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Curves Ahead in V Magazine

Curves Ahead in V Magazine

Check out these shots from V Magazine‘s forthcoming issue, entitled “The Size Issue” and featuring five plus-size models.

The issue, on newsstands January 14, features this spread with styling by Nicola Formichetti and shows the sexy side of the plus-size modeling world with shots of Candice Huffine, Marquita Pring, Michelle Olson, Tara Lynn and Kasia P.

Photographer Solve Sundsbo told V, “I loved the opportunity to show that you can be beautiful and sexy outside the narrow interpretations that normally define us.”

Check out V Magazine on newsstands Thursday (January 14) or visit for a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot!

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Photos: Solve Sundsbo/V Magazine
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  • Chloe

    Wow you fatties get so offended and defensive when someone doesn’t agree with your notions of “normal” Just because I don’t want to be heavy like these so called models I automatically have a bad personality. yes, makes a lot of sense. good luck in life fuglies.

  • to chloe

    Also, I know and work with a lot of models. While they are photoshopped, most of them are simply STUNNING in real life. No photoshop needed.

    oh boy, do you need a wake up call. let me explain the facts to you ok. the editor and others comb through the photos of the stunning models to be used in the magazine searching for any flaws. they then circle the parts of the body in the photograph that they want photoshopped or airbrushed. the ankles, the wrist, the neck, the bust, etc etc. they then send the photographs, with the circles on them, to the department i work in where they are photoshopped/airbrushed to specifications. then the photos are published. worst kept secret out there. yes, it happens even to the most stunningly beautiful models.


  • chloe

    I’m a different Chloe, I wouldn’t make comments like the other Chloe did, lol.

    Man, I can’t believe how riled up people can get over these pics! I agree that some outfits are not flattering on the models, but everyone’s got their own opinion–and those opinions are offending everyone else. I’m a size 9 US– I can wear medium or even small tops, but my waist is wide. I don’t eat excessively (at least I don’t think so), I exercise, and I work in an environment where I’m always walking/standing on my feet. Could I eat better? Maybe. Do I wish I were skinny as a model? Nah, because I like the clothes that I have already :)

  • Chef Jacke

    Just the way Grandpa used to like them!

  • Brea

    Plus size models – what on God’s green earth will they think of next. Being fat is nothing to feel proud about. Heaven’s, some of these ‘models’ should seriously think about going to fat boot camp before they end up with health issues. There is no excuse, none at all, for abusing their bodies with food in this fashion. Exercise and a sensible, healthy diet would have them looking so much more toned and healthier and much better looking. We only get given one body and it’s so important to look after it.

  • loverducky

    I should hope you feel the same way about me too then? So often in the media, on television shows we see images of gorgeous women married to fat slobs with crappy personalities..I hope you don’t think that is acceptable then…just clarifying

  • loverducky


    **about men***

  • my leg

    Damn, all of you guys are getting riled up for nothing. They don’t look that bad. If they were morbidly obese, go ahead, bitch about it all you want, but jeez, complain to the bloody magazine if it bothers you so much.

  • nursedatingsite

    Chubby lovers and big noobs

  • Holli

    I have to agree with Chloe—- deep down everyone would like to be skinny (not anorexic, but slim.) For example, Tyra Banks told everyone “to kiss her fat a$$” when people made fun of her weight…. But look at her now, she lost weight and looks really good. If she really believed size doesn’t matter she would have stayed plus size!!!!!

  • MMA

    I’ll take pics of these two over pics of scraggly has-beens like Lindsey Lohan any frickin day of the week!!!!!!!

  • aquame

    This arguing over a few chubby models is, indeed, amazing. And being overweight doesn’t mean you hate skinny people. All, let me repeat, all of my friends are skinny. And what was hard for me sometimes to deal with was that most of them do absolutely nothing to stay that way. A few work out, yes, but not like Madonna work out. Just a few times a week. I unfortunately lost the genetic lottery on thin-ness and have to accept the fact that I’ll never be thin.

    If you are thin or only like women who are thin, then hallelujah! Good for you. But you don’t need to get angry about the existence of women who don’t fall under your thin label. And for the poster who said they don’t want to see chubby women in a fashion magazine cause they see them everyday, then how about women who are plus size who ONLY see rail thin models when they watch a film, watch TV, look at fashion magazines, look at a billboard. You have the chance to just not buy or look at V magazine. For us others, we’re inundated with images that we’ll never look like, even after becoming healthier.

    So go have whatever it is you “thin” people have to calm your selves down. You don’t like us chubbers, then fVck off and go be thin and fabulous some place else. LOL

  • loverducky


    I agree, that probably, given the choice, most people would want to be thinner..but that’s because that is was society projects on us. There are places that would never even consider the importance of body image but then when tv and magazines are introduced it becomes an obsession for them. At one time, being bigger was considered more beautiful, it exemplified wealth and that is the image that society said was beautiful.

  • Jenna

    Curves ARE sexy, but fat rolls aren’t. Sorry, but this does not look healthy to me. But you gals who think this looks good, you keep kidding yourselves if it makes you feel better about your weight. Just because this looks like the average woman, does not mean it’s healthy. Neither are those stick thin models. There is a healthy in between…….with some muscle showing.

  • elle

    Beautiful and stunning

  • angeles

    Curves, meaning a few sizes above the bony, walking skeletons?

  • asunkee

    I think they’ve got the whole “curves” concept COMPLETELY WRONG! Curves do NOT refer to fat rolls. A real curvy woman will have an hourglass shape; wide hips with a significantly smaller waist, a good sized bust and a perky and firm bum. The “curves” should refer to the simplest form of a woman’s silhouette. Women with curve are women like Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, Amber Rose, Jeniffer Love Hewitt and Beyonce.

  • mariel

    People who are focused on dress sizes are missing the point: Obesity is a HUGE (no pun intended) problem in the developed world, while countless others go hungry.

    The real issue should be HEALTH, not dress size! What are these models eating? Junk food, or healthy food? Do they exercise or sit on the sofa all day? What about their blood pressure, blood sugar, blood cholesterol?

    Obesity, poor diet, lack of exercise are not healthy, nor is anorexia. We should not try to emulate models—they are freaks of nature!

    Eat right, exercise, stay healthy and avoid metabolic syndrome, which leads to diabetes and heart disease. That is what we need to strive for, not body image. Your health is in your own hands.

  • Louise


    Actually Jeff, I think you’ll find that Most men dont want women with bones protruding and an unheathly fixation on vanity and neurotism.

    In my job (Fashion and Costume Designer) I have to deal with their insecurities and ridiculous fluffing on a daily basis so dont tell me thinner women have it made by any means.

    Many plus size women (uk 16+) are determined by their genetics and you’ll find the majority have absolutely no problem with the way they look and feel about themselves and are perfectly happy and healthy. It’s basically people like you, who feel the need to shout off and I think you’ll find that they dont give a rat’s arse about what you think.

    We all know that obese is different and sometimes comes at a cost to health but that is not what we are talking about here. The women featured are approximately a uk size 16-20 and looking at their height too, that is not considered obese. Most women over a certain size have undefined back muscles/fat and the only thing I am going to agree with is the pose and outfit chosen does not flatter the body shape because when you pose like that, you automatically bend your back and if you found pics of thinner models, you would still find some with little dents and rolls.

    You said like women in high heels but are you prepared to look at the mis-shapen feet with horrendous bunons and varicose veins? Women of all sizes especially thinner women are prone to cellulite do to low muscle mass. I could go on but I cant be bothered.

    Basically a lot of the uneducated and ridiculous comments make me sick and disappointed that we are living in a society filled with fickle and neurotic people.

  • American size 8

    Oh yes and Anastasia I think you are totally ridiculous. Talking about how fat women in Russia would never show their faces outdoors. I am old enough to remember the last two decades of Soviet Russia and that global joke back then (especially in America) that 99% of the women behind “the iron curtain” were frumpy, hairy, peasant women one generation from slavery (uh serfdom in that country).

    Two insults don’t make a right, not everyone is born 6′ foot tall and weighing 110 lbs, and no one should have to hide in shame because they don’t happen to fit the ideal.

    As for you Chloe , European size 6 is not an American size 6, so try , try again.

  • Hollie

    So gross. Ewww. I think that is mean. They have beautiful faces, but their body’s so gross. (gaggg)

  • CanadaGirl

    @Pffffffttttt…: 14 = overweight and the fact that you pointed out that the US is the heaviest country in the world only proves my point and shows your ignorance.
    Try not to eat the fridge after reading my comment.

  • Hollie

    This is just disgusting. I gagged. Shakira has curves, but has a flat stomach. So gross, just gross. Why would they do that? I think it’s wrong.

  • anastasia

    american size 8-

    No that is what american propaganda told you to believe at the time genius. They tried to make everything related to russia/USSR seem undesirable to the americans. Tell me why is it that american men come to russia now and believe they are in some supermodel paradise and complain about the fat and unfeminine women back in america? Oh ya because we are thin and gorgeous. Don’t believe me ask any guy that’s ever been to Russia.

  • Michelle

    Hey, Jeff. Actually, I did go to Yale. You’ve never even been there so you have no absolutely no idea what it means to have been a student there. ( Really, why would I make that up? You just can’t stand the fact that I went to a better school than you did and figured out that you are gay.)

    Also, does your “girlfriend” know you’re gay, that you hate women, and that if you have daughters that you will try to destroy their confidence and try to make them feel that you will only love and value them if they are skinny? Make sure to let her know all of that, and see if she marries you.

    Better yet, show her these comments, and see how she feels. If she has half a brain she’ll run for the hills.

    I dare you, loser.

  • Stone

    I don’t know if I’d give my left nut, but I’m sure I’d give both of Jared’s nuts for either one of them!

  • yourMom

    this is a joke!

  • f

    These girls look like Kimberley Walsh a.k.a the fat one from Girls Aloud.

  • ladylurksalot


    Hilarious, DB, and right on the mark, too!

  • ladylurksalot


    Jeff, I’m honestly not trying to be snarky here, but if you and your “size 2″ girlfriend are planning to settle and have kids, you realize that she’s not going to be a size 2 for at least 9 months, right? I would honestly hope that you would not turn into the type of man who complains about your partner’s body and refuse to touch her for the duration of her pregnancy, finding her “disgusting” because she no longer fits your standard of beauty. She may be blessed genetically to bounce right back to her pre-pregnancy body, but most aren’t, and it gets progressively harder after each pregnancy. Even with a proper diet and exercise, she may never be a size 2 again. Are you man enough to love a woman for the woman she is, or is fitting into a size 2 and having perky t*its and a firm a*s more of a priority to you?

    Sorry if this came off as snarky, and this may be an extreme example, but it may just give you an idea of how others live, and why their opinions may differ from yours.

  • Jeff


    No I can bet my left pinky that you did not go to Yale. You know what gave it away (besides the amateurish style of writing)? The fact that you said that Yale is a better school than Wharton. I mean, no Ivy league educated person would say something so banal and subjective. Us TRUE Ivy-leaguers would never say that because we know that each Ivy university has something unique to offer and saying that one school is better is entirely based on opinion, unless of course you actually take into account those obscure ranking lists. Again, your stupidity amazes me and it’s hilarious how you think you can actually pass off for an educated person, let alone someone who went to Yale.

    Plus, it all seems too convenient that you began defending your intelligence by saying that you went to Yale. I mean, if you are going to lie at least make it something believable, like Duke or Brown haha


  • Jeff


    Thank you for your comment, it;s probably one of the most polite on this board. Yes, obviously I will still love my wife even if she’s above a size 2. My point is that how can a woman actually willingly* choose to be overweight and preach to others that it is perfectly acceptable?Also, many people say that seeing thin models makes young girls develop eating disorders. Well, can’t I say the reverse: Seeing fat models and people on the street might make me want to adopt unhealthy eating habits and become overweight (also an eating disorder).

  • LOL

    Most American men who go to Russia to find a wife/girlfriend/whore are the really old, unattractive and over weight men….. You can have them!!!!

  • ladylurksalot


    Thank you for your reply. I don’t think that anyone really plans to become overweight, but things like childcare, jobs, family obligations,etc, do come into play,, and take time away from healthy pursuits. I do find the models in this photoshoot to be quite beautiful, and I think that wardrobe and the poses that were chosen do not show these women to their best advantage. I work in the medical field, and I’m a little more focused on being “healthy” than doing whatever it takes to become “fashion- model” thin. This thread seems to have developed into “fat vs thin”, when really it should be about what is deemed healthy for each individual. But I am going to give kudos to you for mentioning that overeating is just as much an eating disorder as bulimia or anorexia.

  • Fade

    Women become overweight because they’re weak and lazy. This is not right. In evolutionary terms humans are not designed to be fat. Humans are a type of long distance endurance ape, it’s the reason our muscular and skeletal structure is the way it is. We are built to travel long distances searching for food as we go, and store a certain amount of fat to tide us through lean times. Food was never plentiful and much of our energy was used in the procurement of it. For this reason evolution also never designed us with a stop switch as food was not so available that we needed that kind of internal governor. Now food is so available, and the energy we spend procurring it so minimal that certain women with no willpower overeat far beyond their bodies natural requirements. Men too! We have become overweight, lazy and inactive lumps of flesh. Something for which evolution never meant for us to be. And it is wrong, very, very wrong. It is not attractive because it is extremely and grossly unnatural.

  • MsNJS
  • Fade

    A healthy woman is like a healthy dog. Slightly underweight rather than over – so that a graceful shadowing of the ribs is observable. Ideally women should be gracile, like a gazelle, slender, tall with a tight, firm stomach, long, strong legs, small, tight buttocks, graceful head carriage and posture. They should not be rotund, like a bear or a hippo or a beached whale. These women are simply too fat.

  • ladylurksalot


    Great, kindly starve yourself into oblivion and shut the hell up!

  • Fade

    So sorry if I insulted your fatness. By the way, I’m male and a physical fitness instructor to groups of fat women who work hard to remove their excess blubber. Unlike you, I guess! Fat women are unattractive and that is just the plain, unvarnished truth. Women should be athletic – not apathetic! Endomorphs – not ectodwarfs! Yachts – not broad beamed garbage scows! Slender, elegant and graceful creatures built like a serengeti cheetah, not lumbering great behemoths of women with all the physical attractiveness of several buckets of suet! If a man says to you he loves you just the way you are then he is a liar, because he would love you even more if you lose the blubber bands and tone up.

  • Theuth

    Well…These model have stunning bone structure (I mean, look at the last photo: wish I have a face like that!), but I don’t think this magazine will help people feel better. Men who like thin women will compare them to “beached whales”, while other may say they are still underweight: like previous comments have said, it’s not enough to change today’s sick idea of the ideal body.

    I live in (Northen) Italy (near Bologna), and here, for the most part, women and man are not obsessed with gym&diets, just with an healthy lifestyle and thank God, people still believe in traditional cooking, a good walking everyday and Sophia Loren (life expectation here is 80 years old): however, if you go South (under Rome, usually), you’ll see plenty of young women/men who grow fat past their 20s, because of junk food and lazyness.
    Plus, I remember with shock my trips over Europe (I don’t know USA, never been there), especially England and Ireland: lots of junk food, very few exercise (hell, public transportation in Italy NEVER works and street are horrible, and still me and my friends go by bycicle or foot everywhere instead of using cars), never vegetables or fruits…I felt bad seeing all these youngs in street, looking unhealthy, fat and older than their real age, or thin and weak, and they where the MAJORITY! They don’t have respect for their bodies or their lives, don’t believe in good cooking or eating slow and, really, they have VERY narrow minds about this matter.
    I think these models look healthy, maybe a little overweight, but still, better than average anorexic models: however, they are CLEARY depicted here in a mocking way. Why in the hell they didn’t use Crystal Renn? She’s gorgeous, and usually in classier photoshoots!

    P.S.: my apologies if the writing is not clear, English isn’t my first language.
    And, for preventing rants…I am 23, 5’6” 125lb, never been on diet or gym, I love pasta, chocolate and long walks on the hills. And yes, good genes do their parts for fat distribution, but not for everything.

  • Mai

    Wow I really like these. I’m all for staying healthy but some of the pictures are really simple yet beautiful. though the fat-rolls are a tad bit too much.

  • Helena

    you know what’s your problem in America? i mean why people are getting fatter without recognizing it?
    I tell you
    When I was in the USA I was buying the same food and products as when I’m at home (I’m from Europe), and guess what?
    I am us6 and by the time I left states I was like 10 size and even bigger size for the bottom
    and unlike any other case the FAT i gained eating simply American-grown vegetables (!!!) was really not-easy to lose

    buy organic products only in green stores – it worth it

  • aquame

    I guess everybody on this thread (but me) must be under a size 6!!!! Whatever. Posting on the Internet is a joke, anyway. If all of you are so freakin thin and healthy why are you even posting on this thread? Don’t worry. Fat people aren’t going to be taking over the world. If anything the ideal of beauty is getting THINNER, so just let the chubbies have their ONE magazine spread in a major fashion magazine, because that’s all we’ll get anyway.

    And don’t worry Europeans, with the US economy in the sh*tter, many Americans will be getting thinner because a lot of us can barely afford to eat the gluttonous, careless way we used to. So you can focus on the OTHER ways you guys are superior to us, okay? Geez.

  • Sheila

    You were born in Copenhagen? Urgh I wish I was in Milan too — it is freezing here in Cph! :o) Anyway, you do know that a size 6 is equivalent to a size 36 here in Denmark, right? Out of 10 women I know only 2 do not have to kill themselves in the gym and constantly watch what they eat – the others do if they want to be a size 6 or less. I don’t see many grown women who are a size 6….I think the majority are a size 10.

  • thetreerollins

    Funny thing is, every single one of these photos is retouched. Women this big have cellulite, and it’s all gone. These pics are as fake as any retouched picture of minka kelly

  • Meg

    Slender, lissome, lithe, willowy, graceful, gracile, supple, svelte, sylphlike, delicate etc
    Fat, blubbery, lubbery, lardy, blimp, mammoth, elephantine, hippo, heifer, behemoth, swollen, bloated etc
    Our language is proof.
    Beauty of form is enhanced by being thin, not by being fat.

  • Elisa

    well, I am European ,Czech and I have not noticed there would be only skinny women in EU. You are citing Italians, French…yes, these women often are thin but it is also because their body frame is much smaller…. and it is not true that there are only skinny women.
    As far as I am concerned , these women are NOT fat, they are gorgeous and feminine.
    it is stupid, completely stupid to say that you shouldnt be over size 6: depends on your height and body built. I am a size 8 US and never in my life was told to be fat. curvy, big girl yes, but never fat and I do not see myself fat.Sure, I am tall, 5 feet 10 but anyway.I hate this stupid generalizing.
    Do we all have to look like Gisele Bundchen? well, to me I would rather look like these girls than any supermodel in the world.
    Next time when you go to EU, go to Prague, Berlin, Sweden and see how EU women look. much bigger than the skinny supermodels.

  • Elisa

    that is how you see beauty. I also think that men should be intelligent, a cathegory to which you do not fit by any standart.

  • jules

    Its amazing how in this day and age that we’ve gotten passed race, age, class discrimination but its perfectly acceptable to discriminate against fat/heavy/curvy/chubby/overweight (whatever verbiage you want to use) people. That seems to be the last area that a person can be rude about or demeaning or still get away with comments/jokes etc . Weird..

  • stan


    “Slender, lissome, lithe, willowy, graceful, gracile, supple, svelte, sylphlike, delicate etc
    Fat, blubbery, lubbery, lardy, blimp, mammoth, elephantine, hippo, heifer, behemoth, swollen, bloated etc
    Our language is proof.
    Beauty of form is enhanced by being thin, not by being fat.”

    Angular, bony, emaciated, gaunt, lanky, rawboned, scraggy, scrawny, skeletal, twiggy.
    Ample, busty, buxom, comely, curvaceous, curvy, lusty, plump, robust, shapely, voluptuous, zaftig.

    Special pleading much?

    I’m a red-blooded heterosexual man, and this is the first time I’ve been impressed, in terms of attractiveness, by the women featured in this kind of magazine. Hopefully the modeling industry is starting to wake up from their anorexic trance.