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Curves Ahead in V Magazine

Curves Ahead in V Magazine

Check out these shots from V Magazine‘s forthcoming issue, entitled “The Size Issue” and featuring five plus-size models.

The issue, on newsstands January 14, features this spread with styling by Nicola Formichetti and shows the sexy side of the plus-size modeling world with shots of Candice Huffine, Marquita Pring, Michelle Olson, Tara Lynn and Kasia P.

Photographer Solve Sundsbo told V, “I loved the opportunity to show that you can be beautiful and sexy outside the narrow interpretations that normally define us.”

Check out V Magazine on newsstands Thursday (January 14) or visit for a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot!

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Photos: Solve Sundsbo/V Magazine
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219 Responses to “Curves Ahead in V Magazine”

  1. 1
    Abbie Says:

    If this is to make fun of heavyweighted women, it is grotesque. Totally ridiculous. They should have asked them to take different poses. They look like clowns wanting to imitate Bar Refaeli or Miranka Kerr. This is quite insulting …

  2. 2
    anne Says:

    i have a feeling this issue of V magazine is going to upset a lot of people. you know, the people who think that everyone should be no larger than a size 2 in order to be in a magazine. let the fun begin.

  3. 3
    Pining for Chris Says:

    I’ve seen better “plus-size” model photos.This looks like still shots of a parody.
    The models have beautiful faces though.

  4. 4
    april Says:

    Oh gosh. These girls are gorgeous. Their curves are so sexy!

  5. 5
    spawnsuckedsatinsballs Says:

    I choked on my saliva

  6. 6
    commonsense Says:

    @Pining for Chris: They also have beautiful bodies. The girl in the bra has a fantastic shape. They’re doing poses that are routine for high end magazine and I think that’s the point.

  7. 7
    Buchholzer Says:

    Both girls are under the average weight of an american woman.
    90% of all the US women are to fat and they do not recognize it

  8. 8
    Natalie Says:

    I read fashion magazines to escape reality. To me, the beautiful SKINNY models and the beautiful clothing they wear are part of a fantasy, albeit an unachievable one. Its exclusiveness is what makes it unique and appealing.

    Not every woman is beautiful. If everyone was beautiful, then beauty would cease to be beauty and would become the norm aka average.

    These women are AVERAGE. There’s nothing wrong with being average but I think average has no place in a fashion magazine. If I wanted mediocrity I would just go outside.

    Skinny and beautiful models are JEMS. Precious and unique, not something you see everyday. THAT, my friends, is their appeal.

  9. 9
    Zeot Says:

    plus size? they’re NORMAL LOOKING, this is what the average woman looks like out there, and I do think those models pull it off

  10. 10
    Cayanne Says:

    I have become so jaded by the the model photo that everything else simply looks uncomfortable.

  11. 11
    Chloe Says:

    It’s hilarious that American women have adopted this crusade to make fat acceptable. Sure, you size 4+’s can convince yourselves that you are attractive, but that doesn’t mean you are attractive to others.

    Go to Europe – Paris, Milan, Cannes, Monaco, etc..
    Most of the women there are below size 6 US. They are beautiful. Clothes look magnificent on them.

    Unless you have a legitimate medical condition or are elderly, you have NO EXCUSE TO BE OVER SIZE 6. Anything over that is just blah.

  12. 12
    Mary Says:

    Look guys, they airbrushed the cellulite out! What’s wrong, you Americans don’t think cellulite is attractive? I think cellulite lumps could constitute curves? no? haha

  13. 13
    Marissa Says:

    How about a “normal” woman, with an healthy weight? Not American average, sorry, healthy. In the fashion industry of today there only seems to be two extremes: super skinny or plus size. Although the women in this magazine are not “extreme”, they aren’t fat, they are chubby, it would be nice to see someone who is a size 10, 12 or 14.

  14. 14
    Jeff Says:

    FAT ROLLS AREN’T CURVES! Get that through your thick heads you cows. Give me a svelte, healthy size 2 young woman any day. The type of girl that can pull of skinny jeans and a nice pair of 4 inch heels. Now thats sexy!


  15. 15
    Lowest denominator Says:

    One “Big Girl” collector’s issue, and next month they’ll go back to cover-to-cover emaciated 14 year olds peddling over-priced products to 40+ year olds to make them look/feel 25 years old.

    Put them in regular rotation, and maybe I’ll flinch.


  16. 16
    @Chloe Says:

    And how shallow are you?

    Been to Italy and Spain? Most of the women there are absolutely lovely and not below a size six. Beauty comes from within. Marilyn Monroe was a size 12-14 and gorgeous. I believe Bardot was an 8-10 and same with Deneuve.

    These women are not obese nor are they fat. They are plus size for the modeling industry.

  17. 17
    Anonymous Says:

    I think these women are stunning; their faces and their bodies and I’m not plus size and never weighed more than 124 lbs @ 5’6″.

    I don’t find them attractive because “I’m trying to convince myself of something.” They just are, way prettier than most of the hot in hollywood.

    And I find their rounder bodies refreshing. As a fashion magazine reading woman I would love to see more women like them.

  18. 18
    Gala Says:

    I happen to be close friends with a few models in NYC, all of them are over 5’10” and below a size 4. Let me tell you, they are some of THE healthiest people I know. They watch what they eat, but do not starve. I think it is a huuuuuge misconception that models are “emaciated” or sick.

    Just because YOU can’t be skinny without resorting to drastic measures, doesn’t mean that the models all have to be sick.

  19. 19
    to natalie Says:

    hate to tell you this but a lot of those photographs in magazines that you think are beautiful skinny models are actually airbrushed. you would be very surprised at the names of the models whose photos i’ve seen, how to say this, “retouched”. it works like this, we get the photos and then correct the “flaws”. make the waist smaller, the ankles a little less bulky, the arms a little less flabby, and the bust, well i think you get the idea. do you understand what i am saying here? .

  20. 20
    Marissa Says:

    @Chloe: Where are you from? I’m from Europe and your statement that “Most of the women there are below size 6 US” is straight up wrong.

  21. 21
    campussingles Says:

    I like Big women

  22. 22
    @Natalie Says:

    Fashion magazines must be the only thing your brain can absorb.

    It is GEMS not JEMS.

    So what if these women are average? Some folks would like to see how an average woman can where fashion and be above average. Some of us prefer not to support an industry where drugs are the mode of weight loss–you know crystal meth, heroin and the like? But as you said–skinny equals beauty equals JEMS so therefore drugs are fine as is anorexia and bulemia. As Kate Moss said–nothing tastes so good as being thin.

  23. 23
    BO Says:

    i agree with u chole.

  24. 24
    Gala Says:

    BTW, most fashion magazines tell you what size of clothing the model is wearing (in the back). Most models in Vogue, for example, wear a size 4, which is a perfectly reasonable size.

  25. 25
    lala Says:

    Not meaning to be rude but this is wrong, it just doesn’t look good, I’m sorry. People do not want to see women like that on a magazine when they can see them around everyday. If models were supposed to look like ordinary girls then pretty much everyone could do it

  26. 26
    Mark Says:

    Hating on beautiful THIN models won’t make YOU any prettier or skinner.

    And yes, you can tell me your bullshit about how “bigger is better” blah blah blah but admit it EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR FATTIES wishes to lose at least a little bit of weight.

  27. 27
    Jasmine Says:

    The girls in the magazine have gorgeous faces, but they shouldn’t have portrayed their bodies that just seems wrong. And anyway, why can’t we have any AVERAGE weight models? It’s seems like it’s either extremely skinny or overweight.

  28. 28
    ladida Says:

    haha i agree

  29. 29
    Pining for Chris Says:

    Yes I know that. I just said I’ve seen better. There’s something off about theses photos – and no It’s not their size.

  30. 30
    blah Says:

    Mediocrity surrounds us. Fashion is our only escape from mediocrity. I can see girls like these on the subway. I want to see something unusual and unique, like a tall thin model-esque tanned girl with blue eyes and a mega watt smile. Too much to ask? Must I be bombarded with these average women?

  31. 31
    Chloe Says:


    Actually, I was born in Copenhagen and currently live in Milan. I don’t know what you are talking about, but most European women under the age of 30 are pleasantly thin, especially French, Italian and Russian women. I see them lounging poolside every time I go to Santorini or Cannes. Seriously, European women seem so much more elevated in all respects than American women, no offense. You wouldn’t see this nonsense in a European magazine.

  32. 32
    ladida Says:

    honestly, these girls do not look healthy. a healthy person doesn’t necessarily have to be skinny.. but they should definitely look more in shape than this. it looks like these models do not get any exercise at all.

  33. 33
    Chloe Says:


    Oh, and you must be from the wrong part of Europe if most women are above size 6 hahaha.

  34. 34
    marina Says:

    boy, chloe sounds so conceited and full of it… and probably she indeed is full of it… superficial much?

  35. 35
    Chloe Says:


    No I’m really not conceited or superficial, but thank you for trying to psycho-analyze me based on a few comments on the internet. Just because I like looking good and taking care of myself does not mean I’m superficial.

  36. 36
    Molly Says:

    This makes me want to puke. Oh wait, I thought it was the skinny models that were supposed to make me want to vomit?

  37. 37
    paranel Says:

    I am not against fat people at all but a body with rolls over rolls of fat should not be dressed like that. The outfits are wrong for these body structure as if someone was trying to make fun of these models who look beautiful otherwise.

  38. 38
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Zeot: They are overweight… my God. Where do you live that people are this big?

  39. 39
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Chloe: I totally agree.
    Now people will be rolling out the Marilyn Monroe size 12 nonsense. I’ve seen an exhibition of her dresses and she was NOT a 2010 size 12. Clothing manufacturers have up sized – making the clothing bigger but keeping the numeric size the same. I’ve been the same size for decades. I used to be a size 8 – now I’m a 4 – 6.

  40. 40
    Chloe Says:

    Thank you, Canada Girl! My thoughts exactly.

    I just don’t understand why Americans celebrate and encourage mediocrity.

  41. 41
    Not Average Says:

    There is something wrong in society if people think this is average weight. I don’t think they are obese but overweight, most definitely.

  42. 42
    Sashes Says:

    WOW all I can see are the haters here. What’s wrong with a little diversity? V is doing this for PUBLICITY for Pete’s sake. And for the record, personally I think these girls are gorgeous. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you don’t like it, don’t look at it. Sheesh.

  43. 43
    sfingaaa Says:

    OMG they are amazing!!
    I love it so much!!

  44. 44
    Memei Says:

    they look fantastic.

  45. 45
    Memei Says:

    @chloe really. really. your so so dumb

  46. 46
    Memei Says:

    @chloe have you been to london. so not true. i think the average is a size UK 14. not sure what that size is in the US. thats not obese to me

  47. 47
    peggy Says:


    Their “APPEAL” as you put it is in convincing young woman to starve themsleves in order to be accepted and by entension we have nw created a generation of young woman with eating disorders.

    And I dont know what you did with yuor glasses but these woman have amazing faces and look fine in their clothes.

    Ad I dont know what world you live in but size 2 skinny models are a dime a dozen that’s why so women fail at having a modeling career

  48. 48
    Ha! Says:


    So by those standards, the size four of a model in Vogue in 2010 should actually be a 0 or below (if that’s even possible). Nice comparison. These girls are heavy. It’s possible to be heavy and still beautiful. Anyone who equates extra pounds with ugliness is deluded AND (ahem, Chloe) incredibly superficial.

  49. 49
    Ha! Says:

    Appreciating beauty does not equal “celebrating mediocrity”. Get over yourself *sshole.

  50. 50
    peggy Says:


    You poor thing youve never been to a model shoot have you – those skinny girls dont look anything like their pictures – they are skinny pale and without make up look positively sickly.

  51. 51
    amber Says:


    you seriously deserve your teeth being knocked out of your head. i’m 5’9, 138 lbs, and i’m a size 8. i am very happy in my own skin and i am FAR from fat. for you to say there is no excuse to be more than a size 6 is ridiculous. you know whats ridiculous??? innocent, good people, die of cancer, and other diseases everyday, while you get to continue to breathe air you a$$hole.

  52. 52
    Lowest denominator Says:


    You caught emaciated, and not the fact that I said FOURTEEN.
    The POINT of my post is they put UNDERAGED girls in these ads/shots that WOULD NOT have NORMAL body fat because they HAVEN’T FINISHED GROWING, then slap on the makeup and such – thus making them look mature, but underfed.

    Then you jump at me for making an assumption about your model friends, and did the exact same thing by assuming I am starving myself to be like them.

    Wrong on so many levels. Wrong all of the way around.

  53. 53
    Gene Says:

    I didn’t like the poses but have to admit the girl laying on the floor nude was sexy!

  54. 54
    e Says:

    Nicola Formichetti is clearly the most talented stylist. I would love to see him take over American Vogue!!!!!!

  55. 55
    Louise Says:

    I’m soooo sick of this selfish way of thinking. People in the last century didnt bat an eyelid for ultra skinny and then all of a sudden it was the thing to be.
    It makes me sick the way people talk about thin, average, fat, obese.
    Be what you want to be and are comfortable with.
    You dont have to aspire to anything other than being yourself.
    I am a fashion and costume designer and the latter being something that transports any type of woman/man.
    The term “models” is used widely to represent the popularity as a whole and this is basically what they are doing here.
    There are two types of people in this world. People who are comfortable with themselves and dont feel they have to judge or be judged and the other that is sooo completely neurotic and unconfident about themselves, they have to aspire to be something to feel good and feel the need to drag others down with them and from what I can see by the comments above there is a lot of women and men in the latter category. Very disappointing.

  56. 56
    kas Says:

    I hate how the words “curves ahead”is used to define this topic and these women. Women who are genuinely curvy like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez do not look like fat people. It’s so fustrating that every overweight person I know uses that word to cover up their weight problem.

    and for all those people saying this is the average weight, it probably is but we shouldn’t be promoting it. A healthy person is someone who definelty does not look like these women. I’m sorry but why else are western nations like Australia and the US suffering from obesity?

  57. 57
    to chloe Says:

    Unless you have a legitimate medical condition or are elderly, you have NO EXCUSE TO BE OVER SIZE 6.

    what planet are you living on? who are you to decide what size of clothing someone else should wear? last time i checked no one made you god! for the record, your highness, our first lady michelle obama wears around a size 8 dress size. please tell me you’re not stupid enough to suggest that our first lady starve herself so that she wear only dress sizes you approve of. this i would like to see.

    also princess diana, at the time of her death, wore a size 8 (US). she was considered by many, and still is, to have been on of the most beautiful women in the world. then there’s kate winslet, she wears a size 8 (US). she has an academy award for best actress and a very successful career in the industry. what exactly do you have?

    for my part, i am a size 2, that’s because of genetics. you do understand that term. it is genetics that determine, for the most part, your body type. there are women like oprah who will never will be able to wear anything lower than a size 10 no matter how much they diet and/or exercise.

  58. 58
    hellNO! Says:

    OMFG… they’re making fun of obese people… not sexy… wrong, wrong, wrong… FAT is NEVER FASHIONABLE… NEVER… EVER… only in America where one can see something this ludicrous & delusional… every b*tch is entitled to her opinion…

  59. 59
    to 58 Says:

    yes every girl is entitled her opinion just as every jerk is entitled his/her opinion. it’s america after all.

  60. 60
    Liv Says:

    So many extremes posted here. To one particular moron, anything above a size 6 is not FAT. There are plenty of big-framed women who are sizes 8, 10 and sometimes even 14. There are more important things to life than to stay a size 4 just so you can wear designer clothing. Grow up.

  61. 61
    jules Says:

    Chole, well aren’t you the stuck up little snot! Get over your glossed over magazine ideal of beauty. If you opened your eyes you would see a lot of beauty around and not all the same size. As for Americans celebrating mediocrity, your words not mine, at least we don’t feel the need to knock people down who don’t fit into your European beauty standard.

  62. 62
    jules Says:

    #51, OMGLMAO…Hilarious…

  63. 63
    Frida Says:

    Great move for V magazine, this is much needed in this world.

  64. 64
    Frida Says:

    Oh and Liv #60 is absolutely right, just because you’re bigger doesn’t mean you’re fat or unhealthy.

  65. 65
    K_X Says:

    How is this okay….Sad state of our country that so many people consider these women “normal” size. Downright unhealthy. Just shows the sense of entitlement that we have in our “everybody gets a trophy” society. Now I guess everyone can be a model- Hell- how about everyone can be a surgeon- not smart- that’s okay, you’re of normal intelligence and entitled to be anything you want. I think I’ll be a unicorn…so what I don’t have a horn and I am not horse… I am entitled.

  66. 66
    Jen Says:

    I don’t know if that is the average size, but those women are all gorgeous! Especially loving the pictures with the 4 women in jeans and high heals, they look fierce. But just because I like this photoshoot doesnt mean I like to hate on the runway models that are a size 2. I don’t know why it has to be be white or black when it comes to beauty, I think either way a woman can be beautiful. I also wouldnt call these women average like some hasve, especially with their height and faces and curves. Not all women who are plus sized look like that.

  67. 67
    missp Says:

    Simply beautiful……. why can’t we just appreciate beauty in whatever form?

  68. 68
    anthony Says:

    Glad someone mentioned that Marilyn Monroes size 12 is not the same as one today, she was not really plus sized at all to me. These girls are plus sized… And I have no problem with that but they don’t look fit and that bothers me. Crystal Renn (sp?) is a plus sized model and looks in shape and healthy at the same time. These woman are not portrayed as healthy and sexy when there are rolls of fat showing. I’m sure they could have styled them better to show that it is possible that bigger girls can look good also but for me this is not the way to do so I would take the real fashion models over this any day of the week. Being healthy should be promoted not just being over weight .. it’s important to get it out there that someone who is just 20-40 lbs over weight can have serious medical issues to deal with. We need good health not obesity to make the majority of un healthy people feel ok about themselves

  69. 69

    @Marissa: @Chloe: I’m an athletic size 4, and have to say you have an ugly soul. I’d use you for a pull-up bar but you’re too far away.

  70. 70

    Ih, that comment was for Chloe only.

  71. 71

    Oh, that comment was for Chloe only.

  72. 72
    Women like NICE men! Says:

    Gorgeous! It’s great to see beautiful faces with beautiful bodies and no clavicles (bones) protruding and sunken eyes in dark eye sockets with dark circles under them.

    @ 25 There is nothing ‘ordinary’ looking about any of these women, they all have *unusually* good body proportions and pretty faces and skin, plus you can actually live with them in the ‘real world’ i.e. they eat real food and due to the extra fat are a tighter screw too. Hehehe!

  73. 73
    jennifer Says:

    I’m all for breaking down this weight barrier that has been set up by the world of fashion but I have a problem with this shoot : The models are not dressed for they’re body type. I do think curves are beautiful, but you should DRESS FOR YOUR BODY. By putting somebody who’s “average sized” into a tiny cut out swimsuit – you’re just embarrassing the model! Put her in a FLATTERING piece. Show women how to dress for they’re body type.

  74. 74
    Kaylena Says:

    I think it’s a shame that people can not except the differences of others. If you don’t find them beautiful, well that’s your thing…is it necessary to slander them? I think not. Show some class and respect people. Everyone is different.

  75. 75
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    just another failure by the fashion industry
    why cant they show a regular healthy girl
    im sorry but pic 2 is pretty disgusting with all those fat rolls
    i support curvy woman such as scarlett, not now but like a yr or 2 ago, or mariyln monore
    i still dont understand why they cant just show a normal girl
    it’s either really skinny or plus size
    just do an average girl for god sakes

  76. 76
    bbwloversmatch Says:

    I love curvy women, so natural

  77. 77
    mariel Says:

    The pictures would look a lot better if they dressed the women in clothes that fit properly. Skin tight is not a good look for someone who has rolls of fat around her middle, nor is exposing the midriff of an obviously overweight woman.

    Who wants to see another person’s fat? It seems like they are trying to make it OK to be obese, probably because that actually is the norm in the U.S. these days. Sad.

  78. 78
    Jaded Says:

    FYI Cindy Crawford is a size 10 and I have never seen that woman look bad, and her bank account can testify that neither has anyone else. The last of the Supermodels were all a size 6-8. So to say you have to be a 6 or under to be attractive or a model is a little silly.

  79. 79
    longchamp Says:

    buffarillos. cute.

  80. 80
    bohemeballerine Says:

    Finally!!! This is great…non-anorexic looking pretty girls, yay!

  81. 81
    =Logan= Says:





  82. 82
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Ha!: Yes, sizes across the board have changed. The sizes towards that top have changed quite a bit, with less variation at the bottom.
    I can recall when this started to happen in most stores in the mid-90s. I could not believe that my normal number didn’t even come close to fitting. I still have clothes packed away that I wore at various stages of my life that still fit, and their numbers are size 8 (jeans I wore in high-school, shorts from my 20s, etc.). My size has not changed – manufacturing has. Manufacturers are pacifying and feeding the public’s need to maintain a facade that North Americans (Americans in particular) are not getting fat.
    It’s all about the “bottom line” – their earning potential and the publics expanding a**.

  83. 83
    Women like NICE men! Says:

    I think they look great, I would rather see some fat rolls than scary bones popping out.

    love the outfits on all of them; like I said, you can put the same thing on a skinny woman and if scary bones are popping out that is just as distasteful to some as seeing rolls of fat popping out is to others. To each his own.

  84. 84
    Sassy Says:

    Not every woman who is overweight has cellulite. Some very thin women have cellulite. I think these girls look beautiful, and “to each his own”. European woman are definitely thinner, but they walk most everywhere they go AND they don’t eat the processed, junky crap food that most Americans do.
    And for anyone posting here who is a male, pi$$ off with your nasty comments.

  85. 85
    monday Says:

    You must be joking…………
    This will never catch on.
    They are fat and that’s about it.

  86. 86
    kika12 Says:

    Beauty come in all sizes!!!

  87. 87
    kika12 Says:

    Beauty come in all sizes!!!

    Not everyone can be a size 2 because we have different bone structure and cellulite have nothing to do with weight is about genes.

    If magazines have starting to enjoy normal and plus-size womens why we can’t??

  88. 88
    anna Says:

    Close to 60% of the American adult population is overweight, and you people are concerned about thin models being a negative influence???Maybe seeing a gorgeous size 2 woman will make you get off your asses and on the treadmill. I just find this ridiculoussss!

  89. 89
    p3rp3tu4 Says:

    Diabetes is all the rage.

  90. 90
    Ren Says:

    how surprising…media is trying to enforce that ‘fat is the new thin’ -apparently healthy (regardless of weight) isn’t!

  91. 91
    anastasia Says:


    Yes Chloe you’re absolutely right. I’m from Russia and the women here are gorgeous and skinny not like these fat slobs with their roles of fat. These “models” look disgusting. If the women in my country looked like this they would be embarressed to show their face outside. But most Americans are fatter than these two anyways so to them this is probably normal to them.

  92. 92
    oy Says:

    I don’t believe size 6 is fat, but these women are not average size and I don’t believe in making excuses for people who are obese. They are overweight. Their faces are pretty, but the poses and the clothing they selected for them make them look flabby and unattractive. I think these photos will have the opposite affect of what they intended to do.

    They should lose weight for their own health, but they shouldn’t try to look like Kate Moss. Kate isn’t as pretty as they are and she doesn’t have a good body-just the typical heroin chic body which is not attractive.

  93. 93
    loverducky Says:

    I agree that this may not be the best way to go…fashion does not have to portray one extreme to the other…not that these girls are “obese” by any means. But the people that think the normal fashion models are acceptable sicken me a bit. Each day, they look more and more like death..and there are those that do die…and those that die try to achieve those standards. I know obesity is a big problem especially in North America but it certainly doesn’t help to see emaciated girls promoted everywhere…I don’t know which is the best way to go…if we could stop being so obsessed with standards and what mold be are supposed to fit into that would be nice but that obviously won’t happen. I think some people talking about European culture need to get off their high horses…every country deals with body and health issues and the US might be in a more diar state but there is no need to be demeening. Speaking as a Canadian girl who has lived with an eating disorder for eleven years now, I struggle with these issues daily. I am frightened by the situation and can only hope for progress in the future…I think some people just really need to be careful what they say however

  94. 94
    hrgo Says:

    @Natalie: Sorry, but your reasoning is retarded. Reality check!@Natalie:

  95. 95
    makarena Says:

    @Natalie: You are a sad, sad person. I hope you’re getting help.

  96. 96
    hrgo Says:

    @Jeff: Get a life, loser! That said, you must be a looker yourself. *snort*

  97. 97
    Holli Says:

    They are really pretty—– but maybe they need to wear different clothes….. Stacy and Clinton should have dressed them!

  98. 98
    Simone Says:

    Aye where is Whitney who won ANTM.
    She’s a beautiful plus size girl, either way though they’re stunning pictures & it’s great to see normal sized people in magazines like this.

  99. 99
    v Says:


    That is ridiculous!
    The average weight in European Cities is not a size 6, the average body type is not gamine for European women.
    for the most part it tends to be pear to hour glass, especially in westeren european countries.
    I have no problem with people prefering thin women, but dont make such an absurd assumption about an entire continant when you probably mean steriotypically Parisian.

  100. 100
    Pffffffttttt... Says:


    Wh*rebag, The US is the number 2 fattest country in the world and the UK is the number 4 fattest country in the world. I’m a size 14 and was down to a 6 well over 2 years ago. I weight trained for years. When I was a size 6 I still felt fat even while my friends and family were telling me to stop because I was overdoing it. Even now at a size 14 my brother calls me “muscles” because one can still the definition in my arms. At a size 14 I can fit into medium sized Adidas workout pants. Give it a rest, b*tch.

  101. 101
    What's the frequency? Says:

    @oy: don’t believe size 6 is fat, but these women are not average size and I don’t believe in making excuses for people who are obese.

    Read more:

    But isn’t that the question? What size is deemed healthy, average and still attractive? I’m a 14 and I think a size 6-8 is a good size. Hell, a size 10 wasn’t too terrible either. Marilyn Monroe was actually a size 12(Size 10 in that day)at her largest. I agree these women do not look healthy. I’m guessing the women pictured are probably a size 20 or above.

  102. 102
    Jan Says:

    These girls are all very beautiful and it is wonderful to see some plus sized models. However, obviously the photographer and stylist do not know how to photograph or dress plus sized women very well. Thumbnail #2 is just not attractive, nor is the last one. It doesn’t mean the women are not beautiful, just that the wardrobe choice or angle of the pictures does not work for a larger lady. I am plus sized and I can take some beautiful pictures, but sometimes the pictures can actually make me look larger than I actually am, as I am sure it can with smaller ladies as well.

  103. 103
    SK Says:

    There are nothing wrong with the models themselves. They are beautiful no matter which size they are. Thin is not the synonym for beautiful, so cut this **** out, that you have to be size 2 or 4 to be it. They have gorgeous faces, fantastic hair and skin like cream. But there is ALL wrong with the kind the photographer Solve Sundsbo took these pictures. Why for gods sake are the models in more than half of these pictures nearly nude? Is this the only way Sundsbo can show us the CURVES of the models – thats so lame. At the same time some of the poses (especially picture # 2, 5 and 9) look like he took it out of an adult magazine/ movie. Size 2 models would look ridiculous in these poses too. It’s not a matter of sizes, when you look ugly in a picture, it’s a matter of how the picture was took. Sundsbo had no clue what he did, he has no concept (except: “Put the models in GUESS Jeans which are to tight, than we show how curvy it is above the jeans”) and he had no respect for the models. When I look at picture #2 I want to puke. It’s also sad the editor of “V” agreed with these kinds of pictures. Maybe he/she did not know it better, than “V” should not bring this theme if they have no clue what “curves” means. This is it not !!!!

  104. 104
    cri87 Says:

    they are BEAUTIFUL, that’s all

  105. 105
    morgaine Says:

    Yes i agree marissa. I also live in europe and unless your french (still with execptions) You go out side on your daily life, malls, public transportation, etc… and 80 % of women are above size 6. Witch should be normal. There’s nothing wrong with that. What has this society became? With so many real problems in the worl, people as discusing sizes? Pls people, there are people dying of hunger every day and wish they had food to put on their childs plates. Lets get our priorities straight!!

  106. 106
    Celebwatcher Says:

    Marilyn Monroe was at most a modern day size 6. These girls look great. I’m not sure why some posters are hating. The average American woman looks like these ladies.

    Read it then weep!

  107. 107
    morgaine Says:

    chloe then maybe you should refrase your comments. how about that, because right now you do sound ignorant and shallow. Grow up and make sense.

  108. 108
    izzy Says:

    @Chloe: totally agree with you

  109. 109
    kk Says:

    gosh! not pretty at all.
    plz these plus sized models whatever so called r not healthy!! i cant believe these photos!!!! ew!!!!
    i have nothing against for fat ppl..but to be honest this is not healthy and pretty at all.
    i have friends who is modeling. yes some of them r extremely skinny but alot of them r really in a good shape.
    just because ppl r skinny doesnt mean they r sick!!
    for me mirand kerr has a perfect body .

  110. 110
    lj Says:

    if they really thought plus size and normal women are beautiful, why take out cellulite bumps and stretch marks? this is just another selling ploy. Shame. The girls are really gorgeous, but I agree with poses – why not just do something more natural and less clowny

  111. 111
    Thanxs 4 playing Says:

    @kk: gosh! not pretty at all.

    Their faces are very pretty. I have to agree, however, that this is not necessarily an example of what is healthy. these women can definitely bear children, though. Although these women could very well be candidates for diabetes or heart disease if they are not at peak physical conditioning.

    Miranda Kerr is nice and all, but most women are not tall and leggy like VS models. It’s just not realistic for most women to be held to that standard. However, I think people don’t understand that one of the reasons tall, lanky models are chosen for modeling is because the clothes hang better on those types of bodies(human clothes hangers) so I don’t have anything against models overall except the ones that go around thinking or bragging how beautiful they are and how much more superior they are to those not born with those specific genetics. I think Adriana Lima is stunning, personally.

    I think the argument here should be more about how irresponsible it is to set up a certain standard as the be all end all of what is “beautiful” or “the ideal”; not to mention the practice of photoshopping, which leads people to seek out an unrealistic and unobtainable goal as in, no cellulite when cellulite is almost always a reality, etc..

  112. 112
    beebee7ct Says:

    @Chloe: i agree with you partially.on one hand, i’m not american, i’m from europe and i can tell you that there are plenty of “plus-size” women out here. on the other hand, you are so right about women (and also men) who are just fat and make no effort to change that. like you said unless there’s a medical condition involved, i don’t see how can a young, beautiful woman settle to be plus-sized and fool herself that she’s perfect the way she is when she’s clearly not. i don’t know…a few years ago i gained 10 pounds and still wasn’t fat, but i was plus-sized. i didn’t like it. i felt horrible. so i did something about it and thanks to that, now i’m not 30 pounds heavier. cause i’m sure that would’ve happened… i think women who decide to just sit and watch the weight pile up are just lazy and lack any initiative.

  113. 113
    Status quo Says:


    There’s something wrong with you…really wrong…But hey, at least you’re being honest…I guess. Those women are not “average”, they’re beautiful, not only because of the way they “look” but because of their confidence and their defiance against superficial societal norms. Beauty is in every living thing on this planet and its really sad that you cant see that. All you see if what you’ve been told to perceive as beautiful by high end fashion magazines that glorify “skinny” models and expensive clothing.

  114. 114
    Status quo Says:


    Wow. Again, you need some serious help.

  115. 115
    Status quo Says:



  116. 116
    Chloe Says:

    @Status quo:

    I need help because my opinion differs from yours? I need help because I happen to think thinner is more appealing? No, I think you need help.

    Boo Hoo, look at me I’m a size 14 and I pretend that I’m soooo happy with myself but god forbid I see a prettier woman than me in a magazine! Seeing a prettier and thinner woman damages my self esteem and makes me want to vomit. So instead of changing myself, I’ll just try to get the pretty woman out of the magazines, so I don’t have to feel bag about myself. WA WA WA

  117. 117
    Chloe Says:

    And I agree with Anastasia, why WOULDN’T you want to look thinner? Clothing looks better on you. WHen you are thinner you look taller and more graceful.

    This American mentality that “everyone is beautiful” escapes me. No, not everyone is beautiful, both inside or out. Is a murderer beautiful? Is a 300 pound housewife beautiful? Is a oily-haired zit faced overweight girl beautiful? NO, maybe in your demented heads. Beauty is beauty because its exclusive. We only idolize something that is rare and not common-place.

    You Americans make me (and the rest of the world) laugh! So go on stuffing your faces, telling yourself that you are ALL beautiful, and that size 10+ is not fat. haha my grandma is a size 14 she’s 75 years old, she had two operations and cannot move to get exercise. What’s YOUR excuse?

  118. 118
    Jane Says:

    Americans and there anorexic standard of beauty. Big is beautiful too.

  119. 119
    aquame Says:

    My current body is exactly like the model’s in the second pic (the bathing suit with the rolls). While I’m currently changing my eating lifestyle (I’m an emotional eater) and have lost 16 pounds since I began in November, I must admit it is nice to see my body type all glammed up like that! LOL

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some cliches ring true. That is all.

  120. 120
    Mark Says:

    Ladies, if it wrinkles when it’s squashed then lose it coz fat ain’t a sexy look!

  121. 121
    Rockin' Says:


    And this is why heart disease is the #1 killer. And diabetes is prevalent, obesity is an epidemic, etc, etc. Just put down the McBurger and put on some jogging shoes for goodness’ sake. We certainly don’t need to teach people that obesity is okay…or cute…or healthy.

    I’m not saying you should take drugs to be a size 0, but eating healthy and exercise is *not* a bad thing. And if you do this you won’t look like *that*. Some people are very, very lazy.

  122. 122
    Michelle Says:


    Are you gay? I have never heard of a straight man this fixated on a woman’s dress sizes and accessories. It’s okay if you are gay, more power to ya. Just don’t pretend to be a straight man so you can try to make women feel fat. It’s just tacky.

  123. 123
    Vanessa Says:

    It dosent look wrong ! Some people do want to see women like that because there real. Not everyone is skinny ! Those girls are stunning they are total models. I showed all my friends this and they also think the same. Its time for a change in the modeling industry. Finally a magazine is recognising that curvy is beautiful.

  124. 124
    Jeff Says:


    You are too funny doll. No, I am not gay. You must live in Idaho, Kentucky or some other god-forsaken village where men do not care what their women wear. Overalls, anyone? haha

    I, for one, LOVE it when my girlfriend and girl-friends wear stylish clothing, skinny jeans and high heels being my favorite. YOUR man might be satisfied with frumpy jeans and a soiled t-shirt, but not me.

  125. 125
    DB Says:

    I think these women look sexy and beautiful. They remind me of 40s pinup girls.

    Why are the people who consider them attractive so ANGRY? If you don’t think they’re pretty, then don’t by the magazine, but why are people going insane like this?

    Men who are obsessed with only liking thin women are usually.

    1. Gay, and they want an excuse to reject every woman they see. Instead of admitting that they are gay, they reject women for not being a size 0. If she is a size 0, they decide her breasts aren’t big enough, etc. until they eliminate all women frm the running. That way they get to pretend they’re straight. Stop it. Come out f the closet. We know you’re gay.

    2. They are straight, but they usually have small packages and are afraid they will only look normal if they are with a tiny woman. I’m not joking.

  126. 126
    Jeff Says:

    Btw, the last picture looks like a beached whale. You can put lipstick on a whale, it will still remain a whale.

  127. 127
    Michelle Says:


    Your response makes you seem even more gay. What straight man says, “Doll?” I live in LA where people are obsessed with looks but even here only gay men are this fixated on the things. that concern you. The straight men just focus on who they’re attracted to an don’t really worry about dress sizes and accessories.

  128. 128
    Jeff Says:

    How can you speak for all heterosexual men? True, I know hetero guys who couldn’t care less about fashion, while others like me do care how a woman puts herself together. It’s a matter of preference, really.

  129. 129
    LOLA Says:


    how could you possibly think that!!!!!

  130. 130
    Michelle Says:

    @Jeff: Regardless of your sexuality, it’s clear that you really hate women. I really hope you are gay so no woman has to be in a relationship with you.

    Again, men of any sexuality who don’t hate women would just say, “You know, they’re just not my type.” or “I just don’t find them attractive.” And then they would move on; they wouldn’t say catty, vicious things about them. Only a man who really despises women would need to trash these women’s bodies like this. Get help with your hostility towards women and, until you do, stay away from women of all sizes.

  131. 131
    Jeff Says:

    And I, as a straight man, can safely say that my male friends and I find thinner women more attractive. Note that I said thinner, not flatter. Yes, my precious heffers, thin women CAN have natural curves as well. Some of my female friends are size 2 but have NATURAL B cups and nice round tight asses.

  132. 132
    Michelle Says:


    Sorry, Jeff. I’m not buying it. I’ve been around men of all sexualities – from conservative straight guys to drag queens – my whole life. Plus, I live in the metrosexual capital of the planet – L.A. – you’re still coming across as gay. There’s metrosexual and there’s gay. You’re gay. Deal with it. Embrace it. I think you should be proud of it. But don’t trash women while you come to terms with your sexuality.

  133. 133
    Jeff Says:

    Haha Michelle, you are just too amusing. No I do not hate women. God knows my mother is on the very chubby side of the spectrum, but I still love her. So is my secretary, but I still respect her. I just cannot stand fat women who think they are superior to their thinner prettier and younger counterparts. The problem with you “curvy” ladies is that you are too self-conscious and take your insecurities out on the beautiful women. Stop telling yourself that your weight is normal while anyone thinner is automatically unhealthy and unattractive, because IN ThE REAL WORLD MOST MAN WILL LOOK AT THE THIN WOMAN NOT THE AVERAGE OR FAT ONE.

  134. 134
    Awful Says:

    Everyone who thinks normal people look like this, is American. These women are overweight. Just because everyone in the USA is obese doesn’t make it healthy or normal.

    It sucks they can’t use normal women with normal sizes, instead of too fat or too skinny models.

  135. 135
    Jeff Says:

    And you childishly calling me gay and attempting to assess my sexuality over the internet is quite funny and really shows YOUR intelligence level. You go on thinking that I am gay, that makes no difference to me. Your uneducated opinion doesn’t have an impact on my life.

  136. 136
    Michelle Says:


    I never said I was chubby. I’m not. Your understanding of women is so limited that you cannot imagine a woman who is not bigger, defending these images.

    I, also, never said thin women were unattractive. I never said a single negative thing about thin women because unlike you – I DON’T TRASH WOMEN OF ANY SIZE. I think beauty comes in all sizes. I think large and small women should be proud of and enjoy their bodies

    Regardless, dude, I really can tell you’re gay. You’ll marry a trophy wife because it will be good for your career and have sex with men on the side. Mark my words. I’ve met guys like you before. I’ve got your number.

  137. 137
    Jeff Says:

    Look Michelle, I feel that if a woman is happy being a size 14 or something similar, GOOD FOR HER.
    I just don’t appreciate heavier women trying to make themselves seem more attractive TO OTHERS by badmouthing skinny models (who btw are almost all NOT anorexic or druggies, another myth perpetuated by fatties to make themselves feel better) and by advocating their presence in magazines which are meant to show GLAMOUR AND BEAUTY.

    Seriously, it wouldn’t hurt a fat American teenage girl (not you, dont worry) to look at thin models as a motivation to adopt a healthier lifestyle that would help her lose weight.

  138. 138
    Michelle Says:

    @Jeff: 1. I’m ivy-league educated so that argument isn’t going to work, idiot.
    2. It was EASY to identify you as gay. It’s SO obvious. You are a closeted gay man hiding behind the metrosexual label.
    3. If I can spot that you’re gay just from your comments, I’m willing to bet that the people who see you in person have figured it out, too.
    4. Come out. Be a proud gay man, but stop hating and trashing women.

  139. 139
    Jeff Says:

    HAHA MICHELLE, Ivy-league educated? Maybe in your dreams. You may have inferred (erroneously) from my comments that I am gay, but I have correctly inferred from your comments that you are not only a fool but a liar as well. Good luck with that Ivy-League degree. You sure you don’t mean Berkley? haha

  140. 140
    Michelle Says:

    @Jeff: Wow, Jeff, I hope you never have children, especialy not daughters. You would destroy them. God forbid your daughter went through a normal chubby phase. You would destroy her self-esteem for life. You hate women AND you’re stupid.

    ALL the research shows that young women – thin young women – are developing dangerous eating disorders because of underweight images of women. There is overwhelming research that indicates that images of underweight women DO hurt teenage girls.

    Women DIE from anorexia, and many anorexics refer to the media as damaging to their self image.

  141. 141
    Michelle Says:

    @Jeff: I went to Yale, darling, where many gay men choose to go to school. They educated me. That’s why I spotted you so quickly and so accurately. Did you even go to college?

  142. 142
    Jeff Says:

    Yale? I think you mean Los Angeles Community College, judging by the way you write. Please do not humor me.
    I went to NYU for undergrad, and UPENN (Ivy) Warton Business school. Hey, at least I’m being honest. I could have told you I went to Harvard.

    Oh and by the way you insipid moron, going to an Ivy-League university doesn’t say much. I can safely say that I have met some down-right idiots who happened to get into Ivy-League schools (Columbia, Cornell, YALE).

    Btw, obesity is the number one health issue in America and a growing epidemic. As someone else previously mentioned, close to 60% of American adults are overweight.

    I rather that my daughter see a thin FIT model vs. the models shown above. I would hate it if she thought that being this out of shape is normal and acceptable.

  143. 143
    Mark Says:

    You bunch of fat loving females are way off course. Like I tell my g/f no guy wants to sh*g a lard a$$. Fat is up there with hairy as a huge turn off. You gals wanna look decent & sexy then lose the blubber, lose the hair & lose the attitude!

  144. 144
    Michelle Says:

    @Jeff: Gee, last time I checked Yale was a bit more prestigious than NYU. Just a little.

    Again, you would DESTROY a female child. Nobody’s encouraging obesity. Some of us are just saying that healthy women come in many sizes. Representing many kinds of women in the media (thin and large) can be positive for young women who can then pursue healthy and realistic – not obese – ways of being that suit their individual bodies.

    Of course, you’re not even smart enough to understand the data or concepts to which I’ve been referring so really what’s the point. All you understand is what accessories you want your size 0 “girlfriend” to wear.

    I stand by everything I said about you. You’re gay and need to come out of the closet before you hurt a woman who mistakenly thinks you are straight. You’re a misogynist who is using your contempt for women to hide your own doubts and insecurities. (Let’s see if you even know what that word means.) You’re an idiot who should never have a daughter because you would make it your paternal agenda to destroy her physical and sexual self-esteem.

    Again, I’ve got your number. I’m betting MONEY that there are dozens of people in your social circle that think you are gay and are just waiting for you to come out.

  145. 145
    Jeff Says:

    Michelle, stop fooling yourself. We both know you didn’t go to Yale.

    If and when I have a daughter, I will tell her that she should try her BEST to be FIT and healthy. I will tell her that it’s unacceptable to look like these models unless you had 5 kids or had major surgery. I will sign her up for various sports and not buy junk food. Simple.

    Oh and honey, you seem a little bit too fixated on sexuality. Even if I was gay, I don’t see how it’s relevant in a conversation about women’s weight. But thankfully, I am not gay and cannot wait to settle down with my size 2 girlfriend and have nice healthy children.

  146. 146
    to chloe Says:

    Beauty is beauty because its exclusive. We only idolize something that is rare and not common-place.

    well, we know you don’t fit the profile you said above. those who protest the most are most likely the worst offenders. those, like you, who jump up and down about what beauty is and is not are likely those who would could not nor would not be considered as a model.

    remember this, oh judgmental one, most of the photographs of the top models in the magazines are re-touched. someone went in an airbrushed all their flaws, slightly flabby arms, breasts not quite right, etc etc away so that the pictures would be perfect for you.

  147. 147
    Chloe Says:

    Well, I am definitely not a model, nor do I aspire to be one. I am pushing 30, 5’8”, size 2, toned body, have an attractive but not exquisite face. I am not a supermodel, yeah I can admit that and that is why I am marketing consultant at an advertising agency.

    However, wearing stylish clothing and keeping up my appearances (monthly haircut and color, spas, massages, etc.) makes me feel more attractive.

    I am not protesting large women in general. I just don’t want to see them in fashion magazines. I see them enough on a daily basis on the street.

    Also, I know and work with a lot of models. While they are photoshopped, most of them are simply STUNNING in real life. No photoshop needed.

  148. 148
    Chloe Says:

    Well, I am definitely not a model, nor do I aspire to be one. I am pushing 30, 5’8”, size 2, toned body, have an attractive but not exquisite face. I am not a supermodel, yeah I can admit that and that is why I am marketing consultant at an advertising agency.

    However, wearing stylish clothing and keeping up my appearances (monthly haircut and color, spas, massages, etc.) makes me feel more attractive.

    I am not protesting large women in general. I just don’t want to see them in fashion magazines. I see them enough on a daily basis on the street.

    Also, I know and work with a lot of models. While they are photoshopped, most of them are simply STUNNING in real life. No photoshop needed.

  149. 149
    Chloe Says:

    oh and your reasoning doesn’t make sense. Why would I praise thin beautiful models if I was fat and ugly? I would be overcome with jealousy and pushing for fatties such as the ones above to be in magazines.

  150. 150
    Jules Says:

    Chloe, you may in your eyes be “attractive” and have a “toned body”, but girl and I mean girl as the term lady is not worthy of you, you have a crappy personality. I would bet to say most men or women, just in case your gay, would rather at the end of the day have personality over looks. Remember, Looks only last awhile, ***** is forever. And who wants to hang with a ***** all the time? Get my drift.

  151. 151
    Chloe Says:

    Wow you fatties get so offended and defensive when someone doesn’t agree with your notions of “normal” Just because I don’t want to be heavy like these so called models I automatically have a bad personality. yes, makes a lot of sense. good luck in life fuglies.

  152. 152
    to chloe Says:

    Also, I know and work with a lot of models. While they are photoshopped, most of them are simply STUNNING in real life. No photoshop needed.

    oh boy, do you need a wake up call. let me explain the facts to you ok. the editor and others comb through the photos of the stunning models to be used in the magazine searching for any flaws. they then circle the parts of the body in the photograph that they want photoshopped or airbrushed. the ankles, the wrist, the neck, the bust, etc etc. they then send the photographs, with the circles on them, to the department i work in where they are photoshopped/airbrushed to specifications. then the photos are published. worst kept secret out there. yes, it happens even to the most stunningly beautiful models.


  153. 153
    chloe Says:

    I’m a different Chloe, I wouldn’t make comments like the other Chloe did, lol.

    Man, I can’t believe how riled up people can get over these pics! I agree that some outfits are not flattering on the models, but everyone’s got their own opinion–and those opinions are offending everyone else. I’m a size 9 US– I can wear medium or even small tops, but my waist is wide. I don’t eat excessively (at least I don’t think so), I exercise, and I work in an environment where I’m always walking/standing on my feet. Could I eat better? Maybe. Do I wish I were skinny as a model? Nah, because I like the clothes that I have already :)

  154. 154
    Chef Jacke Says:

    Just the way Grandpa used to like them!

  155. 155
    Brea Says:

    Plus size models – what on God’s green earth will they think of next. Being fat is nothing to feel proud about. Heaven’s, some of these ‘models’ should seriously think about going to fat boot camp before they end up with health issues. There is no excuse, none at all, for abusing their bodies with food in this fashion. Exercise and a sensible, healthy diet would have them looking so much more toned and healthier and much better looking. We only get given one body and it’s so important to look after it.

  156. 156
    loverducky Says:

    I should hope you feel the same way about me too then? So often in the media, on television shows we see images of gorgeous women married to fat slobs with crappy personalities..I hope you don’t think that is acceptable then…just clarifying

  157. 157
    loverducky Says:


    **about men***

  158. 158
    my leg Says:

    Damn, all of you guys are getting riled up for nothing. They don’t look that bad. If they were morbidly obese, go ahead, ***** about it all you want, but jeez, complain to the bloody magazine if it bothers you so much.

  159. 159
    nursedatingsite Says:

    Chubby lovers and big noobs

  160. 160
    Holli Says:

    I have to agree with Chloe—- deep down everyone would like to be skinny (not anorexic, but slim.) For example, Tyra Banks told everyone “to kiss her fat a$$” when people made fun of her weight…. But look at her now, she lost weight and looks really good. If she really believed size doesn’t matter she would have stayed plus size!!!!!

  161. 161
    MMA Says:

    I’ll take pics of these two over pics of scraggly has-beens like Lindsey Lohan any frickin day of the week!!!!!!!

  162. 162
    aquame Says:

    This arguing over a few chubby models is, indeed, amazing. And being overweight doesn’t mean you hate skinny people. All, let me repeat, all of my friends are skinny. And what was hard for me sometimes to deal with was that most of them do absolutely nothing to stay that way. A few work out, yes, but not like Madonna work out. Just a few times a week. I unfortunately lost the genetic lottery on thin-ness and have to accept the fact that I’ll never be thin.

    If you are thin or only like women who are thin, then hallelujah! Good for you. But you don’t need to get angry about the existence of women who don’t fall under your thin label. And for the poster who said they don’t want to see chubby women in a fashion magazine cause they see them everyday, then how about women who are plus size who ONLY see rail thin models when they watch a film, watch TV, look at fashion magazines, look at a billboard. You have the chance to just not buy or look at V magazine. For us others, we’re inundated with images that we’ll never look like, even after becoming healthier.

    So go have whatever it is you “thin” people have to calm your selves down. You don’t like us chubbers, then fVck off and go be thin and fabulous some place else. LOL

  163. 163
    loverducky Says:


    I agree, that probably, given the choice, most people would want to be thinner..but that’s because that is was society projects on us. There are places that would never even consider the importance of body image but then when tv and magazines are introduced it becomes an obsession for them. At one time, being bigger was considered more beautiful, it exemplified wealth and that is the image that society said was beautiful.

  164. 164
    Jenna Says:

    Curves ARE sexy, but fat rolls aren’t. Sorry, but this does not look healthy to me. But you gals who think this looks good, you keep kidding yourselves if it makes you feel better about your weight. Just because this looks like the average woman, does not mean it’s healthy. Neither are those stick thin models. There is a healthy in between…….with some muscle showing.

  165. 165
    elle Says:

    Beautiful and stunning

  166. 166
    angeles Says:

    Curves, meaning a few sizes above the bony, walking skeletons?

  167. 167
    asunkee Says:

    I think they’ve got the whole “curves” concept COMPLETELY WRONG! Curves do NOT refer to fat rolls. A real curvy woman will have an hourglass shape; wide hips with a significantly smaller waist, a good sized bust and a perky and firm bum. The “curves” should refer to the simplest form of a woman’s silhouette. Women with curve are women like Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, Amber Rose, Jeniffer Love Hewitt and Beyonce.

  168. 168
    mariel Says:

    People who are focused on dress sizes are missing the point: Obesity is a HUGE (no pun intended) problem in the developed world, while countless others go hungry.

    The real issue should be HEALTH, not dress size! What are these models eating? Junk food, or healthy food? Do they exercise or sit on the sofa all day? What about their blood pressure, blood sugar, blood cholesterol?

    Obesity, poor diet, lack of exercise are not healthy, nor is anorexia. We should not try to emulate models—they are freaks of nature!

    Eat right, exercise, stay healthy and avoid metabolic syndrome, which leads to diabetes and heart disease. That is what we need to strive for, not body image. Your health is in your own hands.

  169. 169
    Louise Says:


    Actually Jeff, I think you’ll find that Most men dont want women with bones protruding and an unheathly fixation on vanity and neurotism.

    In my job (Fashion and Costume Designer) I have to deal with their insecurities and ridiculous fluffing on a daily basis so dont tell me thinner women have it made by any means.

    Many plus size women (uk 16+) are determined by their genetics and you’ll find the majority have absolutely no problem with the way they look and feel about themselves and are perfectly happy and healthy. It’s basically people like you, who feel the need to shout off and I think you’ll find that they dont give a rat’s **** about what you think.

    We all know that obese is different and sometimes comes at a cost to health but that is not what we are talking about here. The women featured are approximately a uk size 16-20 and looking at their height too, that is not considered obese. Most women over a certain size have undefined back muscles/fat and the only thing I am going to agree with is the pose and outfit chosen does not flatter the body shape because when you pose like that, you automatically bend your back and if you found pics of thinner models, you would still find some with little dents and rolls.

    You said like women in high heels but are you prepared to look at the mis-shapen feet with horrendous bunons and varicose veins? Women of all sizes especially thinner women are prone to cellulite do to low muscle mass. I could go on but I cant be bothered.

    Basically a lot of the uneducated and ridiculous comments make me sick and disappointed that we are living in a society filled with fickle and neurotic people.

  170. 170
    American size 8 Says:

    Oh yes and Anastasia I think you are totally ridiculous. Talking about how fat women in Russia would never show their faces outdoors. I am old enough to remember the last two decades of Soviet Russia and that global joke back then (especially in America) that 99% of the women behind “the iron curtain” were frumpy, hairy, peasant women one generation from slavery (uh serfdom in that country).

    Two insults don’t make a right, not everyone is born 6′ foot tall and weighing 110 lbs, and no one should have to hide in shame because they don’t happen to fit the ideal.

    As for you Chloe , European size 6 is not an American size 6, so try , try again.

  171. 171
    Hollie Says:

    So gross. Ewww. I think that is mean. They have beautiful faces, but their body’s so gross. (gaggg)

  172. 172
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Pffffffttttt…: 14 = overweight and the fact that you pointed out that the US is the heaviest country in the world only proves my point and shows your ignorance.
    Try not to eat the fridge after reading my comment.

  173. 173
    Hollie Says:

    This is just disgusting. I gagged. Shakira has curves, but has a flat stomach. So gross, just gross. Why would they do that? I think it’s wrong.

  174. 174
    anastasia Says:

    american size 8-

    No that is what american propaganda told you to believe at the time genius. They tried to make everything related to russia/USSR seem undesirable to the americans. Tell me why is it that american men come to russia now and believe they are in some supermodel paradise and complain about the fat and unfeminine women back in america? Oh ya because we are thin and gorgeous. Don’t believe me ask any guy that’s ever been to Russia.

  175. 175
    Michelle Says:

    Hey, Jeff. Actually, I did go to Yale. You’ve never even been there so you have no absolutely no idea what it means to have been a student there. ( Really, why would I make that up? You just can’t stand the fact that I went to a better school than you did and figured out that you are gay.)

    Also, does your “girlfriend” know you’re gay, that you hate women, and that if you have daughters that you will try to destroy their confidence and try to make them feel that you will only love and value them if they are skinny? Make sure to let her know all of that, and see if she marries you.

    Better yet, show her these comments, and see how she feels. If she has half a brain she’ll run for the hills.

    I dare you, loser.

  176. 176
    Stone Says:

    I don’t know if I’d give my left nut, but I’m sure I’d give both of Jared’s nuts for either one of them!

  177. 177
    yourMom Says:

    this is a joke!

  178. 178
    f Says:

    These girls look like Kimberley Walsh a.k.a the fat one from Girls Aloud.

  179. 179
    ladylurksalot Says:


    Hilarious, DB, and right on the mark, too!

  180. 180
    ladylurksalot Says:


    Jeff, I’m honestly not trying to be snarky here, but if you and your “size 2″ girlfriend are planning to settle and have kids, you realize that she’s not going to be a size 2 for at least 9 months, right? I would honestly hope that you would not turn into the type of man who complains about your partner’s body and refuse to touch her for the duration of her pregnancy, finding her “disgusting” because she no longer fits your standard of beauty. She may be blessed genetically to bounce right back to her pre-pregnancy body, but most aren’t, and it gets progressively harder after each pregnancy. Even with a proper diet and exercise, she may never be a size 2 again. Are you man enough to love a woman for the woman she is, or is fitting into a size 2 and having perky t*its and a firm a*s more of a priority to you?

    Sorry if this came off as snarky, and this may be an extreme example, but it may just give you an idea of how others live, and why their opinions may differ from yours.

  181. 181
    Jeff Says:


    No I can bet my left pinky that you did not go to Yale. You know what gave it away (besides the amateurish style of writing)? The fact that you said that Yale is a better school than Wharton. I mean, no Ivy league educated person would say something so banal and subjective. Us TRUE Ivy-leaguers would never say that because we know that each Ivy university has something unique to offer and saying that one school is better is entirely based on opinion, unless of course you actually take into account those obscure ranking lists. Again, your stupidity amazes me and it’s hilarious how you think you can actually pass off for an educated person, let alone someone who went to Yale.

    Plus, it all seems too convenient that you began defending your intelligence by saying that you went to Yale. I mean, if you are going to lie at least make it something believable, like Duke or Brown haha


  182. 182
    Jeff Says:


    Thank you for your comment, it;s probably one of the most polite on this board. Yes, obviously I will still love my wife even if she’s above a size 2. My point is that how can a woman actually willingly* choose to be overweight and preach to others that it is perfectly acceptable?Also, many people say that seeing thin models makes young girls develop eating disorders. Well, can’t I say the reverse: Seeing fat models and people on the street might make me want to adopt unhealthy eating habits and become overweight (also an eating disorder).

  183. 183
    LOL Says:

    Most American men who go to Russia to find a wife/girlfriend/***** are the really old, unattractive and over weight men….. You can have them!!!!

  184. 184
    ladylurksalot Says:


    Thank you for your reply. I don’t think that anyone really plans to become overweight, but things like childcare, jobs, family obligations,etc, do come into play,, and take time away from healthy pursuits. I do find the models in this photoshoot to be quite beautiful, and I think that wardrobe and the poses that were chosen do not show these women to their best advantage. I work in the medical field, and I’m a little more focused on being “healthy” than doing whatever it takes to become “fashion- model” thin. This thread seems to have developed into “fat vs thin”, when really it should be about what is deemed healthy for each individual. But I am going to give kudos to you for mentioning that overeating is just as much an eating disorder as bulimia or anorexia.

  185. 185
    Fade Says:

    Women become overweight because they’re weak and lazy. This is not right. In evolutionary terms humans are not designed to be fat. Humans are a type of long distance endurance ape, it’s the reason our muscular and skeletal structure is the way it is. We are built to travel long distances searching for food as we go, and store a certain amount of fat to tide us through lean times. Food was never plentiful and much of our energy was used in the procurement of it. For this reason evolution also never designed us with a stop switch as food was not so available that we needed that kind of internal governor. Now food is so available, and the energy we spend procurring it so minimal that certain women with no willpower overeat far beyond their bodies natural requirements. Men too! We have become overweight, lazy and inactive lumps of flesh. Something for which evolution never meant for us to be. And it is wrong, very, very wrong. It is not attractive because it is extremely and grossly unnatural.

  186. 186
    MsNJS Says:

    These are good photos, here are some more:

  187. 187
    Fade Says:

    A healthy woman is like a healthy dog. Slightly underweight rather than over – so that a graceful shadowing of the ribs is observable. Ideally women should be gracile, like a gazelle, slender, tall with a tight, firm stomach, long, strong legs, small, tight buttocks, graceful head carriage and posture. They should not be rotund, like a bear or a hippo or a beached whale. These women are simply too fat.

  188. 188
    ladylurksalot Says:


    Great, kindly starve yourself into oblivion and shut the hell up!

  189. 189
    Fade Says:

    So sorry if I insulted your fatness. By the way, I’m male and a physical fitness instructor to groups of fat women who work hard to remove their excess blubber. Unlike you, I guess! Fat women are unattractive and that is just the plain, unvarnished truth. Women should be athletic – not apathetic! Endomorphs – not ectodwarfs! Yachts – not broad beamed garbage scows! Slender, elegant and graceful creatures built like a serengeti cheetah, not lumbering great behemoths of women with all the physical attractiveness of several buckets of suet! If a man says to you he loves you just the way you are then he is a liar, because he would love you even more if you lose the blubber bands and tone up.

  190. 190
    Theuth Says:

    Well…These model have stunning bone structure (I mean, look at the last photo: wish I have a face like that!), but I don’t think this magazine will help people feel better. Men who like thin women will compare them to “beached whales”, while other may say they are still underweight: like previous comments have said, it’s not enough to change today’s sick idea of the ideal body.

    I live in (Northen) Italy (near Bologna), and here, for the most part, women and man are not obsessed with gym&diets, just with an healthy lifestyle and thank God, people still believe in traditional cooking, a good walking everyday and Sophia Loren (life expectation here is 80 years old): however, if you go South (under Rome, usually), you’ll see plenty of young women/men who grow fat past their 20s, because of junk food and lazyness.
    Plus, I remember with shock my trips over Europe (I don’t know USA, never been there), especially England and Ireland: lots of junk food, very few exercise (hell, public transportation in Italy NEVER works and street are horrible, and still me and my friends go by bycicle or foot everywhere instead of using cars), never vegetables or fruits…I felt bad seeing all these youngs in street, looking unhealthy, fat and older than their real age, or thin and weak, and they where the MAJORITY! They don’t have respect for their bodies or their lives, don’t believe in good cooking or eating slow and, really, they have VERY narrow minds about this matter.
    I think these models look healthy, maybe a little overweight, but still, better than average anorexic models: however, they are CLEARY depicted here in a mocking way. Why in the hell they didn’t use Crystal Renn? She’s gorgeous, and usually in classier photoshoots!

    P.S.: my apologies if the writing is not clear, English isn’t my first language.
    And, for preventing rants…I am 23, 5’6” 125lb, never been on diet or gym, I love pasta, chocolate and long walks on the hills. And yes, good genes do their parts for fat distribution, but not for everything.

  191. 191
    Mai Says:

    Wow I really like these. I’m all for staying healthy but some of the pictures are really simple yet beautiful. though the fat-rolls are a tad bit too much.

  192. 192
    Helena Says:

    you know what’s your problem in America? i mean why people are getting fatter without recognizing it?
    I tell you
    When I was in the USA I was buying the same food and products as when I’m at home (I’m from Europe), and guess what?
    I am us6 and by the time I left states I was like 10 size and even bigger size for the bottom
    and unlike any other case the FAT i gained eating simply American-grown vegetables (!!!) was really not-easy to lose

    buy organic products only in green stores – it worth it

  193. 193
    aquame Says:

    I guess everybody on this thread (but me) must be under a size 6!!!! Whatever. Posting on the Internet is a joke, anyway. If all of you are so freakin thin and healthy why are you even posting on this thread? Don’t worry. Fat people aren’t going to be taking over the world. If anything the ideal of beauty is getting THINNER, so just let the chubbies have their ONE magazine spread in a major fashion magazine, because that’s all we’ll get anyway.

    And don’t worry Europeans, with the US economy in the sh*tter, many Americans will be getting thinner because a lot of us can barely afford to eat the gluttonous, careless way we used to. So you can focus on the OTHER ways you guys are superior to us, okay? Geez.

  194. 194
    Sheila Says:

    You were born in Copenhagen? Urgh I wish I was in Milan too — it is freezing here in Cph! :o) Anyway, you do know that a size 6 is equivalent to a size 36 here in Denmark, right? Out of 10 women I know only 2 do not have to kill themselves in the gym and constantly watch what they eat – the others do if they want to be a size 6 or less. I don’t see many grown women who are a size 6….I think the majority are a size 10.

  195. 195
    thetreerollins Says:

    Funny thing is, every single one of these photos is retouched. Women this big have cellulite, and it’s all gone. These pics are as fake as any retouched picture of minka kelly

  196. 196
    Meg Says:

    Slender, lissome, lithe, willowy, graceful, gracile, supple, svelte, sylphlike, delicate etc
    Fat, blubbery, lubbery, lardy, blimp, mammoth, elephantine, hippo, heifer, behemoth, swollen, bloated etc
    Our language is proof.
    Beauty of form is enhanced by being thin, not by being fat.

  197. 197
    Elisa Says:

    well, I am European ,Czech and I have not noticed there would be only skinny women in EU. You are citing Italians, French…yes, these women often are thin but it is also because their body frame is much smaller…. and it is not true that there are only skinny women.
    As far as I am concerned , these women are NOT fat, they are gorgeous and feminine.
    it is stupid, completely stupid to say that you shouldnt be over size 6: depends on your height and body built. I am a size 8 US and never in my life was told to be fat. curvy, big girl yes, but never fat and I do not see myself fat.Sure, I am tall, 5 feet 10 but anyway.I hate this stupid generalizing.
    Do we all have to look like Gisele Bundchen? well, to me I would rather look like these girls than any supermodel in the world.
    Next time when you go to EU, go to Prague, Berlin, Sweden and see how EU women look. much bigger than the skinny supermodels.

  198. 198
    Elisa Says:

    that is how you see beauty. I also think that men should be intelligent, a cathegory to which you do not fit by any standart.

  199. 199
    jules Says:

    Its amazing how in this day and age that we’ve gotten passed race, age, class discrimination but its perfectly acceptable to discriminate against fat/heavy/curvy/chubby/overweight (whatever verbiage you want to use) people. That seems to be the last area that a person can be rude about or demeaning or still get away with comments/jokes etc . Weird..

  200. 200
    stan Says:


    “Slender, lissome, lithe, willowy, graceful, gracile, supple, svelte, sylphlike, delicate etc
    Fat, blubbery, lubbery, lardy, blimp, mammoth, elephantine, hippo, heifer, behemoth, swollen, bloated etc
    Our language is proof.
    Beauty of form is enhanced by being thin, not by being fat.”

    Angular, bony, emaciated, gaunt, lanky, rawboned, scraggy, scrawny, skeletal, twiggy.
    Ample, busty, buxom, comely, curvaceous, curvy, lusty, plump, robust, shapely, voluptuous, zaftig.

    Special pleading much?

    I’m a red-blooded heterosexual man, and this is the first time I’ve been impressed, in terms of attractiveness, by the women featured in this kind of magazine. Hopefully the modeling industry is starting to wake up from their anorexic trance.

  201. 201
    to fade Says:

    what planet are you living on? comparing a healthy woman to healthy dog. where do you get off? should be graceful like a gazelle? i am not a game animal. i am a human being; you do get that? slightly under weight-how slightly? 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 20 lbs.

    as for you being a fitness instructor “to groups of fat women who work hard to remove their excess blubber”; i will lay you odds to one that you’re not stupid enough to say to them in person what you’ve said on this board. if you got fired you’d loose free access to all that equipment.

    for the record, i wear a size 2 in clothes, i go the gym 5 days a week when i’m in new york where i lift weights and takes classes. when i’m not in new york, which is when i’m out in the field, i spend my time hiking up and down mountain trails for hours. i also lift weights in the field, if you call helping to lift a drugged adult male grizzly so he can be weighed; weight lifiting. is all this good enough for your highness? oh yeah, i’m all currently working on my first degree black belt in Taekwondo. i say this because if you ever came near me with that attitude of yours i would put you on the floor so fast it would make head spin.

  202. 202
    Danielle Says:

    I think they are beautiful women and have pretty nice bodies. To be a plus size model is not to be an average woman. An average woman would not look that good in those photos. Plus size models must be tall and have very hourglass shape measurments. I do agree that some of the poses arn’t the greatest, but just looking at these photos makes me feel so overwhelmed by their womanliness! That is not something I feel looking at page after page of stick thin models.

  203. 203
    Lena Says:

    @to natalie:
    totally agree with u! most of these “beautiful” models look so different from what we see on these glossy pages

  204. 204
    Theuth Says:

    Sorry for my ignorance, but how do you compare US and UK dress size with Italian size? Because in Italy the average woman size is a 44-46…obviously VERY difficult to find, because they are considered plus-size (I’m not joking), so it’s not true that Italian and French woman are smaller, there are just less problem with obesity.

    Oh, and Fade and Meg: please don’t say anything if you just need to offense other opinion. Not every woman wants to be an athlete, we just want to be good human beings.

  205. 205
    Lindsay Says:


    Chloe, you sound like a sad and insecure woman. If you were truly happy with yourself you would not need to constantly remind everyone of how superior you think you are. Get a clue, honey, there are more important things in life than talking about how wonderful you are. No one really give a ****.

  206. 206
    Lindsay Says:


    Wow Jeff. I am willing to bet that you are not the ideal male specimen. I am so sick of average schmucks thinking they are so hot and can get any woman they want. News flash for ya, we make fun of your love handles and tiny penises while you strut around thinking you’re awesome.

  207. 207
    Lindsay Says:


    This shoot was not to make fun of heavy women you nitwit, it was to show that they can compete with all the skinnies.

  208. 208
    Lindsay Says:


    Wow, you really are ridiculous. Your argument about beauty being on the inside and outside is laughable! Your insides are clearly not as stunning as you think your outside is. You sound pathetic and silly. And if your argument is to call me fat (or fugly, as you so eloquently put it) I can assure that I am not. I am quite happy with myself and I love my life. For someone “pushing 30″ you should be a lot more secure with yourself. You are offensive and childish and you sound like a fool. You poor, poor thing.

  209. 209
    Jokergurl Says:

    Considering the average American woman is a size 14, that’s on plus size side, they fit right in. Face it folks, most American women are overweight or obese. I used to be PLUS sized too at size 16 ( I’m a size 7 now thank goodness ) there’s nothing attractive or healthy about it. Just my opinion though.

  210. 210
    Dee Says:

    They do not represent the average girl they are all 5’9+ and how does anyone know these girsl are healthy without even knowing their BMI?
    They are gorgeous girls but its double standards when people say anyone who is thin is ill or unhealthy yet no one seems to comment on the fact that we do not know these models BMI’s and automatically assume they are healthy.
    And in the UK the average size is a 16 which is a US 12 i think.
    But that is due to the problem that the UK has a major obesity problem…go figure!

  211. 211
    Amy Says:

    @Chloe: Not to be rude, but anyone who thinks anybody at all can be mediocre is surely sitting upon a pedestal. These girls are beautiful, who are you to judge what the definition of beauty is. If there was only one type of beauty then half of the models would be out of a job. And as you mentioned before, the fact is that ANYONE can be a model. Models are not just the girls we see in magazines. What about the girls who model for catatlogues, advertisements, products etc.? I suppose they should all be below a size 6? Nice argument, too bad you are full of **** :)

  212. 212
    Amy Says:

    @Fade: I hope to dear god you don’t have a wife. Actually, more fool her for marrying you.

  213. 213
    Amy Says:

    @Brea: Haha, a lot of curvy women do live a healthy lifestyle. A lot of curvy women are curvy due to their genetics. It also depends on an individuals BMI. I am a UK size 10 and 12 and am in no way fat and nor have I ever been referred to as fat. Get a new argument.

  214. 214
    Jake Says:

    SEXY!!!!!!! I just want to bounce pounce and grab those luscious curves yuuuuuum!!!

  215. 215
    ughhhhh Says:


  216. 216
    hannah Says:

    chloe has obviously never been to any of the countries she mentioned. i’m from italy and most of the women here are gorgeous and curvy. generalizations about size don’t make any sense, some women are a size 10 and look like they should be a size 6. it’s all about height and weight ratios.

    you’re an idiot if you make generalizations about what is beautiful! i LOVE when men say i don’t want a woman bigger than a size 2, as if they can get any woman they want. get a life! if you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful. it depends on the person.

  217. 217
    M Says:

    They look beautiful and as for you Jeff #14 You need to get a life or a blow up doll

  218. 218
    Magdalene Says:

    They’re beautiful women, young, dressed well, made up beautifully, and beautifully photographed. They are not skinny, slim, or svelte, but they do not have to be. Beauty is beauty.

  219. 219
    ambereyes Says:

    Dear lord! what is up with all the disgusting negative comments on here?

    As a curvy woman,i am a 26 year old, woman, size 14 AUS/NZ size, i am 5″10 big boned and i am proud of it, i go to the gym 2wice a week, when i feel like it, i have no problems with my blood pressure/ cholesterol/ no diabetes and so on, i say all this because the view that i think alot of you have on here is that ALL curvy women are lazy couch potatoes that dont watch what they eat, or are concious eaters and are unhealthy unattractive people, this is far from the truth. I can always beter myself and i am highly concious of that, i dont need anyone to remind me on a daily basis. I am relieved to finally see women who dont look like they have starved themselves for 2 months to look their best” for a photoshoot, These women are not a size 20, they are sizes 10-4 US and 14-18 UK/AU/NZ sizing.

    I am utterly shocked that some of you think they are fat? THIS IS FAT…

    That woman in the image is fat.. these women, these gorgeous HUMAN beings, are curvy/sexy women!!!!! Who would be quite indimidating and pissed off if you would say half of those things to their face if you saw them.

    YES the photographer and designer could have put them in different clothes/poses to make them more sexier/ appealing but they didnt, get over it.

    Those of you who care for people being healthy, great! your preaching to the choir! every human being strives at some stage in their life, to be healthier, there is no need to preach to curvy women, who are no doubtedly thinking about their weight daily!!

    To the haters like chloe et al, who disgust me with their negative/ pigheaded/ shallow/vein/ UN humanly comments, i hope you look at yourself in the mirror, what kind of message are you sending out to those people who struggle daily with their weight, weither they are skinny or thin, its not about that, its about encouraging people positivly to better themselves, and appreciating what we have as individuals.You need to stop drinking the HATERADE and think about the consequences of your actions.

    To those who, appreciate these women, i applaude you. Keep on commenting positivly about the need for women who are normal because lets face it in the western world, these women are your sisters/cousins/auntys/best friends/ girlfriends and mothers in some cases.

    I know i have written an essay, but i was so disgusted at some of the comments on here, someone needed to say something.

    Think before you speak!

    from one cuvy woman to another. Peace!

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