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Curves Ahead in V Magazine

Curves Ahead in V Magazine

Check out these shots from V Magazine‘s forthcoming issue, entitled “The Size Issue” and featuring five plus-size models.

The issue, on newsstands January 14, features this spread with styling by Nicola Formichetti and shows the sexy side of the plus-size modeling world with shots of Candice Huffine, Marquita Pring, Michelle Olson, Tara Lynn and Kasia P.

Photographer Solve Sundsbo told V, “I loved the opportunity to show that you can be beautiful and sexy outside the narrow interpretations that normally define us.”

Check out V Magazine on newsstands Thursday (January 14) or visit for a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot!

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Photos: Solve Sundsbo/V Magazine
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  • to fade

    what planet are you living on? comparing a healthy woman to healthy dog. where do you get off? should be graceful like a gazelle? i am not a game animal. i am a human being; you do get that? slightly under weight-how slightly? 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 20 lbs.

    as for you being a fitness instructor “to groups of fat women who work hard to remove their excess blubber”; i will lay you odds to one that you’re not stupid enough to say to them in person what you’ve said on this board. if you got fired you’d loose free access to all that equipment.

    for the record, i wear a size 2 in clothes, i go the gym 5 days a week when i’m in new york where i lift weights and takes classes. when i’m not in new york, which is when i’m out in the field, i spend my time hiking up and down mountain trails for hours. i also lift weights in the field, if you call helping to lift a drugged adult male grizzly so he can be weighed; weight lifiting. is all this good enough for your highness? oh yeah, i’m all currently working on my first degree black belt in Taekwondo. i say this because if you ever came near me with that attitude of yours i would put you on the floor so fast it would make head spin.

  • Danielle

    I think they are beautiful women and have pretty nice bodies. To be a plus size model is not to be an average woman. An average woman would not look that good in those photos. Plus size models must be tall and have very hourglass shape measurments. I do agree that some of the poses arn’t the greatest, but just looking at these photos makes me feel so overwhelmed by their womanliness! That is not something I feel looking at page after page of stick thin models.

  • Lena

    @to natalie:
    totally agree with u! most of these “beautiful” models look so different from what we see on these glossy pages

  • Theuth

    Sorry for my ignorance, but how do you compare US and UK dress size with Italian size? Because in Italy the average woman size is a 44-46…obviously VERY difficult to find, because they are considered plus-size (I’m not joking), so it’s not true that Italian and French woman are smaller, there are just less problem with obesity.

    Oh, and Fade and Meg: please don’t say anything if you just need to offense other opinion. Not every woman wants to be an athlete, we just want to be good human beings.

  • Lindsay


    Chloe, you sound like a sad and insecure woman. If you were truly happy with yourself you would not need to constantly remind everyone of how superior you think you are. Get a clue, honey, there are more important things in life than talking about how wonderful you are. No one really give a shit.

  • Lindsay


    Wow Jeff. I am willing to bet that you are not the ideal male specimen. I am so sick of average schmucks thinking they are so hot and can get any woman they want. News flash for ya, we make fun of your love handles and tiny penises while you strut around thinking you’re awesome.

  • Lindsay


    This shoot was not to make fun of heavy women you nitwit, it was to show that they can compete with all the skinnies.

  • Lindsay


    Wow, you really are ridiculous. Your argument about beauty being on the inside and outside is laughable! Your insides are clearly not as stunning as you think your outside is. You sound pathetic and silly. And if your argument is to call me fat (or fugly, as you so eloquently put it) I can assure that I am not. I am quite happy with myself and I love my life. For someone “pushing 30″ you should be a lot more secure with yourself. You are offensive and childish and you sound like a fool. You poor, poor thing.

  • Jokergurl

    Considering the average American woman is a size 14, that’s on plus size side, they fit right in. Face it folks, most American women are overweight or obese. I used to be PLUS sized too at size 16 ( I’m a size 7 now thank goodness ) there’s nothing attractive or healthy about it. Just my opinion though.

  • Dee

    They do not represent the average girl they are all 5’9+ and how does anyone know these girsl are healthy without even knowing their BMI?
    They are gorgeous girls but its double standards when people say anyone who is thin is ill or unhealthy yet no one seems to comment on the fact that we do not know these models BMI’s and automatically assume they are healthy.
    And in the UK the average size is a 16 which is a US 12 i think.
    But that is due to the problem that the UK has a major obesity problem…go figure!

  • Amy

    @Chloe: Not to be rude, but anyone who thinks anybody at all can be mediocre is surely sitting upon a pedestal. These girls are beautiful, who are you to judge what the definition of beauty is. If there was only one type of beauty then half of the models would be out of a job. And as you mentioned before, the fact is that ANYONE can be a model. Models are not just the girls we see in magazines. What about the girls who model for catatlogues, advertisements, products etc.? I suppose they should all be below a size 6? Nice argument, too bad you are full of shit :)

  • Amy

    @Fade: I hope to dear god you don’t have a wife. Actually, more fool her for marrying you.

  • Amy

    @Brea: Haha, a lot of curvy women do live a healthy lifestyle. A lot of curvy women are curvy due to their genetics. It also depends on an individuals BMI. I am a UK size 10 and 12 and am in no way fat and nor have I ever been referred to as fat. Get a new argument.

  • Jake

    SEXY!!!!!!! I just want to bounce pounce and grab those luscious curves yuuuuuum!!!

  • ughhhhh


  • hannah

    chloe has obviously never been to any of the countries she mentioned. i’m from italy and most of the women here are gorgeous and curvy. generalizations about size don’t make any sense, some women are a size 10 and look like they should be a size 6. it’s all about height and weight ratios.

    you’re an idiot if you make generalizations about what is beautiful! i LOVE when men say i don’t want a woman bigger than a size 2, as if they can get any woman they want. get a life! if you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful. it depends on the person.

  • M

    They look beautiful and as for you Jeff #14 You need to get a life or a blow up doll

  • Magdalene

    They’re beautiful women, young, dressed well, made up beautifully, and beautifully photographed. They are not skinny, slim, or svelte, but they do not have to be. Beauty is beauty.

  • ambereyes

    Dear lord! what is up with all the disgusting negative comments on here?

    As a curvy woman,i am a 26 year old, woman, size 14 AUS/NZ size, i am 5″10 big boned and i am proud of it, i go to the gym 2wice a week, when i feel like it, i have no problems with my blood pressure/ cholesterol/ no diabetes and so on, i say all this because the view that i think alot of you have on here is that ALL curvy women are lazy couch potatoes that dont watch what they eat, or are concious eaters and are unhealthy unattractive people, this is far from the truth. I can always beter myself and i am highly concious of that, i dont need anyone to remind me on a daily basis. I am relieved to finally see women who dont look like they have starved themselves for 2 months to look their best” for a photoshoot, These women are not a size 20, they are sizes 10-4 US and 14-18 UK/AU/NZ sizing.

    I am utterly shocked that some of you think they are fat? THIS IS FAT…

    That woman in the image is fat.. these women, these gorgeous HUMAN beings, are curvy/sexy women!!!!! Who would be quite indimidating and pissed off if you would say half of those things to their face if you saw them.

    YES the photographer and designer could have put them in different clothes/poses to make them more sexier/ appealing but they didnt, get over it.

    Those of you who care for people being healthy, great! your preaching to the choir! every human being strives at some stage in their life, to be healthier, there is no need to preach to curvy women, who are no doubtedly thinking about their weight daily!!

    To the haters like chloe et al, who disgust me with their negative/ pigheaded/ shallow/vein/ UN humanly comments, i hope you look at yourself in the mirror, what kind of message are you sending out to those people who struggle daily with their weight, weither they are skinny or thin, its not about that, its about encouraging people positivly to better themselves, and appreciating what we have as individuals.You need to stop drinking the HATERADE and think about the consequences of your actions.

    To those who, appreciate these women, i applaude you. Keep on commenting positivly about the need for women who are normal because lets face it in the western world, these women are your sisters/cousins/auntys/best friends/ girlfriends and mothers in some cases.

    I know i have written an essay, but i was so disgusted at some of the comments on here, someone needed to say something.

    Think before you speak!

    from one cuvy woman to another. Peace!