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Sienna Miller is a Pink Bikini Beauty

Sienna Miller is a Pink Bikini Beauty

Sienna Miller shows off her bikini body on the beach as she and some girlfriends spend time together in Barbados on Monday (January 4).

The 28-year-old actress and her friends rode on an inflatable float, and Sienna took a dip in the ocean to cool down!

Former flame Jude Law met up with Sienna on the island before New Year’s, but it looks like today was a girls’ day out!

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sienna miller pink bikini barbados vacation 01
sienna miller pink bikini barbados vacation 02
sienna miller pink bikini barbados vacation 03
sienna miller pink bikini barbados vacation 04
sienna miller pink bikini barbados vacation 05

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  • me

    She looks like a man with small boobs and long hair
    she is trash with no class
    she is not a good actress
    she is psychologically unbalanced

    plane hater her

    can’t stand her movies or behavior

  • A

    “Pink slip (employment), an American term that refers to being fired or laid off from one’s job.”

  • tray

    Looks like she’s posing for a camera. Decent looking chic.

  • A
  • hmm

    she’s pretty much the only girl who looks decent most of the time. i’ve never seen a terribly embarassing shot of her, ever

    she somehow always manages to look stylish even in ripped jeans, no makeup, dressed down, it’s crazy

    a bit too skinny here tho

  • tea

    she is perfect…

  • nursedatingsite

    Wow, she looks good, but she is still sluttty

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..`walking std.

  • Marta

    nice body

  • ashey

    i love her! shes so beautiful and have a great body

  • Not Impressed by JA

    Amazing legs !
    Slender and thinely muscular cut with long thighs. Not the stocky, stumpy type !

  • bis

    So, the manwh0re aka Jude ubis P Law, didn’t stay to celebrate this ho’s birthday, and then didn’t invite this ho to celebrate his birthday.
    Has he dumped her already? Again? LLLOOOOLLLLL

  • bis

    Residual effects from **** sex?
    Just sayin’

  • A

    perfect, a great body, amazing legs? you need to get an eye check-up ASAP
    that’s more like it

  • lexy

    Well I guess if you think she’s sexy you must think those starving kids in 3rd world countries are sexy too with THEIR ribs sticking out. She should also get some chicken cutlets for that top. If she had short hair people would think she was pre-teen boy!!
    Gwen Stefani is small and thin and her pics look good. You can tell that she isn’t throwing up food – she just eats healthy and exercises.

  • campussingles

    I wonder if she is a good licker

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    I feel like I need a condom just whacking off to her

  • CanadaGirl

    Gorgeous woman. I find it funny that people think an average sized body is skinny. This is how people should look… not like obese fatties.

  • A
    Tyler Durden: Now, a question of etiquette – as I pass, do I give you the a$$ or the crotch?

  • A

    if your reply was to my post #20, then I can tell you that she is perfect 90-60-90.
    so you can eat those cutlets yourself

  • mimilala

    She does have a nice body; good for her!

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow, she’s beautiful
    and my god, she has a really nice body =]
    her legs look better than before
    best ive seen of her in a while, she just looks straight up sexy
    keep looking like this sienna!

  • why?

    what does jude see in her?? she has decent legs, but no boobs or butt at all. And, her face is just eh, so so. Oh, yeah I forgot she is a slut, that’s it.

  • Julie

    And, as always, she remains a worthless sloot. Ugly and stupid, lazy and evil.

  • catloversmatch

    She has a nice body

  • Eloisa

    I dont want to hear her complain about the paparazzis…. she is posing! Am i the only one who notice this is a “fake stolen” pictures by paparazzis? Her PR people must be paying a lot to clean her imagen…

  • felicita

    She is so beautiful without make up. also has a nice bod.
    Sienna deserves better man, not that bastard actor.

  • natalie smith

    Guys please one question…does anyone know what bikini she is wearing?? I love it and I have also been trying to find the other one in the ‘bikini babe post’ not the jeans looking one but the first one she wears in the barbados picutures…the INFO JARED HAS IN GET THE LOOK IS TOTALLY FALLS!!!

    Please anyone??

    As for her extremelly thin – definatelly not feminine body but I think she is pretty ….only flaw I see is totally broad shoulders it is ton proportional!!! the rest is great!! —I don’t like her as a person though and I really think it won’t last with Jude it is a closure kind of relationship…that;s my feeling!!!

  • Not Impressed by JA

    Sorry to burst your bubble lexy but not everyone has to have the same standard of beauty in terms of body and if this is nderweight to you, you must be Americans cause underweight doesn(‘t look like this in the rest of the world, certainly not in Africa.
    Most countries outside the US with his overwhelming fat population and the fake big boobs will consider that body thinelly athletic, healthy, feminine (no big masculine muscles) and REAL. Mind you there still people, men included who don’t like all those fake boobs and extreme muscular thick legs like those of a man.
    Mind you many Europeans girls have that type of body. She has the typical body like those of sporty women with a fitness, long distance runner or gymnast background and i like thet her legs are tone and shapely thin with great muscle definition that didn’t make them thick and overtly muscular.

  • Hollyb

    This woman said in another article that she doesn’t exercise. Such BS! She was photographed going to Pilates at the height of the Getty scandal! No way could she maintain such toned legs and such a toned body without exercising. Clearly she wants to give people the impression that she doesn’t make any effort with her appearance. Such poppycock! I agree the pictures are posed but then most of her pictures are posed – including most of the ones taken with Getty…
    #34 – apparently the first bikini was from Agent Provocateur. Kate Moss wore a similar one months ago… As to the one she is wearing, it’s just a bikini! No doubt you will find out where it is from if you type in her name, bikini and stockists in Google…

  • Not Impressed by JA

    This woman said in another article that she doesn’t exercise. Such BS! She was photographed going to Pilates at the height of the Getty scandal! No way could she maintain such toned legs and such a toned body without exercising
    You right !
    Those legs muscle definition, the length of it could come from ‘Pilates’. It muscles in a more lengthy, softly feminine way like fr classical dancers…more so than the strict fitness type that makes them thick and harder.

  • alexa lyn

    she’s the most beautiful young actress. great body is a plus. I love her style.

  • Pamela

    Sienna and Jude used to be my favorite celebrity couple… let this rumors be TRUE.

  • versace**goddess

    Super stylish in that bikini. Great athletic body.
    she’s great!!! I love Sienna.

  • Isabel loves Darcy

    This is my favourite bikini of all. She’s so adorable!
    Love her hair.
    the most beautiful young actress indeed.

  • A

    posing for the papz? she was wearing a special, padded bikini, so why not?
    but then “The 28-year-old actress and her friends rode on an inflatable float, and Sienna took a dip in the ocean to cool down!”
    well, not really to cool down, she had her enema experience during the ride, you can read it right on her face, so she was pretty busy thinking about her butt and apparently didn’t know that the papz were taking her pics from behind as well. and when she saw those papz she run away to the toilet.
    now her PR via Mirror is pumping that it was just a bikini malfunction.
    does it look like a bikini malfunction from pics in the posts #4 & #25?

  • A

    she had her e nema experience during the ride

  • Chef Jacke

    YO! As far as I’m concerned, these photos of Sienna are the hottest photos on Just Jared in a long long time. The babe looks scrumptious! And any slutiness that come through only helps! Yo, give me a call S.

  • MMA

    @Chef Jacke: I hear you bro! I’d take 20 minutes with this babe over a 7 day pass at Disney World any day of the week!!!

  • Julie

    Well if you’re married and ricjh she’d consider it. She’s too stupid to know better. Off course, after your money’s gone and your life’s ruined she’s dump you/ Looks ain’t evrything, guys. If you think they are, then you derserve what you get.

  • bis

    Julie: C’mon, it’s only for 20 min!
    Even though I need only 3 min, on average.

  • bis

    Actually in that post I was channeling Jude ubis P Law. You do remember his forehead, don’t you?

  • Stone

    @Julie: Yo! I ‘d be willing to go broke and I’m sick of my wife and kids anyway. Bring her on!

  • bis

    @Stone: Are you channeling Getty the machoman now?

  • http://VERYSEXY sharyllee

    Where is Jude now? Miss him so much, JJ

  • bis

    @sharyllee: This pee wee poatse is busy pondering. To shave, or not to shave, his forehead.

  • Julie

    He must have taken a break from whoring with this titless wonder to finally go meet his newborn daughter after three months. Or not.

  • azlyn

    not bad at least she is better looking than me!!!

  • carmen

    One minute Sienna is whining about the paps invading her privacy and the next minute she is courting the attention. She only has a problem with the paps when they are not giving her the proper recognition for being “pretty” and wearing “pretty” clothes.

    Sienna is lying, she does indeed exercise. She was spotted leaving a gym several times last year and was even spotted leaving a gym wearing those yellow shoes. So why is she even spouting all of this nonsense? Attention. Let’s see, her play didn’t get the attention that she needed, so she makes an appearance with the married man and when that didn’t get her any attention she goes back to JL. So how long before BG joins SM on her vacation?

  • bis

    Yeah, it’s tough to put lipstick on this pig.