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Gerard Butler: Shirtless in Barbados!

Gerard Butler: Shirtless in Barbados!

Gerard Butler and a female friend soak in the sun in Barbados on Sunday (January 3).

It’s the first day of the 40-year-old Bounty Hunter‘s vacation on the west coast of the Caribbean island.

Gerry enjoyed a bit of time in Aspen, Colorado but spent New Year’s Eve at New York City hotspot Avenue. He reportedly “showed up [around] 1:30AM and hung with a bodacious brunette.”

10+ pictures inside of shirtless Gerard Butler in Barbados…

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gerard butler shirtless barbados 01
gerard butler shirtless barbados 02
gerard butler shirtless barbados 03
gerard butler shirtless barbados 04
gerard butler shirtless barbados 05
gerard butler shirtless barbados 06
gerard butler shirtless barbados 07
gerard butler shirtless barbados 08
gerard butler shirtless barbados 09
gerard butler shirtless barbados 10
gerard butler shirtless barbados 11

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  • oy

    Emma, you are right about Robertson. What looked really weird was him walking up the street, stopping and then asking for the people he just had lunch with to pick him up. Even Paris Hilton isn’t that desperate or attention. But the boy did need to raise his profile and get a role and it worked. That’s why he does it.

    I’m hoping that’s why he wore those horrible trunks. Maybe he knows he’ll get negative attention, which is always welcomed in Hollywood.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    ITAWY oy!

  • oy

    @lanced: Now Lainey has expectations?

  • Orchid

    He eats too much, and doesn’t exercise enough. That’s what happens when input exceeds output.

  • oy

    @anna: ITA. I doubt he realizes the photos are online yet. He’s probably bouncing around with a few local lovelies. At least the flab will let some of the more bony ones have some cushioning. See? I said something upbeat.

    He’ll wake up tomorrow exhausted and will shrug it off because he’s still pulling tush. As long as he can do that, even if his physique is at Defcon 3, he won’t care what’s said about him.



  • oy

    @Orchid: I disagree. He looks like a huge sh-tter.

    Here’s another more positive thing to say. Gerry’s not fat. He’s just Costco sized. Is that better?

  • oy

    @Check it out, folks!: Or a girlfriend he was crushing who was trying to get out from under him?

  • oy

    @Check it out, folks!: Or a girlfriend he was crushing who was trying to get out from under him?

  • oy

    @Check it out, folks!: Why do you hate us? Couldn’t you have posted a warning with that link? He looks like he swallowed the Heene balloon.

  • Francie

    Check it out…..I’m one of those Gals! But I agree that he has put on weight…I don’t dig the pink trunks…He’s totally not looking his best! But ….he’s still one of the nicest guys you will meet in HollyGollyland! He will let himself go for a bit and then work like a dog to get back in shape for his next movie…It’s not healthy but it’s what he does. I’m one that feels everyone has a right to their own opinion…I have to say some are downright cruel but I guess it’s your right…I didn’t have to read any of this and I was warned not to but I decided that I have to find out for my self…can people really be that vicious and mean…are their lives so sorry and beat down that they would attack a persons persona with such vigorous hatred? I said no …I don’t think so. Well my friends …I guess I was wrong. I will tell you this…I’ve been a fan for a very long time, I;ve loved some of his movies and I’ve hared some of his movies. I am not one to put him up on a pedestal..He’s just a man …he’s flesh and blood with a fair amount of imperfections…He’s a human being….A decent one! Whatever happened to humanity? I’m willing to bet my life that if those of you who choose to be as mean and nasty as you can were to ever meet the man in person you would fell like a bunch of A$$e$…. So go on with your bad selves and get it out of your systems… It’s only an opinion and you know how that saying goes !! Sorry to interrupt your little gab fest BTW…I’ll take my leave and let you guys have at it!

  • Framolamdu
  • Mr. Giggles

    G on Robertson Blvd…….”annoyed” by the papz & the fans

  • Check it out, folks!

    Sorry, oy I like to go for the shock value. (wink!)

  • sugar

    He is pudgy and not in good shape, but for god’s sake people he’s NOT that bad. You are talking like he is 300 kgs or something.

  • leah

    @Francie: Francie, if you don’t have him on a pedestal, how do you know for sure that he’s a decent human being and one of the nicest men in Hollywood? Because of what you read or hear in interviews or because of what they say on the fansites? Did you grow up with him, worked with him or date him? If you answered no to those, then you don’t know what he’s like.

  • leah

    #201, your link doesn’t work. Maybe someone pulled the photo.

  • uh oh

    Why does any woman want to sleep with a celebrity? Even Gene Simmons has slept with thousands of women and he’s fugly. Tom Jones slept with thousands too. Can you imagine how many Gerry has nailed? He won’t want to be behind them in the tally.

    Beatty bio is (thankfully) unauthorized
    A new biography about Warren Beatty is being billed as authorized, but according to Beatty’s attorney Bert Fields, “Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced America,” by Peter Biskind, was never approved by the actor.

    In a statement to the Huffington Post, Fields wrote, “Mr. Biskind’s tedious and boring book on Mr. Beatty was not authorized by Mr. Beatty and should not be published as an authorized biography.”

    Among the claims in the book: Beatty, a widely-reputed ladies man, allegedly slept with nearly 13,000 women.

  • Shame

    He’ll rue the day he did 300 as that body was too much to continually live up to. The minute like now that he has a normal body for his height and size the claws are out everywhere. Good for him to feel comfortable enough to expose his body to the papz. We all know he’ll be back to his usual buff self in no time.

  • leah

    I don’t think everyone expects him to look like he did in 300. But he’s gone completely the opposite direction in these photos and that’s what many are surprised by.

    It doesn’t help that he’s made a career off showing his skin on film and bragging about how glad he is to get naked on film. He’s been happy to be the Hollywood hunk and use that to his advantage. It’s only fair that it works the opposite way when he looks flabby.

    The one time you wish they would airbrush photos they don’t.

  • JewelryMaker

    One last note before I call it a day. I finally read what is on his trunks. “EELFOOD” and “I survived”. Maybe he selected this pair as a tribute to his role in Beowulf and Grendel, when he came from the ocean with eels attached to him. Good night, all.

  • Benie

    Thanks for the pics! What a pity that Gerry has AGAIN let himself to add way too much weight. It shows so badly in his cheeks and triple chins… This guy NEEDS to have a constant diet!!!

  • and counting

    Beatty, a widely-reputed ladies man, allegedly slept with nearly 13,000 women.
    no way.
    even if he shagged a different woman every day for 30 years it would only add up to about 11,000. was he doing 4somes daily?
    wb is definitely a supreme slvt but 13,000 is a bit high even for him.

  • ohlordie

    Does anyone else think it’s cruel that this site placed his photo next to an ad for a Gilles Marini calendar?

  • ohlordie

    If he started when he was 15 or so, he might have come close to that number but I think exhaustion would have gotten him. He didn’t marry until he was in his 50s, right? He could have slept with several thousand.

    He must have contracted some STD’s along the way, especially since protection was not a big thing in his day. And in case we forgot, he also dated Madonna. Ewww.

  • ohlordie

    Have you guys seen the “My Mom Slept with Tom Jones” page on Facebook? He’s estimated at about 10K too.

  • evilways

    Where are some jellyfish when you need them?

  • Georgina

    I totally agree with Anon…the guy is an absolute hunk with muscles or without!! I would take him anyway he is…To the people who criticise…have you had a look at your image you always look perfect? I don’t think so. These actors are human and acting is there job…what they do or how they look when they are not working is none of anyones business…they are not gods for goodness sake and you do not w=own them and they don’t owe anyone anything!

  • Gerry has balls & isn’t gay

    I think these pics prove 2 things…Gerry doesn’t give a sh*t what people think and he is definitely not gay. After all the terrible things I’ve heard here, about Gerry, my respect for Ger just went back up for this act of bravery. This guy took his shirt off knowing he would be photographed and ridiculed. Many americans look like Gerry does right now. I only just started back to the gym in November, myself.

  • evilways

    How dare you call Gerard human and not a god. You’ll be kicked out of the fanworld for that.

    You’re right that we don’t own him. I sure don’t. If I did, I would auction him off to the fat housewife sex trade and buy myself a yacht on the sale. Then I’d sell the sex tapes of him turning those tricks online and buy a vineyard in Provence with my profits. Then, to show I have a charitable heart, I’d donote videoclips to the nonfans of him weeping when he saw those women naked and realized he had to sleep with them. The fangirls like it when he cries. It reminds them of Phantom of the Opera. They’ll get more stoked to link with his loins.

    I would also let his ex-girlfriends choose what sex toys the fangirls use on him. The exes deserve a little charity too.


    Anyone who shags this guy must be prepared to be on top ~
    if he’s on top he’ll kill you

  • whatthe?

    Gerry doesn’t give a sh*t what people think and he is definitely not gay.
    He’s an actor. They all care what people think. They want to be liked and applauded. That’s why they go into showbiz. They want attention and adoration…and money.

    How do you know he’s not gay? Have you slept with him? I don’t think he is, but there’s no evidence that he isn’t or that he’s not bi. Why are you allowed to guess and they aren’t?

    After all the terrible things I’ve heard here, about Gerry, my respect for Ger just went back up for this act of bravery.
    Was your respect for him low before this? I wonder why.

    By the way bravery is Sully landing the plane in the Hudson. Bravery is that guy who saved the person on the subway tracks. Bravey is that little schnauzer that put itself in harm’s way to save its owner and ended up getting brutally killed. Gerard being shirtless in a paparazzi hotspot to go swimming is not bravery, you moron. It’s the pursuit of recreation and in some minds, cruelty to cameras.

    This guy took his shirt off knowing he would be photographed and ridiculed.
    Thanks for admitting he looks worthy of ridicule. That’s a step toward sanity. Keep going. Put one foot in front of the other…and soon you’ll be walking out the do-o-OR!

    Many americans look like Gerard does right now. I only just started back to the gym in November, myself.
    There we have it! An overweight fan sensitive about Gerard being called out for flab. Tip for 2010: Lay off the Cheetos. Hardening of the arteries affects circulation. Bad circulation means brain cells die off. Dead brain cells means making stupid comments like Gerard is brave because he let the world see he’s out of shape.

    When fans make stupid comments like this, it’s no wonder no one takes you seriously and we think you’re idiots.

  • evilways

    @PANCAKE GRRL: As said here before, that probably explains the scratchmarks on his side. Someone was clawing to get out from under him. Maybe that’s why his girlfriends look thin. He flattens them out like in cartoons.

    Before I forget, he earned every fat joke made at his expense with these photos. Fans, quit your whining.

    Does anyone remember when he picked on Ann Widdecombe from Scotland and talked about how overweight and unattractive she was? He did that in interviews in Europe and on one of the late night shows here. Imagine how she felt having him humiliate her with that unprovoked attack. I don’t remember any fans sticking up for her back then like they are for him now.

    It looks like his karma is coming around.

  • Die in a fire!


    Alot of people are out of shape. This guy can whip himself back into shape in no time and yet he is still secure enough in himself to go out, like that, in the meantime, while knowing people like you will talk sh*t. Gee, it’s no wonder Brittany Murphy had an eating disorder.

  • moviewatcher

    @mslewis: First of all, timeline wasn’t a straight to dvd movie. It was in the theaters when it came out. Second of all, know your actors. One of the main actors was only in those hit movie called FAST AND FURIOUS!!!!!! He became famous after he made Phantom of the Opera, but became big after 300. And yes, he gained the weight for a upcoming role. So leave the guy alone

  • Sandy

    evil ways, I just googled Gerry’s quote on Ann Widdecombe and you’re right that was a horrible thing to say. He doesn’t think before he speaks sometimes.

  • Sharon

    I love Gerry, is real, is not hiding and he shows that he does not fit,
    I read an article that he says about the film with Jennifer he eat only pizza and junk food
    So happens, man fattening,

    I appreciate him for it he does not hide the fact that he did not fit
    He’ll be back to himself ,dont worry :)

  • MMA

    He must be paying her dearly!

  • lanced


    She bounced Franco down her list for pear shaped thighs. oh the horror.

  • Alastair

    Hi people I’m back. Happy New Year. I think Gerry looks hot a bit chunkier. Hi Nick, Dave and Dan if your out there say hi X

  • choux choux

    Hahahaha lol, he looks like my boyfriend, british, pale and flabby! I keep complaining but he won’t exercise.

  • lavender1960

    Does this mean he won’t be in LA for the People’s Choice Awards on Jan. 6th, given he is nominated in one category?

    I admire a man who dares to wear pink.

  • Joy

    I’m all for a guy who isn’t afraid of wearing a bit of color but that is just atrocious. There’s all kinds of wrong with these shorts. If he was wearing something a bit more flattering, I don’t think he would look so unattractive.

  • Happy medium

    @Sandy: I just googled Gerry’s quote on Ann Widdecombe and you’re right that was a horrible thing to say. He doesn’t think before he speaks sometimes.

    Read more:

    Men, courtesy of a naturally higher amount of muscle mass, have the advantage of being able to lose weight quicker than women; I don’t think they understand how much harder it is for a woman. There is just so much pressure to look good ALL the time and then one has to live up to fluctuating messages and standards put forth by the media as to what is acceptable or not acceptable. There are people that would starve themselves rather than be caught having a moment of human weakness, which we are all susceptible to. If you don’t fit into what Hollywood has deemed as “beautiful” then you end up constantly battling with self esteem issues. Who the hell doesn’t get sick of that sh*t? Who doesn’t get tired of living up to what we see on TV? Why sure, there’s an issue of being healthy, but there is also the issue of not being a slave to what the media tells/sells us is “beautiful”. I’m sure even celebrities get tired of the pressure to always look this way or that. Surely even they like to be able to eat what they want during the holidays.

  • Stinkylouise

    Does this mean he won’t be in LA for the People’s Choice Awards on Jan. 6th, given he is nominated in one category?

    I think winners are notified in advance. So I guess he lost.

  • Mark

    Guess it’s true what they say about gals. Don’t matter if you’re old, unfit & flabby as long as you have moolah. It’s the money that turns them on, not the man. My g/f’d dump me I lookd that bad.

  • dupe

    Where is Jennifer Maniston? Oh! The romance will be back on when The Bounty promotion starts!

  • Fritz

    @at the remarks made about the scratches, maybe it’s from a scratchy sweater he wore in Aspen? Just a guess. I understand about sensitive skin, lol! Keep that Tide FAR away from me!

  • stratches

    @Fritz: maybe Stretch marks? LOL

  • Time for Community Singing

    To the tune of
    ‘It was an itsy, witsy, teeny, weeny, yellow polka dot bikini’

    ‘He was afraid to go into the water ….

    No, no! I really shouldn’t! LOL!!!!!
    but evil little songs just ran through my head!
    I might report back.
    Hello JJers and happy new year.
    from The Choirmaster x