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Vida McConaughey: Matthew McConaughey's New Daughter!

Vida McConaughey: Matthew McConaughey's New Daughter!

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves welcomed their second child on Sunday (January 3) at 12:13am, can confirm.

Vida Alves McConaughey weighed in at 7 lbs., 7 oz and joins big brother Levi, 17 months.

“New Year and New Baby!” Matthew writes on his official site. “Happy New Year everybody!!! Vida is Portuguese for ‘life’ and that’s what God gave us this morning. Camila‘s recovering wonderfully and we are both truly honored to welcome this little lady into our family. Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers along the way. Another blessed day, we give thanks, just keep livin’. Matthew and Camila.”

Congrats to the happy family!!!

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Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty
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# 1

VIDA??? vida-life! omg poor girl….

# 2
retrobanana @ 01/03/2010 at 3:38 pm

love them they are the cutest couple EVER and baby Levi is so beautiful i can only imagine how beautiful vida will be!!1

my only worry is they rush into having babies soooo fast… i hope they are serious about staying together!!! I don’t wanna see a breakup from them annnnnnny time soon …at all actually!!
love matt, camilla, and the kiddies<#

RIP Johnnnnnn love you

# 3

I think Gisele’s dog is called vida. Vida in portuguese means life.

# 4

Vida is also life in spanish. poor girl.

# 5

“I think Gisele’s dog is called vida. Vida in portuguese means life”
LOL , it’s true!

I love them, and love the meaning of the name, but as a brazilian I think it sounds really weird, Vida it’s not a name…
Must be a cute baby, just like Levi !

# 6

nothing is wrong with naming your daughter life, just like in north america ppl name their children faith hope destiny etc

# 7
CanadaGirl @ 01/03/2010 at 4:05 pm

Oh, no. He’s definitely outnumbered now!
Aside – Is he still living in the trailer?

# 8

I think Vida sounds beautiful

# 9

Congrats! I know she is beautiful.

Vida??? Quite an unusual name but then again there are other weirder baby names in Hollywood
Anyway congratulations to them and hope that they have a wonderful life together!!!

Welcome to the world baby vida

Congrats to them!!

I n F a m o u s l y C o o l @ 01/03/2010 at 4:44 pm

..`what`a fugly couple.

Vida is unique and different. And it’s so cute how they had a daughter even though I was feeling a boy the whole time she was preggers. Can’t wait to see what she looks like. Hopefully with this child, she resembles Matthew, since Levi took after his mama.

Vida…… sound very strange perhaps because it’s not a real name!!!!
why celebrities strive to find the most unusual name for their children?? honor, vida ( or Life), zuma c´mon think in your child future !!!

anyways Congrats to them for her daugther

Go Ask Alice @ 01/03/2010 at 5:51 pm

Vida can get a pass simply because her mom is from another country. Yeah, Vida=life.

Ok, we all take Spainsh and Port. classes.

I think ViVi is cute.

I do believe in you name your kid what you what, but when you give your kids dog names or way out weird names it is not unique.
Bronx, Banjo, Zuma, Vida, Honor, whatever.

Anyway,the this girl Camila and Matthe3wdod live a wuiet life so that is nice.
God for them.How cute they have their boy and now their girl.

Oh, Matthew! You need to travel or read more. Not only Vida means “life” in portuguese also in spanish. Idiot!

Vida is not a common name in Brasil although it does mean Life in Portuguese. The mother is not very attractive I think.

Agree. She isn’t pretty at all.

@Just me: You’re calling him an idiot because of that?? LMAO, I mean geez just because he didnt say it was also spanish??? wow, I personally don’t find anything wrong with that because who really cares if it means the same in more languages than one, he got his point across. His wife is portuguese or brazillian, she speaks portuguese and they were going by the Portuguese meaning of it. Period. No need to fuss over it.

Vida means Life in Portuguese

@jenny.s.: Not wife, I mean girlfriend or ‘longtime love’ as JJ always puts it

His girlfriend isn’t Portuguese she is Brazilian, she only speaks Portuguese the official language of Brazil. I wonder if they will ever marry? Matthew doesn’t seem to be the marrying kind.

why camilla is so ugly in this photo???

Beats the hell out of “Apple”….

@anna: Hence the fact that I said Portuguese OR brazillian… I just wasn’t sure which one

Vida is a beautiful and unusual name. It means life in Portuguese and Spanish, but it’s obvious that Matthew speaks only the Portuguese meaning because Camila speaks this language.
Sorry for my English (I’m Spanish)

Hate that idiot @ 01/03/2010 at 7:29 pm

What does “just keep livin’” actually mean? Like what, I’m going to just decide to stop living? Would it be possible to stop living for the next few days so that I can get some time off work, but then resume living again afterwards?

wow, u picked a rough photo of her didnt u jared =p
weird name, i really dont like when ppl name their kids after nouns

Liset Lee @ 01/03/2010 at 8:06 pm

Congratulations to Matthew and his family. I was always love him in Reign of Fire. Its such an amazing movie. His character is classic. I’ve seen some others movies with him in that are good too. God Bless x

i dont like hispanic people

Camilia is not Hispanic, she is mixed race Pardo who are the second largest population in Brazil. Neither is her culture Hispanic.

There is a big difference between saying someone is Portuguese or brazilian especially when they look like her. Matt should have married one of his co-stars.

his daughter looks darker

No Thanks @ 01/03/2010 at 9:10 pm

Dark and ugly. She needs a nose job and a face and color transfere, she is too ugly to look at and Matthew is a drunk.

I hope the second one looks better than the first one. His son is strange looking, a little cute in an old man kind of way I guess. She is lucky to have been rescued from her favela and saved by a rich white guy, though he will probably never marry her. At least her children are American and can never be deported back to Brazil.

She is soooooo ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i like the name

and i love this couple

Congrats to Matthew and Camila on their new baby girl.

Has he ever dated a WHITE GIRL?

Not Impressed by JA @ 01/04/2010 at 2:48 am

There are a bunch of idiotic racist people in here. If Camilla is ugly , what is this guy with his short legs and unexistant lips ?
And yes he has already dated a white girl : Penelope Cruz is a white, European woman. Last time i checked Latin europeans (Spaniard, Portuguese, Italian and French) are AS Caucasians AS Scandinanvians or Slavic or Germanic. Different groups from the same caucasian families with their own different traits, languages, ect.
The same way that africans and asians come from different ethnic groups (Bantu, bushmen, tutsis, ect…) and i different spectre of shades, features, height, ect.
Gisèle Bundchen (from Portuguese and German ancestry) and Alessandra Ambrioso( part Italian/ part polish)) second generation Brasilian are also WHITE and LATIN
Hispanic and latinos share a latin CULTURE and can come from any bckgroud : You can be euro-latina, afro-latina, asian-latina, ect.

She must be greatly relieved!

I don´t know your face but probably you are a princess…
lIf you have something more that **** inside your brain kill yourself…
wake up! racism is a thing for narrow minded people…your are the perfect stupid piece of meat that deserves to end your days in the middle of garbage! please don´t have kids…make a favour to humankind !

She must be GREATLY relieved!

There is no such thing as a Latin culture all those countries in South America have different cultures and the culture of Brazil is not like the Hispanic culture of Spanish speaking countries so you need to read a book about Brazil and learn the truth. Gisele is 100% German, and not Hispanic in the least. There are millions of Europeans from Germany, Italy, Britain living in Brazil but that does not make them Hispanic at all. They are still Europeans living in Brazil. Italians and French are European period just because they speak a language derived from ancient Roamnce language does not make them Latin. They have nothing to do with Hispanic people or their culture so don’t insult them by putting them in the same boat with you. Also the Romanians speak a Romance language but that doesn’t make them Hispanic either. You people think just because a certain group of people speak a language with roots in an ancient tongue that only the Vatican uses, makes them the same as you, then you are dreaming. There is no connection and there are also English words based in Latin so what that doesn’t make the English speakers today Hispanic. Immigration has changed all of that with millions of Europeans going to brazil over time but still maintaining their ethnic identity. The WHITES in Brazil are European who happen to speak Portuguese who are also Europeans. This woman isn’t Hispanic or European like 50% of the Population of Brazil.

Irish, Scots, Americans all speak English but are not the same people at all. Different cultures, mores, races, values you name it. I have been to Brazil and believe you me, they do not have a Latin/Hispanic culture. Brazil is very different and unique with a history and culture entirely set apart from its neighbors.


Oh well, at least they found eachother.

Brazil speaks Portuguese not spanish, duh

She’s ugly!

she was born the day after my

Not Impressed by JA @ 01/04/2010 at 5:56 pm

Hispanic doesn’t equal Latin. Hispanic comes from spaniard. people from latin america whose ancestors are spaniards and speaking spanish. Hispanic are latin so are Brasilians who are not Hispanic but Lusophone and Lusophone, people speaking portuguese are Latins too.
And Portuguese, French, Italian and Spaniards are all part of the LATIN group in Europe. Their language have thE same latin root AND EACH LANGUAGE DERIVED FROM THE LATIN.
Hence they have words in common and for a french speaker, he can easily learn and understand italian. For a spaniard, he can easily learn and understand PORTUGUESE AND VICE VERSA.
Those countries are LATIN, so are its people. never herad about the latin lover mainly describing an italian or french lover ?.
The same with germans and holland language that share the same roots. THEY ARE NOT LATIN, they are of germanic group based, then omes the anglo saxon base more inn the north and the scandinavians in the extreme north who all share the same language ROOTS.
Slavic are in the east.

So what? Brazilians are not Hispanic. Many English words are Latin based too but we are not Latin nor Hispanic. Knowing Latin allows anyone to learn other languages easily, that is just the roots of the languages but the people are not the same because they speak a similar language. Non Hispanic people immigrated to Brazil but that doesn’t make them Latin/ Hispanic. I have family members there but they are not Hispanic. People need to read up on Brazil if they want to learn the truth about that country and the orgins of its population.

I speak Cantonese based language but that doesn’t make me Chinese because my parents came from Hong Kong. People of various races live in that city and speak the language but they are not Asian or practice Chinese culture. People are confused with this Latin thing, applying it where it doesn’t belong. I have neighbors from Spain who are downright insulted if you call them Latin or Hispanic. They want it plainly known that they are Europeans.

I hope they get married soon

Not Impressed by JA @ 01/04/2010 at 9:19 pm

Latinos in the americas isn’t the same as in Europe.
In the Americas it was in opposition to North America ( Canada and the US) versus Latin America, that were formely formed by Spaniards and Portuguese who are Latins.
By extension The northen Americans are the Anglo based even if there are asian americans, african amaricans, euro americans, ect
Of course Brasilians are Latins through their nationality, their language, ect. But it’s not exclusive. You can be latin as such and Caucasian (non latin european like german) through your background). Same with the cubans, hence the terms afro-cubans which represent the mixed race and Africans from origin folks as opposed to the Cubans from euro ancestor, mostly spanish but also many from German ancestors.
Just like Charlize is African from totally European background which makes her African and European.

Brazilians are not Hispanic at all. There culture is exclusively Nigerian and European (from various European countries) not one. Racially they are also Nigerian and European. Race and culture are the most significant indicators of a peoples character, not just the place they were born, nationality changes all the time. Brazil has never considered herself Hispanic/Latino and the majority of the whites in Brazil are from European stock: German, Italian, Polish British, and others. Portuguese are Europeans with European culture, race, history, language. The Portuguese colonized Brasil not Spain and they are not the same at all.

My name is Vida and I am so glad to see that someone has come to name their child that name too. It actually means life in Spanish and Beloved in Hebrew

Okay, I am both brazilian and argentinian, and Vida is obviously not a common name, but it is not weird at all. People name their children to have some kind of significance, what better than life?

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