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Shia LaBeouf & Carey Mulligan: Out with Brando the Bulldog!

Shia LaBeouf & Carey Mulligan: Out with Brando the Bulldog!

Shia LaBeouf and girlfriend Carey Mulligan take Shia‘s dog Brando out for a walk together on Saturday (January 2) near his home in Hollywood.

The 23-year-old Transformers actor was recently named one of the top ten money-making stars in the Quigley Poll, a yearly survey that asks theater owners and film buyers their opinions on the top ten celebs that made the most money at the box office for the year.

Sandra Bullock took the top spot and Shia came in at #9 – right after Brad Pitt!

Carey was also recognized as a star of tomorrow in the poll.

15+ pictures inside of Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan walking Shia‘s bulldog…

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shia labeouf carey mulligan walk brando bulldog 01
shia labeouf carey mulligan walk brando bulldog 02
shia labeouf carey mulligan walk brando bulldog 03
shia labeouf carey mulligan walk brando bulldog 04
shia labeouf carey mulligan walk brando bulldog 05
shia labeouf carey mulligan walk brando bulldog 06
shia labeouf carey mulligan walk brando bulldog 07
shia labeouf carey mulligan walk brando bulldog 08
shia labeouf carey mulligan walk brando bulldog 09
shia labeouf carey mulligan walk brando bulldog 10
shia labeouf carey mulligan walk brando bulldog 11
shia labeouf carey mulligan walk brando bulldog 12
shia labeouf carey mulligan walk brando bulldog 13
shia labeouf carey mulligan walk brando bulldog 14
shia labeouf carey mulligan walk brando bulldog 15
shia labeouf carey mulligan walk brando bulldog 16
shia labeouf carey mulligan walk brando bulldog 17

Photos: WENN
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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..`cute couple. seen her on jimmy “unfunny” fallen and she seems to have a cute personality. they get a thumbs up. LOL

  • Jordan

    is she supposed to be cute?

  • ka-blamo

    I bet that dog makes massive terdss.

  • ka-blamo

    and I bet Shia doesn’t clean up after it.

  • gaunt

    they look so awkword lol……..

  • Jessica

    Shia and his puppy are both so cute :)

  • k

    love him..

  • Yily

    This is a boring couple and who is she? Is she supposed to be famous or something?

  • JJ

    I like shia.hes so cute. but they are kind of boring as a couple

  • lalalove

    He should totally dump her and run into the arms where he belongs…MINE. HA!
    I like the dude..he’s humble.

  • O_o

    There are so many people speculating that Carey is using Shia and that the sex between them is getting old, and Carey is pregnant on here:
    Which is true????……

  • =Logan=

    shes is a lot more talented and classier than that other bimbo shia was dating, whats her name..the anorexic aussie chick from transformers, shes tacky.

  • Lindsay

    When is he going to stop dating this ugly boy ??

  • critter

    Shame on them for purchasing such an unnatural breed of dog. British Bulldogs are beset with so many health issues because of their breeding and unnatural shape, this dog is never going to have a full and healthy life. Think before you buy a breed, any breed.

  • WTF

    where’s my comment Just Jared?

    By the way, you look so young. Kudos to you for doing this at such a young age, I am sure you are making a lot of money!

  • Zee

    They’re all just a perfect couple!!they’re cute both :-))

  • Yily

    @JJ: Couldn’t agreed with you more! And honestly, his girlfriend looks like a boy. LOL :)

  • woah

    Shia is looking horrible, just down right homely now. That beard is so gross and what is with the unwashed look? Is he really stoned all the time?? What drugs or booze is he on? He is really not looking good what so ever. What happened to the Shia from Disturbia????

  • Matt


  • rinha

    Brando is so cute haha

  • jordan

    Nice dog Shia =)

  • sayure

    More??/ I love it.

  • Shiacrazyfan

    SHIA IS SO HOooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttttttttT

  • Jonas

    Shia can do so much better

  • HJ

    I love shia!! but What’s wrong with Shia these days???

  • CanadaGirl

    Stand up straight you two!

  • BritAbroad

    There’s something really odd about these two being a couple – I’m just not believing it. If there were really together – cos they actually just look like friends who are playing the press (and public, who are falling for it hook line and sinker) – then they’d be discreet and not projecting it out to the press. This smacks of extended (and early) press for WS2 – let’s see if they’re still together after the film’s released. Shia always claims to want to be a private person, so this all seems like a sham to me, which is a shame as this couple are very talented and really don’t need to play this game.

  • kelly

    Who is he? Seriously….I see him on JJ all the time and don’t know who he is.


    She looks like a boy…excuse me and Katie without makeup Holmes
    does not..with her short hair..!! She is just like Katie actually both
    were nobodies until the started dating someone special and look
    at Katie today.. taking over any movie set while some of her co stars
    have won Oscars…So GIVE IT UP PLEASE!! THEY ARE THE SAME


    Why is she always dressed like she is going to Rodeo Drive and he
    looks like he is heading to the Gap… They are making a movie together maybe they are just friends ever thought of that…

    They don’t look like a couple in love..just two friends hanging out

  • So Judgemental

    Wake up people. Carey does not need Shia in any way shape or form to be noticed.. she is the most talked about new name in Hollywood because of her performance in An Education which gave her a GG nom and a soon tba Oscar nomination. If anything her hanging out with Shia might actually hurt her new found cred in HW.

    They walk everywhere because she is British and doesn’t drive and he lost his license. They are private and do not talk about one another. They are very much a couple. And good for him being truly in love with someone with substance again.

    And since the movie finished filming over a month ago and she skipped Christmas and New Year’s with her family back in Britain to be with Shia I would imagine it is more then publicity for a movie that doesn’t come out for another four months.

    You people are beyond delusional with your uninformed conclusions.

  • What_Happened_2_Shia

    OMG I did not know who he was at first. Shia looks like trash in these photos. That facial hair is a major DON’T! And his hair needs a trimmin’ as well. As for these sets of photos I don’t think that these two look happy. I read once long time ago on one of these “ohnotheydidtt” sites that Shia used to shove his ex around a lot when he was drunk, I hope that he is not doing the same to Carey and that is why she looks so upset. Shia looks like the rough beastly type with this new look of his.

  • What_Happened_2_Shia

    @So Judgemental:(I just saw this comment) BTW how the hell do you know if Shia is in love? Where is your proof???? You could be the one that is “delusional”…..
    Bottom line no one knows if he is in love or not or what IS the real deal with these two.

  • Naan

    I have a question, is Carey pregnant or is she bloated? I ask this cuz some of these pics of her looks like there is a “bump” in her belly area.

  • Chef Jacke

    Between them, I’d rather take home the dog!

  • sayure

    =)) More pictures, please?!

  • marriagematchmaker

    Where’s Optimus?

  • Stone

    It’s appropriate that the dog is leading.

  • oieth

    good dog, nice mustache

  • ToeHead

    EWWWWWWWWWWW shia’s mustache and beard looked ($*#*% gross, NASTY!!!!
    HE NEEDS TO SHAVE TODAY!!!!!! He looks like he is going to be on the cover of “REDNECK GQ – The #1 hottest hick”.

  • T


  • wow

    wow!!! FAT girl !!

  • MMA

    I give the dog a 10. Him, a 3. And her, to be generous, a 0.

  • luanna

    HA HA! This is so cute!!! Brando is cute!

  • Dieanna

    Carey looks weird. Shia looks bored. And yeah, they do look awkward!

  • Size0

    Na, I give the dog 10, Carey a 3 and Shia a negative 1,000. He is just nasty looking all the way now!!!!

  • shias fan

    @Chef Jacke:

    i agree the dog is absolutely adorable. and these two look upset like they just had a fight, but they have to do the walk anyway for the press. this guy cant bother to take his girlfriend who he is so in love with out to dinner? or to lucnh, or breakfast? they have the most boring dates. iw ould dump a guy who couldnt bother to try and entertain me. this couple is such a sham, and like some one said before on this site, they are both talented and dont need to do this. and shia does make you wonder, is he really a good guy? or is there something else up with him?

  • firemenfriends

    They should get married

  • Windell

    @shias fan:
    I think that this relationship is all sex sex sex, like 3 times a day.
    Also, Carey looks like such a classy young lady why can’t she get Shia to clean up! As for Shia being a bad guy didn’t he yell at Carey and stormed off during her premeire of her movie? Shia was drunk or something, now that is lame.
    Shia is looking like he is on something in these photos. I have never seen Shia look like hell as much as he does lately. :(

  • U

    “Carey looks like such a classy young lady ” ????????????
    lol…she’s a drug addict…