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Johnson & Johnson Heiress: Dead at 30

Johnson & Johnson Heiress: Dead at 30

Casey Johnson, the heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, has died at age 30.

The daughter of New York Jets owner Robert Wood Johnson and socialite Sale Johnson recently made headlines after reportedly becoming engaged to to reality star Tila Tequila.

“Everyone please pray 4 my wifey Casey Johnson,” Tila wrote on her Twitter page. “She has passed away. Thank u for all ur love and support but I will be offline to be w/ family… R.I.P my Angel. U will forever be in my heart! I love u so so much and we will marry when I see U in Heaven my Wifey.”

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  • xxx

    who cares?
    people die everyday.
    never even heard of her.

  • Tired of Dead People

    This girl is WELL KNOWN throughout LA as a total pill popper. It’s sad, but when you play with fire, you get BURNED!!! Same road as Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, probably Brittany Murphy, etc… You can have sympathy but not really empathy when people do this to themselves.

  • Tired of Dead People

    This girl is WELL KNOWN throughout LA as a total pill popper. It’s sad, but when you play with fire, you get BURNED!!! Same road as Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, probably Brittany Murphy, etc… You can have sympathy but not really empathy when people do this to themselves.

  • s

    This is unfortunate. I don’t know who she is, nor have I ever heard of her but that doesn’t make a difference because she was loved by someone. Does anyone know the cause for her death?


  • s

    @Tired of Dead People: Because someone is a “pill popper” (like you label them) does not make their death any more deserved, or their lives anymore worthless. Addiction is a disease that is very difficult to fight, it’s apparent you’re not very versed on addiction or emotion. If you don’t have anything nice to say of these individuals then perhaps you should keep your opinion to yourself.

  • pup

    Woooah. What was the cause??

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..`um… i’ve heard of her one time and when i did her name was linked to tila tequila. nobody that has anything to do with that loser can be any good themself. i’m sure it was drugs or something like that. aint a single person who reads this thread will feel any type of way about this. real talk.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Drugs. She was a big drug user. Mom-Sale Johnson.Dad-Woody Johnson owner of NY Jets.
    Stepfather-Ahmad Rashad
    Daughter-Casey bought a toy girl,I mean adopted a baby girl from Kaskastan (mispelled) country near Pakistan, Afganistan. Her mother, Sale Johnson, took the toy, I mean baby, because Casey could not care for the toy, I mean human being baby girl..
    Casey’s godmother-Diandra Douglas ,ex wife of Micheal Douglas
    Diandra adopted a baby girl so then Casey did too.
    Heir to-Casey heir to Johnson &Johnson fortune.
    Casey-wroth a blue blood Amer. fortune.
    Casey-was diabetic.

    Anyway, she had all of everything the world could offer and could have lived a good life,but became a jettsetting, drug addicted, dyke.
    She could have held some kind of job her parents could have given her and took care of charities.

    Too bad for her parents the guilt they must feel in that they did everything but could not save her.

    Only good thing from her life-maybe those others , born rich, can use her as an example of what not to do.

  • Little Bit Of Info

    Drugs are a bitch!!!! rip

  • bbwloversmatch

    So was Tila in her will?

  • ty

    Drugs are great, but you have to watch it not to burn out, and stop completely at 50 y o except wine…

  • infamous

    @Go Ask Alice:

    whoa, thanks for all the info…sounds quite like a Hollywood Novel in the making..

  • Go Ask Alice


    No way. Her estate will fight that if
    That Tila Tequilla Trashy Troll even dares to think she get money. Now, that Tila Traswh Troll will be making interviews for money.

    Thanks infamous.

    I said Casey was a drug addicted dike. That word got deleted when spelled correctly.

    Looking at pics , Casey was very pretty , pettite. Sad thing is she had it all.

    As I sit here going back and forth from Word revising my resume for my unemployed self, and going to the Net,
    it only always makes me mad when people like squander money a nd life too, but mostly the money.
    Some people get too much of it and don’t appreciate it and some of us get none or very little of and just make do and a good life on the right path with our paychecks…when we get one.

  • Mileena

    LMAO #13! so true

  • Mileena

    I man, the end of our speech was good. I don’t know this girl at all but RIP. What Tila says about them getting married is sweet but I doubt she’ll remember her by the time she dies. Anyway, I agree, some people have it all in life ($$$$$) and aren’t able to appreciate it properly. It pisses me off too.

  • BRooke

    @s: who put themselves in that situation in the first place? Yes, addiction is a very difficult thing to overcome, but the person puts themselves in that position. We all have to option to say no.

  • Tired of Dead People


    Um, stupid person, WHERE did I ever say her death was deserved? Does the S stand for STUPID???? I am making the point that if you take drugs, you will suffer the consequences. Dope.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    i’d rather it had been tila. the world would be better of without her.

  • katkat

    I can’t beleive this girl made it here and The Rev from A7X never got a mention when he passed away a week ago.

  • WTF

    People think it’s cool to take drugs, and LA kids, and movie stars take them and they all die, one after the other, or lead a terrible lonely life.
    Heath did it to himself and once you suround yourself with other people who do that- you can’t trust them that they will save you-like the Olsen didn’t bother to save Heath, but rather to cover her a$$
    So instead of sending an ambulance, she called a guy to clean up the apartment.
    I hope the same thing didn’t happen here. I really hope this is not Heath’s death all over again.

  • WTF

    and for all the kids that think it’s cool, look at the Red Hot Chilly Peppers guys.
    People thought they are cool and today they are over 40, no family, no ability to function and work, they are stuck with the addiction. At least most of them.

  • Venom

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:
    Can we do a +1 on here?
    If so you deserve a +100

  • Popeye

    # 11 ty

    drugs are good? Wow…you must be a real druggie and your brain is for sure FRIED.

    Get outta here and don’t make such stupid comments or suggestions

  • Ava rose

    Does anyone find it weird how tila manages to tweet’s someone death like it’s regular old news????

    How can you?????

  • twistedculture

    Gee, dead at 30! Dumb little girl! I have no sympathy with people who take drugs, no empathy either. It’s their choice, no one forces them to do it. They know the score! Addiction is a cowardly thing, it is the mark of a coward who can’t cope with life. Survival of the fittest and she wasn’t fit enough or smart enough to survive. One less idiot polluting the gene pool!

  • =Logan=

    all the money in the world can’t seem to buy happiness

  • zzzz

    Wow, these comments are very interesting, especially considering that this girl was not well-known. People have so much emotion on the subject of drug abuse. I guess it’s because so many of us have known someone personally who has either sucked the life out of us with their addiction, or sucked it out of someone we know. All of these celebrities deaths recently are tragic, but these people, as addicts were inherently selfish, they lived their lives selfishly, then their needless deaths are selfish because they leave behind their broken-hearted loved ones. That’s why people are angry here, I think, and I don’t blame them.

  • emmaa

    I didnt know this about Tila….

  • mariel

    zzzz, you make a good point. When will people open their eyes to what drugs do?

    Despite all the education about drugs, it continues. All the senseless overdoses, all the people in prison, the thousands of Mexicans killed by the drug cartels, and still people take drugs. All for a momentary escape from reality. Well, reality bites back.

    It is a choice, and choices have consequences. Too bad innocent people have to suffer those consequences too.

  • Tio

    Not a big shock looking at her. She looks more like 60 than 30.

  • Chloe

    I agree about the “Tila tweet” comment. Why was she sending endless tweets while supposedly on her way to Casey’s side when she though she was in a coma. Freak. She is such an attention xxxxx. What happened to her being pregnant with her brothers child by the way?

  • M

    i didn’t know her till she got engaged with Tila Tequila…

  • Devon

    This girl was well known by many people.
    Her parents live in NJ and have horses.
    They messed up with this girl, big time.
    She was BFF with Paris Hilton.
    What a shame.
    The Johnsons are disgraced by this untimely death.
    That Tila is a real low life.
    It shows how Casey really went down a bad, lowly path.
    To hook up with a hooker like Tila must have been the last straw.

  • Sarah

    For someone who is so depressed, Tila sure has a lot to say..

  • Ha!


    Huh? Last I heard Anthony Keidis was happily married with a child. “WTF” is right. WTF are you talking about.

    Drug addiction can happen to anyone – some people are pre-disposed to it. Nothing gives anyone the reason to judge. 30 is too young to die, regardless of how it happens. Anyone who says that someone else deserved to die has some real mental issues themselves.

  • Ha!


    “Her parents live in NJ and have horses.” Way to minimize them all. Casey was heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune. You know, baby oil, Band Aid, etc? Not exactly “horse owners”.

  • Pandora

    Yes, drug addiction can, and does, happen to anyone. But I think we are more sympathetic to those who turned to drugs to solve problems that were very real as opposed to the recreation or neurosis of the idle rich. If she had demons she could have afforded the best psych care. So yeah, sympathy will be very minimal, if at all. My concern is the adopted child. Why would they even let someone mentally imbalanced adopt a child? Oh, silly me! She was rich, that’s why.

  • Ha!

    Perhaps before the lovely people on line begin passing judgement about drugs causing her death, they should wait for the toxicology report? Just sayin’.

  • Paula

    @s: Thank you for your comment and I don’t understand why everyone who dies is associated with Michael Jackson. Not sure what this beautiful young lady died of but recreational drugs and medicinal drugs are two different categories with the same result. Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger were not recreational drug users or pill poppers, their were no drugs found in either of their systems other than what the Doctor ADMINISTERED to Michael Jackson and what had been prescribed to Heath Ledger and they both were simply trying to get a good nights sleep with the aid of so called professionals. .

    These young people and all of them were young and beautiful belonged to people who truly loved them, Michael was adored all over the world and I can’t help but to think about who will take his place in trying to help the Orphaned children all over the world which people never talk about. Yes, I empathize with all of them because they all suffered from some type of illness which lead them to depend on some type of drug but non of them intended the final outcome which is devastating.

    R.I.P. All you beautiful people.

  • Alicia

    Who cares more important people die each day. More important than this trainwreck.

  • LunaKiss

    it’s sad that she got herself mixed with ppl who uses drug and became one herself, since she was so rich, she should have lead a good life but apparently money really can’t buy happiness when one doesn’t deal with it well …
    she looked older than me, and i am older than her! Must be the drugs.. i think i look like her daughter …or can be her daughter if she ever have one ..

  • Chef Jacke

    Wow. Just look at her, though. She must’ve lived through a hundred years of partying!

  • firemandatingsite

    More money for the rest of us

  • lakers fan in boston

    i didnt even no about her till like last month when i saw pics of her with tila
    just from the looks of it she looked like a junkie so it’s kinda no surprise
    still find it amazing that they these celebs continue even when a bunch of them have been dying because of drugs

  • gracie

    @katkat: probably because she was the heir to Johnson & Johnson. She was a hollywood starlet like Paris,Nicole etc.

  • MarianFromSpain

    Casey Johnson & Johnson, you’re always in my heart, that you were brave, very brave … only we’ve left no more, without seeing your eyes that cried out for help, you no longer need, I’ve searched every Christmas and this morning you were not here, that Casey, why??? You were not like others, were so special, you’re always on my mind … we will love you forever, thanks Casey for having existed. There’s already a rising star in the firmament. Rest in Peace

  • g!na

    @zzzz: This girl was very well-known among hollywood. She was an heiress but even more wealthier than Paris or Nicole combined. I watched an episode a couple of years ago “LIfe of the rich & famous”. They said that Casey Johnson was one of the top heiresses to claim a mega fortune. This was when she was clean & doing the right thing. Money was never a problem for this girl. I think she took everything for granted and went on the wrong path to partying & drugs. Her parents cut her off and she continued to party! SHE HAD ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD AND SHE BLEW IT! I guess money cannot buy happiness.

  • MMA

    If any of us have just 10% of the fun she’s had in her short 30 years, we should consider our lives well lived!!!

  • Stone

    She certainly had her fun!

  • horseridingsingles

    She should give some money to charity