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Gerard Butler: Shirtless in Barbados!

Gerard Butler: Shirtless in Barbados!

Gerard Butler and a female friend soak in the sun in Barbados on Sunday (January 3).

It’s the first day of the 40-year-old Bounty Hunter‘s vacation on the west coast of the Caribbean island.

Gerry enjoyed a bit of time in Aspen, Colorado but spent New Year’s Eve at New York City hotspot Avenue. He reportedly “showed up [around] 1:30AM and hung with a bodacious brunette.”

10+ pictures inside of shirtless Gerard Butler in Barbados…

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gerard butler shirtless barbados 01
gerard butler shirtless barbados 02
gerard butler shirtless barbados 03
gerard butler shirtless barbados 04
gerard butler shirtless barbados 05
gerard butler shirtless barbados 06
gerard butler shirtless barbados 07
gerard butler shirtless barbados 08
gerard butler shirtless barbados 09
gerard butler shirtless barbados 10
gerard butler shirtless barbados 11

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  • anna

    @Time for Community Singing: Please please Choirmaster, don’t let us down, it’s all in good fun! I’m sure a lot of people want this tune! I know I do lol happy new year to u too X

  • Threadwatcher

    from the web
    That’s not Gerard Butler, that’s my plumber flaunting his riches after over-charging me.
    That bastard!

  • tammy

    How ugly can someone look in a bathing suit?
    Hollywood is so fake.

  • wise-up

    @Mark: Dude you are so wrong saying that GB fans love him because he’s rich. What events in your life have distorted your views that you would come up with a conclusion like that?
    And don’t even think about giving me some stupid anecdote.

  • joan

    Such a let down, wow. And l thought he was ”hot” in 300…well this just shows you how maleable these holyweird stars are…they’re not serious about the characters they play they’re phonies…

  • anna

    @joan: uhm, reality check…he’s not playing leonidas anymore darling, therefore he’s not being serious about a character because he’s being himself here. lol what u said makes no sense whatsoever.

  • lovemesomegerry

    Gerry will be looking fabulous in time for his next movie. He has said he doesn’t do moderation, he’s either working out like a maniac or stuffing himself. He’s on vacation, Leave the guy alone. He’s a real person, not a botoxed, plastic phony. And really, he’s not exactly obese. He can park his shoes under my bed anytime.

  • Stinkylouise
  • Alastair

    Those shorts are hot. Where are all the people from the other topics

  • anna

    @Stinkylouise: i just read that lol ouch

  • Stinkylouise

    @anna – Actually ,that’s pretty tame compared to comments from other bloggers.

    @lovemesomegerry- It’s too late to leave him alone. The photos are all over the net today.

  • Alastair

    Happy New Year Dave, Dan and Nick if your reading this topic X


    Will there be a sequel to 300?

  • Joy There will most likely be a prequel, called Xerxes as Frank Miller said. Look it up, there are a few articles around.

  • oh pleeezzzeee
  • lanced

    Bounty PR is beginning, Hollywood is so sad sometimes

    “With an all-out bid to reignite their romance, a lonely Jennifer Aniston’s been bombarding Gerard Butler with phone calls, sexy texts and emails”.

  • Vamp

    Lainey is a pathetic jerk.

  • lanced

    @oh pleeezzzeee:

    great minds

  • anna

    HA HA
    it was about time. It’s just gonna get worse from here. This is pathetic.

  • !

    Just because….
    it’s nice to see and remember.

  • cubedweller

    @anna: Sad. And poor us, because we have almost 3 long months of this garbage to look forward to. Butler better dust off his wll-used denial speech, yet again.
    @ Stinky: Same old same old from Lainey. Not one word about the shorts? She is off her game. To much celebrating the holidays, maybe.

  • gamerdatingsite

    He needs to work out, he’s getting fat

  • Gracey

    I liken Lainey to a schoolyard bully who says humiliating things about others to build up her own ego.

    Does she have a real job, or is her blog – which she uses in an attempt to amuse other bottom feeders – her only contribution to the world?

  • !

    @Gracey: she has a job on tv in canada.

  • lanced

    Lainey is E!’s Canadian version of Ted Casablanca, she does periodic gossip spots on eTalk, Canadian TV entertainment news show.

  • darkangel

    @Die in a fire!:

    D_mn, just admit it…..he looks TERRIBLE! Plain and simple. Why the need to defend his honor at every possible turn?! Sometimes things simply are what they are – and right now he’s a hot mess and then some!
    As far your dumb_ss body comparison to your fellow posters:
    HE’S RICH AND FAMOUS! HE GETS PAID RIDICULOUS SUMS OF $$ TO MAINTAIN A CERTAIN IMAGE. LOOKING A CERTAIN WAY IS HIS JOB DESCRIPTION, one in which he CHOSE. The body wouldn’t matter at all if he would have gone the David Thewlis route and tried to be a serious actor. But he CHOSE to be a marginally talented hack whose only discernible appeal was in how he looked – do you think its a coincidence that he’s shirtless in EVERY one of his movies?

  • what

    @evilways: I didn’t know that about Him. I’ve always thought he was funny in interviews but if he’s going around making fun of people for their weight then he must be a jerk. What goes around comes around.

  • Joy

    @macbeth: this is nothing, there are previous threads that got more than 1,800 comments.

  • Elain

    Poor, Gerry. A little pauch and you’d think he’s done for good! After all the comments everywhere, he’ll likely be back in shape quicker than he intended to be.

    Anyway, I don’t think he looks so bad., nothing a few weeks back training won’t fix. Now “bad” were those pictures a couple of years ago of Russell Crowe with the ponytail and huuuuuge beer gut. That WAS fat.

  • Stinkylouise

    @cubedweller – I was expecting something more scathing from Lainey. This was disappointing.

    Bounty must really suck if they’re starting the romance cr*p this soon.

  • herewegoangain

    Bringing in the New Year with the same old same old. . . Hey Lainey. The Butler-Aniston saga is going nowhere. Anyone with any intelligence can see she is not his type and she can never fly under the radar. No serious fling there.

    I guess all you people critical of Gerry’s body must work out every day and are perfect 10s. So I am learning looks are the only thing that makes an actor interesting. Why not go back to the time when anybody over the age of 29 should not be in that industry.

    I’m bored.

  • atrium

    Still HOT

  • tmz
  • Aline

    He is fat and unatractive and the woman is s uglu with too much fat on the hips.

  • cece

    @herewegoangain: You’re mistaken. Looks are the only thing that made this particular actor interesting and not by much. He’s not Anthony Hopkins. His career has been based on his appearance and he had no problem with that when it gave him fame and fortune. Talent is harder to come by.

    He is not a great actor and has little else to offer. If he’s going to let himself look like every other pudgy middle-aged man, he had better amp up the acting talent. Maybe now he will have to stop relying on taking his shirt off in every film.

    BTW I looked up those comments he made about that Scottish woman. They were very mean. It’s like the people who picked on Susan Boyle. They think they’re too cool for school and pick on others. Now it’s come back to him.

    I also wonder why none of the fans think it was inappropriate for him to make fun of that woman, but they’re having a fit that others are teasing him about being chubby. He should be held to the same standard of behavior as anyone else. Just because he’s a male celebrity they lust for doesn’t make it okay for him to be mean.

  • vs


    The show Inside Edition had a little feature comparing GB as Leonidas and
    on the beach in Barbados. Poor guy.

  • Gertie

    Ann Widdecombe is a bag of wind politician, member of Parliament. Who cares what anyone says about her ilk. Nothing worse than a politician…well, almost.

  • Alastair

    Can we get back onto a sensible topic. Dave please come back we need someone sensible on here X

  • cubedweller

    @cece: Well said. Those comments he made about Ann Widdecombe have come roaring back to bite him in the @ss. No matter what she does for a living, the woman is 62, old enough to be his mother, and it was rude of him to ridicule her appearance.
    Butler’s phannies are incapable of seeing any wrongdoing on his part. They rush to his defense no matter what he says or does. They are blindly loyal, which emboldens him to keep doing what he’s doing – sometimes trying to be funny at another person’s expense, or making crude and belittling remarks about women. It’s ongoing enabling.
    Beach pics aside, Butler is at a crossroads now. Beyond what he looks like on any given day, I think his bigger concern should be the loud and widespread trashing of his acting ability, and his choice of film roles. He is either going to continue trying to market himself as the Scottish Stud, or is going to have to find a new path. Either serious actor refining his craft, or going full-time to a more behind the scenes role, such as producer. Hopefully he will work toward both. I like the sound of some of his upcoming projects. It will be very interesting to see where he goes from here.

  • Gertie

    I’m not a phannie, I just don’t like Ann Widdecome and her politics. I’ve called her far worse. (And in the states, think of the SNL jokes about Janet Reno’s looks. Anyone here get up in arms over that?)

    Anyway, I’m kind of bemused at the fuss over Butler’s body. He looks just about like he did in those photos from Ischia a few years back. No one talked about the body then, just the 1,400 women he was pictured kanoodling with.

  • realitycheck

    No one talked about the body then, just the 1,400 women he was pictured kanoodling with.

    Yes they did. They cut him shreds than too. I see pictures of celebrities all the time at their worst. Thank God no one cares what I look like on the beach.

    It seems the consensus is that Gerry’s remarks about Ms. Widdecombe came back and bit him in the butt. I wonder if that will happen to others.

  • Emma

    @cubedweller: I’m with you cube. There are a lot people out there who have questioned his acting abilities and continue to do so and it doesn’t help that his latest films were disasters in terms of critical acclaim. I don’t remember exactly who said it in a different thread, but Gerry has reached a point that if he really wants to keep doing this, he’s gotta worry less about the paycheck and how famous his costars are and more about story-telling, character driven films and just shake it up a little. He’s not exactly poor that he needs to be paid 10 million every time he wants to do an indie film or a play. That’s not an excuse in my book. Do some theatre as well, stretch those acting muscles, live out of hollywood for a bit. I think it was Cate Blanchett who said in an interview that she doesn’t exist in that HW world. There’s too much noise and the noise doesn’t interest her, the work does. Nuff said, no? X
    ps: on a different note, ppl are going so mental about this photos that a lot of them are actually saying they doubt his body was “real” in 300 and that he took steroids. lol that’s just mean.

  • Not attractive

    WAAY out of shape there Gerry boy.

  • cece

    A lot of people did think it was mean to speak of Janet Reno like they did. Same with Susan Boyle. We wonder why women have issues with their body image and have more trouble with depression, not to mention expectations of what they’re expected to live up to, well there you have it. Having someone talk smack about you on national tv doesn’t help. If Gerry is getting it coming home to roose on him now, it’s just desserts.

    Widdecombe might be a horrible politician and a lousy person for all I know. If he would have said that, then he would be justified. Attacking her for her appearance when she is old enough to be his grandma was unprovoked and the act of a coward seeking cheap laughs at someone else’s expense. The joke is on Gerry now and I hope he gets his feelings hurt badly enough to realize he shouldn’t do that to others.

    It gets harder to lose the weight as you get older, so he will need to get back with his trainer as soon as he returns home if he wants to keep advertising himself as a Scottish Stud. Right now, he’s more like a Scottish Spud.

    Hopefully he’ll think a litle more before he opens up his big mouth in the new year and learn to be a little more compassionate toward others. Either way, I’m still in shock that his fans (many of whom make Widdecomebe look young and svelte) ignore that he makes fun of women who look just like them and then make excuses for when he gets tubby and defend him. They’re like those women who marry Death Row inmates.

  • Yank The Chain

    Man..the guy gains abit of weight and people are flipping out? Yes, okay already ..he is Human…Wow..since we’ve got that established…cool your jets…Gerry was awesome in 300 but no one person can live up to having that kind of body 24/7..I mean you could…but what kind of life would that be?…Arnold had one and had a heart attack?..hummm..I think he looks okay..He’s on vacation..who cares..I wish I had half of what he earns for traveling like that..damn..I’ve decided this World is Shallow..very shallow..alot of finger pointing…Maybe some of you should check your body out?

  • Emma

    @cece: I

  • Emma

    oops there
    anyway, Gerry definitely has foot in the mouth disease. No doubt about that, he’s gotten himself in trouble so many times because of it I’ve stopped counting. I wouldn’t go as far as you did but there’s def something there. As far as his mighty fangirls go, do not even try and rationalize with them. It’s a lost battle.

  • gaeljet

    obviously he s not in shape, meaning he s far from lean, but that s the thing, he still has muscles, they are jsut cover by some fat, he ll do like jason statham or daniel craig, he ll work out and above all things adjust his diet in order to make go away those extra pounds

  • cubedweller

    @Emma: I completely agree that he should do some theatre. It’s good discipline and it’s immediate gratification for someone who loves to perform as much as Butler does. I said a couple of threads ago that I would love to see him take on a cable tv role as well. Some of the best writing is out there in short-run series, like “In Treatment” or “Deadwood”. He could still do films since these series don’t require super long commitments. I notice that a number of gifted actors are gravitating to series, because of the quality of the writing, as well as the chance for greater, more in-depth character development.
    As far as 300 is concerned, there is plenty of film out there showing behind the scenes of the actual filming. If anyone doubts the reality of Butler’s physical transformation for that role – they can see for themselves that it was genuine.

  • Yank The Chain

    I agree…That was genuine..I have the 300 book..The graphics alone in the movie were incredible…I’m a movie when I saw 300..I was stunned. Gerry’s solo battle dance was great too..I really believe that movie will live on through the test of time..Gerry defintely was King Leonidas out question about it..