. As for Zach, who knows for certain. If he has a girlfriend/boyfriend, noone will ever know ;-)

  • Trek

    I thought Shields was gay but doesn’t he have a gf?

  • angeles


    Yes he does, a real pretty girl named Candice. She’s from one of those vampire shows.

    As for Zach, looking good bb, but lose the hat.

  • lisa

    Love Tyler.
    Love Zac.

  • Carlos

    They’re boyfriends, 4 sure!

  • huh?

    “a Christmas party, where ZQ dressed up as a sexy skeleton.”

    Wasn’t that the Halloween party or does Zach make a habit of dressing up as a “sexy skeleton” when he goes to a party?!

  • XYZ

    If ZQ is seen with a girl she is his gf. If he’s seen witha guy he is his bf. I’m at a loss to understand these people!

  • Izzy

    Shields is a photographer who took some really great shots of Quinto this year (see his website). They have since become friends. Shields has a girlfriend. Quinto is single and bi.

  • amtj2008

    @Izzy: One, you do not know if he is bi-sexual, so do not state as such. You can state that you think he is but that it is just your opinion. Two. lots of regular dudes become friends, hanging out does not make them gay. Three, having a gf or not having a gf does not cement your sexuality.

  • love’em

    How does everyone know so much about a celeb? Is it what they read or see that makes them know? And how do we know that he is bisexual? It doesn’t even seem like he dates. I don’t believe in bisexuality. I believe that either you’re gay or straight. Maybe bisexuals are too afraid to admit that they’re gay so they cover it up with the word bisexual.

  • So Judgemental

    Tyler has a girlfriend. Quinto is so hot it makes his sexual preference irrelevant.

    And yes it was a Halloween party not Christmas.. he also attended Quinto’s Thanksgiving dinner for friends since Heroes shooting prevented him from going home to Pittsburgh.

  • Jello

    OMG Im so sick of you guys.

  • Haley

    I htink they are both DEF gay. I was at Tyler’s house before and I know he has hot MALE room mates. One even had his shirt off for no reason so clearly gay

  • O!

    Yikes! don’t ever take your shirt off guys, unless you have a really, really good reason or you’ll be deemed gay!!

  • Anonymous

    Zachary Quinto is not gay or straight . He just may not like to date girls perhaps; none knows for sure really. This is his life and seems to enjoy it whatever it is, he’s doing. Damn, weird people these days commenting “he’s gay or bi or etc….”. You know just because he’s with a guy, it doesn’t mean he’s gay, right. I know he has been with bunch of dudes, so what. So ok he may like to hangout with many guys more than hanging out with a girl ok, but then again that doesn’t mean he is gay. Anyways, I can’t wait for Heroes to continue next week.

  • angeles

    >One even had his shirt off for no reason so clearly gay

    Tyler is a photographer, so if his house is crawling with hot, sweaty men with their shirts off it’s understandable.

  • angeles

    >Zachary Quinto is not gay or straight


    So he must be in some kind of sexual limbo that is too complicated for the rest of humanity to understand then?


  • Healther

    Ang, you made me crack up laughing :)

    Maybe that person meant he could be asexual? Just throwing it out there… ;)

  • Mary

    Yoga and pizza? Bad boy!

  • Gay and Proud

    I love how he is always coming back from yoga with food…pizza, bagels… :)

  • marriagematchmaker

    Oh wow, are they dating?

  • angeles


    I thought anon would at least add pansexual or bi or both, anon is leaving Zach with such few sexual options…heheheheh ;)

  • Stone

    Someone oughta knock that stupid hat off his head.

  • Anonymous

    To everyone on here, who gives a f**k if he’s gay, bi, or straight. This guy is one amazing actor and my idol. Stop acting immature like seriously this needs to stop once and for all.

  • gometh

    too super cool guys

  • *rolls eyes*

    #26 f**k off…obviously alot of people care or there wouldnt be posts here or on other boards concerning the subject. Just because we talk about it doesnt make any of us immature. If anything it just shows how ignorant and immature you are for your post. Try stop trying to be mommy and go away if you don’t like the content of the posts.

  • amtj2008

    Omg people are stupid lol, I can not wait until one celeb enforces the new pap rule and all the speculation will cease to exist. Zach is obviously sexy/sexual. Unless Zach can make beautiful babies by himself he is not asexual, really weird that he cannot be just a regular dude. I do not believe in bisexuality either but I do believe in people right not to label themselves. It is not immature to forge your own opinions, people can say what they want, just do not state it like it is a fact. It is however, ignorant to assume that someone is gay because they have not had a ” visible” mate.

  • MMA

    @Stone: I’d like to do it with that gay rolled up yoga mat of his!



  • *rolls eyes*

    @#29 I hate to burst your bubble but the gay speculation will NEVER end even if the paps were to disappear from the earth. They arent at fault for the speculation, fans who post on these boards are. If you were to get rid of all FANS then I’d say the speculation may end but I don’t see that happening. Fans are nosy people who want to know everything about the object of their obsession(LMAO). I find it extremely creepy and weird that you would talk of Zach making “beautiful babies”. How old are you anyways? LOL It is immature for one to come onto a public board and make childish remarks such as “people are stupid”. Noone is stupid just because you don’t agree with their opinion. That itself is silly and childish…

  • Anonymous

    @*rolls eyes*:

    @28. Challenge huh, fine I would love a challenge. Did you change your name from Jello Head to *rolls eyes*? You must be a the same person because you are so damn negative. First of all, you have no right to tell me to f**k off which I didn’t do anything to provoke you. Now you turned me in a whole different level b*tch. Second, you are one stubbern a**hole who judges people just by telling people to stop making fun of ZQ. I wish you a happy life you arrogant selfish c**ksucker.

  • bbwloversmatch

    I hope they get married soon

  • Anonymous


    I hope you get married soon lol. They aren’t gay. The whole gay thing started from Perez. That guy THOUGHT he was gay which Zachary Quinto isn’t. Also his friend has a girlfriend people jeezus christ.

  • Elizabeth M

    Tyler is not the boyfriend.

  • amtj2008

    @*rolls eyes*:
    Lol , I know paps will never disappear, I did not say they would. My point was soon there may be only pics of him at events, then all this friends=bf/ crap will disappear. I know that even if he came out with a gf, the gay speculation will exist. My point with the babies, was that being asexual means that you can asexually reproduce and fyi all babies are beautiful. People are stupid, do you not read the stuff they write? I did not say the opinions are stupid but people are. Look up stupidity in the dictionary, it means mental numbness. The fact that so many people can believe something they read, that is written by a person who does even know the person, to be true is so illogical. Also fans, real fans, do not go off yelling “he so gay ” or “dude is that his bf ?”. Real fans talk about their talent and yes some want to know everything about the person. Aside from Angeles and Heather, I never see anyone else at his site or posting anything positive about him constantly. A real fan would not label him.

  • angeles

    >The fact that so many people can believe something they read, that is written by a person who does even know the person, to be true is so illogical.

    Preach it.

    Perez only said that in 2007 because he wanted (and I assume still wants) to sleep with Zachary. It doesn’t matter to Perez that this rumor has been so ingrained into people’s heads that some people have actually said they’d never buy Zach in a romantic comedy if he was paired with a woman. In fact whenever his character Sylar kisses a woman on the tv show (like in tonight’s ep) people still make comments about how it must have been so uncomfortable for Zach to film the scene. It boggles my mind. WTF does his sexuality have to do with his career?

    And how do these people know how Zach felt when he was filming the scene? Or if he was even uncomfortable? Or is it that they are uncomfortable and they are projecting it onto him because they feel a loss of control because he is in fact kissing a woman on screen rather than a man?

    Zach kissed a guy on screen years ago, so maybe these people who say they cannot buy him in a straight role should go and wank off to that for a while and leave his future roles to the rest of us?

  • Please enlighten me


    How do you know Perez wants to sleep with Zach Quinto? Just curious


    zach and kristen are together ten years ago! not just friends! SECRET ROMANCE!!!!!!

  • m.e.

    @angeles: personally i think he looked more uncomfortable kissing the guy than any woman…but I get your point. :)

  • angeles

    @Please enlighten me:

    Oh please honey.

  • Please enlighten me


    Don’t try to be cute. Just answer the question at #39. Otherwise it seems you have nothing to back up what you say and it’s just only your opinion.

  • yung_gyurl

    omg what is the big deal with knowin ZQs sexual preferences. being a girl i’d prefer him straight so he could bang my ovaries out LOL, but i dont really care what he is. he’s hott, talented and unique. everything else is just relative :)

  • Healther

    Thanks Amt, I enjoy talking to you and Heather on the boards and reading your posts!

    The one thing about Zach is, he is a VERY good actor… and if he was feeling uncomfortable kissing this person or that person.. he has a way to hide it.

    Do you think costars love each other all the time? When I was in school the 2 people who played Tony and Maria in West Side Story HATED each other. They dated.. BAD break up.. but you wouldn’t know unless you knew them personally :) So imagine that in Hollywood… just some food for thought.

  • angeles

    @Please enlighten me:

    It is ONLY my opinion, don’t get your panties in a twist.

  • Healther

    Wow I am a dork.. I just realized I said my name and not Angeles… :blush: long day…

  • angeles

    @Please enlighten me:

    And as for Perez, if he had kept his damned opinion to himself in 2007 maybe people wouldn’t be so quick to judge Zach on his sexuality over his talent. Go look at his site, it’s not as if he’s trying to hide the fact that it’s his opinion and it’s HIS OPINION that Zach is a mo. A lot of people listen to his OPINION like it’s fact.

    That fat pinko Perez, he needs to DIAF.

  • Please enlighten me


    No angeles, my panties ain’t in a twist! Just wanted to clarify a point. It’s good to know that the concept of Perez wanting to sleep with Zach was from your overactive imagination and nothing else. LOL

    So the point you made that Perez says Zach is gay because he wants to sleep with him is out the window.

    oh angeles, you really are something else!!

    Bye, bye now…..

  • angeles

    @Please enlighten me:

    Oh and one more thing, I don’t see you running around here banging on people who come in here and claim Zach is gay and out like it’s a FACT. Where’s their proof? Like Perez, just because they say it doesn’t make it fact, it’s only their OPINION.

    So I’m not allowed to say anything about Perez and that well known RUMORED HABIT of trying to out actors he fancies, but other people are allowed to out Zach with no proof?

    Your reasoning is not logical.

    /done with you and this conversation.