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Alexander Skarsgard: Wifebeater Sexy

Alexander Skarsgard: Wifebeater Sexy

True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard gives viewers some sexy wifebeater action on the set of his new movie, Straw Dogs, during an Extra interview in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The 33-year-old Swedish actor had nothing but praise for his beautiful co-star (and rumored girlfriend) Kate Bosworth.

“She’s amazing — Kate‘s really amazing,” Alex shared. “It’s been a couple of tough weeks now, and she’s been pretty amazing, she really has.”

For more info on Alex‘s character in Straw Dogs, visit‘s exclusive interview!

Alexander Skarsgard: Wifebeater Sexy
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  • true blood

    Thanks, Jared!
    Wish the interview had been longer but we’ll take what we can get.

  • Squirrel

    Finally some Alex news. Love the interview and he looks gorgeous as always.

  • Dale

    Hot! This should be a full body picture, though.

  • yeah

    Damn he’s so handsome, thank you Jared, thank you!

  • LOLA


  • wowowow

    good God he’s perfect!

  • daphne

    If he is dating Kate Bosworth they’re a GORGEOUS couple!

  • Christine

    What exactly is Kate Bosworth “amazing” at? Certainly not acting. She has all the talent of a two-by-four. I don’t think ASkars is very smart or very discerning.

  • forkme


  • Mia

    He’s so beautiful. I can’t wait to watch him in True Blood again.

  • Monica

    Every time he opens his mouth, he strikes me as rather stupid. It’s better when he’s quiet and looking pretty.

  • Chef Jacke

    Wife-beating sexy????? Now there’s a new phrase you can be proud of!

  • Squirrel

    @Chef Jacke: wife beater is what that model of tank top is called…

  • Memei

    Yum Yum Yum.Why Kate. Anyway still good for him I guess

  • Molly

    I want to lick him.

  • jen

    he’s looking gorgeous like always

  • Maria

    Monica, English is a foreign language to him. It’s even more difficult to come up with non-standard answers to these same old questions, when you operate with a different language than your mother tongue. I know, I speak English as my third language myself.

    However, he has sounded less than wonderfully smart in some interviews, I admit that. I thought these sounds bites were from the better end. And I do agree, he is the best to look at!

  • Jake

    I think he is a smart guy but plays it safe when complimenting co-stars. He doesn’t want to make any enemies which is probably a good way to play it. Most people seem to like him.

  • Lola

    I doubt he and Kate ever dated. He tends to be really friendly with his co-stars and the media jumped on whatever story they could get.

    He looks fantastic!<3

  • dating-doctors

    He looks really good!

  • natalie

    I think he’s hot as hell.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Molly: Get in line sweetheart :)
    He’s gorgeous, tall, educated, talented, and seems like a nice guy. Full package.

  • laken

    so sexy with his tan

  • Alice

    I find it so funny how some people keep keep talking about Alex’s English. He speaks good english and has an amazing vocab. So, I find it boring when girls keep taking about English as his 2nd Lang. I guess u have not met MANY Europeans in your life. Its not a big deal in Europe to speak 3-5 different langs…so just get with the programme. Most Scandi’s speak English by the time they are 6yrs old.

    Europe might be small but we are not stupid.

    Also, I find it boring that some girls keep talking about his height. He knows he is tall. So, stop banging on about it.

    Comparing to some other pretty boy druggie actors…Alex is smart. He has a University Education, Served in the Swedish Marine’s and acts normal even though he has been acting since 10 and his Father is a big star in Scandinavia. He can choose to compliment anyone he chooses.

    Think about it, he should very arrogant already and on the white snow hourly. However, he wants to keep working and improving his craft. There is hardly any pics of him piss drunk at some party or just hanging out.

    On the rare time he was at the Chateau M, he was with a Hollywood hood rat who took him there. It would not be his 1st choose. Anyway, he is not dating Kate. Some people should just calm down.

  • Celia

    He’s so F**king HOT!!

  • Lauren

    Love me some Alexander

  • Kim

    I thought I would hear him talk with a Swedish account but I don’t even hear an ounce of it, all I hear is a southern one. He must of lost it pretty quickly…. :(

  • Monica

    @Alice: People who write BOOKS on JJ are the ones who need to calm down. Get a life and a hobby.

  • Cooper

    This guy is so hot! cant fcukin wait till true blood starts again! I wanna see some hot scenes with sexy alexander

  • R&M


    I think ASkars is just abnormally nice and polite. This was filmed in Aug. or Sept in the midst of shooting, of course he’s going to be complimentary about his co-stars.

  • anon


    LOL! So true!

  • wow

    Anyways why is this post not about SAM WORTHINGTON….he is truly worthy and oh soooo yummy!

  • katkat

    Love him! Can’t wait for Season 3 of True Blood!!

  • CanadaGirl

    @Monica: haha. Totally true.
    @ Alice: Umm… Europe is huge sweetie. The COUNTRIES on the continent might be smaller than others, but the continent itself is not small.

  • Erica

    Remember this interview is months old, back when he was shooting Straw Dogs and generally complimenting his co-star. There’s no smoke, ergo no fire.

  • MMA

    @Squirrel: That’s still the first time I’ve seen it used promotionally. Shame on Jared.

  • Just Don’t know

    @wow- Just curious, Have there been any more clues about whether Nelly Fang is or isn’t Alexander? I sincerely hope he isn’t, but I admit Ted C sure made it sound like him.

  • yuck

    This guy just keeps getting more annoying. He sounds so stupid and obviously doesn’t have a wide vocabulary. In addition, to date Kate Bosworth and Evan Rachel Wood shows that he has absolutely no taste to go along with that bad vocabulary. IQ is def on the lower end.
    He should get Orlando Bloom’s phone number and get the REAL deets on Kate and her psycho ass behaviour!!! The girl is a seriousyly touched coke head with insecurity, clingy issues.
    In the end he is probably gay and just trying to cover it up. He only gets paired with the headcases instead of the decent actresses which means the sane women are running FROM HIM!!

  • Stone

    There is nothing sexy about wife-bearting I don’t care how cute JustJared thinks he’s being.

  • bbwsocialnetwork

    Great name for his shirt

  • jay

    @Monica: how can someone that studied politics at university, and served in the swedish marines be stupid? you cant make a judgement on someones intelligence by the way they speak in an interview.

  • eliott

    Nice play on words, Jared. Wifebeater sexy. What a putz.

  • Monica

    @jay: George W Bush served in the armed forces and graduated from Yale. Enough said.

  • liza

    @Monica: Bitter party of one.

  • Monica

    @liza: Best you’ve got, Alice? Nice retort.

  • hans

    LoL whats this show about? and why are they trying to start something from nothing?

  • Why?


    Wow, why do you come into the AS posts if you dislike him so much? Cna you please share with us, what he did to you. You have an abnormal fascination with this guy. You post on every post, negative things about him, change your handle and then rant again. There are meds for this and this is not a Sam Worthington post, thats why he is not in it.

    Did Alex hit it and quit it dear, is that why you are so upset?

    All of us women have been there, don’t let it make you biiter. However if Skargards hit it and quit it with me, I would still be stalking his fione azz. LOL just sayin. Whooowee!!

  • Why?


    Dang Alex you get around, another bitter conquest. Stop lovin and leaving them man. I want just one night though, thats all, just onnnnnnnnnnne night. LOL@Alice: Very well said Alice:)

  • nursedatingsite

    Who is he dating now?

  • Laurie

    Wifebeater is a offensive term. It is a tank top or undershirt.