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Gerard Butler: Shirtless in Barbados!

Gerard Butler: Shirtless in Barbados!

Gerard Butler and a female friend soak in the sun in Barbados on Sunday (January 3).

It’s the first day of the 40-year-old Bounty Hunter‘s vacation on the west coast of the Caribbean island.

Gerry enjoyed a bit of time in Aspen, Colorado but spent New Year’s Eve at New York City hotspot Avenue. He reportedly “showed up [around] 1:30AM and hung with a bodacious brunette.”

10+ pictures inside of shirtless Gerard Butler in Barbados…

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gerard butler shirtless barbados 01
gerard butler shirtless barbados 02
gerard butler shirtless barbados 03
gerard butler shirtless barbados 04
gerard butler shirtless barbados 05
gerard butler shirtless barbados 06
gerard butler shirtless barbados 07
gerard butler shirtless barbados 08
gerard butler shirtless barbados 09
gerard butler shirtless barbados 10
gerard butler shirtless barbados 11

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  • Emma

    Yeah it’s kinda amazing to me how people just like to stir sh-t up. It’s out there for anyone who wants proof but whatever.
    As far as cable shows go cube, I’m not the best person to say cause I’m not a huge tv person although I do enjoy some american series. This is gonna be an interesting year for him nevertheless and let’s just hope the bounty doesn’t do as much damage as we’re predicting. Everytime I think rotten tomatoes and all those critics together I cringe. lol it won’t be pretty. I don’t wanna be negative but it’s just how it’s looking, isn’t it? ai…

  • Rosa

    @Emma: What is out there for anyone who wants proof??

  • Emma

    @Rosa: how real those 300 abs were

  • Sam Worthington

    Thanks, Gerry! I needed that!

  • This is a FARCE

    When was the last time you heard of this man even being seen with a woman?? This is crap. He is GAY.
    Im not even a fan but I havent heard of him having a gf ever. Why no random sightings with women?? If so, why arent they piosted??


  • Piggly Wiggly

    ew i REALLY hope swannie stays where she is. please.
    gerard looks like he eats hotdogs and sh*t with cheese oil

  • Marissa

    every body is coming to Barbados

  • anna

    what happened to his smokin body on 300?!

  • Ischia

    I gotta say, he looks much worse than he did in Ischia. He looks like he is about 10 pounds heavier than when he was in Ischia. His pale skin also makes him look worse. In Ischia, his tan helped hide some of the flab, but he was still skinnier than here.
    D*mn Gerry. You hit 40 and blew up.

  • hah

    If only some great directors would want to work with Gerry like Spielberg, Scott and Cameron with Leo.

    By this it poses the question: why hasn’t a well-known director worked with Gerry? Is his acting ability they are not convinced of? So far he has only worked with mediore directors in mediore movies showcasing his mediore acting.

    It would be really interesting to see what a great director could do to stretch Gerry’s acting muscles. Cameron took a chance on Worthington in Avatar and he must have seen something unique with Worthington’s acting.

  • anony

    He is also prone to cellulite. His butt looked like cottage cheese in RNR and you can see in these images that he is saggy and cheesy looking. When you have that problem with keeping tone, you need to keep your weight in check and watch what you eat so you’re not creating more cellulite. He’s 40 now and it’s going to get harder and harder for him.

  • cece

    Maybe Gerard picks the wrong scripts and doesn’t get to work with good directors or maybe they don’t want to work with him. Cameron’s company is allegedly coproducing one of Gerard’s upcoming projects.

    He needs to do something with Scorcese or Eastwood. Working with directors at that level can make a career.

  • Takethechance

    The internet is abuzzing with negative talks about GB’s gut. This is the ideal time for GB to introduce his girlfriend to the world since people are so disgusted with his looks nobody cares who the hale he is dating. Few would feel jealous of his mate.

  • cece

    @Takethechance: Good point. It would be the one time a girlfriend of his might not get torn to shreds.

  • Tatts

    Elvis has been spotted and he’s sunning in Barbados.

  • Agniezka

    @Takethechance: How do you know he has a girlfriend?

  • lavender1960


    He did say what a buzz doing SNL was, maybe give him the bug for live performance again……..I agree – you got a few months off, go do a play in the West End or Broadway or off Broadway and hone your craft. I personally think he is a much better actor than he is given credit for, the question is finding and making the opportuntiies to show it. Coriolanus is going to one such opportunity and some of his potential projects certainly sound promising.

    I have noticed this happens to a lot of actors – the early indy work is brilliant, esp if it is from the UK, gets you noticed in Hollywood, where they get typecast and often are the only bright spot in otherwise lousy movies, yes even some straight to DVD, and they struggle to get to that next break to make it to that whole ‘notha level. Some do some don’t. Yet have you noticed how many leading man in Hollywood these days are not even American – which I am perfectly fine with by the way.

    Even on American TV – you got Hugh Laurie, Tim Roth, Joseph Fiennes, Jonathan Rhys Meyers with hit North American TV shows, and praise the lord I say. Wow GB on the right series here, too good to be true.

  • astheysay

    These types are all over the beaches in Portugal. We call them “sac de batatas” (sack of potatoes) They sort are sort of red and saggy. And they lack style sense.

  • gotta be kidding

    he would prob. consider himself a failure if he had to do a tv series, imo, he wants to be a MOVIE STAR.

  • lavender1960

    Well in the old days it WAS considered a failure for a movie star to do TV or it was rare or very difficult for a TV star to make it big in Hollywood but those rules have changed a lot. Okay except maybe for Anniston. Well they still put her in movies. Look at Jason Segal – he’s doing movies and TV now. Who’d of thunk it.

  • gotta be kidding

    i don’t kno either personally but from pure speculation jason siegel seems ALOT more comfortable and secure in his own skin than Gerard does, meaning i think Gerard is insecure and particular about sh/t like that (wanting just to be on the silver screen) and jason prob. not as much – he goes w/the flow.

  • anna

    Yeah although I agree it’s far from being considered a failure to do tv these days, I really can’t see Gerry going for it and imo, if he wants to shake it up he should just go and do some plays. Even is it’s a cable show, it’s still a pretty big commitment, especially if it turns out to be successful. I think he’d be bored to death to play the same character for that lengh of time. He just needs to concentrate more on his acting at this point and stop partying and showing up at every happening hotspot. Make people miss him, work on his craft and maybe hit the gym? lol j/k

  • cubedweller

    @gotta be kidding: If all Butler will consider is movie roles, then he is keeping too narrow of a focus, IMO. He needs stronger material to work with, and the best writing is not necessarily in just one venue. Look at series like “Saving Grace” and “The Sopranos”. If he sticks with just movies – he’s limiting his options. As Lavender1960 pointed out, there are so many actors thriving on U.S. tv today from other lands – the opportunity is there if he pursues it. And I agree with the posters above who said he needs better directors. I would so love to see what someone like Eastwood or Neil Jordan would pull out of him.
    As many have said, and better than I, it’s really up to him. It will be interesting to see if, long-term, he chooses “serious actor” or not.

  • gotta be kidding


    “As many have said, and better than I, it’s really up to him. It will be interesting to see if, long-term, he chooses “serious actor” or not.”

    Yes, i feel it’s really hard to tell at this point exactly where he is heading.

    For me personally, its painful to watch the BH trailer; hey it may do well at the box office, but i admit, i felt cringy watching him do stupid stuff like scene w/taser, him and her running around like screwballs in the grass, etc – and those scenes got the only laffs in the theatre than any of the other dialogue-type scenes. laffing AT them maybe.

  • gotta be kidding

    in fact, after that trailer, i would never admit to anyone i am a gerard fan.

  • H.O.E

    Ha cannot and wont come “out”. Gerard Butler is a CAD. The woman he is ‘WITH’ is ‘with’ someone ELSE.He is a pig and knows it, but doesnt care. Why should he???
    The girl is a true skank for double-crossing her man.
    She knows who SHE is if she reads this site. Too bad what she doesnt know that more than a few people KNOW, sweets.
    Haha loser one day its going to blow up in your smug face! I hope i am there! Yes, she’s American, but that’s all you need to know. SHE KNOWS WE KNOW

  • Redhead in UK

    jeez. poor Gerry is getting crucified now :( I know he looks bad but…what about its the holidays and the man is taking a little time to let it hang out?
    And who is the fat ugly chick he is using to block the paps from seeinghim?
    He looks surprised and kinda whoops didnt mean to be seen-ish

  • postwatcher

    Actually I think he look like a normal 40 year old! And now I also have to say that these pictures prove he is straight!

    I guess I am back on Team Gerry again after being annoyed with him for over a year.

  • Happenstance


    oh stop trying to convince us that Gerry is not GAY. There is no WOMAN!! Haha very funny
    BriJasAliKris was a four-headed BEARD. Sorry try again idiot!

  • cubedweller

    @postwatcher: LOL! With all the mean comments coming at him from all sides, he’s going to get a backlash sympathy bump.

  • Gus

    Who’s the fat Italian or Greek chick walking in front of Gerry trying to be seen???

  • tallntan

    She just happened to wander throught the shot. The one he’s really “with” is outta sight.

  • Happenstance


    WHY are you trying to convince us that there is some woman out there that Gerard is with?? Maybe he just wants to be with Nick, hmmm??

  • !

    oh look, the stupid gay and girl scrutinizing parade is on.
    boring as hell

  • tahnee

    Leonidas? :(

  • Gloria

    I don’t get what all the fuss is about. He’s not that bad. You can still see the abs under there. It won’t take much to get the definition back.

    I blame Bonnie Hunt for feeding him those fried Mars Bars.

    And like someone else said a few pages back, this is nothing like Crowe two years ago. He was a big fat slob by anyone’s definition and apparently has gotten back in shape for Robin Hood, so this should be a piece of cake (pun intended) for Gerry. Remember on Bonnie he told about hiding out and eating cupcakes and frosting in a closet. He’s never put himself personally out there as a great body. When asked how quickly he quit training after 300, he said “immediately.”

    I think he (GB) underestimated the long arm of the paps and the stupidity or interest of many on the Internet. Gawd, with clothes on, he looks no different than ever.

    I think everyone who is complaining about a few extra pounds on Mr. B, which he readily admits happens when he’s not training, should post a picture of themselves in a swim suit for all to comment on.

  • CJ

    I have another site I go to..I think its from Italy…the language looks Italain..anyway..there are more pictures there of him on the beach and of him on the balcony drying off with a blonde woman talking to him and hanging out with..I tried to post the link here but couldn’t do it…

  • rear-view
  • CJ

    OK…here is the link…

    Its the home page…scroll down and click on Paparazzi e altre

  • sandy

    This is the third time someone accuses Gerry of stealing a girl from her boyfriend. I think this is the one thing that would turn me off him. I HATE homewreckers

  • Mia

    Does anyone have access to the photo CJ is talking about? There is an Italian website for him and its creator or whatever posts on IMDb. But that photo has shown up there.

  • CJ


    Type in the website I just posted..

  • Mia

    I mean, has NOT shown up there

  • lavender1960

    Hmmm he looks hot in the photos where he is towelling off, ha.

  • Mia

    OK, I typed in all the stuff. (You are expecting a lot from us in this time zone at this point in time!) I don’t see a particularly blonde woman – just a small portion of a female face. But G looks good in that picture.

  • Mia

    Thank you, Lavender. Now that is HOT. Why isn’t that on all the sites? Guess it’s funnier to dig than to report what’s real?

  • CJ


    Sorry Mia…I don’t know what time zone your in..i’m in the United States…eastern time zone…if you went to the page there are 3 pictures of this woman standing near him..body shots I don’t know what you were seeing..

  • Fritz

    @gotta be kidding:

    I think he’s got years of creativity ahead of him.

  • lavender1960
  • Mia

    CJ: Same time zone. And I finally got it. He is hot.

    Does anyone else have this problem? I look at JJ and it says like 85 posts. Then you try and it’s still 80?or 380? I hate that lag.