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Rihanna & Matt Kemp: Mexico Mates

Rihanna & Matt Kemp: Mexico Mates

L.A. Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp grabs onto Rihanna‘s backside while vacationing together at a posh hideaway in Mexico on Monday (January 4).

According to Wiki, Kemp‘s nickname is The Bison. During the second major league game of Kemp‘s career, on May 29, 2006, he stole second base in the fourth inning, after which Atlanta Braves TV announcer Don Sutton said he looked “like a big buffalo running around the bases.”

Rihanna is dating a Bison!!!

10+ pictures inside of Mexico mates Rihanna and Matt Kemp

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102 Responses to “Rihanna & Matt Kemp: Mexico Mates”

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  1. 26
    bajan Says:


  2. 27
    Denise Says:

    ah so she found herself yet another j…
    ok, I will not judge by the looks

  3. 28
    freebird Says:

    Rihanna is pear shaped and doesn’t always pick the best bikinis.
    I think this is probably a fling or rebound at best.

  4. 29
    monique Says:

    congrats riri

  5. 30
    Mike Says:

    @Peeps: I say that because just over a month ago he was with another singer all couple-up at basketball games. So that’s why I said something here makes me go Mmmm.

  6. 31
    bohemeballerine Says:

    He’s cute…go Rihanna!!! Her new cd is surprisingly good!

  7. 32
    =Logan= Says:

    HE IS HOT!!

    Rihanna is hot too, but i HATE her short blonde hair

    cute couple, chris brown must be pissed

  8. 33
    gaboi Says:

    @Mike: Interesting, then maybe it is a pr stunt. Too bad for Rihanna if it is, she doesn’t need a playa.

    I wish she’d do something with her hair. It looks terrible.

  9. 34
    tealeaf Says:

    Iam glad she moved on.. Anybody is better then Fist Brown

  10. 35
    enoughalready Says:

    Besides trying to make Breezy mad, she needs to take a page out of the Jay Z and Beyonce relationship manual and stay away from the press when trying to mate and she is doing a little to much for the camera and is showing no respect for her parent(s). She is just hot and horny and I dont blame her but keep it between the two of you…..

  11. 36
    janet Says:

    You all can stop that Chris Brown must be pissed crap. He been ******** since the big break up with big head. They both will be alright. Ya’ll can hate on him and her but there are plenty of people out there willing to date them that will always have more money and class then you nobodies on these blogs. Including me. At least me for now.

  12. 37
    Smile4me Says:

    Yes the photos ops are obvious.. if they wanted it to be private they could.. there are plenty of celebrity couples that can be together for a while b4 the public knows. They want us to know for whatever reason.. But why?.. but seeing in that one pic he has sooo much respect for her.. he’s cheesing for the cameras while he grabs her ass.. i can tell they will last (rolls eyes)..
    They remind me of a Britney/ Kevin.. or a Heidi and spencer…

  13. 38
    Venom Says:

    She is so hot.
    Good for her.

    See ya Chris Breezy.

  14. 39
    black beauty Says:

    get it rih rih

  15. 40
    Allie Says:

    Rihanna hid Chris Brown for SO long before anyone knew they were together, and even after they had been together for a while their PDA was NOTHING like this. I don’t know if she has something to prove with this whole bad ass image she has going or if this is one whole publicity stunt, but if I just started a relationship with someone, my tw@t would not be all up in their face like this ( Have a little class Rihanna. And if the music industry is telling the truth, he should be anticipating a LOVELY cold sore.

  16. 41
    laurie Says:


  17. 42
    Allie Says:

    Oh and this is his “yeah, I’m tappin’ that ass and she gave it up on the first night” face.

  18. 43
    Too d*mn bad... Says:

    Only the immature and the ignorant think that crap is respectful and cute.
    He’s a player in more than one way and that cheesy, messy grin for the camera proves it. I’m sure they are “dating” and I’m not making odds on how long it lasts but don’t play yourself…that mess there was a photo op for whatever reason.

    Chris is living his life (very well), so I doubt it was to make him jealous, anyway, may they both stay well and prosper.

  19. 44
    AmericanIdol Episodes Says:

    I’d bang and creampie this nigga til the sun comes up! :D

  20. 45
    well Says:

    her body is fine. It’s her hair that looks like a mop.

  21. 46
    JJ Says:

    It sounds like he’s using her if he was with a different singer a month ago. Hope she doesn’t end up as another notch on his belt.

  22. 47
    Talulazoeapple Says:

    @cute: How big are your thighs, Anorexia?

  23. 48
    Retro Says:

    @Talulazoeapple: Yo Diabetes, you don’t have to have anorexia to notice this girl has gained weight in the butt and thighs. it’s funny how Rihanna’s stan(s) always makes fun of Beyonce for this but the two are around the same size in that region. Beyonce is bigger in the chest so she looks heavier.

  24. 49
    Monica Says:

    There are many Matt Kemp pictures on this site. He plays Baseball !!!!

  25. 50
    Ben Says:

    Beowolf’s mom must be spiking RiRi’s coconut water with steroids.

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